Review of Game Week 20

Review of Game Week 20

GW Points: 73
Overall Points: 1,346
Overall Rank: 10,631
Transfers: None used

Game week 20 was another positive step in the right direction. I was a little disappointed not to achieve a bigger leap on the leaderboard considering the points that were scored. However closing in on a top 10,000 spot is certainly progress. I was delighted to see Moura starting the FA Cup replay but let down by the fact that he didn’t get on the score sheet. I’m hoping he finds the back of the net before long as I think he’s a good differential. 


Clean sheet for Roberton and Alexander-Arnold.

7 points for De Bruyne after a solid display from Man City.

A hat trick and 30 points for Aguero. Annoyingly I think most people now have him.

10 points for Jesus. Seeing both Aguero and Jesus start together was probably the biggest positive of the week for me. Currently owning both of them was a bit of a risk but I’m hoping we will see more of this.

Potential Issues:

At the moment I see no potential issues with the team. At some point I’ll probably be forced to look at replacing Jesus. However, I don’t think now is the time to do this. Man City have good fixtures over the next two game weeks. This includes an FA Cup fixture against Fulham. Most teams will rest their main striker during this round so holding onto both Jesus and Aguero will hopefully ensure we get some game time during this fixture. There’s also a double Premier League week approaching and I’d hope that both players will get game time. The only player I’d consider swapping him for at the moment is Rashford, who went off injured yesterday. I don’t think it’s serious but I don’t want to risk a transfer on a player who might not start this weekend. Man Utd also face Liverpool and I don’t expect them to get much out of that game.

Tips for Game Week 21

Game week 21 is a double Premier League fixture week. Man City, Spurs and Leicester look to have the best fixtures as they all avoid playing another top 6 team. Man Utd and Liverpool play each other, as do Chelsea and Arsenal. Liverpool also face Wolves midweek which could make a tough game week for them. I’ll personally be holding onto my transfers unless anyone picks up an injury or is unexpectedly benched.

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46 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 20

  1. Hi all, great insight and opinions as always!

    I’m ruing some poor transfer decisions and am 2nd in my ML but first is over 100 points ahead of me.
    I need to free up some cash to upgrade Son to Salah early Feb and I’m wondering what people think about Gomez – will he keep his place seeing as Lpool have kept a lot of clean sheets with him in the team?
    First in my ML has the lpool block but not Gomez – this transfer could be a shield and free up cash for a decent differential in Salah early Feb.

    Current team
    Doherty > Gomez

    0.1ml ITB 1 sub left

    I’d welcome any other suggestions with my final transfer (Son to Rashford has crossed my mind but the liverpool block is hurting me most right now)

    Cheers! Ry

    1. I could see Gomez being rotated a bit more often with Matip and Lovren soon to be back. Was there any reason for wanting to take Son out? I can imagine him playing a lot for Spurs in a more advanced role now Kane is out.

      1. Its just the lack of points since kanes injury. Son has a few games to justify his place before next months subs become available so ill reconsider if his form improves

        1. Spurs have some decent upcoming fixtures but they aren’t in the best of form. I’m hoping they turn a corner so I can get some points from Moura.

  2. Ive had Traore for a month or so now and he seems like a star man magnet. Despite not scoring or assisting in the two cup games vs man utd he ended up getting star man in both, for currently 3.3m and wolves having europa league returning next month he’s a nice option for anyone struggling for the 4th mid. 7th highest scorer in the game so far too.

    1. Agree with this. I deliberated for ages on whether to swap Mount for him at the start of January, and I’m very glad I did. Definitely echo you comments that he’s a star man magnet!

  3. Would people stick with Alli or twist to Moura, Traore or B.Silva for maximum points going forwards? 3 transfers ITB and no fires to fight but feel the others could score more and would all free up some cash for down the line.

      1. Would you swap Alli to Traore now though noting their upcoming fixtures – Wolves look tougher short term?

        1. Traore is definitely on form but Alli has fixtures on his side. If I had to pick between the two I’d go for Traore.

    1. Ideal – hopefully Jesus has another decent game week so this move remains on for as long as possible.

      1. Glad we didn’t do it now after hearing the extent of his injury. Hopefully there’s a lot of people who are stuck with him until the end of the month.

  4. A solid GW for me, hitting 88 points. My ML has turned in to a two horse race over the last couple of months, and I managed to claw back a 60 point deficit on 1st place and overtook him recently.

    I was looking forward to increasing the gap only to see his -1 for Alli quickly turn in to a positive for Mahrez. A bold transfer from him, and very worrying for me as Mahrez grabbed the first two goals. Fortunately an Aguero hat-trick took star man away from Mahrez, and a late penalty from Villa dashed his clean sheet points.

    I’m still in top spot on 1,359 points, 19 points ahead of second place and 131 points ahead of third place. Team below

    De Bruyne

    £0.2m ITB and 1 transfer remaining

    Rashford is my biggest concern given his potential injury, with a double game week looming. Second place in my ML doesn’t have Rashford so he’s been great at helping me leapfrog him over recent weeks.

    Big question now is do I twist or stick with him and my last transfer? Potential transfers include Firminho or Jesus. My concerns with Firminho are that he isn’t a high points scorer in comparison, and Jesus obviously faces rotation risk. I’m almost certain Rashy will miss the Liverpool game, but will he be fit for Burnley on Wednesday?

    Good luck for the weekend, everyone!

    1. Tough one – if I had Rashford I’d probably stick with him but I guess it depends who your rival has up front? If Rashford hadn’t been an injury risk I was looking at him as a replacement for Jesus but I’m trying to hold off for as long as possible.

  5. DTT

    I’m first in my league, 120 points clear, 2nd doesnt have rashford but 3rd does who is 122 points behind. If you were me would you dare I say panick and put jesus in for rashford which 2nd or 3rd dont have or just stay with rashford? Thanks!

    1. Good lead there! I’d save the transfer and stick with Rashford for now and see how the next few weeks unfold personally.

            1. I’d say it depends who the people below you have got. If you’ve got a really decent lead I’d probably block them off as long as it’s a player that makes sense to own.

    2. I’d keep blocking them off Sam no need to take any risks. I’m 1st 45 points ahead as it stands and bums starting to pinch as it’s for 2.5k lol

  6. Another star man for Traore and he didn’t even score in a 5 goal game!

    Has been pivotal for me throughout January, even more so given those near me don’t have him.

  7. DTT are you thinking of Traore at all ? Can you see a place for him in your midfield? Seems to be a point machine of late.

    1. He’s someone I’ve wanted for quite some time but I can’t accommodate him. I may look at him towards the end of the month if I’ve still got the three transfers to use but I’ll need to free up funds somewhere to bring him in, which could prove difficult.

    1. Depends who else you’ve got and who else the other people around you in your mini league have. In terms of strikers the ones that jump out at Salah, Aguero, Jesus, Abraham, Vardy and Jimenez.

      1. DTT

        I’ve got vardy and aguero.

        The guy 2nd to me has Jiminez and hes 85 points behind me.

        I’m thinking Jiminez or Jesus?

        Which would you go for out the 2?

  8. Made the rash decision with my final transfer of the week to swap out Rashford for Firminho once I’d learnt Rashford would be out for 2-3 months. Would’ve probably preferred Jesus, but wanted to capitalise on the two potential games for Firminho. Not a solid points scorer but will certainly pick a couple up before Feb when I can reconsider my options. So disappointed his goal was ruled out, for something that in my opinion was never a foul (keepers very overprotected in that area).

    Other option I considered was Jiminez, but Wolves had already played that week plus I feel Wolves have fewer and trickier fixtures coming up in the short term.

    1. Firmino isn’t a bad option. Jesus had a shocker last night with -3 points and there aren’t many options around that price mark at the moment. I was looking at Martial considering Rashford is out – given the points he’s got on the board I expected him to be cheap but I think he’s overpriced at 4.5m

  9. My team is

    The one in 2nd to me in my mini league has


    Recent weeks he has ate into my league, basically through his liverpool defence and Jiminez. I have 1 transfer left this month and it will be used to transfer rashford out. I also have 0.4m in the bank. Please, any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks again!

    1. me thinks you cant go wrong when in front
      by picking players that your rival has
      my reason being the more of the same players you both have
      means you get mostly the same points.
      its Jimenez all day long. good luck.

    2. Are you missing a defender off your team? I think you’ve got the advantage over him as he hasn’t got Sterling, Mane or KDB. Blocking him off isn’t a bad idea but there’s a long way to go.

  10. Yeah I am sorry its soyoncu. Yeah that’s it, long way to go.. I just dont know what to do for the best to be honest.

    1. I’d go for Jimenez normally but the problem is he’s not getting a game this week at all. Jesus does stand out as a short term option with the FA Cup this weekend but it’s a risk.

  11. Hi all I have I was thinking soyuncho to Gomez to raise funds I have Salah aguero and Abraham ….with Abraham’s injury I was gonna transfer him out I can afford jesus ..martial..Jimenez…ings..or firminho any advice ?

    1. I’d personally probably go for Jimenez, Jesus or Firmino in that order. The issue is Jimenez won’t be playing this week as Wolves have no fixtures.

  12. DTT

    I’ve just put Jiminez in for Rashford, mainly because the one 2nd in my mini league has him.
    I’m a bit worried about vardy and mane who I have an I have no changes left.

    1. Hopefully Mane hasn’t got a serious injury and with putting Jimenez in you should hold him off until February.

    1. How long is he out for? Problem is the only replacement I want is Traore and Wolves don’t play this week.

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