Review of Game Week 18

Review of Game Week 18

GW Points: 134
Overall Points: 1,247
Overall Rank: 17,047
Transfers: Kane out, Aguero in (at the end of the game week)
Mount out, Moura in (at the end of the game week)

Game week 18 was another very successful game week. 134 points scored resulted in a decent jump on the overall leaderboard. This leaves the team edging closer to a position that I’d be happy with. I was also in the fortunate position to have two transfers left at the end of the month. As a result when the game week finished I made two transfers. I took out Kane for Aguero as Kane picked up an injury and Man City have some good fixtures in January. I also lost patience with Mount who has contributed fairly little over the past few months. I went for Moura as a replacement as he seems to be getting a good amount of game time and the moment and hopefully this will improve further with Kane out.


Robertson (15 points) and Alexander-Arnold (18 points) both continued to score well.

Soyuncu picked up 8 points with a clean sheet.

Mane (21 points) and De Bruyne (20 points) both had a very good game week.

Sterling picked up a further 10 points.

Kane bagged 11 points with a goal against Norwich.

Salah got 8 points with a goal against Sheff Utd.

Jesus picked up 18 points with a brace against Everton. This was a good result but could have been so much more if he hadn’t been ill at the start of the game week.

Potential Issues:

I don’t currently see any issues with the team that need addressing. I’ve decided to stick with Patricio as no keepers are really picking up enough points to justify a change. I’m also going into the month with both Man City strikers – hoping that one of them plays against Port Vale in the FA Cup. At the moment there’s nothing I’d change in the team given the good run of point scoring form it’s currently on.

Tips for Game Week 19

With fresh transfers it’s tempting to rush into making a couple of changes straight away. I’d personally be tempted to hold fire with January being a long month. We also face FA Cup fixtures this weekend which is always a lottery when it comes to player selection. The only player I’d be looking to move on is Harry Kane as he’s out for a few weeks I believe. I’ve personally decided to double up with Aguero and Jesus in the hope that one of them will play against Port Vale. Man City also have additional EFL Cup fixtures during the month. Man Utd and Leicester also have these additional fixtures during the month. However, I personally wouldn’t fancy Man Utd to get much from those games. Leicester players could be a good option but the obvious choice is Vardy. However, he’s currently out with a slight hamstring problem. I can’t see him being risked in the FA Cup fixture this weekend.

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25 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 18

  1. I downgraded Allison to Leno…..more money in bank ……do you think I should hold onto mount and Abraham or move them on if so who do you advise? Can’t afford maddison ..if I transfer mount I’ll have 4.1 to play with

  2. Schmeichel
    De Bruyne

    £1.4m ITB
    1234 points

    After a poor November, I managed to claw some points back in December and now sit just 16 points from top spot in my ML. Felt like I rushed a couple of decisions including transferring Patricio out for Schmeichel, so it was a relief to see him pick up a clean sheet on Wednesday.

    Not sure how to play January yet. Mount is the weak link but I lack funds to upgrade appropriately. Possible transfers include Moura, like you DTT, especially given Kane is now injured as he may be able to pick up some goals. Another option is Traore for Wolves who is in great form, but has arguably tougher fixtures coming up. Alternatively I could like at changing formation to 4-3-3 and capitalising on Gomez as Liverpool seem to be shoring up defensively.

    Vardy also a concern given his fitness. Rumoured to only be missing the FA cup but gut feeling tells me he’ll also miss the EFL cup game. Even if he misses that, he still has 4 games in January. Only player i’d look at replacing him with is Jesus as funds wouldn’t permit Aguero.

    Not rushing in to any transfers yet, long month and all to play for. Welcome your thoughts as always.

    1. I think Traore would be a decent upgrade on Mount – I’d have gone for him if I had the funds. I only made the Moura transfer as it was a bit of a punt and I was going to lose the transfer. I would be sticking with Mount if it wasn’t for having that left over transfer that had to be used or lost. Your team looks pretty solid to me, considering the fixtures coming up in January.

  3. Great dtt
    Your points have shot
    Up since I’ve last been on here.

    My team atm is





    I’ve dropped to 5th in my ml
    I feel I need a to change n to free up some funds for next month.

    I think I’m going for all 3 which I never normally do.

    Pereira 4 Otamendi
    Jesus 4 Kane
    Rashford 4 Salah

    The 3 players I have put in have 2 more games than most other teams.
    Rashford is out scoring Salah atm although im wary that Salah can score a hat-trick at any time but will Rashford have a decent Jan!
    I put in Otamendi in last month and regretted it straight away.
    LCFC have a decent jan and hopefully can get a few clean sheets. Star man Favourite.
    My tough choice was who for Kane!
    I went for Jesus as his still scoring goals even from the bench. My other choice was Aguero who I can afford but might hurt my plans next month with cash flow. Also a hat trick possibility.

    Your thought are more than welcome

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Cheers – I’ve had a lucky few weeks. Your plan sounds good – although I’d personally not want to move on Salah. I’d also go for whichever Man City striker is starting against Port Vale tomorrow. I’d agree that Otamendi needs moving on but again if he starts tomorrow might as well keep hold of him for that game?

      1. Good thinking DTT
        Otamendi also has extra games. He just doesn’t play all the time.
        I’ll see what the line ups are tomorrow.

  4. Aguero starts for City. Extremely tempting to transfer him, the thought of him against Vale is scary!

    Unfortunately Salah is the only one i can swap him for. Tough decision, Salah looked very sharp against Sheff Utd whereas Aguero didn’t seem at his best, coming back from injury I guess.

      1. I transferred him in for Salah. Very disappointed with 8 points, thought he’d have a hat full! Such a relief when I saw the Liverpool starting lineup. Still hopeful Aguero will outscore Salah this month.

        On a positive note I brought Traore in for Mount and that earned be 8 points with him picking up star man. Looks like he’s a magnet for star man awards at the moment.

        Didn’t plan to make 2 transfers at the start of the month, but both seem like improvements (short term at least) to the team and will pay dividends. No plans for third transfer, likely to hold on to that until injury/suspension forces my hand.

        1. Yeah that sounds sensible. I wanted Traore and he does seem like a star man magnet. Disappointing that Aguero didn’t get more points this week.

  5. I’m moving in on Moura myself too I think today, along with Bobby.


    Thinking Moura should get decent game time with Kane out. Bobby can blow hot and cold FF wise so I’m hoping he can blow hot for a while, also double GW on the horizon. The biggest plus for these moves in my particular ML is that they are both differential moves. A brace each from the pair of them on a GW could catapult me right back amongst the action end. Feels a bit punty but what the hell…

  6. Nice to see the Moura move pay instant dividends DTT! 👍🏻👊

    Home replay to come too. Nice!

    1. Yeah I was more than happy with the 8 points – hopefully he will outscore Mount in the short/medium term. How you getting on this season on the overall leaderboard?

      1. A pretty depressing 75k. Considering I finished just outside the top 1k last season, it’s been a tough old ride thus time around. I’m too stubborn not to keep trying though. A few decent game weeks and a bit of luck along the way can change things very quickly.

        Kane expected to be out for 4-6 weeks so hopefully Moura can make the most of his chance and benefit our teams.

        Would love to see a little flourish from Bobby over the next 3-4 weeks as this would help my cause no end with regard to my ML’s.

        Need to keep those Pool CS’s coming in too.

        1. Yeah that’s exactly what happened for me – it was the Jesus hat trick that did it. But things can easily swing the other way again. Bitterly disappointed that neither Jesus or Aguero started last night.

  7. Dtt

    I’ve got richarlison still. Would you recommend taking him out now for rashford as I’ve got the funds to make this? Thanks.

  8. Alli to Moura… is this a sideways move noting the below?

    – Kane out 4-6 weeks
    – I’ve missed Moura’s 8 point weekend return
    – It would free up £1.3m
    – I’ve got 3 transfers in hand

    1. It’s a bit of a sideways move for me, however the key part is that you free up £1.3m which might mean a significant improvement somewhere else in your team?

      1. £0.1 ITB so the extra funds do appeal but I’m not unhappy with the rest of my team:


        The leader in my ML is 20 points ahead with AUB & James to my Alli & Abraham… slightly concerned he’s got me beat with AUB but he’s used all 3 Jan transfers to block off. What would you do?

        1. Had you considered Traore instead of Alli? I don’t think I’d do anything this week with the extra FA Cup fixtures anyway but he’s cheaper with a good amount of extra points on the board.

  9. DTT, I thought it was a cunning plan having Jesus & Aguerro, for the shorterm, so I followed suit, league Cup semi final away to rivals man utd, touch of arrogance doesn’t play either Jesus or Aguerro, how many times does this game kick you where it hurts, hope united stuff them, do have Rashford in my 2nd best team, now we are hoping for a cameo role with 20mins to go for either to come on & nick a goal, more than a little frustrated.

    1. I thought it was as well. Really disappointed that neither started and that the formation seemed to work so well for them. Fortunately I’ve still got 3 transfers in the bank if I wanted to move one of them on.

  10. Kane out till April. If Moura seizes his chance maybe he’ll be in our teams for a while yet?

    1. I’ve not got much faith in Moura but it would be fantastic if he could make the most of the opportunity. I’m assuming they won’t buy another striker as well.

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