Review of Game Week 16

Review of Game Week 16

GW Points: 36
Overall Points: 918
Overall Rank: 131,368
Transfers: Fernandes out, De Bruyne in

The team took another hit on the leaderboard in game week 16, not surprising considering Man Utd didn’t feature due to their covid outbreak. This was the worst case scenario for me as I’d gone heavy on their attacking players due to good fixtures on the horizon. I can’t help but think my luck is out this season as it’s one nightmare after another. Had Covid not disrupted my original plan, I’d have had a very good month. I’d have stuck with Moura and Son (who both typically scored on their return) and I’d have swapped Fernandes for Cancelo. I’d also have a good number of transfers left in the bag. Due to the uncertainty around Covid, I had to move players on in case it was weeks before they featured again, so this completely derailed my plan and the players came back pretty quickly and were straight back into the points. Really frustrating as it appears like whoever I bring in backfires at the moment. We had Chilwell picking up a serious injury earlier in the season, Spurs getting hit with Covid, then Man Utd getting hit with Covid and then to top it off this week – Robertson looks a good pick with an assist and a goal to his name. He then gets sent off, loses pretty much all of his points for the game (no idea how he dropped below 7 as he still got on the scoresheet) and then finds himself suspended for 3 games. It’s just one slice of bad luck after another. After two very successful season’s I’m not sure what I could have done differently this time around, everything has just gone against me.


21 points from Alonso across the game week was a big help 

7 points from Rudiger was better than a blank

Potential issues

Without Man Utd playing my team is in big trouble. So let’s hope they can fulfill their fixtures over the week ahead. I’m out of transfers so there’s very little else I can do. However, at the moment, I’ll be looking to address players such as Walker and Sancho as a priority in January. 

Tips for Game Week 17

With so much uncertainly around fixtures being postponed, if you’re lucky enough to have transfers left, I’d probably hold onto them for the time being. My worry now is that Spurs have a good run until the New Year and players like Moura and Son could well go on a good run after I’ve taken them out. Chelsea, Man Utd and West Ham also have fairly good fixtures but at this stage if you’ve got 11 players who are fit and able to play, I wouldn’t be changing too much.

Having said that, if you have got fixtures in hand or players who are unavailable, now would probably be a good time to use them. Some of the players on my watchlist are (all have been mentioned previously on here over the past couple of weeks anyway):
– Cancelo, if I can find a way to get him in then I will take it
– Maddison, I mentioned him a few weeks ago but went for Mount instead. Maddison has continued his good form so I’ll look at him again in January
– Gallagher, was another option I considered a few weeks ago and he’s continued to perform well
– Moura, I didn’t want to take him out but felt like I had to in case he was absent for some time. Will definitely be considering putting him back in
– Bowen, another that has been mentioned a few times, but he keeps scoring well at a decent price. One to consider for January.
– Jota, I’ve been close to putting Jota in a couple of times over the past month and he’s been mentioned a lot on here. He’s a striker I’m definitely considering for January.

You can also check out the fixtures below.

As this will be the last blog before the weekend, all that’s left to say is I hope everyone has a good Christmas and it brings us some festive luck going into the next game week.

13 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 16

    1. It’s been a season where so many external factors beyond your control or influence have gone against you time and time again Paul. The luck element of the game has been an absolute bitch to you this season so far.

      Looking ahead, it’s nice to see the green shoots of a positive news story on Covid yesterday regarding the Omicron variant. Hopefully these will continue as we learn more about it and next year will slowly see things return to some level of normality.

      Have a great Christmas everyone and see you on the other side!

      1. Hope you both had a good one yesterday. Back to Dream Team today for me, not that I can make any transfers. Just hoping the Man Utd game goes ahead as planned tomorrow. Hearing the Spurs game might be called off today but not seen anything official yet

  1. last nights cup games where a nightmare for me
    but not for my 2 rivals who had 2or3 players who all scored.
    I never had one player. I to took out Son and Moura, gutted now.

    1. Yeah same for me, I picked them for a reason and they’ve proved why. Had Covid not hit Spurs, I’d be in a great position

  2. 🤦‍♂️ Moura and Son picking up more points today. Both picked before Covid hit Spurs, took them out because it seemed like the sensible thing to do. Who could have predicted they would bounce back like this

  3. Salah & Mane’s last game will be against Chelsea, before they depart, January’s transfer allocation due on 7th January, should of put Jota in last week instead of Mane saving an enforced transfer, so Jota will come in, & either Son, Kane, or Lukaku, who all have 4 fixtures, but tough, other option Vardy with 3 fixtures but more favourable, alot will depend on lineups for 3rd round of FA cup, could double up on Firmino, but not convinced.

    1. Jota will certainly be on my radar, wish I’d put him in over Son a few weeks ago as it was one to those 50/50 decisions

  4. Paul, theirs no doubt you’ve had some terrible luck upto this pt, well thought out transfers, just haven’t gone your way, I think you gotta go big in January with 3 transfers straight away, out goes Sancho, Salah, & Mane, De bruyne/Foden in with Mahrez off to African Nations cup soon, then any 2 from Jota, Son, Lukaku, leave Ronaldo in till Salah returns, he can haul big in any game, leaving 2transfers, which you may need to use a further one to get Salah back in, leaving 1 to use tactically / injury depending on how the month goes, the four teams in the league cup semi’s have 4 games that month others 3, unless games in hand playing catch. up, so going big early in the month makes sense to me, no doubt you will have your own plan.

    1. It has been a tough season David, nothing seems to have worked out but I’ll keep chipping away. I’ll be making transfers early in January as well as its a short month and my team needs an overhaul. Salah and Walker definitely coming out. Considering Son, Jota, Bowen, Cancelo, etc at the moment

  5. Walker back in training could play at weekend, worth keeping a city defensive asset, will get shared time with Zinchenko, but should get lion’s share.

    1. I’m not sure I see him getting any big points even when he does play though. He was OK for a while but if I’ve got extra budget, then I might go for someone more explosive

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