Review of Game Week 15

Review of Game Week 15

Best Team 

GW Points: 136
Overall Points: 916
Overall Rank: 65,068

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 136
Overall Points: 916
Overall Rank: 65,068
Transfers used: None used

I was a little deflated to come back to the season game after a really positive performance in the World Cup game but fortunately, my luck has continued. My main team jumped over 65,000 places on the leaderboard this week, which is a fantastic result in the short term. I’m still far from happy with my overall position but at least it’s progress in the right direction. My blog team is now my best performing team – which illustrates how badly my other teams are performing. The unlimited transfers over the World Cup really seemed to have played into my hands.

I’m not going to break down every player as I’ve got a fairly busy day ahead, however, I was happy with pretty much everyone other than Foden, who blanked. Double clean sheets from Trippier and Shaw were a highlight. As were double figure scores for my three strikers. De Gea also came in for a clean sheet and Amartey picked up 6 points which isn’t too bad for a 2m player. I’m now in a fairly strong position moving forward as I’ve also still got 5 transfers in the bag to use in December. More on this below.

Player watchlist

I’ll be taking out Foden and Amartey today to take advantage of price rises tomorrow. Here’s some players I’m currently considering for the weeks ahead:


If my front three hadn’t performed so well, I’d also be considering:


But I haven’t really got a case for moving on Rashford given his 18 points this week.

Plan for game week 16

I’ve got five transfers but I may struggle to use them. At the moment, I’m mainly interested in taking Foden out for Saka and Amartey out for Schar. This will avoid Foden from dropping in value and will benefit from Schar rising in value. Looking at my team, this would leave me with 3 transfers that I don’t need by the end of the game week. I’m currently deciding whether to use another transfer today for another price rise – such as Fernandes out and Odegaard in, then using another transfer at the weekend to bring Fernandes back in. I’m not sure it’s worth it though at this stage. It’s an unusual position to be flush with transfers but I’d like to utilise them if possible. I’ll ponder this over the rest of the day and will confirm my transfers later this evening.

You can check out the fixtures for the weekend here:

My other teams

My best team is now my blog team, I must admit the idea of managing 10 teams after the World Cup wasn’t very appealing so I made the rest of my unlimited transfers within around 5 minutes. I’ve pretty much given up on most of my other teams as none of them are absolutely flying. As a result, I’ll be bringing in some real differential choices – such as a Leicester block that I did last week, just to see if any of them can bounce back quickly. However, it’s a high risk game and likely not going to pay off. As a result, I’m expecting most of my other teams to fall off fairly quickly and I’ll simply focus on my blog team for the rest of the season.

As always, for complete transparency, here are my 10 teams:

8 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 15

  1. Brilliant score for your main team Paul.
    I use your fixture spreadsheet and find it a very useful tool when planning transfers. Seen as none of us are picking West Ham players, but we are all on Newcastle players atm, could you change these two teams on the list maybe.

    1. Thanks David, that’s a good idea – I’ve just updated the spreadsheet to include the Newcastle fixtures.

    1. Hi Dave, I didn’t consider it to be honest. Just hoped for the best given his form and it worked out well.

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