Review of Game Week 18

Review of Game Week 18

Best Team 

GW Points: 102
Overall Points: 1,188
Overall Rank: 13,134

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 65
Overall Points: 1,164
Overall Rank: 21,752
Transfers used: De Bruyne out, Mahrez in (after the game week had finished)

Progress for my blog team has slowed down slightly in the past couple of weeks – mainly due to Man Utd failing to keep clean sheets. The team is still making progress in the right direction on the leaderboard but it’s now my third best team. With De Bruyne only picking up 2 points this week, I decided to swap him for Mahrez for a price rise. Man City only play once this week so I thought it was worth the risk considering I have no plans for my remaining transfers. I’m fairly happy with my team given how many Newcastle and Man Utd players I’ve got and their upcoming fixtures (EFL Cup Semi Finals). Salah had another disappointing week, so I’ll continue to monitor him, luckily Kane didn’t do much either. Haaland has also slowed down on the point scoring front but I’m still not planning on taking him out. I’m very happy with my pairing of Fernandes and Rashford. However, after only one week in my team, I’m not sold on keeping Antony for the longer term. He will remain in while fixture volume remains high for Man Utd but I don’t see him hitting a massive score by the end of the season. 

Player watchlist

As I mentioned, I’m happy with my team considering the EFL Cup fixtures over the next two weeks. I’m unlikely to make any changes this weekend. Unless De Bruyne hits a huge score and Mahrez blanks – in which case, I may swap them back. As a result, I don’t have any players on my watchlist as such. However, regardless of my team, if you were looking to make any changes this week, I’d be considering any Man Utd players who have a proven point scoring record this season – Rashford, Fernandes or any regular starting defender. I’d also be considering Newcastle players, again mainly their defenders. It’s also hard to rule out the likes of De Bruyne and Mahrez at the moment. If you wanted to go for a real curve ball, you could consider Ward-Prowse due to Southampton’s involvement in the EFL Cup.

Plan for game week 19

My plan for game week 19 is to stick with the team I’ve got. As mentioned above, I’m happy with the team I’ve got based on the upcoming fixtures.

If you wanted to view the fixtures on the horizon, you can check out my planner below:

My other teams

By chance, a couple of my other teams have jumped above my blog team. My top performing team is basically a Newcastle block and also features Mahrez. My second best team is very similar but I’ve got a split of Newcastle and Man Utd defenders and also Mahrez. I think Mahrez has made the difference in these two teams over the past couple of weeks. I’ve stopped developing most of my other teams below these three just due to the time it takes to keep them up to date.

For full transparency, here are my 10 teams:

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