Review of Game Week 17

Review of Game Week 17

GW Points: 65
Overall Points: 1,113
Overall Rank: 30,599
Transfers: None used

Quick review of game week 17 due to the time of year. However, the week was fairly positive with a further jump on the overall leader board. I didn’t really expect much movement considering Liverpool only had one game – I’d half expected to drop places this week so I’m happy with the result. I’ve still got two transfers to use but I’m struggling to see what I’d change at the moment. 


Only one fixture for Liverpool but a goal, two assists, star man award and a clean sheet for Alexander-Arnold resulted in 22 points.

A clean sheet and 8 points for Robertson.

A goal and 8 points for Jesus.

A goal, star man and 13 points for Kane.

Potential Issues:

Mount is still a problem despite getting plenty of game time. On the other hand he is cheap so I can’t have my expectations too high. At this point I’d rather have Alli but accommodating this move could be tricky.

Soyuncu has done very little since I’ve bought him in but Leicester have had tough fixtures. They now have a decent run coming up but when looking to free up funds it is tempting to look at him for replacing.

I still don’t see Jesus as a long term option but when you look at Man City’s upcoming run of fixtures it’s difficult to make a case for replacing him at the moment.

Tips for Game Week 18

It’s a busy game week coming up. The one factor that stood out for me is that Man City are the only top 8 team to have three fixtures this week. As a result it’s always worth sticking with their players. I’m personally also looking to January where Man City, Man Utd and Leicester all have additional EFL Cup games. Of these three teams Man City  and Leicester have the better fixtures during this period. 

For my team I’ve got a number of decisions to make as I’ve got 2 transfers still to use. The problem is the only player I want to move on is Mount (at this point in time). With the money I’ve got in the bank there is no suitable replacement. 

The only way I can make this happen is by swapping Jesus for Abraham and then putting Alli in for Mount. The issue with this is that Man City have three fixtures this week and then a FA Cup game and the additional EFL Cup games. To me this suggests Jesus should get a lot of game time. After his hat trick in the Champions League, I’m not sure it’s the right move to take him out due to the timing of these fixtures. I’ve also noted that Abraham hasn’t done much for Chelsea in the past couple of fixtures. Obviously Chelsea have no EFL Cup fixtures either.

The conclusion that I’ve come to is that I’m stuck with Mount for the time being.

Of course the other option is to downgrade Salah or Kane for someone like Vardy or Rashford but this comes with a massive risk. We know either player is capable of a hat trick at any point and with ownership being so high for both players I’m not sure it’s worth it. We would then obviously spend the funds to upgrade Mount. This would result in using 4 transfers in total if we wanted to take Salah out and then ultimately put him back in if we regretted it. 

As a result, I’ve decided to keep hold of my transfers for the time being (unless someone picks up an injury). The team has been on a good run of form in terms of climbing the leader board so I’m hoping this trend can continue. If the week doesn’t go well, I can then use these two transfers to set the team up for January.

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28 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 17

  1. Nice review DTT. We both have similar sides but took different routs to it… the only differences being I have Abraham and Alli to your Jesus and Mount. If you can’t reach Alli in one, have you considered a formation change and Mount to Gomez if your cash ITB permits? With 3 home games in a row and @ only 1.9% ownership, now’s the time to do it! Gomez should keep his place for a while even when Matip returns who isn’t match fit and Klopp traditionally favours momentum and form. If he does loose his place you’ll still have fresh transfers to address if required. I’m considering Soy to JoGo myself today to free up a bit of cash and to attack the leader in my ML who has same back 3 as me. Soy’s extra Jan fixtures do scare me a bit though.

    1. It’s tempting but Gomez is still more expensive than Mount. I also think eventually he’s going to be benched again so could cause a problem in the long run.

    1. I’ve had him before and wouldn’t really recommend him – he got benched a lot and didn’t pick up many points for me.

      1. I’ve just put jesus in for richarlison.. just as a short term solution.
        I really need to get bissaka out.. any ideas? And maybe pulisic too?

        1. Depends on your formation and budget but Alli would be a good replacement for either of them.

        2. My team is


          De bruyne


          I’m just looking to use my last change now… I’ve just swapped pulisic for ali so any suggestions for a bissaka replacement mate?

          1. If you’ve got nothing in the bank then maybe Soyuncu – Leicester have decent upcoming fixtures. Other than that I can’t see any obvious upgrade as Bissaka has scored 50 points himself. You could look at Rudiger as a cheaper option but Chelsea aren’t the best at the back so I wouldn’t see this as an upgrade.

  2. Hi DTT…I’ve followed your team all the way apart from your jesus move last month I put in Allison for pat instead …my bad ..he hasn’t been too bad but not as good as your jesus transfer I have the same 2 transfers left but obviously still have Abraham what would you suggest I do to try and get back on track with your team?

    1. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest trying to get back on track unless you really wanted to – if I had Abraham I’d probably stick with him but because I took him out I’m not in a massive rush to put him back in. Alisson is a good player to own as well. If you really wanted to try and align the teams again – I’d probably hold onto your transfers for the time being and then see what I end up doing with mine.

  3. Dream team tips.

    I’ve been thinking heavily about 3 changes I am yet to make this month and my team like I said was


    TTA Digne Wan bissaka
    Sterling de bruyne pulisic mane
    Vardy salah richarlison

    But I’ve noticed….

    I’m able to take out digne, pulisic and vardy for albeit 3 Tottenham players.. alderweireld, ali and kane. What do you think about that?

    1. personally I would take out Wan Bissaka Pulisic and Richarlison .
      Vardy is getting as many goals as Kane so there is no benefit.

  4. There goes my last transfer of Pulisic to Grealish, will have to take out Ederson to Allison, unless its overturned, can’t see it though, as good as form Grealish is in I don’t think he can outscore Pulisic & Allison, 1st transfer in January will be Pulisic to Grealish.

  5. Do u not think adama traore or Erikson are good replacements for mount … have you any money in the bank

    1. I’d go for Traore or Alli – both would be good improvements but I don’t have the funds to do a straight swap.

  6. DTT gunna use one of your December transfers to take out Kane. Hamstring injury could be a fee weeks

    1. Yeah I’m going to stick Aguero in. Thought doubling up on Aguero and Jesus for January looked like a sensible option.

  7. DTT, I think that’s an astute move with Aguerro & Jesus, I have two teams & intend to put one in each team, wish I knew who will attain the most pts in January, as their is approximately 100pts between my 2 teams, so need to make the right decision, pity City weren’t playing Saturday to see their lineup instead of Sunday, maybe Aguerro Sunday as Jesus played last game, but bear in mind they have Utd in the 1st leg of league Cup semi-final next week, any consideration for Rashford above Aguerro, & in my position would you put Aguerro in your highest scoring team, at present my rivals have neither.

    1. I think Aguero or Jesus is a safer bet than Rashford. I’d considered him myself. If I had to go for one of the two I’d probably go for Jesus just because he’s on form at the moment.

  8. Have noticed City play before spurs at the weekend, whoever starts against Port Vale goes into my top team, thanks.

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