Review of Game Week 19

Review of Game Week 19

GW Points: 41
Overall Points: 1,286
Overall Rank: 6,341
Transfers: Shaw out, Lindelof in
Richarlison out, Sane in (both from December allowance)

As expected, game week 19 was a poor week for me. I always seem to suffer when it comes to FA cup weekends. The lottery of squad rotation always puts me off moving away from my current team (which has performed well up until now) – I can never see the value in going for players for one game week in the hope that they will do well. As a result I’ve dropped around 2,000 places on the leaderboard which isn’t a complete disaster but hopefully this can get back on track soon.


Sane instantly returned 15 points. However considering Man City scored a ton of goals over the game week it was a little disappointing that he didn’t get more.

Kane grabbed two goals across both cup games – one being from the bench which was a bonus.

Hazard picked up the star man award in the EFL cup game.

Potential Issues:

I don’t see any major issues going forward. The team is pretty much set up how I’d want it to be. I’ve got good coverage of defenders from the top teams. Three strong midfielders from the top teams and the three highest scoring strikers. If I really had to be critical of the players I’ve currently got I’d say Laporte and Mane both have question marks next to their names. Laporte as he missed both of City’s cup fixtures – however I believe this was due to having a knock. Mane as his form hasn’t been the best but he is highly owned in a mini league I’m keen to compete in, as a result taking him out comes with a huge risk.

Tips for Game Week 20

Game week 20 should be a more stable week with just a round of Premier League fixtures to contend with. I personally can’t see me making any transfers unless Laporte is nowhere to be seen. The only team with a favourable fixture is Chelsea who host Newcastle. Liverpool travel to Brighton which could be slightly tougher. Man City host Wolves, Arsenal travel to West Ham and Spurs and Man Utd face each other. For me it’s not worth making any transfers based on these fixtures.

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156 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 19

  1. Nice review as ever DTT. 👍🏻

    Whoscored seem to think it’ll be Sterling and Mahrez starting tomorrow which would surprise me personally. With all the game time Mahrez has had in the cups, I’d have thought he’d revert back to Sterling and Sane for this one. Pep managed the minutes with Sterling and Sane but let Mahrez play the full 90 in both. I reckon they’ve got that one wrong myself. Or at least I hope they have as I own both. 😉

    1. Agreed, i think he’ll save Mahrez for the cup games and rest both Sterling and Sane at times. Hence the reason i decided to transfer Mahrez out for Sane.

    2. I really hope Sane starts – he’s made a decent start for me with 15 points this week but I’d like to see him getting more game time if I’m going to keep him. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s dropped again though.

  2. Reading about Arnautovic wanting out of West Ham to play in China?!!

    I can’t imagine he’s short of a bob or two so to go and play in that tinpot league after managing to play the best form of his career at West Ham is astounding. Four or five years down the line then maybe, but not now. His brother is his agent so no doubt he’ll be making a tidy sum if it goes through. At least he can go and get injured over there now and save Fantasy Football managers a headache!

  3. Good analysis as always DTT. That GW was a tough one for me. I did want more City representation in midfield, funded by downgrading my defence to either Lindelof / Schlupp. I decided against these transfers but would’ve reaped rewards had I gone for it, particularly if I’d transferred in Schlupp. Not overly bothered, swings and roundabouts and all that, but frustrating when those around you have the luck of the draw and scored many points in the GW (I cried with every Jesus goal!).

    Lead at the top still around 100 points and I still believe I have a strong team going forward. The two City games were always going to hurt me.

    Current team


    3 transfers and zero in the bank.

    Few potential ideas for transfers this week, including the following:
    – Doherty / Richarlison out for Lindelof or Schlupp / B Silva or Mahrez
    – Doherty / Richarlison out for Odoi / Sterling (highly unlikely)
    – Go 4-3-3 – Richarlison / Doherty out for Lindelof / VVD

    All three sets transfers unlikely at moment but depends on starting line ups. Everton have some decent fixtures so if Richarlison is to gain form it is now or never.

    Liverpool have good fixtures and VVD is a points machine that has been on the radar, but are they as likely to keep clean sheets now they’re plagued with injuries at the back?

    Feedback and suggestions welcome as always

    1. For me now the extra cup games are pretty much out the way I’d probably favour getting Van Dijk in. Team looks very solid though.

  4. Man City make me nervous. Teams in my mini league have made big strides going heavy on City forward players. Not having Aguero, Sterling or KDB, now he is back, worries me. I believe that Sane is the 4th best option. I am still holding on at the top of my league but another couple of good weeks for City could hurt me

    1. I think they’ve just had an exceptional week. The only player I’d currently want is someone like Sterling instead of Mane but it’s just not possible. Are you thinking Aguero might be more essential than Aubameyang?

    1. Downgrade Sane if he starts to miss games but are you not happy with Aubameyang at the moment? He’s outscored Aguero so far.

  5. Think I’m just worried not having aguero , he’s a point scoring machine once he gets going again …

    I like sane in the team though, does it have to be him that goes.

    I see your reasoning for mane above , makes sense , but someone like pogba may be an interesting differential? and still have sane and aguero ?

    1. Yeah it’s not a bad option to look at but I’m fairly happy with the team at the moment. I’d say those moves probably strengthen the team slightly but not worth the transfers right at this point in time for me.

  6. Yeah fair enough, worth thinking about though for future. Only just had a look at the values didn’t realise mane had gone right down to 5.2 !

  7. Morning All.

    I’m struggling in this year Dream Team

    I’m 90 points behind atm with a score of 1146
    My team is


    I took Salah out just before he got his hat trick which has obviously cost me.

    I have 1.5 in the bank and all 3 transfers for this month.

    I can’t make up my mind about Hart. Do I just leave him in there and get 0 points for him or do I swap him for the Cardiff keeper Etheridge for the same money.

    I can gain a bit more back for the pot by swapping Shaw for Lindelof.

    Anyone got any thoughts please?
    As I’m losing my direction.


    1. I’d say your losing points from your defence. Get rid of Hart for schmeichel if you can accommodate him. Hart has been useless all season.

      I’d also possibly look to get a better defender in your team either walker or azpilicueta or vvd.

      Strikers look ok to me however I have aubemayng in my team and I’m tempted to take him out as he hasn’t do a great deal lately for more man city players given their next 5 fixtures all being easy on paper.

      1. To be able to get a better defender and keeper in I’m gonna have to get a cheaper striker in.
        I can’t see Rashford scoring a hat-trick or Aguero and Jesus playing in the same game.
        I was gonna get rid of Aguero instead of Salah but his gotta be the best goal scorer in the league. He just don’t seem to be playing all the time.

    2. I think getting in Rashford could be an excellent way of raising funds for other upgrades in your team. You’re obviously then left with a difficult decision on who comes out however. Good luck John. 👍🏻

      1. Think it’s gonna have to be Aubameyang for Rashford.
        Thinking schlupp for Azpilicueta
        Then Hart for DDG.

        Gonna wait a week I think to get the Spurs / United game out the way.

        What do you reckon?

        1. Seem like good moves to me, Chelsea’s lack of a front man has seen the likes of Azpilicueta being the furthest men forward at times. Good luck John.

  8. With Gomez only a couple of weeks away from being fit again, is anybody saving a transfer for him?

    He’s incredibly cheap compared to the other Liverpool strongest back 4 (TAA, VVD and Robbo) line up, and will probably play more than TAA as he sometimes plays right back doesn’t he.

    I know Doherty has served us well, but he’s now just 0.3m cheaper than Gomez. If we can get a couple more rises out of him before Gomez returns, surely the wise move would be to then switch them?

    A lot of us just have Robbo as it stands, and the Liverpool blocks of 3 usually hurt us when they keep a clean sheet. But having 2 would put us in a great position to not worry so much about that impact.

    1. It’s a possible move I’ve highlighted for February Chris. If Gomez gets back into the team again his price is incredible for a first choice Liverpool defender.

      1. Agree with this, great way to add another Liverpool defensive player cheaply.

        I am holding onto Doherty, personally I think he’s a season long keeper and they have some really good fixtures coming up.

        My current dilemma is James Maddison. May we’ll swap him for Gomez when he is fit…

        Good luck for the weekend all

  9. Appreciate that I have joined the convo after Arsenal have played today, but yes, I would pick Aguero over Aubameyang. You know what you are getting with Aguero he will be consistent all season.

    I can see why you opted to keep Aubameyang – but I think I mentioned last month as well, I see Aguero as the long term option. Despite Jesus hat-trick, Aguero is the main man at City and will play the majority of games when fit.

    On another note… another blank for Mane! It must be time to move him on soon?

    1. Yeah I’ve got less patience with Aubameyang when he hits a dry patch – should Aguero start again against Wovles I may make this switch back. Mane might also have to go as well.

      1. I ran out of patience with Aubameyang quite quickly – took him out and next minute he scored 18 points. Just got the timing right to get rid?

        1. I can’t decide about Aubameyang, no one else seems to have any patience with him despite him scoring well since arriving in the Premier League.

  10. Aguero is probably the player I fear most now (even over Aubameyang) as I don’t have him. I’m just hoping my Sane/Sterling combo can match or at least cushion the potential returns of Aguero.

    As for Mane, I’m glad I moved him on when I did but if I’d held onto him for this long, I’d be wondering if he’d be due a decent haul sooner or later? Maybe worth looking over his recent stats to see if there is potential and make a decision from there?

    1. It’s the high ownership that keeps me with Mane but he may have to go for me. He’s just not getting enough points on the board.

  11. I’m expecting a bit more from Hazard, hopefully had just an off day, last 32 in Europa league against Malmo double header coming up shortly, league fixtures mixed, chose an additional City midfielder above Liverpool defender, hope that pays off, in agreement with everybody in February, Maddison out for Gomez, will take 2 transfers though, how ridiculous was Richarlison rising by 0.1.

  12. We discussed him as a decent defensive differential option a short while ago but did anyone take a punt on Declan Rice? A bumper 18 points yesterday and if West Ham can start to produce further clean sheets, he could be one of those unearthed diamonds.

  13. If you could afford the extra 0.3m to swap Aubameyang for Aguero would you recommend it? I’m not really liking the look of Arsenal at the moment, think a bad run could be on the horizon and with City having more favourable fixtures short term think this is the better option. Would leave me with 1 transfer which I would save to cover an injury or late Jan transfer. Thoughts?

    1. If I were in your shoes I think I’d be making the switch. Aubameyang is a player who has peaks a troughs imo whereas you get a higher level of consistency with Aguero. Having said that will Jesus play more now?

    2. I’m considering doing exactly that – it’s a tough one because Aubameyang has scored more points than Aguero so far so you could say he’s having a better season but Aguero is always a worry.

  14. Aguero hasnt played as much though has he (?) what with being injured for a while?
    He looked really sharp in that Liverpool game. Just got overtaken for the first time in a while in my mini league , new leader had son for a while so caught me up pretty quick (lucky) and has just put aguero in for him…

    1. Not sure I’d say he was lucky Ian. Sounds like he’s playing a good game to me. To get Son in at that time was excellent business as is switching him now he’s going to The Asia Cup.

      1. I think any move for a differential and then it pays off is deemed lucky. Maybe it is deemed outside the norm. Maybe people think the big name expensive players in their teams are allowed to score big hauls. Even the Jesus move I did last week was deemed lucky. Me on other hand thought it was skill as city were meeting two league teams at home and Jesus will get a lot of goal scoring opportunities. So I made the move from Aubameyang to Jesus. Someone in the top 100 did one better and put in mahrez, otamendi and jesus. So I say well played. I always admire the Mavericks as they don’t follow what 99% are doing. They are doing the own thing and likely to win big.

        1. Can’t argue with any of that RR. It’s always a risk going for that differential player, but if it’s a calculated risk, the potential benefits can be huge if it comes off. Jesus, Son and Mahrez being prime examples of late. Moves that should be applauded.

  15. My mls becoming more and more out of reach. The blokes whos top has the Liverpool block at the back and is dominating. Anyone else finding this? So frustrating that this season will be determined by clean sheets!

    1. Yeah, the number of clean sheets Liverpool have kept is quite unbelievable. Difficult to beat the Liverpool blocks this season. The top 100 is made up of at least three Liverpool defence: Alisson, Robertson, Van Dijk. That’s the template and difficult to overtake. So right now, you can either join them and bring in more Liverpool defenders (which plays into your opponent’s hands) or do something different and hope it pays off. Currently I taking the more second more difficult option (spurs block) but doing ok at 2k.

  16. Yeah Chris you’re right , worked out very well for him. He’s a nice guy too to be fair ! He’s got Hazard , sane , gundogan and b Silva in his midfield aguero , Kane and Salah up top , his team looks good

    1. Crikey he’s going very heavy on City then. Whoscored seem to think that Jesus will be starting tomorrow but I’d be amazed if that’s the case. Aguero must be due a run out by now after his illness.

  17. There’s 30 odd people in my league and everyone puts in £20, so it’s well worth winning !

    1. Yeah, I’m in a league with 17 of us (all chucked in £20). Also had a side bet for £50 with my best mate and I’m easily above him right now. Really want to explore other monetary leagues next season to add that little bit of extra spice. I reckon having some cash in it helps keep you on your toes and focused as well.

  18. Really pleased to see Rashford make an instant impact on my team after I brought him in. Took his goal expertly after a beautiful ball through by Pogba. He faded a little in the second half but with his pace he always has a chance of doing something.

    Side note for De Gea, he was immense today and looks back to his sublime best. Made save after save to deny Spurs the equaliser. I honestly had a feeling United would get something from this game after Spurs’s midweek exertions in the League Cup. What will let Spurs down this season is their lack of strength in depth. Great first 11 but when they are being flogged week in week out it has an impact. They also lack that player on the bench that can provide a bit of something different like a Shaqiri or a Mahrez.

    Very impressed with United though who went toe to toe with a top side and came out of it smelling of roses. It’ll be difficult not to offer OGS the job at this rate!

    1. Decent transfer – if Kane is out I’m struggling to know who to look at next. You could flip a coin for game time between Jesus and Aguero. Rashford frees up plenty of funds but I’m just not sure long term that he will be ahead of Lukaku.

  19. Worrying news on Kane. Hopefully nothing too serious and it’s just a knock. 🤞

    Pochettino on Kane who was caught by Phil Jones. “It wasn’t the intention of the United player but it was a bad tackle and now he has bit of a swelling on his ankle. We are going to lose Son for the Asia Cup and if Kane [is injured] it is going to be massive for us.” #COYS

  20. A nervous wait on Kane, practically last kick of game, nothing world class from De gea, all save able, but excellent with his feet, spurs should of comfortably won that game on 2nd half chances alone, anybody used all 3 transfers.

    1. Yep, couldn’t have picked his spot any better with that finish could he. World class finishing.

  21. With De Gea though, people often overlook his positional sense that make these saves a little more “standard”. Top class keeper.

    And in answer to your question David… 🙋‍♂️😬

    Fingers crossed for some good news out of the Spurs camp tomorrow. 🤞

  22. What a very disappointing GW. Expected so much more from my team. Kepa failed to keep a clean sheet and Hazard failed to bag at home to Newcastle. Richarlison was poor and then picked up a yellow at home to Bournemouth. And Auba drew a blank against West Ham.

    If it wasn’t for the late Kane knock I’d have made the following changes before Friday. Probably still will to be fair.

    Auba out for Rashford –
    arsenal face Chelsea, man u and man city in 3 of their next 4. Unimpressed with Auba returns lately whereas Rashford looks good, and raises much needed funds.

    Richarlison out for Sterling –
    been after more attacking City rep for a while and the above move will free up funds for Sterling or KDB. I fancy Evertons fixtures but I’ve given Richarlison far too many chances.

    Plan then was to either swap Doherty for Lindelof, Laporte for VVD, or Kepa for Ederson / de gea. However I’ll save a transfer and if Kane is injured then he’ll come in for either Aguero or VVD and go 4-4-2

    Appreciate people’s thoughts. Current team below


    £0 ITB

    1. Think you’re strategy and thoughts process is spot on there Dave. Moves I’d see myself doing if I were in a similar position. As you say, wait on the Kane news though. Sadly, my transfer allowance is spent so I face a nervous wait… 😬

      Both City and Wolves have good fixtures coming up though so you may want to rethink the Laporte and Doherty moves (if Kane is deemed fit). I get the Kepa to Ederson one though as Chelsea’s fixtures are a little less appealing and Ederson’s price is very attractive.

    2. If Kane is out, what are you thinking about doing? I’m in a similar position with my front three and I can’t see an obvious choice for replacing Kane.

      1. What about going 4-4-2 and bringing Sterling in DTT? He seems to be a Star Man magnet right now and he nicely compliments owning Sane.

        1. Sterling is a good option. Might give me the funds to upgrade elsewhere as well. It’s difficult not to have Aguero as well but there’s quite a few options at the moment which makes it difficult.

            1. I’d be tempted to take out Mane and obviously Kane but I don’t see why Aubameyang gets so little tolerance when he has a dry patch. Salah and Kane have both been through it at times during the season. Aubameyang has scored well since joining Arsenal – I don’t see taking him out as a priority. He’s still the third highest scoring striker.

      2. Plenty of options to consider.

        Kane – Rashford
        Richarlison – Sterling
        Keep Auba


        Auba – Rashford
        Richarlison – Sterling
        Kane – Jesus / Aguero or go 4-4-2 and take VVD

  23. Massive blow if Kane out, gambled on 3 transfers, looking foolhardy now, playing for a grand in my mini league, so a lot at stake.

  24. Glad I saved one sub!!

    I was looking to lose Auba for Rashford this week, but now need to hear the news on Kane before making any decisions.

    Hopefully he will be assessed and an announcement will be made in 2-3 days like they’ve stated. Drives me mad when they drag these things out in order to play mind games with other teams because it just messes with your team selections!

  25. Elsewhere I nicked another point for an Odoi assist!!.. ha!!

    2 games, 1 goal, 1 assist… might only amount to 4 points earned, but considering he was a mere strategical/temporary pawn, I will take that!…

    1. Most recent piece I can find on the situation:

      [@TimesSport] understands Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane will undergo a scan over the next few days to assess the extent of the damage that left him writhing in pain on the pitch after the final whistle before limping off to the dressing room against Man Utd.

      Can’t see us having a definitive answer for a few days yet…

      1. From Twitter (Ben Pearce, Spurs Correspondent):

        #thfc For those asking about Harry Kane, the swelling in his ankle needs to go down before there can be an accurate prognosis so not expecting an update until later in the week

  26. I’m glad I haven’t used any of my transfers yet this month after that potential injury to Kane. My current thoughts are below for transfers to make after this weekend’s results, with Kane only being transferred if not passed fit:



    Lingard – Sterling

    Aubameyang – Rashford
    Kane – Aguero

    If Kane is passed as fit then I will just make the Lingard – Sterling, Aubameyang – Rashford change.

    Any thoughts? This then leaves me one transfer to either move Mane or Laporte on depending on how the rest of the month goes!

  27. It doesn’t apply to me as I’ve already used my transfer allowance this month 😢, but I’d be interested to know what you guys would do if say Kane was injured for two weeks? It’s one of this tricky time periods to judge weather to use a transfer to offload him only to then use a further transfer to bring him back after the two weeks.

    Two week layoff. Stick or twist?

  28. Yeh, it depends on the severity and ultimately what others do too. If it’s a two week injury, I’m likely to hold on, but if we are talking 3-4 weeks, then I will out him and then swap him back for Auba in Feb.

  29. Apparently KDB has been whinging about how he was taken off in the Burton game. Pep’s response to the media: “he knows where I am if he’s got a problem”.
    #awkward 😬

    1. Surely KDB knows he’s easing him back into the action following his recent injuries? Why would pep risk it playing Burton at home 6-0 up 🤔

  30. I will have to reverse my Mahrez to Sane transfer as we wait for news of the extent of his injury.

    Quite frustrating as Sane is highly owned in my mini league and he’s bang in form.

    Fingers crossed for a Mahrez start if I have to go ahead 😁

  31. No Aguero in the starting line-up again! Is Jesus Pep’s new flavour of the month?

    If Kane is indeed injured, some of you guys have a tough decision to make in who to replace him with.

    Good to see Sane and Sterling start together. 👍🏻

    1. Be swapping him for Rashford if he is injured and keep Auba in my team, retaining a transfer. Depends on the extent of Kane’s injury!

  32. Anyone fancy Kane out Jesus in?? Kane will be missing for a few games, possibly weeks. City have Huddersfield, Burton, Burnley and Newcastle. I think Jesus will play more than Aguero in them games, looking at recent fixtures….

    1. Jesus is an odd one – having watched him at the World Cup and at the end of last season and start of this season I didn’t really rate him. Not sure I do much now either – think he’s just had a good run recently.

      1. Yeah i definitely see your point. I don’t rate him either, it was more based on his form and fixtures. Do you think Rashford is a good swap for Kane while he’s injured?

        1. It’s hard to look past Aguero when he’s getting game time or another one of City’s big hitters like Sterling. Not really sold on Rashford.

  33. Also fancy Auba out for Rashford. Arsenal have Chelsea, Man U and City in the next 4 games. Can’t see many goals going in for them.

  34. Really pleased with my City players tonight, all scoring well. 68 points for the week from my team was more than satisfactory. Just Kane taking the gloss of it somewhat. Hopefully he’s not too badly injured.

    The Jesus/Aguero situation is such a tough one to read as I still think Aguero will get his chance again very soon. As a Fantasy Football manager though it’s nigh on impossible to predict who Pep will choose from game to game now for that striker berth. 🤯

    You must be shooting up those rankings RR (and any other Jesus owners) with Jesus now above Aguero on points. Who would have predicted that before Christmas?!?! Incredible!

    1. 68 points is an excellent score Chris, well played. 👏 Love your enthusiasm for the game.

      My best team only managed 53. Spurs defence let me down. Now in 965 position, 1398 points. Two transfers left. Thinking of doing something different and having both Jesus and Aguero in my team. I am sure Aguero will come back with a bang. Jesus was supposed to be a temporary move for me but might retain him now as still a bit of a differential who can be dangerous.

      Awaiting Kane news now.

      1. To get into that top 1000 is an excellent effort RR. 👏

        I’ve set that as my goal for the remainder of this season as I think to finish in that top 1000 would be a very good achievement. I’m up to 5583 now so whilst it will be difficult, I think it’s doable. Just preying Kane’s not out for too long as that has the potential to cripple me for the remainder of the month.

        The Aguero and Jesus tactic could work out well with the mood City are in. Both will get shed loads of chances this month I’m in no doubt and both have proven to be excellent finishers. It kind of feels counterintuitive to have both but in a way, that could be the beauty of it, as very few DT managers will make that move. I’m just glad Sane and Sterling keep chipping in as it helps to absorb any potential damage Jesus and Aguero could do to my team as some of my ML rivals own one of the two.

        1. I think you will get into that top 1000 Chris quite easily, you got a good team. So will DTT.

          My aim is to finish one day in the top 100. Got close so far with 750 and 250 finishes and 116 in World Cup but still have not yet made that milestone.

          I tend to do moves outside the norm. Maybe I find it the only way to find the game interesting. I go for players that have low ownership. I have gone a bit Spurs heavy. got Davies, Alderweireld and Eriksen in my team all with less 10% overall ownership but very good differentials with spurs having good fixtures ahead.

          1. I’m guessing you have your fingers crossed for Kane as well then RR? Having no Kane, Son, Lucas and Sissoko could theaten, what on paper, should be easy Spurs wins.

          2. I don’t think I’ll get into the top 1,000 now. The past two weeks have been a massive set back, dropped down to the 7,000 mark at the moment. Strange that it’s roughly the same team that got me into the 2,000 bracket only a few weeks ago. You’re both doing well though – it would be good to get a few of us within the top 1,000 teams by the end of the season.

            1. You’re around the same standings as myself DTT so a few good gameweeks and you’ll be propelled upwards once again. Plus, if Kane is out for a while, you can take advantage of that transfer when others (myself included) have already used them all up. I’ll bet a good chunk of the teams above you have used their transfers too. Kane’s situation could be a real game changer imo.

              1. Yeah Kane being injured might play into my hands a bit but just think I’m on a bad run at the moment. No idea who to even bring in for Kane to be honest – surely got to be one of Sterling or Aguero.

  35. Kane Update @physioroom

    Swelling around the joint is causing problems in determining the full extent of the setback. Early reports suggest Kane will be out for at least a month, although the club expect to have a better understanding of the injury later in the week. #COYS

    1. I’ll wait for more definitive news first….. then I’ll find a quiet corner to curl up and cry in…😭😂

  36. I’ve been looking into Doherty again and I’ve ear-marked GW 28 as the moment when I wave a fond farewell to a Dream Team legend this season. Good fixtures up until then but from that GW they face:

    Chelsea away
    Arsenal home
    Burnley away
    United home

  37. If that is the time length who would be the replacement? Spurs got gd fixtures will llorente take the role, will Ali play up top? Or Lucas Moura? Or alternative striker different team Rashford (fantastic fixtures) or someone else?

  38. Seen that TAA is set to be sidelined for 4 weeks. With so many injuries at the back, does this put any Liverpool clean sheets at risk? I was potentially looking at upgrading Doherty to VVD this month but may likely wait on that now, even more so if Kane is out.

    1. They’ve got no option other than to recall Clyne. I’m sure he’ll do a job but their lack of bodies at the back is a concern.

      1. Luckily, I have one transfer left, although I had it planned for a Taylor to Lindelof switch which will be out of my reach if I don’t do it before Friday now.

        It begs the question though, with most of us having Auba, Salah and Kane, who should we transfer Kane out for?

        I mean, the obvious choice is Aguero, but with Jesus racking up points, who’s saying Aguero is going to play? And even if he does, will he outscore Jesus over the next however long Kane is out for?

        Another big consideration, is that if money is tight, then people can ill afford to switch in someone who could potentially go down in price, which I’d suggest Aguero could as it stands. At least you can pretty much guarantee that Jesus will go up for a few weeks now to ease that concern.

        Who else would you consider? Rashford? Firmino? Laca? I suppose it’s really looking at changing formation beyond those candidates and having another midfielder/defender

        1. Hi Chris,

          This is the conundrum that I am currently facing. It’s a tough one!! Especially as Jesus & Aguero goes. Pot luck!

          Of the other options, I’d consider Rashford, but not sure I’d bother with anyone else.

        2. I think it has to be one of the man City strikers in for Kane for me and bank the money ready to bring Kane back in february. Your right about the potential price decrease that could mean 2 transfers just to get Kane back in so got to be careful. It’s times like this I am kicking myself having 343 formation and only 1 transfer left as I would have taken Kane out for Sterling or de bruyne but that option isn’t available so I have to go for a striker – so it’s either aguero/jesus or Rashford . I still think Aguero will get game time over next few weeks and the fixtures are good. Team;



          B Silva


        3. I was certainly looking at shipping Auba out – poor points return recently, expensive, and tough upcoming fixtures. I was going to swap him for Rashford.

          If I have to transfer Kane (looking likely!) it’ll either be for Jesus or Aguero, or I may drop to 4-4-2 and transfer in VVD. My only worry with VVD is the risk to Liverpool’s clean sheets given their injuries.

          Third transfer is Richarlison to Sterling using the funds from either of the above transfers.

  39. Really tough few weeks for me dropping from 2nd to 7th in my ML, with the top 6 all having Jesus now! My only hope is that they’ve all spunked all of their transfers and i can capitalise over the next couple of weeks.

    I’m thinking 2 transfers before Friday;

    Auba -> Jesus (Covering me against the rest of my ML)
    Kane -> Aguero (Who knows who’s going to play out of the two but with good fixtures it might be worth the risk?).

    1. Hi Bobby,

      Interesting that you don’t know whether your rivals have used their subs or not?

      The day before new subs allocation is given, I take screen shots of all my closest rivals teams and monitor their subs. Once all three have been made, I delete the pictures so I know who still has subs remaining.

      Am I the only one to do this??

      I think it can sometimes give you an edge on when and how to use your subs.

      1. Great little tip there Lee. I just remember the teams of my main rivals and see their changes. Taking a screenshot though is a great idea. 👍🏻

  40. Tottenham have confirmed that Harry Kane is ruled out for 6 to 8 weeks and will not be back to training until early March!

    Sky News has also confirmed that Trent Alexander Arnold is also ruled out of action for up to 6 weeks with ligament damage.

    Everyone in my mini league has Kane at the moment so it will be interesting to see how many people have transfers left. I unfortunately have none 😭😭

  41. Decision time!

    Auba and Kane out for an Aguero and Jesus double? Rashford to pip one of the City boys to it? Drop to a 4-4-2 and finally bring in VVD?

    Could have done with City playing first at the weekend!

    This will make things very interesting. With Kane returning to training early March it’ll be a while after that until he has his sharpness back, so I’m willing to spend the £8.5m rather than bank the majority.

    1. I reckon the Aguero & Jesus double move has huge potential. RR has gone for it and the more I think about it, the more I see both players scoring well this month and beyond with the fixtures they have. Aguero will get his chance as City still remain in all competitions. To have both could bring bumper returns.

      1. I agree the potential is huge, however going for Aguero and Rashford gives me the funds to upgrade Doherty to VVD in Feb if I want to. Food for thought, no doubt I’ll change my mind a million times over between now and Friday

        1. Of course you will. It’s what makes this game so fun/frustrating/exciting/annoying etc. 😂

  42. Well that’s made my decision for me! I’m also not convinced on Aubameyang moving forward, especially looking at their fixtures so switched out Lingard, Kane and Aubameyang and brought in Sterling, Rashford and Aguero. This leaves me with 2.2m in the bank to play with if I decided to switch to 3-4-3 and upgrade Doherty to someone like Eriksen (who may get more of a chance with Kane out) or maybe even Pogba:





    I’m pretty happy with that team as it stands 🙂 Especially looking at upcoming fixtures.

    1. Good potential in that team Stuart, just need to cross your fingers that Aguero gets back in and you’ll be climbing those standings mate.

      1. Well I’m top of my DT with 1330 but my lead is down to 41 points so needed to do something to try and stabilise. The couple below me have Kane so if they have already used their transfers this months it’s a good opportunity to increase the gap.

  43. Managed not to use any of my transfers during the first week of this month so thinking of using all 3 this week. With Kane out until march im thinking Augero, Surely he will regain his starting spot soon and city have some good fixtures + Extra games with champs league/ League cup before the end of Feb. Rashford the other consideration there. De gea in for Fabianski, Really nice fixtures coming up and Man utd looking better under Solskjaer. Quite Frustrated with richarlison at the moment so thinking a pogba switch, Pogba seems a good most games for the 7 rating and has the bonus now of being on pens. Team below, Any comments.

    De Gea > Fabianski


    Pogba > Richarlison

    Augero > Kane

    1. Seem like sensible move Thomas. You might have to be prepared for a bit of Jesus/Aguero rotation though.

  44. Like the look of Stuart’s team…
    Currently got the same team as dtt.
    This Kane thing has actually made it pretty interesting and left us in a good position with 3 transfers in the bag…

  45. At least city play before spurs on Sunday so I’m going to hold the transfer until I see who starts up front for city – aguero or Jesus and put them in

  46. What is a bigger body blow to myself & other’s who have used their full allocation of transfers this month is, if as rumoured transfers for February don’t become available till 2nd Friday of month, which if true is nothing short of disgraceful & needs an explanation.

    1. Hi David,

      According to the game guidelines in the settings on the app, transfers will be credited on Friday 1st February at 07:00. I can’t see any logical reason why we should assume otherwise. Especially as they are in the rules/game guidelines.

      1. I probably caused the confusion – it was on their website earlier in the season that these transfers would be active on 8th February. However they have since updated the dates to correct the mistake.

  47. Cheers Chris for the info, I hope thats the case, could lose ground in my mini league, so knowing transfers will be available on the 1st Friday as normal is reassuring.

    1. That’s reassuring to know, thanks for clearing that up for us guys. I’d convinced myself it was the 8th as well. Don’t feel as bad about it now as although Spurs play four matches from now until then, most play three.

      Think I might be able to get away with it in my ML. The guy in second has Kane but with 1 transfer left so he can change him. He has also however brought in Kante for some bizarre reason! Whilst he is a great player, he’s no good for DT.

      The guy in third has Kane and TAA (poor bloke) and has used all three transfers so I’m up on the deal there.
      Don’t feel too under threat by any of the other teams tbh so hopefully I can ride it out.

      *gets out of the corner and dusts myself down* 😉

      1. Hopefully we can get through to February with a big chunk of damage limitation, a lot of football to be played from now till February 1st, interested even at this early stage Chris S, how you intend to spend Kane’s funds, been looking at top 6 fixtures, but undecided at what route to take.

        1. As many have alluded to, there isn’t an obvious choice when it comes to Kane’s replacement right now. I suppose we can do a bit of scouting now and see if Aubameyang can find form? If Aguero manages to win his shirt back? Will Callum Wilson move to Chelsea?

          If there is still no real clear choice by then, I may look at the likes of Pogba and go 4-4-2. I’m happy with both Salah and Rashford right now so I want to keep them in place. I do get the tactic of those going for Jesus and Aguero though as that could really pay off. No way I’m using two transfers straight away though, I’ve been burnt too many times using them up early doors. A lot of football to be played from now until decision time though. Much to ponder. 🤔

  48. Is anyone thinking of introducing eriksen with Spurs great fixtures. I am tempted by the following moves, would be great to get some feedback:

    Madderson > Eriksen
    Kane > Augero

    Keeps 1 transfer in the bank.


      1. Very tempted by them Chris, but I’m weighing up the points of eriksen and aguero vs. This scenario:

        The other option is using all 3 transfers and bringing in Ederson for Fab, Madderson to someone like stones or Aldwerweirald and Kane to Aguero…

        Decisions decisions

  49. Looking at Man City fixtures from now until when Kane is due back, surely a city player of some description is the only real option to replace Kane with.

    They have Arsenal and Chelsea in consecutive games in early Feb, but to be honest I expect them to easily beat Arsenal, with Chelsea maybe being a bit tougher.

    On top of that, they have that second leg against Burton (albeit, none of the main ones will probably play), FA cup against Burnley which you’d expect them to easily win, and by far and away the easiest Champions League draw in Schalke. Ok, Chelsea and Arsenal have easier teams in the Europa, but you only really need Hazard from a Chelsea point of view, and probably only need Auba from an Arsenal one. So maybe Auba could be thrown in as a replacement if you don’t already have him.

    I would be sceptical of choosing someone like Eriksen with Son and Kane not there. He’s a great player, but who’s going to score the goals without Kane and Son?

    For me, I think I have to go with Aguero. Surely he has to get a run and hit some form soon in that team. I also have a 100 point lead in my ML, and of the 2 below me, one has Aguero, and I know the other one will put him in for Kane because he was going to swap Auba for him.

    It’s nice we can see who is playing first, but I think even if it is Jesus, you have to back the tried and trusted. As people keep alluding to also, the highly owned players generally rise to the top of the points scoring charts, and when does Aguero ever not finish towards the top of such charts?

  50. I think that I will be replacing Kane with whoever starts against Huddersfield, but I have a horrible feeling about this Aguero/Jesus scenario!!

    This game has a tendency to be cruel and I can envisage putting one of them in, only for them to be benched for the following 3 games, whilst their counter-part scores loads!

    Either way, I also have Sterling , Sane and Laporte, so I’m hoping the addition of either Jesus or Aguero will be enough City coverage. There are however a few people lurking in my league with both strikers!

    I’m winning my Telegraph league, but my situation is precarious as I only have 7 subs remaining for the season!! I have 30 points on 2nd and 100 points on 3rd but I’m pretty sure they have double my sub allocation…. need to be careful in that one! :/

    1. Hi Lee,

      I have Sane and Sterling, but no defensive City coverage. With Aguero, I’ll be pretty happy from an attacking point of view. Like you say, either of Aguero or Jesus could get big points but I just think Aguero is a better player, and so long as he gets the game time, he should get more points really. Let’s not forget that Jesus scored all his points against some considerably lower opposition and a Wolves side who had 10 men for 70 minutes. He got that first one when they had 11 men on the pitch, which was a good poachers goal, but the other was a penalty and really you could argue he maybe should have had more playing against 10 men for so long. A little harsh maybe!

      With regards to the Telegraph, I also play that one. I have played both the sun and the telegraph for about 5/6 years straight now in a league of about 10 of us. I’m not sure if you have played them much before, but I must admit from experience, having so few transfers at this stage is a bad position to be in. It never works out, although I hope it does for your sake! You need to hope that others have also used a lot to have a chance I feel. I am battling it out in my telegraph ML with one other, who is currently 1 point ahead of me! However, I have 22 transfers left. I think they have a few also though, so will be a good fight.

      I have won the Telegraph one pretty much every year I think, and have always done it with at least 4 defenders. All my opponents pick 3 defenders in that and seem to suffer from it. I never win the golden boot, but always win the league. Something to consider maybe!

      1. Thanks Chris.

        Good points to consider on Jesus/Aguero. Let’s just hope that Aguero gets the nod more frequently than Jesus in the coming games.

        Regarding the Telegraph, this is my 2nd time doing this league. I entered a friend’s league (of 13 people) for the first time last year and managed to win with about 2200 odd points and even finished quite highly in the overall rankings, but I managed my subs much better last year. I got to the new year with about 20, which is a good number, being the half way mark. This year however, I have been a bit more frivolous and struggled in patches.

        I’m hanging on to the hope that the guy chasing me down in 2nd is also running low on subs as he is notorious for going through subs quite quickly (although he probably has a few more than 7!!)

        My league is looking like this.

        Me – 1222
        2nd – 1195
        3rd – 1130
        4th – 1078
        5th – 1030

        So, as you can see, I have a bit of breathing space, but seeing out the season on 7 subs is going to need a bit of luck and that will be made harder now with the Kane situation… should I say 6 subs!!…

          1. Hi Lee,

            Wow, maybe I should have used more transfers! I only have 1,060 points. Maybe I have been too engrossed just playing my opponents in my ML, although I think we are all low as we all tend to save transfers. I then get to a point where I can have 12 players playing a week using my transfers.

            I should imagine I will close the gap on you by the end of the season, but it would be hard to completely catch you. Will be a good test of when to use transfers!

            I must admit I having been looking at my overall position in that this year, and I am doing poorly considering the amount that do the telegraph. I usually finish within the top 1000, and once finished top 100, but am a way off as it stands. Will have to see how the second half of the season goes as I should imagaine I have more transfers than probably 90% of people above me overall.

            Will be interesting to keep up on it.

            1. Yes, I’m sure you will catch some of the lead I have given how cautious I have to be with subs. I will be taking out Kane this weekend, but then I will have to sit tight on 1 sub a month, which will be hard.

              That said, I have a fairly decent team, so I’m hoping I can still score decent points.

              Subs are of course advantageous, but not always as you know. Of the 40 subs allocated I’d say that we use about 5-10 who don’t do much other than give us the obligatory appearance points of 2 pts, per game… Can’t get points from all of your subs, all of the time.

              Definitely be interested to hear how your season pans out…

  51. Hi guys just wondered if you all think it is a good idea to do the kane to aguero/Jesus change Thursday or now to avoid losing out on price change if Kane goes down £0.1 and the others go up ? Or wait for Sunday to see line ups but lose out cash wise if aguero/Jesus go up in value?

    1. I think Kane and Jesus will go up but don’t think aguero will – he stayed the same last week and has only played 15 minutes this week so I think he will stay the same or poss drop 100k so I personally will wait until before kick off before deciding – but could be wrong and who knows what they decide.

  52. When February finally comes (it’s gonna feel like a long wait!) I think I’m going to look to City for my Kane transfer.

    In going to use this time to gauge the Jesus/Aguero situation and see if I can make a judgement on who’ll start the most games in Feb. If I still can’t split them, and rotation is diluting their scores too much I’ll then consider bringing in KDB and go 4-4-2. He should be back up to full speed by then and will surely be commanding plenty of game time after his lengthy absence.

    With City well and truly back in the groove and being involved in all competitions still, it’s very difficult to look beyond them in my eyes. It will make me very heavy in City assets but at this stage I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Thoughts appreciated.

  53. Agree Chris.

    This weekend I will have 4 City players when I lose Kane. It seems that as Spurs are falling into a hole, City are climbing out of one and it looks like Mendy is fast approaching a return to first team action too.

    With this being my last transfer, I hope I don’t run into further injuries in the next two weeks.

    I was contemplating Rashford too, but that thought will have to wait until February now.

    Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if Aubameyang was to go on an unexpected run against the tougher teams proving Kane’s injury to be a blessing in disguise when everyone was on the verge of outing him. This game has a funny way of producing surprises both good and bad.

  54. Found this on BBC website:

    Manchester City are furious over the scheduling of their EFL Trophy quarter-final – 24 hours before the Carabao Cup semi-final second leg.

    City’s under-21 side face Sunderland in the EFL Trophy on 22 January, while the first team play Burton in the second leg of their Carabao Cup semi-final on 23 January.

    With a 9-0 first-leg lead, manager Pep Guardiola wanted to select a younger side in the EFL Cup, but City say the schedule limits opportunities for their youngsters.

    It is understood City have made their feelings known to the English Football League several times, but alternative dates have been rejected.

    City are the last remaining under-21 side left in the EFL Trophy.

    Maybe a few more of the regular pros will get a game after all? 🤔

    1. I’ve just got a feeling Aguero may get his chance in the next game week against Huddersfield and Burton. Hope so need him to start getting some points! Also seen stats for Tottenham with and without Kane. 60% win ratio with(151 games) and 57%(23 games) without. Probably a stat not worth looking into too much as only 23 games without him.

    2. Thanks Chris.

      It doesn’t matter which player I choose out of Jesus and Aguero, does it?… guarantee the other one will start against Burton!!!!…. bugger!

  55. It’s a real tough one to call. Whoscored have Jesus as starting against Huddersfield but I think it will be Aguero and then maybe he’ll put Jesus back in for the Burton game. It’s anyone’s guess really as to what Peps thinking but i just feel he will want to get Aguero’s fitness back up to speed to be ready for the Champions League fixtures and the important Premier League fixtures.

    With these thoughts in mind, I will be going with Aguero to replace the injured Kane. He is still City’s no.1 striker and I’m sure he’ll be favored for the bigger games. That being said, Jesus could still score well this month but I’d rather not make put him in and have to transfer him back out next month.

    Auba is another who has been on my radar for a while and I think he may become essential to bring in with next months transfers after Arsenal’s difficult run of games.

    1. A lot of people have transferred Auba out. Some were lucky enough to do the swap for Jesus a couple of weeks ago. I say ‘lucky’ because he got 7 goals in 8 days, which nobody would have predicted.

      I intended on taking Auba out this weekend, but in light of Kane’s injury, he will be staying for the time being, but I don’t foresee him doing much in his next 2-3 games!! If he proves me wrong, it will be a pleasant surprise, but I think they will draw a blank against Utd. Can see Utd winning that one 2-0.

      1. I’d agree with that, Arsenal are not really good against the top teams but after those fixture’s they have a good run, playing in europe as well so i think Auba could score well next month.

        Another potential move could be Higuain, he looks set for a move to Chelsea and you would think go straight into the side with them desperately needing a striker. Very good finisher and playing with Hazard. Surely good points potential?

  56. Good potential for sure.

    Personally, I like to test the water with players from abroad and see what they do in their first 4-5 games before taking the plunge.

    They can be very much hit or miss when adapting to the premiership and don’t all hit the ground running.

    Christiano Ronaldo for example, took a few seasons before he got motoring, whereas Ibrahimovic and Suarez flew out of the blocks. Then there’s those who were expecting big things, but it just didn’t happen such as Crespo & Shevchenko.

  57. I tend to do the same for the same reasons you have mentioned. As i am currently sitting top of my mini league I wouldn’t take the risk on him straight away but if i was chasing i’d be tempted with his record and could turn out to be a good differential gamble. If he starts well they’ll be a lot of people lining up to get him in.

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