Review of Game Week 20

Review of Game Week 20

Best Team 

GW Points: 31
Overall Points: 1,349
Overall Rank: 7,617

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 43
Overall Points: 1,300
Overall Rank: 19,070
Transfers used: None used

Game week 20 was a half decent week for the team. A nice 5k rise on the overall leaderboard has resulted in the team breaking into the top 20,000 teams. Still not a position I’m overly pleased with but given where I was when the World Cup finished it’s not a bad turnaround. I was surprised by the jump given a low score of 43 points for the week but it must have been the same or worse for a lot of other people. Salah was a disappointment again with only 2 points and Mahrez seems to have gone off the boil since I bought him in. It’s now a question of how long to hold onto them and what better options there might be. I’m also not massively convinced by Antony longer term but I’ll take the 5 points he chipped in with this week. It’s a difficult one with Man Utd players though as fixture volume is again on their side for February. I’ll certainly be sticking with the likes of De Gea, Shaw, Fernandes and Rashford though. Rashford in particular has probably been the biggest driving force behind my team’s improved position on the leaderboard in recent weeks. 

Player watchlist

I’ve got one transfer left, which I plan to use tonight to avoid a price drop. I’m not sure who to take out yet and my watchlist is currently very short. I may be tempted by a Man City defender during February at some point – such as Ake. I’m also tempted by Casemiro, who appears to be racking up the points and only costs 3.5m.

Plan for game week 21

I’ve just updated my fixture planner to include March fixtures (link below). I’ve also noticed that Man Utd have had an additional fixture dropped into the first game week of February. As a result, I’ll probably hold onto my Man Utd players. Although I’m tempted to switch Antony to Casemiro. Other than using my final January transfer tonight, I can’t see me making any further changes for the weekend’s fixtures.

If you wanted to view the fixtures on the horizon, you can check out my planner below:

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    1. That’s what I’ve gone for. Even if just for the price rise it’s worth it for me.

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