Review of Game Week 19

Review of Game Week 19

GW Points: 26
Overall Points: 1,273
Overall Rank: 13,641
Transfers: None used

Despite the lack of points, I’d still put game week 19 down as a success due to a further improvement on the overall leaderboard. The low score generally reflects the game week consisting of FA Cup and EFL Cup fixtures so it’s a little misleading. Regardless of the improvement I was still left a little disappointed by the week as it felt like a missed opportunity in the EFL Cup. I’d opted for both Aguero and Jesus hoping that would one start in the FA Cup and the other in the EFL Cup. I was bitterly disappointed to see neither start against Man Utd on Tuesday evening. I was even more annoyed that City managed to win so comfortably as I’d hoped they would struggle and need to bring a striker on. I may hold onto both for the time being but I think ultimately over time one of them will have to go.


A goal for Aguero in the FA Cup. I had a feeling he would start this game. 8 points was better than nothing but I’d hoped for more to be honest.

A goal and 8 points for Moura. This was an ideal start for a player I was cautious about bringing in. If he can find some form and take his opportunity with Kane on the sidelines it could be a good long term move. I’m still not convinced though.

5 points each for Soyuncu and De Bruyne.

Potential Issues:

I’ve got no major issues going into game week 20. The main concern I’ve got is Aguero and Jesus. I can’t see a situation where both players start so at some point one of them needs to go. At this point in time I don’t know which one will get more game time. My biggest worry is that neither of them start at the weekend – this would be a massive blow. My plan is to attempt to hold onto them at least until after the EFL Cup return leg.

Tips for Game Week 20

As always my main tips for the game week would be not to rush into transfers for short term gain. I’ve still got three in the bag for January and have no plans to use them at the moment. At this stage I’d only be taking out players who are injured or being benched too often. If you were looking to make a move, it’s worth noting that FA Cup replays are taking place this week. The only team that interests me in this would be Spurs. A fixture that may be of interest to some is Man Utd against Wolves. However, it’s going to be difficult to predict line ups for those games but if you can tap into a player who might feature at the weekend and in these replays it could prove a decent option. The players that spring to mind are Moura, Son, Alli, Traore, Rashford, etc.

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30 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 19

  1. It’s been a good few weeks. Actually got myself up to 1st in my ML, from obscurity a few weeks ago, until Rashford and Vardy scored in the EFL. Strategy on transfers has really paid off. Aguero/Jesus is an issue, but agree there is no need to rush into things

    1. Rashford has already put us on the back foot this week which isn’t ideal. Annoying to see Abraham back on the score sheet as well.

  2. DTT am I crazy to think of ditching sterling? Guy 100 pts above me has him too so I’m thinking as a differential…..

    1. 100% Crazy.
      Sterling always scores points.
      You’ll only need to catch up more if you transfer him out.

      1. I’d agree with John – I think you could make the gains somewhere else in your team without it being as risky.

  3. Hi guys love the banter
    Up to 2 nd in my league
    Top guy has Salah up frront and is 15 points ahead
    My team
    .5 itb
    What would you do ?

    1. I don’t think I’d do much at the moment – looks like you’ve had a good day so far. Could have made up some ground if the leader doesn’t have Rashford?

      1. dtt

        I’m happy I made that change from richarlison to rashford. My team now is


        Is there anything youd do there at the minute or keep the team as it is? Thanks.

  4. Couldn’t ask much more from yesterdays game! Massive rise in my ML. Was happy that City conceded too seeing as i have no City coverage at the back.

    Fingers crossed Moura can produce something tomorrow.

    1. Ideal – didn’t expect both to start but couldn’t have asked for much more from the game. The clean sheet being cleaned out at the end was good for me as well.

  5. Any thoughts if Auba should be replaced ,considering he will miss 3 games now with his red card? With the Aguero hatrick, i have now managed to move into 3rd place 32 points behind the leader in my work ML. My 2 other strikers are Rashford & Aguero with 0.2 itb.
    No 1 in ML has Vardy/Abraham/Salah
    No 2 in ML has Abraham/Rashford/Salah

    1. Personally I’d take him out, not sure who for though. One of Salah, Vardy or Abraham I’d imagine.

  6. Yes DTT I think by swapping Jesus out for rashford we would nullify a lot of teams and start making progress on others further up the leader board.

    1. I don’t agree. We may see a more regular partnership where both Jesus and Aguero start together. City are also on a good run. I’ve noticed more teams have Rashford instead of Jesus (at least in my leagues). No one apart from me has a Aguero/Jesus partnership. Both Jesus and Aguero received a number of high points in very few games. This might be an indication of things to come.

      Rashford has been scoring consistent points but quite a few of those braces came from penalties or against easier opposition. United will face Liverpool (away PL) and City (away League Cup) this month and Chelsea (away PL) in Feb. My bets are that Jesus and Aguero outscore Rashford over the next 6 weeks.

      1. Having seen the two of them starting together I’m now thinking about sticking with Aguero and Jesus for the time being, especially with Rashford going off injured last night.

  7. DTT – Are you thinking about doing a Jesus to Rashford switch this week? If so, I think it will need to be done before Friday, as Rashford’s price is sure to rise again and you could be outpriced.

    The move seems like a no brainer to me. Rashford is not only scoring, but a Star Man machine

    1. It’s a tough one but I think I might ride my luck a bit longer on this one and keep Jesus, especially with Rashford going off last night.

  8. Hi Dean,
    I think the Rashford move is very tempting but the fixtures coming up favours Liverpool and City which they have extra games. Fingers crossed the Agüero & Jesus partnership continues but we all know what Peps rotation system is like. Maybe Jesus to Mahrez would be a more appealing transfer?

    Bear in mind, Sterling is surely due a few fixtures on the bounce so he may be rotated with Mahrez unless Pep is resting Sterling for the European/important games?

    Sane is also is due back soon which will through a spanner in the works.

    Fixtures until new transfers – 7th Feb
    Rashford – LIV, BUR, CITY,WOL (1st Feb) next game not until 17th Feb
    Jesus – CRY, SHE, FUL, MAN, TOT (2nd Feb) next game (9th Feb) then 22nd
    Vardy – BUR, WES,BRENT, VIL, CHE (1st Feb) next game not until 14th Feb
    Salah – MAN, WOL,SHREW, WES, SOU (1st Feb) next game not until 15th Feb

    1. I see your argument, but there is no way Jesus is playing all of those games, whereas Rashford is the first name on the team sheet at Man Utd. I agree that it is not ideal timing, however my concern is we will miss the boat. Rashford is £4.7m which is the exact amount Rashford is. Unless Rashford and Jesus increase by the same amount, I am worried he will be out of reach. I am thinking long term with this as well

      1. I’d hope Jesus will rise as well but if he doesn’t we’ve got three transfers in the bag to free up a little bit elsewhere.

  9. Batman I see the argument for Jesus but how many of those games will he actually start, then on the rare occasion they both start together tends to be outshone by aguero who takes the star man. Rashford on the other hand is a stand out player and star man machine. Giving us more chances of star man points rather than doubling up and praying Jesus starts.

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