Review of Game Week 2

Review of Game Week 2

GW Points: 46
Overall Points: 121
Overall Rank: 78,092
Transfers: Shaw out, Traore in (after the game week had finished)

Kane scoring a brace has just saved my game week to a certain extent. It’s gone from an absolute disaster to hopefully a small blip. I’ve taken a big hit on the leaderboard but it’s still early days and it does take time for it to settle. I’m liking the way the team is now set up. I’ve mainly been let down by Man Utd failing to keep a clean sheet across two easier fixtures. If they had kept even one clean sheet it would be a different story and from what I’ve read they were unlucky to concede in both games. Either way, based on the fixtures at the start of the season, I can’t regret a decision I’ve made so far and stand by the choices.


Another 8 points for Alisson, can’t expect much more from a keeper.

15 points for Alexander-Arnold was a fantastic return and he’s started the season very well.

Happy with positive points from Tanganga, although I’d have hoped for more than 4 points for a clean sheet.

17 points for Kane literally saved my week. I was starting to think it was a massive mistake to start with him but he came good in the end and also has a decent fixture at the weekend.

Potential Issues:

Wan-Bissaka and Shaw are going to drop in value again. As a result, I’ve taken Shaw out tonight. I’m hoping Wan-Bissaka can do something given that Man Utd do still have fixtures on their side.

I’ve still got Moura and Son in the team, however. Liverpool and Chelsea face each other at the weekend whereas Spurs play Watford. As a result, I’m probably going to hold onto them until after this weekend. I’ve got the funds to upgrade to Lukaku whenever I want to make that move, I’d be more concerned if I didn’t have a route to making that swap.

Despite only just bringing Torres in, I do have a question mark next to him already. I thought he was unfortunate not to get on the score sheet at the weekend but I won’t have much patience if he continues to blank. Even if I bring Lukaku in, I’d still have the funds to swap Torres for a player up to 5m in value, which is a very good position to be in.

Tips for Game Week 3

Game week 3 is a tough one. We are at the end of August so it’s worth moving players on if it works in your long term plan but the game week does have some awkward fixtures. Man Cty will be too strong for Arsenal but it’s not exactly a plumb fixture for City. Liverpool and Chelsea have started strongly but face each other. There’s a question to be answered around bringing Lukaku in but Liverpool have started well defensively so he could potentially have a quiet game. On the flip side, he looked that dominant that you could argue he could score against anyone. The best fixture of the weekend for me is Spurs at home to Watford. This is enough (probably) for me to hold onto Moura, Son and Kane for the time being. It’s a tricky one but I’ll be sticking to targeting the easier fixtures for the time being and will resist putting Lukaku in for now. I’m also away from Sunday-Friday next week so will be less active in the comments/Facebook group but will of course post if I make any changes.

If you wanted to check out the fixtures for the big clubs, they can be found at:

70 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 2

  1. Dilemma guys, currently have mane son n salah, need kane in after his big points haul ideally before price change in morning as kane will surely go up 0.3 and can see Son going down at least poss 0.2 after blanking in last 2 games leaving a swing of 0.5. Problem is who to take out I think both mane and salah price will rise which is good in future if want to get lukaku for mane so makes sense to take son out for kane however spurs fixtures for next 2 games are better than Liverpools and can see Son scoring more than mane over next couple games. Recommendations appreciated… create value early for better players and poss more points later or go for points now but risk losing out on big hitter players later on

    1. Not much help but it’s basically the toss of a coin. Not sure I’d personally want to double up on Liverpool strikers against Chelsea but whatever I say you can be sure it will pan out the other way

    2. Maybe Mané to go. Spurs do have decent fixtures tbf. Now Kane is stopping, Son and him are savages when in top gear ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

      1. Most definitely 👌🏻

        I’m stuck with Luke Thomas. Are you planning on keeping Tanganga for much longer?

        1. It’s a tough one because I’ve got an eye on having Kane/Salah/Lukaku/Fernandes/De Bruyne so I might end up stuck with him. If he keeps picking up points, I won’t change him though

          1. Ah. That gives me peace of mind then. Look at maybe getting him in this week maybe if you don’t plan on using all your transfers this month?

            1. I’m fairly happy with the team this week if everyone starts. Will use the last two at the end of the week

  2. Looking at the champions league draw, Chelsea seem to have the most favourable group? Barring Juventus.

    What’s peoples thoughts on this?

    1. I think most people like myself have none of
      Chelsea players in there team at the moment.
      will be able to get Lukaku in at some time, getting anyone else in
      will be a struggle at there prices .

      1. I think by game week 4, most if not everyone, will have brought Lukaku and Kane in to their team , whatever it takes to do this, so there’s no worry on my behalf.
        Like DTT said, the Spurs v Watford game is the one, and those with Kane already should have a rewarding game week

    2. Are the fixtures out yet? That’s the most important part to me – seeing how the games fall

  3. Just to pre-warn you guys, the price changes this week are an absolute shambles. Here’s a few examples:

    Bruno -£0.1
    Lukaku no change
    Salah no change
    Alli -£0.1

    What the actual f**k?! 😂🤷‍♂️

    1. There are plenty of other weird and wonderful price changes too. I have no clue how it works anymore.

        1. It’s such a shame it’s run so poorly as I do love the format of it (every game counts). It’s enough to put many players off though when you this kind of thing. So incredibly frustrating.

  4. Traore -£0.1

    I know he blanked with his cameo mid-week but even so. How has he not risen?!

  5. Kinda feels like all we’re going to be doing is chasing price changes this season and not playing the game as it should be played. They are absolutely brutal and random.

    Leaving a bad taste in the mouth this…

  6. been saying for ages the system is flawed.
    liked it better when there was some one at the matches giving a report on
    all players.

  7. Zouma close to being West Ham bound. Could be a decent option with regular starts and Europa you’d think. Always decent for goal threat too.

    1. If he starts regularly then yes, a lot of West Ham players well worth a consideration. I’ve bought one into my main team already

    1. Happy from a footballing point of view. Not happy from a Dream Team point of view. Who do you leave out from Salah, Kane, Lukaku and Ronaldo?

      1. It be salah for me only because I feel hel share the goals with the 3prongued attack more than other 3teams.

  8. How on earth can we accommodate him, but we will have to find the funds, he will still get 25-30 goals, next question will he be a striker or midfielder, if a striker, then my plan of Lukaku, Saleh & Kane, is a massive problem,. a midfielder then we will need 3 enablers to get him, & still try & retain a strong unit for the rest of the team, oh dear!

      1. If you’re talking ALL competitions then I’d be amazed if he doesn’t break 20. PL only then maybe 20.

        1. I think he will want to be on everything – free kicks, penalties so I’d expect him to score a decent number of goals

    1. I did think Cavani would be a decent option this season but I can’t imagine he’ll be anything more than a bit part player this season now. This will probably also restrict Greenwood’s game time too as I can’t see Sancho being a bench-warmer often once he’s up and running. United are spoilt for choice in those forward areas now.

      Wouldn’t surprise me to see Martial shipped out before the deadline as he’s surely done at United now.

    2. I’d also be amazed if he hasn’t requested to be the main penalty taker as part of the deal. Might Bruno actually not be “essential”this season? Would take a brave man to take him out but a team with both Ronaldo AND Bruno will take a huge chunk of budget.

      1. Was having this debate last night, personally i think Bruno stays on pens for 2 reasons, better conversion rate and will be on the pitch more often than CR7. Tough one though coz Ronnie loves the personal accolades and takes for Portugal.

        1. Do you think Ronaldo will play week in week out? I can’t see him not wanting to but at the same time he’s surely going to need rotating

      2. It’s certainly going to make for an interesting season but also a very difficult one

    3. I think I could accommodate him but it’s knowing who to leave out between Kane, Salah and Lukaku

  9. luckily have 129 points and still funds to
    have Kane Ronaldo and Salah.
    it means leaving out Lukaku.
    its a toss up whether you pick ether one
    they will probably score the same amount of goals.

    1. I think it’s going to be impossible to pick who is going to score and when. Could make a case for rotating between them but you just know if you take one out the other will score

      1. I think playing the fixtures will probably be the way to go. Any of those players can score against tough opponents but they are less likely to haul. Targeting the easier fixtures will probably be my tactic for rotating those elite strikers.

  10. Ronaldo goal scoring stats for Juventus, in 3 seasons 101 goals in 134 games, last 2 seasons top goalscorer, in allegedly a league with the toughest defences, hope he comes in as a midfielder, I will be one of those brave souls to take Bruno out.

    1. I agree I think if Ronaldo comes in midfield Bruno has to go especially if top 3 strikers are in your side, it’s going to be 1 hell of a balancing act this Year ,can’t wait for the challenge.

      1. It’s certainly going to be tough, but I think he will 100% be a striker. That’s what they classed him as for the Euros

  11. Wishful thinking but i think there’s no chance of him being a midfielder. He hasn’t played LM/LW for at least the last 5 seasons. He’s converted into a striker

    1. Made my day this one after lasts week’s disappointing outcome. His off the ball movement was very impressive and he could make that central role his own if City fail to land a striker.

  12. Think Mane was classed as a midfielder last season, it’s more in hope really Ronaldo being classed as a midfielder, what is imperatif after the international break is a Chelsea defender, will Alonso continue to keep Chilwell on the bench, will Christenson continue to keep Thiago on the bench, or is it wise to go for Azpilcueta, Rudiger bit of a hothead, I’m sure others will be looking at Chelsea defenders, who’s your 1st choice.

  13. Anyone relatively happy with their team with transfers left over?

    I’ve got two left and nothing desperately needs doing with my team. I’m half tempted to swap Alisson for Ederson as there’s currently a 0.6m gap meaning we’ve instantly pocket that as profit. Ederson is likely to go up on Friday, whereas Alisson is likely to drop.

    It seems strange logic to me, but if Ederson becomes the pick and stick, would now be the time to do it? We know he’s the only real constant in City’s defence (perhaps apart for Dias these days).

    To maintain the Liverpool double up, we could then look at Roberton who may well drop on Friday to below 4m. Who is surely better value than Alisson at 4.4m

    Good logic or just overthinking it?

    1. Looks like sound logic to me Paul, but then again I’m probably the most guilty person at times when it comes to overthinking! 😂

      Liverpool do have a tough CL draw so that might be worth bearing in mind also.

    2. Good idea. Ederson is first choice for Brazil now. So that could be a sticky one if he’s off on international duty and then has to isolate in a hotel for 10 days when he gets back. Liverpool have said no to releasing Alison, Fabinho and Firmino. Same at City? Because Dean Smith was asked the same about Martinez and Buendia. Supposedly Martinez has put some comment up about going off to help Argentina. Smith has said they’d like them not to go. Up in the air at the minute

  14. Morning all, in terms for Ronaldo no one really knows how much he will play etc. He out scored Lukaku in Serie A last season yet Juventus only scraped to 4th, which highlights his personal credentials, stating the obvious maybe but still 🙂 Bascially he will be Uniteds top scorer this season by a mile barring injuries I have no doubt about that what so ever.

    My front 3 is going to be Salah, Kane, Ronaldo with Big Rom missing out at present. The problem with Kane is that is he going to play in Europa conference, yes he played the second leg but was that because Nuno didnt want egg on his face going out of a comp so early in his tenure? Maybe.

    The next conundrum is who will be on pens for united, if it is Ronnie then you have got start considering taking Bruno out for De Bruyne when he is back IMO, as KDB will be taking them.

    To summarise the front 3 dilemma i think were all just going to have to accept that the one we leave out is going to haunt us throughout the season even if we are rotating who that one may be its something were just going to have to accept i think.

  15. In terms of transfers.

    I’ve used 4

    1) Gil for Kane
    2) Jesus for Gil
    3) Kane for Son
    4) Pereira for Tsimikas – Yesterday and got injured after 10 but still picked me up 5 points so could of been worse. Also they have city next so wouldnt be that bothered if he missed the game to be honest, ill just have to check news after the break

    5) I think im going to bring Torres in for Beundia, nice 13 points and SM yesterday but they now have some tough fixtures coming up

    Sep transfers

    I already need to use 2 which isnt great

    1) R.Sanchez for Martinez, simple to free up money and GK arent top points scorers anyhow
    2) Ronaldo for Jesus , no explanation needed.

    1. Martinez is suppose to be heading off on international duty for Argentina. 10 days isolating in Hotel when he gets back I believe! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. Just finished watching Man utd game, keeping an eye on ratings via dreamteam alerts, I know their is a twenty minute window after game to adjust scoring, Traore was a beast today, & best player on pitch by far, soon as Man utd scored, De tea who was considerably behind Traore went to starman, the result suited me with Wan bissaka cleansheet & Greenwood goal, but bewildering.

    1. Just imagine if Traore could finish chances. There was a post describing Traore on how a player can be so good and bad at the same time. Most of his rating comes from completed dribbles as opponents struggle to make a tackle him. As before I think with that potential he can rack up 7+ ratings whether he grabs assists and goals is another story.

      Apparently De Gea made 2 critical game saves I didn’t see the game personally.

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