Review of Game Week 16

Review of Game Week 16

GW Points: 61
Overall Points: 1,041
Overall Rank: 4,975
Transfers: None used

Considering I had a few doubts about the team going into the game week and having made no transfers, I’d say it was a fairly positive week. A decent jump on the overall leaderboard with two transfers remaining and the option to put Aguero back in is a fairly decent position to be in. Aubameyang has been a bit of a disappointment since I bought him in but with Arsenal’s upcoming fixtures it’s going to be a tough call when it comes to deciding whether to stick or twist with Aguero now back fit.


Hazard picking up 28 points for the week was a big bonus as he had recently had a bit of a dry patch in terms of point scoring.

Mane picking up 8 points was a bonus with a lot of people taking him out.

Another 8 points for Doherty. Looking like the bargain of the season so far.

A clean sheet for Kepa in the League Cup helped give me a boost.

7 points for Kane was welcome however I’d hoped for a little more across two fixtures.

Potential Issues:

Luke Shaw didn’t feature against Liverpool. Which wasn’t such a bad thing considering the result. It’s difficult to tell how Man Utd are going to bounce back from the departure of Mourinho. However I think it’s worth sticking with Shaw for the time being (if he’s fit) as Man Utd should still finish in the top 6 and they have decent fixtures approaching.

Richarlison blanked against Man City which was almost to be expected. However I’m hoping to see some returns from him soon as other midfielders are performing well at the moment. I’m not sure I expect much at the weekend when they face Spurs though which is a bit of an issue.

Aubameyang hasn’t done much since I’ve put him in and Aguero is now fit again. I’ve left enough in the bank to make the swap back, however Arsenal do have good fixtures for the rest of December (excluding Liverpool). I think both players have the potential for a high scoring game week but get the feeling that Aguero may be rested more.

Tips for Game Week 17

This week is a double fixture of Premier League games. None of the top 6 clubs face each other so it could be a high scoring week. Here are the teams in order of best fixtures:

Cardiff Vs Man Utd

Man Utd Vs Huddersfield

Arsenal Vs Burnley

Brighton Vs Arsenal

Man City Vs Palace

Leicester Vs Man City

Wolves Vs Liverpool

Liverpool Vs Newcastle

Chelsea Vs Leicester

Watford Vs Chelsea

Everton Vs Spurs

Spurs Vs Bournemouth

Out of all the big clubs Man Utd have the easiest games on paper. However based on the state of the club I’m not sure I’d trust them to get a result. I personally won’t be bringing in any more of their players but can see the value in retaining Shaw. The only exception I’d make to this rule is if Shaw doesn’t feature, I may well swap him for Lindelof who appears to be good value at less than 2m which would free up some funds. Based on the fixtures it looks like it makes sense to hold onto Aubameyang for the time being, although this could be a complete lottery based on City’s fixtures. My other concern is that someone like Sane or Sterling could have a big game week. As a result I could be tempted to roll the dice by sticking Lindelof in but also putting in Sane in place of Richarlison. I think this strengthens the team, but my main concern is that I’m then priced out of putting Aguero back in and I’d also be out of transfers. Unfortunately most teams kick off at different times over the weekend so it’s going to be impossible to check line ups before hand. I’m half tempted to just stay as I am, as ultimately this team performed well last week and has got me into the position I’m in but I don’t want to risk falling behind with a lack of City midfielders. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated – 2 transfers left and 1.1m in the bank.

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24 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 16

  1. I’m really tempted to make the swap back to Aguero I feel there is more chance of him scoring big rather than auba, but will he play ?curious what you guys think?

  2. My concern regarding Aguero, now that Jesus has found some form, is that he could be in for some rotation. I guess you could argue this point with pretty much all City assets mind you.

    I’d be tempted to stick with Aubameyang (if he starts) and see how the Aguero/Jesus situation unfolds. Pep said a few weeks ago that Jesus will be playing “many minutes” in the coming weeks.

    Is Ole Gunna the man to shore up that United defence? I have my doubts but we’ll see. I predict that United will win quite a few games going forwards but I can see them conceding also.

    1. I’d agree about Aguero – can see his game time being limited with a lot of rotation but you just never know with him. I’ll be sticking with Aubameyang if he starts. I can’t see Man Utd suddenly keeping a lot of clean sheets either to be honest but stranger things have happened in football.

  3. Going off piste a little, thinking ahead to next season. Could you guys tell me how you get into competing in cash leagues with Dream Team? I’m competing in one with friends but I’d like to challenge myself in other cash leagues too.

    1. I’m in the same group as Dean – Inter Fantasy Football on Facebook. It’s the most competitive cash league I’ve ever come across. Got some former prize winners in the group.

          1. I have entered a mini league which is the most competitive cash league I’ve come across. Got previous prize winners and current world cup winner. To win it, you got to be finishing in the top 100. Last season’s winning team finished 7th overall. Me been playing for 4 years now with finishes of 13th, 25th, 9th and currently 25th. Some games involved: where I have two prizes. Always get numbers of 100 players per season. Only allowed one team per person.

            The best feature is the hall of fame for me where players are ranked for performance in the league over several seasons. I am currently outside the top 10, so my aim is to be in the top 10.

  4. Yep, me too.. going off piste for a while.

    Good luck during the xmas period guys.

    Look forward to catching up with what brave decisions you all made and notifying you on whether I retained my final sub or got impulsive and removed Maddison/Mahrez…. 😉

  5. DTT,

    Regarding Lindelof, I looked into this also because I agree that on paper Utd’s fixtures look good and at 1.7m, he would be a bargain if he started every game, but I think he is just a stop gap.

    Smalling will be back soon and I think he is likely to partner Bailly in the centre back positions.

    It would come with a large element of risk, so on that basis, I’m swaying towards swapping Mahrez for Azpilicueta.

    1. Yeah I’m not even convinced he’s going to keep many clean sheets either but I may just stick with what I’ve got for this week as I can’t see a clear option. I’d like Sane but I’m also worried about Aguero so I may just wait and see how it plays out. Hoping for a big week from Aubameyang.

  6. Thinking of swapping Richarlison for Mane. Everton have a few decent fixtures coming up after but I think Mane has got over his baron spell and will pick up more points. 1.9m in bank and 3 transfers left. Currently on 1070 points.

    Shaw is another one I would like to transfer but wouldn’t be surprised if Man U have a few good results. Read that he is fit and should be back this weekend. Any other ideas?

    Team is
    Richarlison ——> Mane

    1. Good team that mate. I’d be looking to get some sort of Liverpool defensive cover going forwards though as fixtures improve and injuries subside. Good luck. 👍🏻

      1. Thank you Chris.

        Agreed. I’m sitting top but the guy below as a block of 3 Lpool defenders. Need to at least double up!

    2. I think that would be an improvement, did you go for it in the end? Any concerns over having Shaw or any plans to get Aguero in?

  7. DTT, do you have data on previous seasons? Something in the back of my mind makes me think Aguero is normally explosive after a break through injury or suspension, same for the last 2 seasons.

    1. I always worry he’s going to do well when he returns – I’ve not got any data other than just his final points for a season. Would you be looking to put him back in?

      1. It’s a tough one. Could go either way with this one… it’s a 50/50 gamble in my opinion. Because of that I would be tempted to hold onto the transfer.

        I still think Aguero is the long term option. Save the transfer (if Kane or Salah get injured you’ll be kicking yourself) then make the swap later in the month if everyone is fit. That’s probably what I would do.

        Both players have the ability to score big this game week.

        Auba had a reputation of being a but of a party animal in Germany, let’s just hope if you stick with him that he isn’t hungover Boxing Day 😂😂

        1. Yeah I think I’m going to stick with Aubameyang – as you say it’s a toss of a coin really so may as well retain the transfer. I’ll expect him to flop on Boxing Day though by the sounds of it 😂

      2. I remember a few seasons ago once taking Aguero out whilst he had a three match domestic ban, he then scored a hat trick in a champions league game.

        Always got to hid behind the sofa when I don’t have him in my team – the amount of chances he gets he only needs to play 60 minutes.

        1. Yeah I agree, it’s going to be a tough call now. My first choice front three would be Kane, Salah and Aguero but now I’ve got Aubameyang and he’s scoring well I’m not sure I can bring myself to take him out.

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