Review of Game Week 16

Review of Game Week 16

GW Points: 58
Overall Points: 1,173
Overall Rank: 1,384
Transfers: Zouma out, Dier in
Mount out, Walker in

Game week 16 was by far my worst of the season yet. I gambled on a transfer before prices changed on Thursday evening, this backfired with Zouma starting in the FA Cup. Dier then picked up nothing across two potential fixtures. That’s why I rarely make changes on Thursday evening despite the benefit of gaining value in the team. Mendy of course didn’t play. I then felt like Walker would outscore Mount over the game week – he didn’t. Typically Mount scored very early on for Chelsea in the FA Cup. Thankfully Walker did get a clean sheet but then didn’t feature during the mid week game. Not a complete disaster but it’s always frustrating to be two transfers down but end up with less points. Good points from Leno, Foden, Mane, Cancelo, Stones, Maguire, Justin, Havert, Ziyech and Moura also wouldn’t have helped my cause. Then we come to Sterling, I didn’t really expect him to start in the FA Cup but I at least expected him to start one game. I certainly didn’t expect him to hardly feature in either, and then miss a penalty to finish the week on -3 points. That’s an awful result, and I’d put the decline in position on the overall leaderboard down to bringing Sterling in. The reason I left him out at the start of the season was because it weakened my team elsewhere, I think I’m now paying the price of testing out if having Kane, Salah and Sterling could work – I don’t think it does. The problem now becomes; do I cut my losses this weekend or given Man City’s fixtures do I see this through. More on that below. Just to conclude the overview of the game week, I would say despite a poor couple of weeks, I’m still happy with my overall position. I’m sitting in a good rank for this stage in the season, if I can turn around the dip in form, it shouldn’t be too difficult to climb back up the leaderboard.


13 points for Dias was a great result for the game week.

7 points for Walker was better than nothing.

15 points for De Bruyne.

8 points for Barnes was a decent result considering Leicester only played once.

Potential Issues:

My biggest problem is the price tag that comes with owning Sterling, especially considering that he’s not outscoring other strikers. Given Man City’s fixtures, I’m tempted to give him another game week, hoping for a massive score when others might take him out. If he has another poor week, he almost has to go as his price tag is stopping me bringing in other players at certain price points. This will all depend on who starts for City at the weekend.

Mendy is another concern, however I expect to see him back in the team at the weekend so I’ll probably give him another week as Chelsea play Fulham.

I’ve also got question marks against Dier and Walker. Mainly because Spurs aren’t as good defensively as I’d like and Walker faces a lot of rotation. This is one to monitor but I’d rather have someone like Foden.

Tips for Game Week 17

My first piece of advice would be to remember that there are still 3 game weeks in January. If you’ve still got transfers left, I still wouldn’t be rushing into using them. Others will almost certainly be running out by now so we could gain a real advantage towards the end of the month if we keep a couple back. Having said that, Id’ still be taking injured players out. For me the main team to look at is Man City at the moment, their fixtures until the end of January are incredible. It’s also worth noting that Spurs and Arsenal have a fixture less than the rest of the top clubs. 

As always, check out the full fixtures for the month below:

102 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 16

  1. Nice one Paul, tough GW for you and think you’re right that Stirling was probably the root cause… Now it’s just what you do with him as City do have great fixtures this month. He hasn’t really performed all season as we know he can so perhaps jump off, save some funds and get other City coverage with Foden or Torres who I think both match Stirling over the month and both much cheaper to raise funds for investment elsewhere.

    1. Yeah it’s a tough one. I’d probably swap Sterling for Rashford and then bring in Foden for someone else. Easy to do but it’s going to cost me two transfers with three game weeks left so it’s not a straightforward decision.

      1. How many do you have left? I wasted two on a Torres to Mahrez and back punt for the double and only gained 2 points! Feel a bit hard done by with a 6.9 rating v Birmingham which he looked worthy of a 7 and had a disallowed goal. It was a calculated gamble so I can roll with the punches- just wish I went for Bilva lol! Leaves me with 2 left for the month but heavily considering upgrading Leno to Ederson this weekend.

        1. I’ve got three left but not sure I’ll use any this weekend. Last chance for a big points return from Sterling. If he doesn’t start, I might go 4 4 2 and get Foden in. Then bring in another striker next weekend. I don’t think anyone would have predicted Silva getting the points he did. I must admit, I am looking at Ederson as well with those fixtures.

        1. I’d say there’s very little between them. Rashford has more points on the board and I’ve never liked the idea of doubling up Son and Kane. If Spurs were to have a really bad week then both of your strikers could blank. So it’s spreading the risk out slightly.

  2. I didn’t bring I Sterling and left Rashford, the only gain wasn’t the -3 from Sterling. I also dropped Dier for Foden, which went well too.
    Mendy is a concern but as you say they have Fulham, maybe Leno if Arsenal continue their form??

    1. I wish I’d gone down the same route. I’ll stick with Mendy while he’s got Fulham but Ederson is the one I’d want the most.

  3. I didn’t bring in Sterling and left Rashford, the only gain wasn’t the -3 from Sterling. I also dropped Dier for Foden, which went well too.
    Mendy is a concern but as you say they have Fulham, maybe Leno if Arsenal continue their form??

  4. It’s a shame the city game is after all the rest to see if sterling does even start. Then I would think about getting in foden and another city asset at the back with an alternative striker.

  5. Last chance for Sterling for me! The fixtures are too good and I think he’ll start ahead of Mahrez tomorrow!

    If he blanks again I’m actually going to consider Werner if he scores well and starts through the middle again.

    Currently have 7 Man City players which has paid off, overall position 424 🤞.

    Best of luck this weekend all.

    1. I’d agree, it’s the last chance for me as well. I’ll probably look at Rashford to start with but will see how this week goes. I’d like to bring in a couple more City players if I take Sterling out though.

    2. What’s your team Joe?
      I’ve got 5.
      Could swap Davies (Spurs) 4 Walker but that would mean a back 4 of


      1. Apologies John Smith, missed this message.

        Current team is –





        One transfer left 0.4 ITB.

        Overall position has gone to 253 thanks for city’s form and could of been even better if Cancelo played, he’s been brilliant so can’t understand why he was dropped. I suppose with Pep’s rotation system just have to accept that now and then.

        Glad sterling got that goal last night, i think he’ll go on a bit of scoring spree now!

        1. That’s a remarkable team. How you’ve managed to get all those players in within budget I’ll never know.

          1. I’ve been targeting transfers before price changes, back fired with the Salah – Sterling transfer as he started against Villas youth team a couple of weeks ago. Just looked at my team value 55.8m with 0.4 ITB!

            Personally I think you’ve got to target Man City players ASAP DTT given their form and next 5 fixtures!

        2. Nice one Joe.
          I’m about 500th.
          Stones scoring really helped you this week. I didn’t even think to put him in. Just thought Walker was more Value for money 🙈
          The Sterling / Salah forward option is a problem. They just aren’t in form atm.
          All the Best for the rest of the season.

  6. I’m thinking of going all in,

    Mendy – Ederson
    Dias Walker Dier
    Fernandes debruyne barnes
    Robertson – foden (going 343)
    Sterling – Rashford
    Salah Kane

    Chucking out Sterling and losing Robertson provides funds for Foden and Ederson. Dier would then be my next concern to deal with after.
    My process is that in my mini league I have a guy who’s right behind me due to that (marine fixture) and he has a city block, doesn’t own Sterling anyway.

    Thoughts on this?

    1. Looks decent to me, I’d question taking out Robertson but they’ve got some tough fixtures coming up.

      1. Yes it is a sacrifice going with a city block with Walker not certain to play both games.

        Just curious dtt, the only thing that concerns me is if sterling doesn’t start and you go with 2 strikers and then sterling starts the second game, would you be okay with that?

        1. It wouldn’t but it’s inevitable, which is probably why I’ll stick with Sterling as he should start.

  7. I’m taking Sterling out now, I’ve got people catching in my mini league.
    Also Foden is coming in for Mount as I didn’t do the Mount-Walker swap last week.

    DTT, hopefully you end up with a similar squad.
    Missing one transfer you done has left me chasing.

    Current squad
    Robertson, Dier, Dias.
    KDB, Fernandes, Foden, Barnes.
    Kane, Salah, Rashford.

    1. I’d imagine my team will start to look very similar to that, depends on what happens today. Assuming you went ahead and took Mount out?

  8. Cheers Paul. Great GW review as always 👌🏻

    I’ve never had Sterling. He is way over priced. No harm in keeping him for another week. Maybe not having Aguero along side him most of this season is his downfall. But if you did move him on. You would free up the cash to strengthen else where. Rashford or Son would be a good shout. Foden is another one to keep an eye on. But to be fair, Barnes has done pretty well. And Leicester play FA Cup again next weekend. I’ve two teams doing decent at the moment. But I’m all transferred out with one. I took Rashford out for Aguero. That backfired. So then I made a last minute decision and Took Aguero out for Son. That didn’t pay off either. Regret that now.Davies picked me up 8 pts which was a positive. I still have 3 transfers lift with my main team. Square Head and De Gea haven’t done too bad to be fair. Most people in the top 100 now have blocked up with Man City keeper and defence.

    Could Pogba be worth a shout. Hitting a bit of form now. I know Robertson is supposed to be a keep for the season. He’s not doing overly well so far.

    Liverpool only have 4 games between now and end of January.

    Good luck all this week

    1. I think he’s going to have to come out before long. If he doesn’t start today he’s almost certainly gone. Where are you sitting on the leaderboard now? I couldn’t pick Pogba, I’m just not a fan so couldn’t be too hopeful of him scoring.

      1. I don’t think Pogba does enough atm to put in any team. Yes his better than he was but his always gonna be in Fernandes shadow.
        I’d hold fire.

        Do you think Davies out for Walker sounds alright?
        Davies only has one game and isn’t certain to play anyway.

  9. Mendy
    Justin Castagne Walker Dias
    KDB Bruno Barnes
    Salah Rashford Kane

    1 transfer left. Swap Castagne to Foden before Leicester play today. Yes or No?

    1. That could hav been a good move, despite Leicester keeping a clean sheet. Did you do it?

      1. I didn’t. Ordinarily it was an easy decision to strengthen the team. However as it was my last transfer I was really unsure whether to do it or not. As both Castagne and Justin were playing, and I was still unsure, I felt it best to keep hold of the transfer. Happy that they kept the clean sheet but was hoping for 8 points instead of the 5 that Castagne got. I think just holding the transfer for as long as I can now is going to pay dividends in some way come the end of the month when probably most people will have already used them all. Time will tell….

        1. Good turn of events with Foden being benched and picking up 0 points. I’m following the same logic but it’s been painful to watch the team fall down the leaderboard over the past few weeks. It’s difficult to see a way back into the top 1,000 at the moment.

  10. Took a punt on Cresswell, 3 games ago, followed by 3 cleansheets, was 1.7, risen to 2.1, & could rise again next week, like most people going big on City till the end of the month.

    1. Good pick David, I must admit I never look at teams outside of the top 6/7 so I miss these kind of opportunities.

  11. I have exact same team as dtt but I have martial up to instead of Sterling. Need get him out and second place in my league has foden. Thinking going 4-4-2 with foden in for martial. Any other options ?

    1. I haven’t really had time to focus on my team this month so still have 5 transfers available.

      Dias | Robertson | Zouma
      De Bruyne | Barnes | Fernandes | McTominay
      Salah | Son | Kane


      Not sure why I put McTominay in but need to get rid of him.

      What would you do?

      1. You could do Robertson and McTominay to Stones and Torres with £0.0 to spare Billy. If you’d prefer to keep Robertson then McTominay to B.Silva is the same price but no guarantee with City who plays their games as we all know…

  12. Im thinking of switching to a 4-3-3
    Get rid of McTominay and then get a defender and leave Zouma in the team ?
    Will only have 3.1m to spend and B.Davies seems the likely candidate?

    1. You could do Robertson and McTominay to Stones and Torres with £0.0 to spare Billy. If you’d prefer to keep Robertson then McTominay to B.Silva is the same price but no guarantee with City who plays their games as we all know…

      Chelsea have already played this gameweek even though Zouma didn’t get on so he’d be pending until Friday. Switch of formation also an option as you say with Spurs/Utd/Arsenal affordable.

    2. I’d definitely want McTominay out but I’d also want Zouma or Mendy to become Ederson or a Man City defender. That would mean you’d need to look at a cheap alternative for McTominay though so it doesn’t leave you many options.

    1. He’s been one of the picks of the season for me. I said very early on that he picked up 100 points with much less game time than most last season and that I’d expect him to go beyond that this season. I think he’s already nearly there and was great value at the start of the season.

  13. Harvey Barnes just got 6.9 rating honestly that is completely a terrible rating he defiently was worth over that. I’m sure whoscored are trying to screw us over.

    1. He assisted a goal early, was on 7+ all game and then for some reason they reduced it… Ridiculous

  14. DTT,

    Are you not tempted by Schmeichel? I have a case to argue to swap Mendy for him. I have Mendy myself and and am quite tempted. Here’s my argument:

    I know you hate pending – especially after the Zouma incident – but Mendy is probably going down in value and Schmeichel should be getting the full £0.3m increase (although nothing is guaranteed in this game). He is currently £0.4m cheaper but will probably be around the same come Friday.

    When comparing to Ederson (which is probably the ideal replacement) he is £1.6m cheaper. That’s a lot of money to spend elsewhere.

    Leicester are on a roll.

    Kepa played the last round of the FA cup and although Ederson was unavailable for said round, I personally think that because of how well Steffen did in his absence that he will get the nod for this round too. Schmeichel played in a strong team that Leicester put out to beat Stoke.

    I’m not sure how popular Leicester defensive assets are up there in the top 1000 but I suspect the run they are on is hurting your position to an extent? Would not one asset be good to fend the threat?

    Leicester fixtures are Brentford, Everton (not looked that impressive of late?), Leeds (dropping off the high tempo that makes them tick), Fulham (have improved but should be comfortable), Wolves (I’m a fan, we are woeful at the moment…) and then Liverpool before Europa.

    Looking at fixtures again, you have to fancy them going far in the Europa. Their next FA Cup match would also be Brighton or Blackpool which again should be comfortable.


    My personal reservation is I have Justin and Castagne so am not sure I really want 3 assets. Obviously you currently have none.

    1. Great argument Chris and the perfect keeper for people with limited funds or looking for a Mendy replacement.

      I switched Mendy to Leno with my last December transfer and then upgraded to Ederson before the Palace match, although with 6 City players I’m a bit at risk of cancelled fixtures and perhaps should have left this one as Leno or switched to Schmeichel for some diversification.

      Re Leicester, I have Cancelo, Dias and Robertson at the back but if Robbo doesn’t return some assists soon he could easily become Justin.

      P.s. James Madisson 3 in 3 now…

      1. Cheers Brad. Yes I noticed Leno had quite a few points as well. A lot of teams ending up with more than half of the team City and as you say that is risky with COVID around but it seems to be paying off so far.

        With regards to my last transfer being to get Schmeichel in, it appears that Walker has different plans about that and he will be coming out instead. Not to mention KDB!

        I think DTT still has 3 transfers though so has options still.

        1. I think the idea to bring Schmeichel in is a great shout. Did you have a feel to the extent of Walker and De Bruyne’s injuries?

          1. Walker tried to carry on but ultimately couldn’t. He got slammed down by Grealish and seemed to land awkwardly on his hip. A bit of a weird injury so unsure of how long he will be out.

            KDB had his ankle twisted a little after (again) a Grealish tackle. Apparently he had a knock on the ankle from the last game and this exacerbated it. Again, hard one to know how bad it is. He seemed to walk off fine.

            1. Ideally, they are both fit or out until Feb. I could take them both out if they were out for a while whereas others probably couldn’t. Can’t see it being that straightforward though.

    2. Couldn’t agree more Chris. I looked at him a couple of weeks ago but decided to stick with Mendy. Wish I hadn’t now. It’s a bit of a no brainer and I’ll probably do it tomorrow night. Question marks against Sterling and Walker (injury) as well now though which is a bit of a nightmare.

      1. At least you have 3 transfers for these problems. Most others will have one if they’re lucky like me. It looks like Walker may need to be taken out instead unfortunately for me but as I say having 2 already it isn’t as much of an issue for me (well apart from the fact that Chelsea look awful!)

        With Sterling, he has had such a bad season so far. I had him when you had Werner and thought I would stick throughout but I have up and put Werner in for a bit before changing to Rashford. Had Rashford for about 5 weeks now and he hasn’t done anything and now isn’t even playing in this game! With all those strikers we couldn’t pick between at the start of the season, who thought we’d be struggling to find a goal scoring third option (although I don’t think Salah has scored for a while either?)

        1. I was pleased to see Rashford rested last night even as an owner… hopefully he’ll come back firing next time out and there not a great deal of options other than Son maybe but don’t fancy the Spurs double up (again).

        2. Exactly my thoughts as well. Salah isn’t doing a lot either. I’m even considering going 4 2 2 which might allow me to bring in Foden and Cancelo.

  15. I concur with everything you said there Chris E, if Schmeichel plays Europa league it’s a good move in my book, regardless If Robbo keeps a clean sheet tomorrow, they have a tough run of fixtures & are hardly airtight at the back, to acrue funds he would also come out for Stones or Foden, I’ve gone through my transfers, so interested in how Paul is going to play this one.

    1. Yes I took Robbo out about 2 weeks ago for either a City or Leicester defender, can’t remember which one. I thought Liverpool’s run was tough and they had less games I think plus a Man Utd FA Cup fixture on the horizon (although I can’t remember if I knew that at the time). I always have a Liverpool defensive asset so will want one back probably in February but for now I don’t think they’re worth their price tag.

  16. Anybody who watched that first half tell me how Rodri is on a 7.7 rating?

    Next best Foden and Cancelo 7.2

    Very odd system

    1. Exactly what I was thinking …I reckon stat man getting confused between cancelo and rodri….or dare I say it they’ve put a woman on the job 😲

  17. anyone notice that walker is not bombing
    down the wing any more he stays back most of every
    game now he used to be one of the quickest
    back in the league. think I will out him [n
    the next set of transfers.

  18. Potential injuries to Walker and Kdb tonight? Also switching rashford for sterling isn’t doing me any favours with him being dropped on to the bench.

    1. Nightmare if they are both injured. I’d hoped to take Mendy, Sterling and Dier out for Schmeichel, Foden and Rashford but I think that plan might have to be put on the back seat for now.

      1. I wouldn’t put in Rashford, playing as a right winger now and looking uncomfortable out there.

        Schmeichel good but he is no Ederson and I think you need to booster your Man City defensive assets as they steam rolling those clean sheets.

  19. might as well have a lamp post
    instead of mahrez haven’t had more than 2points
    game after game and loosing money every game he comes
    on late. I have wanted gondugan but have no transfers
    left breaks my heart nearly every game he has scored.

  20. Also makes you wonder kdb has missed out on 2 pens now. He gave one to Sterling who missed and now went off hobbling for the villa game. (perhaps would’ve been pulled before that anyway)

  21. What’s everyone else thinking about Sterling? I’m thinking he’s surely got to go now?

    1. For his price I think he’s not worth it imo. Although as attackers go, no one is jumping out thus far.

      1. I don’t have Stirling DTT and don’t want him so he’d probably be a sell for me.
        That said Aguero has now confirmed he has Covid so will continue to isolate even further and Jesus just looks worse and worse every time he sets foot on the pitch!
        He refuses to pass and insists on shooting in every situation and does so badly and tamly more often than not. Jesus is fit and Pep is still preferring to start with fluid midfielders interchanging at false 9 so suspect Stirling will keep getting minutes though for now.
        There’s also not a lot else out there performing up top. Could Cavani be an option… he looked hungry to me last night although I wouldn’t want the Utd double up up top either personally. I was actually pleased to see Rashford rested as an owner, looks like he needed it and hope he returns with a bang. You could switch to a 4-4-2 and bring in Madisson, Pogba, Gundogan or Bilva I guess.

        1. I’m considering a 4 4 2 with Foden and Cancelo coming in. But not sure it’s on after the prices change. I want to see who is starting against Cheltenham though.

        1. If Walker is out even short term Cancelo’s minutes are guaranteed. He will haul one of these games, so close last night when hitting the crossbar!

          1. He’s definitely top of my list with Foden. Want to see that line up at the weekend though.

  22. Hopefully get some news on De bruyne & Walker tomorrow, recent Pep interview suggests this evening, De bruyne muscle issue, Walker less concerning, come at a bad time Paul, because the players you are looking to transfer In will almost certainly rise in value on Friday morning, so those transfers you intended doing would of had to be done as pending transfers tomorrow evening, City have an easy fa cup tie this weekend, so De bruyne would almost certainly not of played anyway, Walker could easily be dropped to the bench or even rested for that also, so transfers you intended to do, could still go ahead tomorrow, as long as their is assurances that De bruyne & Walker only miss the fa cup game as City have a midweek league game as well, as for Stirling I would leave till end of month still excellent fixtures, he could even play from the start in the fa cup, as he got subbed tonight, a chance to haul big at weekend, good chance of Liverpool keeping clean sheet tomorrow, Matip due back again does strengthen them, but I’m struggling to see clean sheets, their fixtures are tough right upto 27th February, where they have Sheffield utd & Fulham, which should be comfortable, perhaps after tomorrow evening only Brighton in that run of fixtures up to the end of February offers a good chance of a clean sheet.

    1. I think I’ll play it safe and might hold the transfers. Will consider taking Mendy out tonight but will save the other two. It’s a bit of a minefield at the moment knowing what to do.

  23. I am a bit surprised that DTT not looking at Cancelo and Maguire.

    Cancelo labelled by the Sun as the ‘Bruno Fernandes of the Defenders’. One of the best players in my teams. Listed as defender but watching him, he plays in midfield taking up great positions, playing great passes (should have had more assists) and has a few shots at goal (should have scored last night). Pep loves playing him as he utilises him to overload the midfield so the opposition can’t cope, something he can’t do with Kyle Walker as he is more of a defensive type of player.

    Maguire looks at threat as well from set pieces, last season’s highest scoring defender, I expect to see him towards the top again at the end of the season. Plays every game and due a goal, I remember last season he did well from January onwards till the season’s end as Man Utd got to semi finals of FA cup and Europa.

    I think you need to boost your defence particularly Man City defenders as many teams at the top end have Ederson, Dias, Cancelo (my defensive trio, others have the addition of Stones, my top team in top 100 has the four of them) who are the best defensive assets in the game and Man City don’t give many chances away. Walker is ok but he is not the same player of a few years ago and offers the lack of security of starting games and the attacking threat. Hence why he has less ownership than Ederson, Dias and Cancelo. Maguire won’t be a bad choice with their forthcoming fixtures.

    This is the way.

    1. I’m now considering a 4 2 2, if I can get Foden and Cancelo in. I was hoping City’s form takes a dip in February when they’ve got some more difficult fixtures but that seems a long way off with 4 games for them still to play.

      1. I’m currently 4-4-2 already mate. I had to get rid of martial so stuck foden in. Have 2 transfers left. If kdb is out I’ll get rid of him which means I could even go back to a 4-3-3 tbh.

    1. That could be helpful for me as I’d imagine a lot of people will be stuck with him

  24. So glad I kept that one transfer… as mentioned KDB reported to be out for up to 3 weeks.

    My midfield is currently KDB, Bruno, Barnes, Foden.

    I’m looking at Grealish (good upcoming fixtures) Maddison as he’s getting amongst the goals now with good fixtures for the end of the month or the in form and previous star man magnet Pogba?

  25. Anyone tempted by Antonio from West Ham ? Everytime I watch him I don’t think his any good but he scores a lot of goals. If he starts in the Fa Cup, surely his a good option? I’m seriously debating kdb to antonio 😂😂😂

  26. Tough choice on who to bring in for KDB.

    What’s everyone thinking? Barnes, Maddison, Gundogan, Maguire, Stones, Grealish all good options.

    Going to be pot luck trying to choose the best out of that bunch.

    1. Gundogan ain’t a bad option at all mate. Forgot about him. He keeps scoring and could’ve had 3 against villa. Good choice

      1. Already got them in mate otherwise it’d be a no brained.

        Most likely will go Zouma to Stones
        KDB to Maddison/Barnes/Gundo/Grealish


  27. Stones, Foden and Ederson for me, replacing Zouma, KDB and Mendy. Transfers after the lines ups are announced as it leaves me with money in the bank and always too risky on a Thursday for me.

  28. Not knowing weekend lineups is always a problem, especially an fa cup weekend, but I would imagine every City player will rise in value on Friday morning, eating away further into budget, watching Liverpool they have been awful again tonight

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