Review of Game Week 20

Review of Game Week 20

GW Points: 82
Overall Points: 1,494
Overall Rank: 1,404
Transfers: Robertson out, Maguire in

Game week 20 was a fairly decent week. 82 points on the board helped the team climb roughly 400 places on the leaderboard which isn’t a bad result at the moment. I’d have liked to get closer to that top 1,000 but I’ll hopefully keep chipping away at it over the coming weeks. I’m glad I only made one transfer as I was tempted to blow 3-4. Taking Robertson out was well overdue and Maguire was the sensible move considering how the point scoring system favours him. It was also the right move to hold onto Walker – lucky that he scored against Swansea but disappointed to lose the clean sheet. He probably still needs moving on at some point but happy with the points he returned this week. My biggest dilemma this week is that I’ve got my eye on bringing Rashford in, however Sterling has hit some form recently so it’s hard to make a case for taking him out. The other option would be to remove Salah but I’m not keen on doing that either. Swapping one of them out for Rashford would free up plenty of funds to strengthen my team elsewhere though.


5 points for Schmeichel, happy with any points he can contribute.

11 points for Maguire, delighted with his star man award in the FA Cup.

A fortunate 8 points for Walker as he got on the score sheet in the FA Cup.

A decent 15 points for Foden, glad I put him back in and will now probably stick with him for the duration. 

Great to see Kane back so soon and getting 15 points straight on the board. 

Pleased with 16 points for Sterling after a number of flat game weeks in a row, he’s now starting to pay off.

Potential Issues:

The team is starting to look in good shape once again. I’d ideally want to take out Mahrez and Walker at some point but I’ve also got to keep my eye on having enough funds for De Bruyne when the time comes to bring him back in.

I really want to get Rashord in the team as well but I can’t decide who to take out. It’s got to be either Salah or Sterling but it’s a tough call between the two. Despite his recent form, I’m leaning towards taking Sterling out, just to free up funds for improving the likes of Mahrez and Walker. 

Tips for Game Week 21

I’d again suggest being fairly conservative with your transfers this week as there’s still three game weeks to go in the month. It’s always worth having a good look at the fixtures as well. Man Utd look like they’ve got two good game weeks ahead so their players could come into consideration more. Chelsea are the only one of the big clubs who only have 1 game this game week. It’s also worth noting that teams in the Europa League (Man Utd, Spurs, Leicester and Arsenal) all have double game weeks over the next two weeks, whereas Liverpool and Chelsea don’t. 

Check out the full fixtures below:

26 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 20

  1. Glad you got Maguire in – I have been raving about him here for a month. I did say he was a must have (not Bednarek) on Facebook.

    Now you got momentum you got to use transfers to sustain and further improve the team and remove weakest links (Walker and Mahrez stand out).

    First, I think Rashford has to come in for Sterling as not too keen on taking out Salah with Liverpool meeting Everton, Shef Utd and Fulham after Leicester game. This is a good tactical move I would say as you are replacing like for like (both averaging 5.0 pts per game) but saving money for strengthening elsewhere. So it seems a no brainer.

    This will provide funds to strengthen other areas:

    Walker – Cancelo = read good article on Sky sports website this week on Guardiola describes how he is added a new dimension to make Man City and evidence of Cancelo is acting as playmaker in midfield). Still the best defender in the game and the city defence is still looking very strong and highly owned in the top 1k. So if they keep clean sheets you know the team will go down the ranks. Walker can’t play this way and so might be on the benched.

    Mahrez – Gundogan = With Cancelo in midfield Gundogan has been licence to play further forward so hard to resist now. I expect his ownership will increase overall and in mini leagues. If Mahrez not in the starting 11 vs Spurs he needs to come out.

    1. I think I’ve got two real options depending on who starts at the weekend. I could go:

      Sterling/Mahrez/Walker out, Rashford/Wan-Bissaka/Cancelo in
      Mahrez/Walker out, Wan-Bissaka/Gundogan in

  2. I personally don’t feel is would be time to ditch sterling at the moment. Hes looks as good as he has all season over the past 2 to 3 weeks.

    Id one million percent get Gundogan for Mahrez. Hes performing week and week and is clearly playing in a far more advanced position. If you watch the games hes finding himself in the box constantly

    If you look at his numbers in terms of expected goal involvement hes mile ahead of any city player over the last 6 weeks

    Kdb estimated to be back right at the end of the month. Easy first transfer of march if he’s fit up and running. Regardless with the massive games toward the end of the season I don’t see huge risks being taken with his return

    Wan bissaka also a tempter with the upcoming transfer and the compete lack of competition in his position and fixtures. Most seem to have one united defender so the double up might be worth it

    1. Yeah I agree but I do like Man Utd’s fixtures. I’m currently debating these two options:

      Sterling/Mahrez/Walker out, Rashford/Wan-Bissaka/Cancelo in
      Mahrez/Walker out, Wan-Bissaka/Gundogan in

  3. Great GW review as always DTT.

    You and others have a massive dilemma on your hand. A very difficult decision. Sterling is not much more than Salah. The way Liverpool are playing at the moment. I don’t see them lasting long in the CL. As for Sterling. Man City are still going strong in all competitions. So for that reason, I’d consider keeping Sterling for that reason. And he’s hitting form.

    Walker could possibly play this weekend as Dias has a stomach bug. He may not be 100 %. Or else you could take Walker out for Bissaka? Gives you some extra funds.

    Yes Mahrez would have to go for Gundogan. He has picked up very little since his hatrick. And I’m guessing you’d still have 2 transfers left?

    Overall you have had a decent week 👌🏻

    Your advice is always wise. Still 3 GW to go. The minute you use all your transfers. Lads get injured.

    1. Thanks Mick, really undecided on what to do. I think my only real options are:

      Sterling/Mahrez/Walker out, Rashford/Wan-Bissaka/Cancelo in
      Mahrez/Walker out, Wan-Bissaka/Gundogan in

      Or staying as I am if Walker and Mahrez start then making changes next week.

  4. Good review DTT.

    Same dilemma as me with taking Salah or Sterling out, but I need to put Kane back in as I already have Rashford.

    Strong week with 93 points on the board this week, taking me up to 105 on the leaderboard.

    Gutted for James Justin as he’s done really well for me since I put him in. Like Ryan said, I think it might be worth looking at the Utd double block in defence so I will probably be looking to take him out for AWB. Shaw has been in form, but there is always that concern he may be rotated with Telles after his good game the other night.

    Interested to see how City will perform over the next couple of GWs as they now have a bit of a tough run

    1. Thanks Conor, that’s a very good position on the leaderboard. I’d agree AWB is the one to look at. Who do you think you’ll take out for Kane?

  5. James Justin ruled out for the rest of the season I hear…… replace with another Leicester defender, could afford pereira or go with AWB

    1. Castagne, Fofana and Morgan all out injured as well as Justin to be mindful of if you are thinking of another Leicester defender.

  6. After having Castagne and Justin I’m jumping ship on Leicester. A lot of defensive injuries now. I want to put Maguire in for Justin for the next 4 games they have. I don’t really rate him that highly but you have to play the game in front of you and he gets the points.

    My only concern long term is after those 4 games. They then have Chelsea, Man City, Leicester and Tottenham within the next 6 games (in the league). Although they have improved, I’m not really expecting Man Utd to challenge for the title yet and I personally wouldn’t double up on them because of this run. Getting one out if needed is ok but having to get 2 out puts you on the back foot.

    I’ve had Rashford for a while and again although he doesn’t really seem to have been amazing, he picks up the points and has the most 7+ ratings in the game (how?). The saving from Sterling has to be a consideration. I personally wouldn’t contemplate taking out Salah at the moment.

    Good luck for the weekend everyone.

    1. Great post Chris E. Totally agree with your points. Shame about your Leicester defenders. Justin was high on my wish list, have to admit he went under the radar for me.

      Yeah I like Rashford a lot as Utd defensively don’t look great but offensively Fernandes, Rashford, Greenwood and Cavani look good and are top for creating the most big chances over the last six league games (9-0 vs Southampton helped). I thought Rashford was amazing vs Everton and throughly deserved star man.

      1. I’d agree Chris, I’m kind of wishing I didn’t have Schmeichel now but can’t see me taking him out as it would be another transfer on a keeper. Which striker haven’t you got from Kane, Sterling and Salah? Assuming Sterling?

        1. Yes, I don’t have Sterling. I did have him for quite a bit before Christmas but had to let go even though I really thought Salah, Kane and Sterling would be my 3 all season more or less. I can see Salah, Kane and Rashford staying for the rest of the season now but things can change quickly in this game! Man Utd being in the Europa has to be a big consideration for the rest of the season now although as I say I’m not sure I’d double up on them at the back just yet.

          1. I’ve just done exactly that – giving them a shot with two of their defenders with easier fixtures on the horizon. I’ll ship AWB back out if it doesn’t pay off.

    1. Yeah that’s definitely an option. I’m currently considering these:

      Sterling/Mahrez/Walker out, Rashford/Wan-Bissaka/Cancelo in
      Mahrez/Walker out, Wan-Bissaka/Gundogan in

        1. Yeah have to agree with option A. But would have done Gundogan instead of Wan Bissaka as described at the top.

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