Review of Game Week 21

Review of Game Week 21

GW Points: 40
Overall Points: 1197
Overall Rank: 57,483
Transfers: None used

After a short game week and 40 points on the board, I thought I’d have probably held my position on the leaderboard. I was fairly surprised to see the team had risen over 10,000 places, so it was a much better game week than I’d first expected. The lack of a clean sheet for City probably helped with this, considering I’ve got none of their defenders. Roberson also did well for me with 12 points from two assists and a star man performance. Lukaku and Ronaldo continue to frustrate, blanks for both of them will see their value drop on Friday. Not ideal as we move into February with fresh transfers on the horizon but Lukaku has to go for me. Had he not started in that enticing FA Cup fixture, I wouldn’t have even put him in and he’s proved why with a lack of points since that game. As it stands there won’t be any fixtures this weekend but I’m keeping my eye out for games that have been rearranged as I think this will be crucial as we do move into February. 


Clean sheets for De Gea, Rudiger and Alonso, it’s a shame they all only got 5 points each but happy with the points either way.

12 points for Robertson and no clean sheet for the rest of the Liverpool defence. 

5 points for De Bruyne and 3 for Silva was better than nothing in a disappointing draw for Man City against Southampton

5 points for Jota, again was better than nothing

Potential issues

As I mentioned last week, the Chelsea players are an issue due to a lack of fixtures in early February. I’ll definitely be taking Lukaku out and one defender but I plan to see who is starting in the FA Cup before thinking too much about this. Ronaldo is also becoming an issue given his price tag and a lack of points recently. The problem is, we all know how quickly this can change with him, and overlooking him in the Euros really cost me so it will take some careful consideration before taking him out. The other problem is that there aren’t any other really consistent point scorers at the moment and we also need a plan for getting Salah back in the team.

Tips for Game Week 22

There’s a huge amount to think about for game week 22, however, at this stage, there’s little value in planning too far ahead. Currently, there are no fixtures this weekend and we are yet to see when some teams will have games rearranged after they were postponed. I’ll definitely be addressing the issues mentioned about but we can’t make a decision on players like Kane yet as we aren’t sure when those additional fixtures will drop into the calendar. I’ll post another blog next week when we’ve got some more information. It’s also worth noting that the first games back are another round of FA Cup fixtures, which for me are always a lottery. I’ll be keeping an eye on those starting lineups that week to try a find a big point scorer but again we can’t do much about it until those lineups are announced. 

In general terms though, I’ll certainly be looking to get Salah back in as soon as he’s back from the Afcon. I’d also love to get Cancelo in but at the moment I’m not sure how that would be possible. Another alternative would be Dias but he doesn’t carry the same attacking threat, having said that he is around 2m cheaper so represents good value for the points he’s got on the board to date. Liverpool have got some decent fixtures in early February as well and Matip could be a nice double up with Robertson for clean sheets, on the assumption that Alexander-Arnold is out of reach. It’s difficult to look beyond Man City and Liverpool at the moment, especially with a lack of fixtures for Chelsea. I still don’t trust Man Utd or Spurs to get a result or a clean sheet against anyone. It may be worth considering some of the West Ham players as they’ve also got a decent run in February.

22 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 21

  1. make or break time now.
    my mane rival has 5 Liverpool players I have 4 Chelsea players.
    even though I am 28 points clear of him it was 80
    he keeps getting the run of the mill look at Fabinho penalty
    at the last minute. my next set off transfers are crucial.
    got a lot to think about this next game week.

  2. Got to concur with everything you’ve said there Paul, see what funds I have available this Friday, then next Friday FA cup, first one being Man utd, got my full quota of Man city players, De bruyne, Silva,Ederson,Cancelo, looking at putting in Robbo to double up with TAA, Salah in obviously, surely Jota retains his place. Spurs have only played 20 league games, so they could get one or two more added in February, so I think my front 3 for February will be Jota, Salah, & Kane, just a nagging doubt about Ronaldo, not even getting 7+ rating, it seems if he doesn’t get any penalties he’s not going to get pts, will be interesting if he starts against Boro in the cup next Friday, then a decision will have to be made.

    1. I kept him in, can’t believe he missed that penalty last night. May well swap him for Salah as Man Utd just look so poor.

  3. Man utd with 7 games now in February, think I’ll replace Ronaldo with Bruno, a saving of almost 2 million as my sole Man utd player, waiting for Spurs additional games to be added.

    1. Did you make that change in the end? I’m thinking Ronaldo might have to go for me as well this month

  4. Never was very good at maths, difference from Ronaldo to Bruno, 2.7 million, under serious consideration now.

  5. Looks like Tottenham’s cancelled fixture against Arsenal will be played on either the 22nd or 23rd of February, giving spurs 6 fixtures for that month, for anyone interested in their assets, I will be putting Kane in for February, but according to physio room, Son due back on the 9th only missing the FA cup tie, which could be a lottery anyway.

  6. 3 Chelsea players out, Bruno, Kane, & Matip in, leaves me Ronaldo to Salah, when required & on the 19th with City only having one game within that game-week, Ederson out for Mendy who have a double gameweek, see how that all works out.

    1. I’m looking at taking Lukaku, Alonso and Rudiger for possibly Cancelo, Dias and Matip. All depends who starts for Chelsea

  7. Alright everyone, hope you’re all refreshed from the break. I just made one change with my final transfer of last month and I can’t see me dipping into the new allocation this week. I took out Mount for Robbo and went 4-3-3.

    Team now looks as follows:


    Current points: 1321
    Cash ITB: £3.5m
    Transfers left: 5
    Current rank: 8155

    Will probably shift out Antonio after this GW but reasonably happy with the team as is. Will keep monitoring Dalot and his game time but he still seems to be the preferred option over AWB.

    1. Leicester assets may be worth a look again soon as their injury problems ease and the AFCON players return. Considering Schmeical, but I notice a blank weekend game at the end of the month for Leicester ….why is this?

      1. I think Leicester miss a game because they were due to play either Chelsea or Liverpool who are now in the EFL Cup final

    2. Looks good to me and a decent position to be in at this stage in the season. Nice to see that you moved those Chelsea players on before the end of last month. I’m looking at bringing in Cancelo, Matip and Dias potentially this weekend but may just do two out of the three

  8. As a short term move, I’m thinking Lukaku out for Cancelo. Then Alonso or Rudiger out for Dias or Matip. Or potentially all three of these transfers. Any thoughts?

  9. I’ve got the same 3 Chelsea players. Not sure what to do. Knowing my luck i will take Lukaku out and he will score a hattrick.. i might just take out Rudiger and Alonso for Cancelo and Dias. Change Lukaku next week.

    1. That might not be a bad move. I don’t think it was on for me but I’ve put the same two in and I’ve taken Lukaku out.

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