Review of Game Week 18

Review of Game Week 18

GW Points: 77
Overall Points: 1,329
Overall Rank: 1,889
Transfers: De Bruyne out, Foden in 
Dier out, Mahrez in

It’s safe to say game week 18 didn’t go to plan. With De Bruyne facing a few weeks on the sideline I expected to rise on the overall leaderboard. I had two transfers available and assumed some people would be stuck with De Bruyne. The transfers massively paid off with 29 points between Foden and Mahrez but strangely this wasn’t enough for me to rise on the leaderboard – in fact I dropped. Massively frustrating considering the transfers I’d made and a relatively good performance from most of my team. The biggest problem for me was being 0.1m away from Cancelo, I was desperate to get him in (as well as Foden) but just couldn’t make it work within my budget. I’d generally put the dip in form down to not bringing in a Man City block of defenders – they had great fixtures but I never tend to have more than 2-3 defensive assets from the same team. This has cost me massively during January. The big question now is do I follow the pack and bring in more Man City defenders or hope their form doesn’t continue with some significantly more difficult fixtures at the start of February. It’s also a very worrying time to be declining down the leaderboard – it was great to get off to a good start but this means nothing if you can’t hold this position until the end of the season. I’ll be doing everything I can to try and turn this around in February. 


16 points for Foden, glad I had a transfer to bring him in for De Bruyne. 

13 points for Mahrez, another good result considering he came in for Dier.

8 points for Barnes, he continues to chip in with regular points. Very good pick considering his value.

8 points for Fernandes, most people own him anyway but it’s always good to get points on the board.

10 points for Sterling, good to see him returning double figure points. Might still move him on in February though as I’d hope for a little more from him considering his value.

16 points for Salah, a welcome return to the points for Salah. 

Potential Issues:

Walker not featuring during the game week at all was a problem. Would have been nice if he had started in the Premier League or at least come on for 5 points. One to monitor.

Robertson continues to not pick up clean sheets. Given his value he’s got to be one to look at in February.

Kane appears to be have picked up an injury. This is far from ideal with no transfers left to swap him out. 

Tips for Game Week 19

I’d imagine this is the case with many people but I’ve got no transfers left to do anything with game week 19. If you have got any left now would be the time to use them. Man City, Liverpool and Leicester appear to be the teams with the best fixtures for the game week. 

As always, check out the full fixtures below. I’ve now updated this to include February’s fixtures.

56 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 18

  1. If you look at the overall leaderboard most of the top teams have gone all out on Man City. I’ve got 5 players from Man City at the moment and I’m tempted to swap Kane for Sterling/Stones for the next 2 games. But that means I will have 6 Man City going into some horrible fixtures. I’m not really tempted by anyone else. Son maybe but will he be the same without Kane.

    1. I don’t think you could go wrong with Son or Sterling/Stones. If you’ve got a transfer you may as well use it as Kane won’t be picking any points up if he’s not playing.

  2. You’ve had a fantastic season so far DTT mate. Being around the top 1-2K teams is superb mate. And your wise words have helped me no end.

    Liverpool possibly have the worst fixtures for Feb, could ya switch to cancelo and or stones? I know man city have 3 tough fixtures but they could easily keep another 3 clean sheets couldn’t they, they’re so good at the moment.

    And yes Sterling not aligning with his value. Sterling to Son? Spurs have good fixtures.

    Love the blog mate. It’s nice, especially in these times, to have a little dream team community.

    Much luv to one and all.

    1. Thanks Badge – much appreciated. It’s just frustrating building momentum to get to around 500th and hoping to kick on from there and ending up dropping down the rankings. I may well end up taking Robertson out for Cancelo. I’ll have to double check the fixtures but it would be nice to save some cash by taking Sterling out – bringing him in was pretty much where it started to go wrong for me.

    1. Probably Rashford, just because he’s the next highest owned striker in a mini league I’m keen to do well in.

  3. Great review as always DTT!! I read somewhere earlier we’ve had roughly 20 league games so far this season and last season the 20 game mark was 29th December… So there is still loads of football left to play!! You’re on a great position for the second half of the season and I’m sure you you’d of taken this position if we’d of asked at the beginning of the season.

    I was one of the fortunate ones that went a Man City block (7 players in total) at the beginning of the month and currently sitting 166 on the overall leaderboard! The contributions from everyone on this forum have been brilliant!!

    Going forward i think Spurs, Leicester and Man Utd have the best fixtures for February. Who do we replace Kane with? His injury looks a bad one. Im going to consider Son/DCL/Werner! Yes i said Werner. I like the look of Tuchel’s style of play in his first game and i think he’ll get the best out of his fellow German!!

    1. Great score, I’m thinking Sterling for Kane. Guessing you’ve already got him? What’s your total team value?

      1. I already have him W, he’s another one i expect to go on a bit of scoring run now he’s scored in his last two games. He’s still got a couple of nice good fixtures before the Liverpool game and even then with their current defence he could still grab a goal! Current team value is 57.1m

    2. Thanks Joe – I certainly would have taken this position at the start of the season, it’s just frustrating dropping down the rankings after getting off to a flying start. I should have done what you did with your team and I’d have probably at least maintained the top 500 ranking. Have you got a transfer left for taking Kane out? Werner could well be one to watch – he’s been fairly poor but he’s still racked up a decent amount of points. If he was playing on a regular basis down the middle, I could see him going on a run of goals. Do you think you’ll hold onto most of your City players in Feb?

      1. No transfer left DTT, i held one back but used that for the KDB injury. We can see how Werner performs over the next few games before we get our Feb transfers. Just have a feeling if he gets a goal or two it’ll give him the confidence and could be a goal machine if anything like last season is to go by. Difficult re Man City players in particular the defence because they’ve been formidable. Until they give me a reason not to i’ll probably stick with them. The must player for me is Cancelo!! Frustrating for you as i know you were 0.1m from getting him in. He’s playing like a winger the last few games.

        1. Yeah I’d be fairly happy with my team going into February if I could have got him and Foden in so it was massively frustrating. I’d do the same and stick with them until they give you a reason to move them on. Another clean sheet today.

  4. That’s an unbelievable overall position Joe, well done, waiting for confirmation on Kane, but it looks a few weeks, how many City assets do you plan on retaining, even with tougher fixtures they may concede a goal or two, but they have so many players that can attain bonus pts, goals, assists, star man, 7+ ratings etc, certainly keep Dias, Cancelo, Ederson, Foden, & probably Stirling, even contemplating putting in Gundogan aswell, is he the best midfield addition, or are Maddison, Soucek, Barnes, better options, Walker will come out for one of the above, then as you say the problem of replacing Kane, Fa cup fixtures on the 10th of February & european fixtures to filter in if they go ahead.

  5. Cheers mate not sure how long it will continue but I’m hoping i’ll be up there for at least a couple more games with City’s next fixtures being Sheff Utd and Burnley. Im thinking the same as you with the City players, i think they’ll win the league so even if they do concede they’ll still be amongst the points. Gundogan i didn’t go for which is annoying as he’s scored really well, he’s so far forward in recent games which is unlike him! Going forward in Feb i’ll be looking at Son, Cavani, Werner, Maddison. Leicester and Man Utd’s fixtures look great for the month!!

  6. And the biggest problem with having a Man City block……Pep Guardiola. The rotation king that he is. I don’t have Cancelo and Stones so it doesn’t affect me but was considering more and more of their defensive assets as we all are no doubt.

    DTT, this is where you could catch back up (well until Cancelo comes off the bench and scores and stones comes on in the 96th minute for a clean sheet 🙈).

    1. Having said that, I’ve just remembered you also have Mahrez and Sterling. Pep is a nightmare.

    2. It was a relief to see so much rotation at the back for City today but didn’t help me in the end. No progress on the leaderboard but 0-0 between Arsenal and Man Utd didn’t help. It’s starting to feel like very hard work to make progress on the leaderboard at the moment. It was much easier earlier in the season.

      1. I’ve jumped up quite a bit in the last few weeks with ‘only’ 5 Man City players. Went up to 137th yesterday at one point. If Sterling started, I would have definitely transferred him in for Kane. A lot of teams around the top have gone all out on Man City but I guess the 5 transfers a month have made it a lot easier to risk bulking up on one team.

        1. Yeah I should have done the same, it’s really cost me to be honest not going heavy City at the back.

  7. Great work as always……. 1 transfer in the bank, front three of Kane salah and Rashford! Obviously want to take out Kane but for who?

  8. I had a transfer left and wanted Sterling for Kane. Ended up going for Son as most in my mini-league have him (and Sterling not starting), I also think Son is a good pick for next month and it leaves some funds to improve in other areas.

  9. Let’s not forget not only Kane’s goals, but the assists he has provided for Son, where is the creativity in spurs midfield to provide for Son, ndombele, winks, hojbjerg, I don’t think so, going to be difficult fining a replacement for Kane, might have to change formation.

    1. Agree with David, hard to see Son or Spurs do well without Kane as I feel the injury will hit Spurs hard especially in a Mourinho tactical plan which relies on a big striker upfront eg. Drogba, Costa and Ibrahimovic have shown in the past. Will Son play upfront? Doubt it as his biggest strength is one on one from the left eg. like Barnes at Leicester. Under the previous management, Son for me would be an automatic replacement, right now I don’t have the same feeling and might look elsewhere. Mourinho ruled out Bale so that also leave Moura as an option but a differential and risky pick would be Carlos Vinicus who might see his game time increased and can score goals (6 in 12, unproven at premier league level). I might avoid Spurs as the defence is not great (Dier is so poor, he should be dropped, made three mistakes in three games now, fails the eye test miserably, Sanchez and Alderwiereld are much better but not playing), Regulion injured is a big blow, Aurier is in the bad books. Are cracks appearing in the Spurs dressing room?

      1. Yeah you’re right and they’ve let in another tonight. It looks like Kane might be back sooner than expect so hoping to avoid a transfer there.

  10. What about Mane for Kane? He looked good against Spurs. Could be a good differential. I am swaying towards Son at the moment but not 100% convinced. Spurs just seem to have the better fixtures.

      1. Haha glad he missed the game week to be honest. Shame Salah didn’t do more last night though.

  11. Great GW review as always Paul. Would you consider keeping Sterling and transfer as Kane as he’s injured or will you use 2 transfers on strikers? Tis a bit frustrating. I’ve 2 teams I’m concentrating on at the moment. I’m top of both mini league’s. Safe in one but struggling to stay top in the other. Barnes was a great pick. Chipping away every weeks. I suppose him or Soueck are the gems this season. Would any of you guys if you don’t have already Soueck or Grealish?
    I have

    Guys under me are closing the gap fast. All Man City blocks.

    1. Obviously you’ll need to address KDB and Kane’s injury (Kane’s sounds a little more positive btw) and looking at the rest of your team I would say Davies and Robertson are the weaker links. Mendy has however kept 2 clean sheets in a row and some nice fixtures (Spurs wouldn’t concern me overly currently) so I’d probably hold off making a move there as you’ll already be forced into a couple through injuries. Spurs don’t look great defensively so an upgrade on Davies could go City, Utd, Liverpool or even switch to 3-4-3. Obviously European fixtures return this month so don’t think I would be investing in Soucek or Grealish personally, albeit well aware they are proving decent picks in the PL this season.

      1. I’d agree with everything Brad has said. Soucek and Grealish aren’t interesting me at the moment. I’m tempted to move Robertson on myself – they are just so out of form at the moment.

  12. wish I had followed your DTT would hav been
    120 in front of our club league and in line for £250 smackers
    will I ever learn 😭😭😭

  13. Thought about Werner, glad I didn’t, was going to mane until lineups announced….. had to settle with son

    1. One to monitor but I’m in no rush to go back to Werner until he really looks like he’s going to start scoring.

    1. Possibly but think I’d wait and see a little while longer before investing there. Can’t see him playing every game and wouldn’t downgrade a City defender for a Chelsea one. That said, I can see Spurs struggling to score past them next and reckon he’ll stick with the old gun FB’s again after the Burnley match.

      1. He possibly could but he’s a big risk so don’t think he’s someone I’ll be looking at

  14. Paul, any chance of updating your fixture spreadsheet with the cup fixtures? So useful helping me plan the month ahead! Cheers mate and keep up the great work!

  15. For February in thinking of bringing in Maddison for the extra fixtures should play in the europa league to.

    Striker wise who is a decent pick for Feb?

    1. Maddison is an excellent pick and was last window’s highest scoring midfielder. That’s why he is in my DTT mini league team.

      The case for Maddison – Very creative player so high assist potential, on free kicks and corners, excellent on long shots and a good finisher. A player in top form now. This is what he said after the Chelsea game last month: “Playing a bit deeper, I was a No 8 today, little things like breaking from deeper and getting beyond that last line, kind of almost smelling where the ball is going to drop. It is not an easy thing to do. Frank Lampard was the best at it, arriving late to score goals. Mark Albrighton got his head up and I just drifted. That is something I will keep improving because everyone wants numbers, I want numbers, I want goals and assists, I want everyone talking about me. That is an area that I am looking to improve on.” A good replacement for Mahrez I would say who is a rotation risk.

      Striker wise: Rashford. I liked his interview at the end of the Southampton game “I just want to score more goals”. Music to my ears. Plus Man Utd have the most fixtures this month along with Leicester so I would go with this combo.

      This is the way.

  16. Could easily make 4 transfers off the bat this month!

    Walker – Cancelo
    Robertson – Maguire
    Mahrez – Maddison
    Sterling / Kane – Rashford

    1. That’s exactly is the way and what I would do if I had DTT’s team as I do like to approach the game in aggressive manner.

      1. I think Cancelo will start to get a bit more rotation now with Walker, Zinchenko, Mendy and Laporte all fit. Pep has the luxury to rotate these even more so and what with the European fixtures returning perhaps just wait and see on that one for a little bit longer… I think Stirling is also now a hold and Kane could be back from midweek… Robertson to Maguire and Mahrez to Maddison both good moves though.

  17. Do we know how long Kane is out? As I don’t really want to be using a transfer to get him out and bring him back. Currently have Salah and Rashford.

    1. Sounds like he could be back for midweek cup game v Everton (maybe a few mins from the bench) and back next weekend v City it sounds like. Think I’ll be saving those two transfer out and back in!

    1. He might find a bit of form Don but I’d be focusing on teams with European fixtures which are returning this month…

  18. Who would you guys take dier out for?
    Got 3.5m after taking him out, leaving with the option of Justin who has been excellent for Leicester or either one of shaw or AWB, for united who have so many games this month.

      1. Yeah that’s after putting Maddison in for saka in mid. Although Barnes is also a good shout, which would leave the option for zynchenko in defence too 🤔

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