Review of Game Week 19

Review of Game Week 19

GW Points: 88
Overall Points: 1087
Overall Rank: 67,902
Transfers: Salah out, Lukaku in
Sancho out, Bowen in
Mount out, Antonio in

What a difference a single game week can make. A fantastic week for the team resulted in a jump on the leaderboard by around 50,000 places. I’m still not in a position that I’d want to be in, at this stage I’m normally well within the top 10,000 teams and usually pushing for a top 1,000 finish. Either way, based on how the season has gone so far, it felt like I was well overdue some good luck. The player that made the difference was Bowen – a huge 31 points this week, my only regret is that I didn’t get him in sooner as he’s having a brilliant season. I’ll cover the rest of the teams performance in the sections below, but I’m hoping this week can act as a turning point for the season. 


31 points for Bowen was a fantastic result and instant returns after only putting him in this week

18 points for Rudiger was a good result, these all came from a goal and star man performance against Spurs, which was unexpected

Positive points for De Gea, Alonso and Robertson – I’d have rather they all got 8 but at least they returned something

8 points for Silva was good considering City only had 1 fixture

5 points from De Bruyne was a little disappointing considering their opposition

8 points from Lukaku was better than nothing, but to be honest, given the game time he had and the opposition he faced, I wanted a little more than 8 points

5 points from Antonio was OK, but again, across two games I’d have wanted at least a goal and ideally more than 10 points for these fixtures

Potential issues

There are no real problems with the team at the moment, the main issue is that I’ve fallen behind where I want to be. There’s still a couple of players to look at – one is definitely Walker who I planned to swap for Maddison this weekend, but now I’m seeing Leicester’s fixture against Burnley has been canceled. The other is Ronaldo – he missed out in the FA Cup against Villa and there is talk of a slight injury. This will be one to monitor as we move into the weekend. At the moment, I’m reasonably happy with the team I’ve got with the fixtures that we’ve got ahead of us and the two transfers I’ve got remaining for the month.

Tips for Game Week 20

Of the big clubs, Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea and Spurs all have a double game week ahead. Man Utd’s fixtures are the best on paper but this hasn’t resulted in points over the course of the season so I can’t see me bringing in any more of their players. Liverpool have a good fixture against Brentford at the weekend and then the EFL Cup semi final reply against Arsenal midweek. I didn’t bring Jota in last week because he didn’t feature in the FA Cup, however, I may consider him this week if he starts against Brentford. Antonio would make way for me as he was only going to be a short term option and didn’t score against Leeds or Norwich. Spurs have two difficult fixtures and Chelsea travel to Man City before playing Brighton. I’m not sure I fancy putting in any Spurs players at the moment as their form is very inconsistent but I do worry about Kane even against more difficult clubs. I’m also not sure about bringing in any extra Chelsea players as they have a fixture gap in early February when they are off to play Club World Cup. Leicester would have had a double game week had their fixture against Burnley not just been canceled. My plan was to put Maddison in for Walker but I’m not sure I fancy the odds of him doing a huge amount in one game against Spurs but he could well be a decent long term pick either way. At the moment, I’m undecided on what to do, if I had to use my final two transfers now it would still be Maddison and Jota to come in as there isn’t anyone else on my radar at the moment (who I don’t already own). As always, check out the fixtures below if you’re making transfers with longer term goals in mind:

5 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 19

  1. Leicester fixture off, has cost me another game out of Maddison as well, only have one transfer left, but trying to get as many pts on the board before the international break, money not an issue double gameweeks for Lukaku who I already have, Ronaldo & Kane as Paul rightly points out, heard a stat this week, that Kane has scored 7 goals in seven games against Arsenal, & 8 goals in seven games against Leicester, Ronaldo does have the better fixtures, Lukaku still doesn’t look right to me, I’m slightly put off by the lack of quality in the spurs midfield to supply Kane, & missing Son who stretches defences with his pace, but having said that I think I’ll role the dice & put Kane in. will have to keep an eye on more games possibly being cancelled.

  2. Decision to be made tomorrow on whether Spurs Vs Arsenal goes ahead, would have to know before 12.30, if I wanted to put Kane in, as Chelsea is the early fixture, unlikely, only other option would be Lukaku out for Ronaldo.

    1. Will you still go for Kane if that fixture is postponed? The problem is you won’t know before 12:30pm I can’t imagine. I’ve just gone for Maddison anyway as I think he’s a decent longer term choice.

  3. Already got Maddison, if theirs no word about postponement of Arsenal vs Spurs before 12.30, then will consider Lukaku out for Ronaldo later today.

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