Review of Game Week 15

Review of Game Week 15

GW Points: 58
Overall Points: 1,115
Overall Rank: 845
Transfers: None used

Game week 15 looked on course to be a disaster. Before Man City played Man Utd, I was outside of the top 1,000 teams once again. The game week was pretty much saved by Dias picking up the star man award and even with this I still lost around 300 places. My biggest regret of the week was not taking Mount out for Davies, logically this move made sense to me but I wasn’t sure that Spurs would keep a clean sheet against Leeds and I thought this was more of a sideways or backwards move. It ended up costing me 13 points. Good game weeks from the rest of the Spurs defence and the likes of Son and Foden also pushed me further down the leaderboard. Thankfully I managed to hold onto a top 1,000 place but I think there is some work to do before we head into game week 16. The big question is, do I make changes before the prices change – without knowing who is going to be playing in the FA Cup fixtures at the weekend.


16 points for Dias was a great result for the game week.

18 points for De Bruyne was more than welcome after a few quiet weeks.

15 points for Kane

6 points for Sterling was OK. Luckily he outscored Rashford and Werner who were my previous two strikers in this position.

Potential Issues:

All of my issues tend to fall within the Chelsea team, who pretty much got me to where I am now on the leaderboard. I had a feeling their time was numbered in the team a couple of weeks ago and should have acted more decisively back then. However, the time has now come to move them on. At the very least, I plan to take out Mount and one of Mendy or Zouma and I may even do this before the end of the day to make the most of my funds. I’ll probably go 433 bringing in a Man City and Spurs defender. Based on funds this is likely to be Walker and Dier. 

Tips for Game Week 16

It’s FA Cup week, which makes it a complete lottery in terms of who is going to play. Liverpool, Chelsea and Leicester only have one fixture this week. Spurs and Arsenal play in the Premier League midweek but don’t have a mid week Premier League fixture next week. Both Manchester clubs have a double game week this week and next week. I’ll personally be looking at players from the Manchester clubs. I could even play a risky move and take Salah out for one game week (if he doesn’t start in the FA Cup) for someone like Rashford. On the assumption that I can bring Salah back in. January is a long month though and this will put me three transfers down assuming I remove two of the Chelsea players as well. 

My main advice would be to check the upcoming fixtures below. I’ll be updating this with February’s games within the next week or two. But currently, Man City’s fixtures look too hard to resist.

43 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 15

    1. Might be a good opportunity to try someone else for a week if Salah isn’t going to play at all

  1. Who you thinking of substituting for mount and mendy/zouma ?

    I was thinking mendy to ederson (as long as he’s back) & mount for davies playing 4-3-3

    1. I want Ederson as well. All I’m doing is Zouma to Dier for now and then I’ll have a look at who’s playing at the weekend. Haven’t got enough in the bank to do a straight swap like you’ve mentioned

    1. Most of the players I want are just out of reach so I’m considering losing Sterling again.

  2. Decent review DTT, still in an excellent overall position

    I’ve got similar issues with Mendy/Mount and Zouma . . . I think that all 3 need to go

    The man City double up in defence looks ideal. Fixtures going forward and statistically the best defence in the league.

    Id be very reluctant on Walker just coming back from covid. And he looks to have been displaced in the side by cancelo and we have no idea what state his fitness is in. Could be another havertz situation

    Stones is undoubtedly first choice as well but . . .with Laporte,ake, garcia there are too many players to rotate in

    I think cancelo/dias have looked the best city options by far. Cant see either seeing much time out of the first 11.

    Goalkeeper wise who do we think is a good cheap option? De Gea (will hendo play in Europe/fa cup), Schmeichel, leno? Ederson at 4 doesn’t seem value

    I’ve been look at some cheap mids aswell . . . Have we got any decent downgrades from mount . . . Or is it still just barnes around his price?

    I really like Saka at 2.1 with arsenal looking very decent again. Ndombele less so at 2.3. B. Silva at 1.9 seems outrageous if he can get some gametime.

    1. It’s a really tough one. Feels like one of those defining decisions for the rest of the season. I’m only taking Zouma out for Dier tonight then I’ll review again at the weekend. No one I want is quite within reach at the moment. It might have to be Ederson for Mendy and then a Spurs double up with Davies for Mount. Far from ideal but having those funds invested in the front three is proving a problem – which is why I didn’t have Sterling from the off.

      1. I think that’s a good call DTT. Had Dier for a while and he’s been exceptional value. Spurs and city double up looks decent

        I think Chelsea are in real trouble. Looking terrible atm

        On the other hand arsenal really seem to have turned a corner. Happy with Saka and leno along with Cancelo.

        How cancelo hasn’t got countless attacking returns over the last few weeks ill never know. After watching him closely I really can’t not own him

        Saka seems to have singlehandedly turned arsenal around. I expect him to be the young player of the year by the end of the season

        Just hope sterling pays up back for the faith! Hes palying alot and looking much better recently, got the fixtures to smash it aswell!

        1. It’s all on Sterling for me for the rest of this month. I’ve had to compromise elsewhere to keep him so he needs to come good for me.

  3. I’ve just had a complete mind blank, looking to do a couple of transfers too before Friday and utilise price changes, if however those players aren’t playing over the weekend they can be reversed? But I would lose out on the price difference?

    1. Once the team plays Craig then that player transfer can’t be reversed regardless of whether the player plays. The price difference is also locked once the players team plays.

      1. If you make a transfer near the end of a gameweek, they can’t be reversed even if the teams haven’t played. They get locked in weekly at 7am on a Friday along with price changes. Transfers after 7am on a Friday can be reversed if both teams haven’t played that gameweek.

        1. EDIT: If you make a transfer near the end of a gameweek, they get locked in weekly at 7am on a Friday morning along with price changes. Transfers after 7am on a Friday can be reversed if both teams haven’t played that new gameweek.

        2. Oh really? I don’t think I new that, so if I make a transfer tonight it can’t be reversed?

          1. Correct. After 7am tomorrow morning no it can not. Transfers from 7.30am on a Friday morning can be reversed that new game week if neither player has played.

            1. Ok got you, I’m thinking of Robertson and Chilwell out for dias and cancelo.. There should be a good price difference to be made on those but hard to know if they may be rested to give the others some minutes

              1. Ake and Laporte both missed the last two games through muscle injury, and Garcia was the last confirmed Covid so that’s 3 CB’s doubtful… Think Dias and Stones are therefore in with a chance of continued minutes at CB. Cancelo looks the best fullback there on either side!

                1. I agree with that, hopefully when those players do return they won’t be capable of 90mins anyway and dias/cancello come on late in the game for some cheap clean sheet point’s.

                  1. I’d take Cancelo if I could find a way of getting him in but it’s not proving possible for me at the moment.

      2. Sorry I meant after seeing the team news and then reversing the transfer prior to KO, would I just lose the price difference?

  4. If the Liverpool game gets postponed tomorrow, will I still be able to transfer out a Liverpool player for this game week and the player I bring in still score points for this gameweek if I make the transfer after the allocated Villa-Liverpool kick-off time?

    1. You would need to make the transfer before the Liverpool game was due to kick off – I’m assuming anyway, not sure with postponements

      1. I’m not sure whether to make my transfers this evening or wait for the games. I feel I’ll lose quite a bit of money this evening on Ederson, Trent, Robertson, Salah and Rashford with my Man City targets all going up in price. As usual the ‘coach’ is useless showing zero projected price rises for every single player.

          1. I took out Trent and Robertson for Cancelo and Dias as I didn’t think the Liverpool players would play and wanted to beat the price changes. But that means I now have 5 Man City players. I’m still tempted to bring in Sterling for Rashord as well but that’s madness, right? Haha

  5. I haven’t got the coach but he scored minus points last week so should be expecting a drop, maybe only 100k or 200k.
    I was going to take him out for cancelo for the price difference but I’d rather see if he plays 2moro night against a week villa team, also think cancelo could be rested for fa Cup but return for Brighton

  6. Morning All.
    How we all feeling about Salah?
    Obviously still near the top with his total points but hasn’t looked interested lately.

    I’m considering moving him on.

    The only problem is for who?

    Not many players look like they have a hat trick in them atm. With City’s fixtures coming up, I kind of lean towards Sterling but his not looking great atm.

    My team.


    B Davies



    1.3 itb

    I’m also not that confident of Rashford but with the amount of games coming up, I think he’ll get some points.

    Was thinking of putting Cancelo in and having a 3 city block at the back.
    They have Got to pick up some clean sheets.

    Does Barnes stay in? I’ve mentioned Sam’s before. Surely his value can only go up!

    And the main Question is.

    What do I do with Salah 😂
    I can’t see anyone else who I haven’t got that can score a hat trick!

    I’d really appreciate your input.

    Thanks for your time

    1. I tripled up with a Man City backline. I’ve already got 2 Man City in Midfield but looking at the fixtures, I thought it was worth taking the risk. Was also thinking of Sterling for Rashford but couldn’t do 6 Man City players, 5 already seemed crazy. I’ll probably keep Salah, he’s doesn’t go long without scoring.

    2. How many transfers have you got left? I’ve got 4 and I’ll be tempted to take Salah out and then bring him back in if he’s not playing in the FA Cup fixture.

        1. In that case I’d probably swap Chilwell for Cancelo. If Salah doesn’t start tonight then I’d probably swap him for Sterling. I’d then be tempted to swap back after this game week depending on how the week pans out. The rest of your team is in good shape but it’s a bit of a risk as it would only leave you with two transfers. Feel free to ignore me though, I don’t normally give specific advice on other people’s teams as it tends to always go the other way.

          1. Yes m8.
            He still didn’t look good against a youth set up which is great news for Salah owners.

            Still got 4 transfers left.
            Top of my league with 1131 atm but their slowly getting to me.
            Nothing won in January thou.
            Thanks for the reply

  7. Great GW review as always Paul! And well done on your position on the overall leaderboard!

    Barnes scored today. Which was great. Fotmob rated him man of the match! As I brought Davies in last week. I did a straight swap Zouma for Cancelo. Keeping Salah was a wise choices. I think it backfired for some guys again. Hopefully Sterling comes good for anyone that has him. He’s a bit of a disappointment so far at such a high cost. I don’t have him. Because I did have the funds at the time. I’m not too fussed. Still top of both my cash leagues.

    Anyway good luck to all this weekend

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