Review of Game Week 15

Review of Game Week 15

GW Points: 72
Overall Points: 882
Overall Rank: 117,578
Transfers: Moura out, Mount in
Son out, Robertson in

Game week 15 has probably been one of the most deflating weeks of the season, if not the whole time playing Dream Team. Game week 14 felt like a turning point where my team had finally started to click and rise up the leaderboard. Towards the end of that week, Spurs had a Covid outbreak and their fixture got canceled. This left me with a decision to make at the start of game week 15 – I had reservations about losing Moura and Son but decided to risk it and take them out – I bought in Mount and Robertson, which instantly paid off. All was looking great at this point. Man Utd then only get a 1-0 win against Norwich but at least De Gea picked up 13 points with a star man performance. Everything looks to be on the up at this stage. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse when Man Utd reported a Covid outbreak. I even stated within the Facebook group before the outbreak happened “If we take them out Son and Moura, what happens if a team like Man Utd have an outbreak”. At that point in time, that was the worst case scenario but it became a reality. Four players losing a fixture against Brentford was disastrous for my game week and they’ve already had their fixture at the weekend canceled. I’m down to one transfer and with so much uncertainty about which club might get an outbreak next it’s very difficult to know what to do. This can only be put down to bad luck, as it was a completely unpredictable event. I’ve had 6 players affected by fixture cancellations in the past 2 weeks.


De Gea picked up 13 points with a clean sheet and star man performance. It could well have been more had their fixture gone ahead against Brentford.

Despite not keeping a clean sheet across the game week Alonso and Rudiger both managed to chip in with some points.

Robertson picked up 8 points in his first game in the team.

Instant returns of 15 points from Mount.

21 points from Salah.

8 points from Ronaldo but we will never know if this would have been more against Brentford.

Potential issues

Without Covid related issues, I’d be happy with my team given the fixtures that we had ahead of us. With Man Utd currently not playing games it makes this very difficult though. The player I’ll be looking to take out is Fernandes, as he was on my radar to come out anyway. We will have to see what the weekend brings before making a decision, but I’m considering a number of players as a replacement but I think at this stage we need more information around which games are likely to go ahead.

Tips for Game Week 16

With fixtures getting canceled left, right and centre, I’ve updated my fixture tracker below until the end of March. I’ll do my best to keep on top of it as fixtures get rearranged. At this stage it’s difficult to give out any advice for the week ahead. All I’d say at this stage is save your transfers for players who are definitely unavailable. If all 11 of your team is playing at the weekend, I’d probably hold onto transfers.

12 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 15

  1. That’s pretty crappy luck Paul. A case of out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    I’ve also seen some of my plans turn sour.

    Dier to Dalot initially worked out well but then Covid hits United.

    My Kane to Lukaku move has achieved nothing either with Lukaku not even in the squad last night. I expected him to come back into the team after being eased back in after his injury so im not sure what’s going on there. Is he one of the Chelsea players with Covid maybe?

    Benrahma consistently blanking is becoming an issue for me too.

    Despite all this I’ve somehow managed a GW score of 96, largely due to Trent and Salah. Mount is picking up some great points too and 13 pts from Ederson was a nice early pay off after bringing him in.

    I thought last season was weird but this season tops it. Whoever wins this thing will have had some huge slices of luck no doubt.

    1. It’s been a very strange season, nothing has really gone my way and even when it does, something bigger goes in the favour of another popular player. All this just tops it off – ironically the Spurs players are now due back

  2. I put Lukaku back in as well Chris, I would think that’s 10 days minimum depending on when he had the test done, then theirs lack of match fitness etc, so he’ll come out for Mahrez or Foden, depending on lineup against Newcastle, one transfer left to monitor when Ronaldo & Man utd play next.

  3. What are your transfer plans for the weekend?

    I’m down to 1 transfer and the worst case scenario panned out – my reservation with taking Spurs players out was always “What if Man Utd get an outbreak next?”. Didn’t expect it to happen as it could have been any club but typically with this season it was Man Utd

    As we don’t know where we might be in a weeks time, I’m going to use my transfer. I will take Fernandes out for someone who might do well for the rest of December (De Bruyne, Jota, Foden, etc). We may end up in a position where all fixtures are canceled after this weekend so I’m personally just going to blow my final transfer

    1. I’m using my last two transfers I think to get players in who’ll actually be playing.

      Going to take out Lukaku and Ronaldo and bring in KDB and Mane.

      KDB is looking back in the groove now so I’m hoping for decent returns from him moving forwards. Whilst Mane hasn’t set this season alight so far, I see value in him at the price he’s at. Plenty of fixtures coming up (hopefully) with only really Chelsea away being one that I’d class as “tough”. I also think the AFCON must be in doubt for January too (if he does well from now until then). Bit of a punt but I just fancy it.

      Team will now be:


      £4m itb with 0 transfers.

      1. Just catching up with a few comments, I wish I’d have got Cancelo in – he had a great week for you along with Alonso. I can’t help but think all the disruption with Covid has derailed my plans this month as Fernanades to Cancelo was the move I was going to make

  4. Looking at Lukaku to Foden, already have De bruyne, then maybe last transfer Ronaldo to Jota, when are United going to play again, & does Ronaldo have covid.

  5. Maybe Mane gets more game time than Jota, league cup midweek, + firmino came on as sub last game.

    1. Yeah that was my thought process David. Although Jota could easily play the Mane role with Bobby through the centre if Klopp wants to rotate that way too.

      Mane is due one of his purple patches so hopefully the gamble will bear fruit with his price being pretty low.🤞

      1. Well that’s a good start…🤦‍♂️
        …and Jota got on the scoresheet too. Really thought Liverpool would turn them over today with hardly any training for Spurs. It’s a funny old game.

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