Review of Game Week 16

Review of Game Week 16

GW Points: 84
Overall Points: 1048
Overall Rank: 38,426
Transfers: None used

Game week 16 was another step in the right direction with 84 points scored and a further jump on the overall leaderboard. I’m still not satisfied with an overall rank of around 38,000 but I feel like I’m in a fairly good position with a well performing team and two transfers in the bag over a busy festive period.


Double figure points for Sterling, De Bruyne and Salah. I’d considered taking Salah out but fortunately he started against Watford and grabbed a couple of goals.

A clean sheet for Robertson and Alexander-Arnold.

Although Soyuncu hasn’t grabbed a clean sheet yet for me, he’s still picking up a couple of points here and there.

Jesus added another 7 points. I’d hoped for more across the game week but 7 points was better than nothing.

Potential Issues and tips for Game Week 17:

I don’t have any real concerns about the team at the moment in terms of the players I’ve chosen. I’m more concerned about the upcoming fixtures which don’t really favour Liverpool. They are now out of the EFL Cup and are currently taking part in Club World Cup – this means that they only have 8 fixtures between game week 17-22. In contrast, Man City, Man Utd and Leicester all have 11 fixtures during this time period. With 5 transfers to potentially use over these game weeks the question becomes:

Will Salah outscore players such as Jesus, Aguero, Rashford and Vardy across only 8 games compared to potentially 11 games for the others.

There is also a bigger problem for game week 17 with Man City and Liverpool only having one fixture. Whereas most other teams have two. Do we make a short term transfer to accommodate this or do we stick with our core of Man City and Liverpool players. I don’t think it would be wise to take out any Man City players as they are the only team with 3 fixtures during game week 18 but it’s leaving big question marks next to Salah for me. The problem I have is, who would I replace Salah with? Vardy is the obvious choice considering he played in the EFL cup last night but I don’t fancy Leicester when they face Man City and Liverpool this week. Rashford has two good fixtures this week as Man Utd face Watford and Newcastle but I really don’t see him as a long term option. I’m half tempted to simply hold my final two transfers for the time being and take a hit during the upcoming game week. This will give me the opportunity to review the situation again next week – this ties in nicely with Leicester’s fixtures becoming really appealing which might have with the decision. Here’s an image of the chart I’ve been using to try and map out these fixtures:

I threw this together very quickly so it may not be 100% accurate.

As always any views and opinions on this in the comments section as I’m really undecided on what to do at the moment. 

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32 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 16

  1. Those Leicester fixtures after liverpool H are very inviting. Thinking of not just vardy but maybe maddison.

    1. It’s difficult – those fixtures are tempting and I’m not sure when to move Jesus on either.

  2. There’s a good chance that the postponed West Ham v Liverpool game will be moved to game week 21. I wouldn’t swap Liverpool players at the moment.

    1. A very good point Bean that’s why I would keep Salah. Plus it would not be easy to bring him back (unless for Kane which I wouldn’t recommend unless he is injured).

  3. Morning All
    Great read as always DTT
    Loving the point about Liverpool only having 9 games.
    I was seriously considering moving Salah out but for me his one of a few players that could score a hat trick in a blink of a eye.
    I feel I need to get KDB In now before I get left behind in my mini league but by doing this I’ll need to sacrifice someone as I’m 0.5 short.
    My thoughts were
    Pulisic Out KDB In
    TAA Out Otamendi In
    I know I could lose clean sheets with losing TAA but I’m hoping City’s easy games could lead to a few more clean sheets from them.
    My team as it stands





    Any thoughts would be much appreciated


    1. Tough one as I wouldn’t want to lose TAA but at the same time I can see why you’d want De Bruyne.

    1. I think there’s well over a million teams so that’s a great position to be in at this stage.

    1. It wouldn’t be if you don’t spend the additional funds. Just not sure if it’s worth the two transfers.

    1. Yeah not ideal but he’s cheap so don’t expect too much. Might have to wait until I decide which strikers I want for the next few weeks.

        1. I was but having looked at the fixtures neither Spurs or Chelsea have those extra EFL Cup fixtures. When you look at Man City’s fixtures and because I’ve already got Jesus you can see opportunities there. Aguero could potentially displace Jesus before the FA Cup game against Port Vale – then in an ideal world Jesus starts this game and I move him on after this. This does mean I’m stuck with Mount but with Man City having three games during the next game week it’s hard to make a case to take Jesus out until he starts getting his game time reduced again. As a result I think my plan is to hold fire and review again after this game week.

  4. Salah out Rashford in for me. He’s outscored him overall up to now anyway, Liverpool will be rotating more often and he has extra games.

    1. Rashford looks good for this weekend at least. I was tempted by the same but can’t bring myself to do it.

  5. Hi can someone help me please. I have 3 transfers left this month still any input will be really really appreciated.


    de bruyne



    1. I’d be taking Bissaka, Digne and Richarlison out. Not sure who for though – depends on your budget but maybe a Leicester defender and a Spurs defender (if you want to raise funds) then significantly upgrade Richarlison.

        1. Not for me at the moment – not sure how much of a regular he’s going to be or who I’d take out for him to be an upgrade.

    2. has to be Bissaka. Pulisic. Richarlison.
      look at the next six matches to see who has the best fixtures.
      William is in great form at the moment so I would give him some thought.MF
      Southampton. have hit form now Danny ings worth a look STRK.
      sheff Unt basham worth a look DF

    1. I was tempted but not for me. It would use four transfers to make two today and then another two to get him back in. Jesus is going to need to come out at some point and I’ve also got my eye on Vardy.

  6. Like the look of Grealish for my last transfer of the month, although Maddison has an outside chance, both good fixtures, & a two legged league Cup semi final, starman magnet Grealish, plus assists & goals.

    1. I’m just about to post a review of the game week. The short answer is no transfers planned. I was tempted but all the details are in the new post.

    1. I think it’s too big of a risk and it would take 4 transfers to take Salah out and get him back in.

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