Review of Game Week 2

Review of Game Week 2

GW Points: 32
Overall Points: 125
Overall Rank: 88,275
Transfers: Gomez out, Mina in

Game week 2 was a particularly flat game week for the team. Only 32 points scored resulted in a drop on the overall leaderboard. The problem areas included Liverpool failing to keep a clean sheet again and Gomez was dropped to the bench. Salah also failed to return any points. Man City and Spurs playing each other didn’t help either and it was disappointing to see Moura start on the bench. Arsenal also failed to bag a clean sheet but at least Aubameyang scored. Looking at my team, I’ve got no major regrets over anyone I’ve picked. I’m perhaps wishing I went for an Everton defender over Gomez to start the season but with Liverpool’s early fixtures they looked likely to get a couple of clean sheets. I still think the team is set up nicely to come good at some point and I’m happy with the flexibility I’ve built into the side. I made my first transfer yesterday with Gomez coming out. With clean sheets drying up for Liverpool and Gomez starting on the bench I thought it was the right time to move him on. I opted for Mina who has started the season well and Everton’s good fixtures continue (cue a goal for Villa tonight). 


Patricio returned 2 points. I felt like he was unlucky to not get at least 4. Saving a penalty should be the holy grail for a goalkeeper and if this doesn’t earn a 7+ rating I’m not sure what should. Although Wolves conceded two in Europe last night it was encouraging to see that Patricio was chosen to start the game and they did get a decent result considering I’d assumed they would lose to Torino. He’s also risen in value this morning so I’ll be holding onto him for now.

Maitland-Niles managed 3 points despite conceding against Burnley. This was a decent result for me. With 18 points across the first two game weeks I imagine he will keep rising in price so despite tough fixtures coming up I’ll hold onto him for now.

Another goal for Sterling.

A goal from the bench for Moura. He’s another one that I’ve got a question mark against but with Newcastle on the horizon I think I’ll give him another game week, after all for a 3m midfielder we couldn’t have asked for more than 5 and 8 points respectively. 

B. Silva started for City and registered 3 points. This wasn’t a massive success but it was reassuring that he started the game. If he starts against Bournemouth then I’ll keep him for now. If he’s benched again I’ll be going for De Bruyne (probably).

Aubameyang grabbed another goal. This was a positive but I always unfairly question his place in the team, and I’m starting to do it again already this season. I think it’s because I have no plans to move on Kane or Salah, which means when players like Martial and Rashford start to look appealing the only player to compare them against is Aubameyang. At the moment they are certainly looking like better value and I’ll use this weekend to evaluate how long I can hold off before seriously considering bringing one of them in.  

Potential Issues:

Although the team didn’t record many points this week I don’t see many potential issues. In fact, I can see a lot of opportunities. I’m fairly happy with how my team is set up and I can see routes into getting any player I want. For example, I’ve got question marks next to Moura and Silva at the moment with players like Mane and De Bruyne looking essential. I’ve already got the funds to bring in De Bruyne for Silva. Should I want Mane, I could also swap Moura for Martial (should be an upgrade if Moura continues to be benched and Martial continues to play down the middle) and I’d then have to swap Aubameyang for Mane which should be very much like for like in terms of points. This would leave me if the team below:

Robertson, Zinchenko, Mina, Maitland-Niles
Sterling, De Bruyne, Mane
Salah, Kane, Martial

Most would agree this is a fairly strong team and is reachable with only a few transfers.

Tips for Game Week 3

I’ve personally tried not to rush into any transfers unless they are completely necessary. My advice would be to follow the same approach going into game week 3. We are still in the early stages of the season and we all spent weeks picking our initial teams and I’ve not seen a lot which would change that. I’ve outlined my plans above but if you were looking for some short terms gains the teams with the best fixtures for the game week are:

Spurs V Newcastle
Bournemouth V Man City
Man Utd V Palace
Norwich V Chelsea

Man City have the best long term fixtures and I’d probably avoid bringing in any Liverpool or Arsenal players as they face each other.

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27 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 2

  1. Nice write up DTT. A very nice looking team. Mendy is back in training so we might need to consider Zinc’s place next month but he should be ok for now.

    On Moura, the fact that Ndombele has just been declared injured, and FFS predict he’ll start (Moura), I’ve (finally) decided to give him another week in my team at least. Annnnnnnd….relax…

    1. I’d love it if Moura started to be honest but only time will tell. I could easily see him being benched but willing to ride this one out. Trying to be a little more decisive this season.

  2. Hmmm
    Having transfered Gomez for Mina leaves a budget of £1.3m.
    If Silva is valued at £4.5m
    Then you don’t have enough funds to swap Silva for De Bruyne.

    Or have i missed something?

    1. The transfer would be Aubameyang to Martial and Moura to Mane but I’m effectively swapping two 6m players for two 3m players so I see it more as swapping Aubameyang with Mane and Moura with Martial on price points.

    2. What’s peoples opinions on this move,
      Barkely – Mane
      Auba – Martial

      I need to move Barkely on ideally, and man u have better fixtures to arsenal for the rest of this month. Are these better moves? I get to keep B. Silva aswel, so thinking of not having a triple man City midfield.

        1. Cheers Chris, I may still wait to see if by some luck Barkely starts if not I may go for these changes. There’s a high ownership of Mane in my league is it playing safe to go with him? I mean otherwise I will have Sterling, Silva and KDB seems a bit much to me.

  3. Is it worth ditching Robertson for a while as his price is due to drop. Could swap him for someone such as KDB (Moving to 343).
    Pickford, Robertson, Digne, Maitland, Zinch
    Sterling, Mane, Moura, B.Silva,
    Salah, Kane

    Silva, Robertson – out
    Pukki, KDB – in

    1. Tricky one that David! I removed Gomez on Thursday as I’m not overly happy with
      Liverpool at the back at the minute as he’s not even a guaranteed starter! That said, I’m not sure I’d be moving on Robertson as my only Liverpool defender who can also deliver attaching returns at will and sure they’ll deliver clean sheets again soon! I do however like KDB a lot and am bringing him in myself this weekend! Pukki a good differential enabler also who will score goals this season so can’t argue too much with the moves. Question is, will he out score Silva long term?

  4. P.s . If anyone’s interested I gambled and committed to all 3 transfers before Fridays price update with the following:

    Gomez – Mount
    Moura – KDB
    AUB – Martial

    Glad I didn’t opt for Mina with Everton conceding 2 last night, also praying Moura doesn’t punish me too much against Newcastle but am happy about bringing in KDB v Bournemouth who don’t look great. Also feel when he is fit, Pep will pick him 9 times out of 10 which is more than we can say for Bilva, Silva & Mahrez at this stage. AUB to Martial was a late call after Chris’ plans for his team as I do like Utd’s fixtures and with him playing as number 9… my other enabler move was Patricio to Pope which was very much sideways so hoping this one pays off too. Unfortunately my main cash league has a lot of AUB players so you’ll find me behind the sofa for the next two weekends! Good luck all!

    1. Wish I’d have gone for Mount over Mina now but it’s an easy one in hindsight. Hopefully longer term he will pick up some decent points based on his value but my logic was that they’d made a good start defensively and he was more of a certain starter.

  5. DTT just wondering if you where thinking of any transfers today and about what time you are likely to post it?

    1. No transfers today. I’ve got two in the bank and if I make any it will be Silva out for De Bruyne. However I’m only going to make this transfer if Silva is benched.

    1. Typical – I only went for Mina because of the two clean sheets and the fact that he was less likely to be benched in the long run. It was a close call between him and Mount. Nothing worse than a plan instantly backfiring. I’m hoping it’s not going to be one of those seasons – things aren’t really going our way at the moment.

      1. Salah helped us out. Still think Mina in their home games, will pick us up a fair few points.

        1. Yeah Salah was good to see – rather than Mane at least. Need some big points today.

  6. I took Pickford out for Kepa.
    Digne out for Emerson
    my team is doing quite good at the moment
    am 5th in the D.T mini league under old hags with 179 points.
    hope I have made the right choice.

    1. Looking good – where are you on the overall leaderboard? I was going to ask if anyone was actually doing well so far this season because I’ve made a terrible start.

      1. I had a good start but I suspect it’s starting to unravel with 2 weeks of Kane giving me sod all!

        Smithy’s Squad

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