Review of Game Week 19

Review of Game Week 19

GW Points: 83
Overall Points: 1,412
Overall Rank: 1,792
Transfers: None used

Despite a decent score during game week 19, I must admit I’m very disappointed with the progress on the leaderboard. I expected a much bigger jump considering the points I’d scored. Compared to earlier in the season it’s proving very difficult to rise sharply. Robertson has been a big let down over the past few weeks and those who switched him for a Man City defender would have gained a huge points advantage over those of us who kept him. Foden and Mahrez were also a let down this week with zero points between them. I must admit I’m very relieved to have 5 transfers back this week as well. It’s the first time this season I’ve ran out of transfers before the final game week and it’s not a great position to find yourself in. It’s still going to be a difficult decision regarding what to do with these transfers, Kane being injured, De Bruyne being injured and Man City’s more difficult fixtures on the horizon certainly don’t help. All of a sudden 5 transfers for February doesn’t feel like very many.


6 points for Schmeichel, not the best return but it least it was something this week.

13 points and 8 points for Dias and Walker. Annoyed that Walker only got one out of the two clean sheets but 8 points was better than nothing.

Another 8 points from Barnes. His points keep ticking over and he’s been a great addition to the team.

17 points for Fernandes, good score but makes little difference given his ownership

Delighted with 13 points for Sterling and 18 points for Salah. Surprised these points alone didn’t result in a bigger jump on the leaderboard.

Potential Issues:

I’ll need to keep my eye on injuries to Kane and De Bruyne. Obviously Kane for taking out and De Bruyne for bringing back in. The problem becomes if Kane needs to come out and back in within February and De Bruyne also needs to come back in, that’s already three transfers. I’m tempted to hold onto Kane and hope he returns quickly. 

I also need to keep my eye on players who are potentially out of form. This would include Robertson and Mahrez. I’m not massively convinced about either at the moment. I’m also not sold on Walker given the rotation he now faces. Given these doubts plus the injuries, I’m going to have to be very careful with my transfers.

Tips for Game Week 20

As always my advice for the month ahead would be to keep on top of the upcoming fixtures and not to rush through your transfers. It’s especially worth noting the FA Cup fixtures which are taking place during the upcoming game week. Man City have a favourable fixture against Swansea but their Premier League games do take a turn for the worst in early February. The question is – will their good form continue or come to an abrupt end. The way they are playing it’s difficult to see anyone else beating them.  

Check out the full fixtures below:

40 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 19

  1. Nice one Paul as ever!

    I was thinking of transferring Robertson to AWB or Shaw to also free up some funds but think Maguire is the best choice as he cores the most points over the long term and plays pretty much every game for United so will be doing that move for tomorrow.

    I’m also going to hold Kane as sounds like he’ll be back maybe on the bench for the mid week cup match and fit for next weekend so 2 transfers saved there for the month!

    1. Nice review DTT, certainly glad to have this transfers back

      I think Kane is a hold given his ownership and the facts hes targeting a return next week

      City are still very strong and I would back them dispite the fixtures

      I have leno out? Any preferences in terms of a replacement? Schmeichel still the go to pick with 7 fixtures.

      I think Robbo would be the priority in terms of outs. No form, poor fixtures and less fixtures across the month

      Replacements . . .perhaps united – Shaw or Maguire?

      1. Actually if I go Maguire I can’t straight swap Mahrez back to KDB in one move which I’d like to do… therefore I will switch Robertson to AWB, Shaw or Justin.

      2. Thanks Ryan, I think Schmeichel is a decent replacement given the fixtures and possibly even Mendy again. Roberton almost certainly had to go, Maguire seems like the only option to me.

    2. If your going for a United player and can’t afford Maguire, I’d go for Shaw. Plays 90% of the games and is i. The form of his life. AWB just doesn’t attack enough for me.
      Justin is definitely a option thou. I believe Leicester have 7 games this month as well.

      Good Luck

    3. Thanks Brad. Maguire is the obvious one for me but only because he is a favourite of the point scoring system. Think you’re right about holding onto Kane

  2. The DTT team above is good but there are areas where the team can be strengthened with transfers and keep pace with the top 1k teams (I like to be aggressive in my playing style and would use 4 of the bat if I had DTT team):

    Cancelo 66pts this year = highest scoring defender in the game. Ownership of over 75% in the top 1k. Plays in midfield during games when needed which is why Pep loves him. Him and Dias are the dream defenders.
    Walker 18pts = rotation risk, low attacking threat. Feels like playing with 10 men when you got Walker in the side.
    Good time for City to meet Liverpool and Spurs I would say.

    Maguire 47pts = behind the City trio of Cancelo, Dias, Stones but with Utd fixtures I won’t be surprised if he isn’t the highest scoring defender this month. Plays every game and a serious goal threat with star man potential.
    Robertson 2pts = I wouldn’t have a Liverpool defender in my team in fact I haven’t had one since game week 9 when TAA got injured and then I replaced for a cheaper Cancelo. Good move I must say. Liverpool defence in tatters – injured centre backs, midfielders in defence, whose in midfield? Robertson himself saying it is hard.

    Maddison 53pts = Highest scoring midfielder this year in great form and provides goals and assists. He is chasing those numbers he said himself. Leicester have the most games along with United and I even fancy the Maddison-Barnes double up. He will be a popular choice for sun dreamers and hard to ignore.

    Mahrez 18pts = Slipping well behind the likes of Gundogan, Foden and KDB this year. Seriously off form and a very big rotation risk – frankly I can’t wait to get rid of him to get Maddison or anyone else in.

    Rashford 24pts = Not a great scoring month but did a decent job. I like him very much as a player and a person – the manager does as well as Rashford has been involved in every game for Utd this season. He seems to save his best performances in the cup competitions and with the FA cup and Europa league to come he will be a popular choice for many teams. My teams have a spine of Maguire, Fernandes and Rashford which I am more than happy to roll with.

    Sterling 31pts = As DTT has stated before, the team went down in the rankings with this purchase as the expensive trio of Salah, Kane and Sterling just weakened the team in other areas. The transfer of Rashford for Sterling would restore the balance. Also do you need three city attackers in Foden, Mahrez and Sterling in the team? City are now a more defensive unit so I would be happy with just Foden.

    I will have these four players in my top teams and would be happy with them.

    This is the way.

    1. Great read as always Paul.

      I too have Walker and Mahrez.
      I feel Walker has run his course atm as his missing too many games.
      I agree with RR and will replace him with Maguire.
      I only put Mahrez in a couple of weeks ago and even thou I thought he played well midweek, he didn’t even get a 7. He needs to go. I currently have 7 City players in, so I was thinking of looking elsewhere. Just not sure who yet.
      Do I double up on Maddison as I already have Barnes? Or swap him for Justin & play 4 at the back?
      I also have Jesus but I’m thinking of leaving him in for at least the 1st week as they have Swansea & he tends to do well against lower teams.

      I have 4m itb but obviously need funds to bring KDB in when he returns.

      Any thoughts Lads?

    2. I’ve enjoyed reading that RR.
      Always good to take other people’s opinions in.

      You’ve got me thinking about Maguire and Maddison.

      Also tempted to take Jesus out for Rashford again after week 1 of this month.

    3. I’d agree with all of your points, just concerned about running out of transfers. As you’ve mentioned before this didn’t effect you much in January but I’m sure using four off the bat would backfire on me. I’m swaying towards putting Maguire in for Robertson today though.

  3. City now have the rescheduled Everton fixture this month too. I believe this was only announced today.

  4. Behind ederson who would be a good keeper choice this month?

    I have Ederson but want funds to get Cancelo in for Walker.


    1. Maybe Mendy Marc. 3 clean sheets since tuchel started. Decent fixtures too. Or Leno when he’s back.

      1. It’s going to be a downgrade whoever you go for. As Badge said there’s Mendy or Schmeichel potentially.

  5. Am i the only considering transferring Kane out for this week? I’m thinking of doing a straight swap to Son. I know spurs have been poor but they face West Brom and its a game Jose desperately needs to win! Rumours are Kane will be on the bench for Everton game midweek at best, if not Man City game and they’ve been formidable at the back. It will be two transfers used early on but the rest of my team i don’t need to touch right now.

    1. I won’t be taking him out just yet.
      Not worth the 2 transfers to take him out and put him back in.
      Then another one for KDB.
      Leaves 2.

      How’s your league position this week?

      1. Yeah good point John Smith but just seems I could be missing out on vital points this week! Will make a final decision later!

        203 on the overall, how about you mate?

        I like the idea of Maguire for Feb as well… will be taking him out for Stones next week!

  6. Just looking at what might be the best Midfield moving forward, obviously Bruno a given, leaving Maddison & Barnes, + either Foden or Gundogan, or Foden & Gundogan, + either Maddison or Barnes, I’m bringing in Maguire & Justin this month aswell, just trying to solve the riddle of the midfield lineup.

    1. I can’t personally see Gundogan continuing to score well. Foden, De Bruyne (when fit) and Barnes for me.

  7. Hi

    Currently on 862 position on leaderboard .

    Current team
    Cancelo Stones Dias Robertson
    Foden Barnes Fernandes
    Salah Jesus Son

    I’m thinking on swapping Robertson to maddison.

    Son out for Kane when he is back
    Jesus to Rashford in week 2?

    What do you think ?

  8. So my team currently is:


    Dier cancelo Dias
    KDB Fernandes Torres Saka
    Kane Rashford Mane

    Taking dier out is the issue. As much as I can shuffle Kane out or kdb out, bringing them back in would be a pain. Although I wouldn’t mind losing Kane just on how they’ve been on form.

    With 0.2m in the bank, a solution is to bring in alonso. Who I’ve believe is much preferred to chilwell under tuchel although my ideal choice would be Maguire.
    If anyone has any ideas as suggestions?

    1. Surely you’ll take KDB out? Not sure when he’s back but I get the impression that he’s out for longer than Kane will be. Not sure about Alonso myself, could easily find himself out of the team again before long.

  9. Hi DTT,

    I can understand your frustration but a lot of players did well this last week. I think getting into the top 1,000 so early on this season has shifted your parameters of success for a “good season”. Go back to the start of the season and you always acknowledge that ultimately even finishing in the top 1,000 is down to a lot of luck as well as skill. You would also have been over the moon to be 1,800thish at this stage of the season if you would have been handed it before a blade of grass had been mowed.

    I tend to make my own decisions and like the different opinions that this forum brings, but one thing I have learnt from your blog is that the people who save transfers always do better in the long run. People who use them straight away always come up short at the end of each month. KDB has to come back in, that’s one gone at some point; to use 2 on Kane is nonsensical. That leaves 2 transfers when you have Walker, Robertson and Mahrez that need consideration (possibly Sterling as well at the cost?) I think you are angling on not using transfers for Kane, but just in case you were in doubt.

    Let’s not forget, although you have multiple teams (remember I’m the one that advocates one team only), you are committed to one team for this blog. No disrespect to others but human nature will lead most people to comment on how their “best team” is doing. Yes, there are a few above you now in the league you set up, but you never mention anything but this one team and that is the true value of a fantasy manager.

    Remember, your team in the top 1,800 is the team you said before any points would be scored would be your best team! Take out the amount of teams above you that are not first choice teams but 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th. You would be a lot higher.

    I guess my point is….don’t stress, keep up the good work. You’ve had a fantastic season so far and I’m sure many including myself are very appreciative of your efforts to help them and that is where your success lies. See at the end of the season how many people won their leagues because of you……

    Too deep? 🤣

    1. Haha not too deep, I love it. I think you’re spot on to be honest, because I got to the position I was in, anything less than that seems demoralising. Had I slowly worked my way up to the position that I’m in now then I’d be fairly content with my position. I’ve given up on any of my other teams to be honest – I set them up at the start of the season just in case one of them got off to a flyer but to be honest, I’ve got the time or interest to manage more than one team.

  10. Cheers Paul.

    Not a bad return this week with 85 pts. Considering the injuries. Harvey Barnes is a proper little gem this year. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 I was all transferred out for nearly 3 weeks. Relieved to be getting new one. I’ve decided to move Robertson and Davies on. I’m bringing in Alonso at 2.3M and Stones at 4.9M. Alonso has had 2 decent games and he gets forward all the time. I’ve always rated him. Couldn’t understand why Frank never used him. Chelsea have tasty fixtures until they face Utd that the end of Feb. I still have Mendy. I’ll keep for now.
    I’m bringing in Foden for KDB. Which you’ve already done. And its looking like Kane will be back mid week.

    Who do you plan on moving on or you sitting tight this week?

    Has anyone thought about bringing in Soueck at West ham at all? Only downside is they have four games in Feb. He’s on 🔥.
    Will his good run last?


    1. Thanks Mick – I’d be keeping Mendy as well if I was you. Foden for De Bruyne makes sense to me. Hoping Kane will be back quickly as I’d rather not take him out. Can’t say I’m looking at Soueck as you’ve mentioned they haven’t got as many fixtures.

  11. Dream Team Progress report:

    Then: This what I wrote here at the start of December, ‘So far it’s going ok for me in DT. Best team in work league is in 388 pos overall (was 9223 at end of Oct), diary team is in 1075 and first in fiso elite league. Finally DTT mini league team showing signs of recovery after a dreadful start going from 50k to 19.5k. Teams nicely set up for Dec with no transfers yet planned. I am hoping for another top 100 finish.’

    Now: Best team in work league is in 45th position overall, diary team is in 258 and still first in Fiso elite league. Finally DTT mini league team has recovered and marching upwards in the table in 899th position. Now in 15th position (31 points in front of DTT team after being 93 points adrift in game week 13).

    How did I march upwards in the rankings? What is my secret? I just used transfers early to bring the Man City block after noticing they had good fixtures throughout December and January. I didn’t waste time and now those players have gone up in price. Gone early with Maguire who is well loved by the system. I used transfers early to strengthen weak areas of my team as points gained is more important than holding onto transfers. So a aggressive approach can work. Finally I wanted to get my teams to gain that magic word: Momentum as from game week 11 my DTT mini league scored: 81, 41,101,82,67,74.109.114 and 95 points. Also teams have a good value of over 56m, highest team is worth 58m so the early transfers paid off as I got players relatively cheaper as City defenders have increased week by week. so leaving transfers later in the month can be detrimental to point chasing and more importantly team value making future transfers a bit difficult.

    1. To be honest, with the start I had, I thought I’d seen you off already in the mini league. It’s not been a great month for me. You’re right with the aggressive approach – it certainly can work and has worked for many over the past couple of months. The only mistake I’ve made this season was not jumping on the Man City block.

    1. I’ll probably take Robertson out for Maguire tonight. But other than that, I won’t be making any this weekend.

  12. Hi dtt
    My team

    2.4 itb
    Looking for some ideas


  13. Current team is:

    De Gea



    2.4m in the bank.

    Any ideas on who I should bring in for Mahrez?

    Currently on 1,400 points.

    1. I’ve got Mahrez as well but given they’ve got an FA Cup fixture against Swansea in the week, I’ll keep him for now.

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