Review of Game Week 22

Review of Game Week 22

GW Points: 79
Overall Points: 1,672
Overall Rank: 1,524
Transfers: None used

Game week 22 was a little flat for me. A small gain on the overall leaderboard was welcome, however it’s starting to feel like the team has reached its peak and now it’s just a case of plodding along until the end of the season. Movement of position is becoming more challenging as most people have similar teams and generally the same players are scoring well week in week out. As I’ve got a decent overall rank, it’s probably not worth doing anything about that and just accepting the situation for what it is. However, were I much lower down on the leaderboard I’d have to look for a differential to try and boost my position. This is where the game can completely slip away from you. Pick the wrong one and you can instantly find yourself even further behind with the same players still picking up more points than the differential pick. I can clearly see where my teams performance took a hit, it was when a vast majority of people moved to a Man City defensive block and I didn’t. I identified the good fixtures but I just didn’t see them keeping as many clean sheets as they did. Had I made this change when I was around 500th on the leaderboard I’m fairly sure I’d still be there or higher. The difficulty now, is that it’s not worth moving to a Man City block with everyone ahead of me also having one. 


19 and 13 points for Cancelo and Dias respectively. Happy with this and delighted I eventually managed to get Cancelo in my team. I was way too late getting on this one.

I’ll take 5 points each for Maguire and Wan-Bissaka as it’s better than nothing but it was less than I wanted for the game week really.

Another 14 points for Barnes, still delighted with this pick but now questioning if it’s time to move him on with Leicester out of the Europa League.

Really happy with 15 points from Rashford considering I took him out for the more expensive Sterling.

Potential Issues:

The biggest issue I’ve got is getting De Bruyne back in my team. I’ve got one transfer left and I’m not sure I’ll use it this week. The only players I can swap him in for are: Dias, Maguire, Cancelo, Foden, Fernandes, Salah, Kane or Rashford. I’m really not keen on losing any of those so it’s going to be a very tough call.

Leicester are now out of the Europa League so I’ve got to question keeping Schmeichel and Barnes longer term. 

Tips for Game Week 23

I’ve now updated my fixture spreadsheet, to include games up until the rest of the season and potential European games. See the link below. I’m going into game week 23 with one transfer remaining. As mentioned above I’ll probably hold onto this one as I can’t decide who to take out for De Bruyne. Unless someone like Foden or Dias doesn’t start for City at the weekend and I might just make this straight swap then. Other than that it’s a double Premier League game week coming up for most of the big clubs other than Arsenal.

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  1. Nice one Paul! I’ve still got 2 transfers but not planning on bringing KDB in (despite being able to) for the weekend. I want to see a bit more from him first as he didn’t do too much v Arsenal and I’m happy rolling with Foden and Gundogan as long as they match him for points… I’ve also got my eye on Bernado Silva as it goes…

    1. Thanks Brad, do you think you’ll make any changes before the weekend’s games? Or will you use them after the game week has finished?

      1. I’m not planning on making any transfers before this weekends matches and saving them for Thursday I think. KDB done well picking up an assist and Star man so he could come back before next weekend.

        1. I’ll probably put him in tomorrow. Might need to take Foden out though after two games on the bench.

  2. Cheers for the GW review Paul. If it’s any consolation, I had a flatter week. I did the bold swap of going 343 dropping Maguire for KDB. It did not pay off. Regret it now. I should have waited patiently. My rivalry in 2nd place did bring him in also. I’m covered. I didn’t follow through with Son for Rashford last. As I’m hoping Son may do well on Sunday against Burnley. It is a disappointment Leicester are out of Europe. Barnes didn’t even start last night which was annoying. I’d imagine Rodgers is out for that top 4 spot in the league. And Barnes has done so well for us all this year. As Brad has said,maybe B Silva could be an option, or even Mason Mount. I still have on transfer left. Was tempted to bring in a Chelsea defender. Like yourself and Brad. I’ll sit tight this week.

    1. It’s a difficult one, a lot of people would have bought De Bruyne straight back in. I probably would have if I could have moved someone like Wan-Bissaka on. I was disappointed to see Leicester go out as I’ve got two of their players. I can’t believe Barnes isn’t worth more considering the points he’s got on the board.

      1. Barnes worth only 3 million is an absolute joke! Mount is worth more. Anyway…. What’s your plan on who to swap Barnes for?

        Mount 3.1M
        Moura 2.9M
        B Silva 3.3M
        C Jones 2.0M
        Traore 3.1M
        Tielemans 2.6M
        Lingard 2.3M
        D Alli 2.9M

        Any of them draw interest?

  3. Good point DTT re the season always tends to begin to plateau around this time of year as, as ya said, everyone’s getting similar players.

    I’ve been doing DT for over 20 years and it does have a tendency to get less interesting around this time, unless you’re making maverick moves each week or really battling in a ML.

    Would you ever consider doing a ML with a rule that we can only have 1 or 2 players from a team DTT?

    1. Yeah you just feel like you’re going through the motions at this time in the season until you’re battling out at the top of a mini league.

      I’d considered different league formats but they are too hard to police. Chris set one up for players outside of Europe at the start of the season but quite a few people included the wrong players.

        1. I think people would still ignore the rules. Would be ideal if Dream Team introduced it as an option

  4. Does anyone know if Maddison will be back for this game week?

    Ideally want to switch him as its a double week. I was not sure whether to use my last transfer and gamble on a striker will favourable fixtures in the hope to score nice for the double week?
    DCL was someone I was looking at.

    1. Hard to say Marc but the update yesterday was…

      “We’ve got no timeline on it. It’s going to be one of those where he doesn’t need anything surgically, it’s just going to be about once the pain dies down.”

      Doesn’t sound hopeful for this weekend!

      1. No doesn’t look likely. Will need to think about a replacement for the double gameweek.

        Who are people thinking on here?

        1. Well Marc. As Brad mentioned in the up above B Silva could be worth a look. He’s in form at the moment. Or maybe Mason Mount. He ticking along nicely. Still in Europe is well.

  5. Hi guys
    I’m after some advice, current team is


    I have three transfers left, but only 0.1M ITB. Any suggestions on transfers?


    1. Tottenham a couple of decent fixtures coming up. I have Son and Kane. They were a big let down last week. Hoping for something big this week. Mason Mount be a good shout for Maddison. Give you a bit of cash to strengthen up in defence maybe. You should get maybe 1.1M in the bank. Alonso would be good value. The new manager seems to like him. Only 2.9M.

    2. With three transfers left it’s difficult to work out who you can and can’t get in. But I’d be looking at taking out Maddison, Schmeichel and Davies at some point. It wouldn’t leave you with much in the bank but I’d be looking at players like Ederson, Gundogan, etc. You’ll also need a plan for getting De Bruyne back in.

  6. The only issue with Mount or Alonso in the immediate future are the fixtures.
    Over the next 2 game weeks they have 3 games when most have 4 and the games don’t look too inviting.

    Man Utd

  7. Anyone considering a Spurs player for Maddison? Next two game weeks

    Dinamo Zagreb.

    1. Yes, I think that’s a no brainer, with Maddison out, bringing back Ben Davies for a couple of weeks. Hope he rises in value and a few points and then replace in a couple of weeks with one more adjustment to maybe get KDB back if he is firing.

      1. Another one to consider is the man coming in from the cold Dele Alli.
        Even if he starts on the bench against Burnley I can see him playing a part and with Spurs having the best fixtures going forward it’s a midfielder playing in Europe for under 3 million.

        Only 6 points separating the top three in my league so seriously considering him as a surprise weapon (which might backfire).

  8. Not sure to swap Maddison for Mahrez or perhaps Rodriguez for this double game week. Mahrez may not start both and he has been so hot and cold. I like Evertons 2 fixtures this gw, the only reason I would opt for him.

    1. I’m going to leave it this week. Use my last transfer to put a plan in place for next week

  9. KDB straight back in with Star man 10 points kinda regretting it now but I wasn’t able to get him back in with my last remaining transfer anyway will have to be next month now. Gundogan hasn’t been great either past couple of matches…

    1. Yep same position as you mate, and there is a good chance Gundogan’s price will drop further if he doesn’t play midweek (another 0 points). Typically he went right off the boil when I put him in.

      Deciding what to do with this last transfer. Worried my 2nd place has Son who could score good next coming matches.

      I was perhaps thinking of going Rashford out for DCL for double gw? Hard decisions.

  10. Had two transfers left yesterday and gambled when I seen Sterling wasn’t starting and put Aguero in… it didn’t pay off!! As a result I dropped out the top 100! Just hope Aguero gets more game time midweek now and Sterling doesn’t punish me!

  11. I had 2 transfers left on Thursday – as i was unable to get KDB in due to a lack of funds, I took a flyer and brought in the highest scoring midfielder (Delli Alli) for the week on the basis he would rise in value and then transferred him back out before he played and brought in KDB.
    Delli Alli went up 0.3m and KDB went down in price. It could easily have back fired and even though I used 2 transfers I thought it was taking a chance. Fortunately it worked out .

    1. That’s some good business. Getting De Bruyne in is going to be a problem for me.

  12. It’s easy to make kneejerk reactions, things could change through the week, but I think Barnes & Schmeichel ‘s place in team has come to an end, beyond the 21st March no games until the 3rd April, so we can be a little bit more forceful with transfer’ s, possibly time to also say goodbye to Salah, 3 games only, Son has 5, time to double up with Kane, plan to use last transfer on Thursday night, Barnes out, Mount in, first two transfers in March, Schmeichel & Salah out, Ederson & Son in, going to be tight budget wise, hopefully doable.

    1. I’m thinking Foden out De Bruyne in tomorrow and then sort the rest out with the fresh tranfers.

  13. The game is cruel I just replaced the injured Maddison then Barnes is injured! Having the patch of bad luck atm with my 2nd place having it all 😐

    1. That is bad luck. Can’t believe Barnes is only worth 3m considering the points he’s scored. Going to be hard to replace

  14. Looking ahead to new set of transfers on Friday, trying to pick out some would be differentials, I guess alot depends on where you are in your mini leagues, come up with, Chelsea defence including Mendy, 4 games, Reguillon, 5 games, Saka, 5 games, anybody see anyone else to throw in the mix.

    1. Well Dave,

      Could Bale be thrown into the mix? Played a decent game Sunday. Did well in Europe on the Thursday. Currently 4.7 His last 4 games he’s picked up 48 pts. That’s hard to ignore!

    2. I’m going to need to do something different I think. Not sure who yet though.

  15. Going to swap Salah for Son, & already have Kane up front, but could appeal to some Mick, especially those europa league games, which he will definately play.

    1. Salah has ownership. He hasn’t done too bad recently. Who’s your other striker Dave?

  16. Pep rotation striking again. Looks like only Ederson, Dias and Kdb are the safe bets in the team atm.

  17. Theirs a real problem with owning Foden at present, thats two games in a row he hasn’t started now, giving him 20-30 mins to come off the bench isn’t going to cut it, the problem is they are battling on 4 fronts, so its inevitable, it’s very tight in my mini league, theirs an argument to make your midfield Bruno, De-bruyne, & Mount, Barnes out is a blow, so maybe a punt on Saka might pay off, while their still in the Europa league, I know like myself Paul has one transfer to use up on Thursday night, perhaps like Baldrick he has a cunning plan.

    1. I’m probably going to swa Foden for De Bruyne tomorrow night. No cunning plan though. More like desperation. Would rather swap Barnes or Wan-Bissaka for him and still got the goalkeeper position to sort out.

  18. Evening men

    I have 2 transfers left and I wondering what your thoughts are on these transfers





    I have 2.3 itb
    The 2 I’m thinking of doing on Thursday are
    Barnes for KDB
    Salah for Son
    Then on Friday
    Rashford for Sterling
    Gundogan/Foden for Mount

    This would leave me with 0.5 itb

    My thoughts are they will all play extra games.
    I believe KDB is a must to get back in.
    Salah only has 3 games and really isn’t doing enough for me. I’m not a fan of having 2 forwards from one club but Spurs have 5/6 games and Son plays most the Europa games.
    Rashford isn’t even playing centre forward anymore and his finishing hasn’t been clinical recently. Sterling is always a threat and it’s about time he has a run in the team.
    Unfortunately to make all this happen, either Gundogan or Foden have to be sacrificed. I have 3.6 left and I can’t get Mount for 3.1. Mount will never set the world on fire but plugs away and has a few games in March.

    I am well ahead in my league but always want to better my team.

    Any suggestions?


    1. I might forget Mount and go for Saka.
      Will use all my budget at 3.6, well hopefully unless price changes go the wrong way for me.
      I wish I put his in when he was 1.7. I did tell the group but didn’t go for himself 🤨

    2. Similar plans but delaying the Salah to Sterling for 1 week as Liverpool play Fulham and Leipzig.

      1. I’ve got the same team as you John apart from AWB instead of Barnes. Annoyingly I’m £0.2m away from being able to straight swap AWB to KDB…

        1. Brad
          I’m 0.5 away from Barnes to KDB
          I feel like I need to make both transfers that I have left.
          KDB has to come in.
          Tempted to put Bale in but not sure.
          Gonna have to have a think about it tonight.
          Any suggestions m8?

        2. I’m just not confident in Rashford now. His not playing centre forward and not even on his favourite left side.
          Who you thinking about?

          1. In honesty I really don’t know yet… kind of perversely hoping one of my remaining players tonight/tomorrow gets injured just to make the decision for me lol!

            As it stands, I may have to just bite the bullet and do a straight swap for either Foden or Gundogan and could just lose the second transfer, or upgrade AWB to a Midfielder.

            Not sure about losing Rashford myself, he can be streaky but long term he still provides value and usually a decent points return.

      2. O Dave. You’ve put a spanner in the works.
        Never thought about that.
        Due to money I can’t get Son in for Rashford. 0.1 short, but I can take a punt on Bale….
        Never Easy 😂

    3. I’d be cautious about taking Rashford out personally. I think at this stage in the season you’d do well to fend off those below you by taking notice of there teams and making sure you don’t make any changes that might give them an opportunity.

  19. just seen the most ridiculous ratings ever
    mahrez gets 6.2 gets assist scores a goal plays
    in my eyes very well. embarrassing get back to proper
    way of scoring people at the match.

    1. Must be a glitch, mahrez or jesus should definitely get the motm points (even though I do own Cancelo). I can see that updating or changing today.

      I did wonder how Cancelo held onto it, after that goal rush.

  20. Got to replace Schmeichel, last keeper change hopefully for season, so have to nail it,
    Lloris, to block my nearest rival 5 games in March.
    Ederson, already have 2 Man city defensive assets, wolves scored recently against them with one shot on target so risky.
    Mendy, 4 games, Kepa getting some gametime, but looking even at April, they have some good fixtures, appreciate people’s thoughts, TIA.

    1. I still think Ederson is the premium keeper to have if you can afford him. Yes they conceded against Wolves but ’twas a great CB diving header from a FK into the far corner… They’ve still been a clean sheet machine on the whole. 3 of their next 4 matches are at home as well and do have 5 games in total during March compared to 3 (Liverpool & Leicester) and 4 (Chelsea). United, Spurs and Arsenal also have 5 but DDG and Lloris face rotation. If you can’t afford Ederson however, Lloris covers your rival so assuming you’re top of your mini league that could be a good block move but he will have 5 fresh transfers to counter that. Leno might also be an option to consider on the basis he faces less rotation than the others but are Arsenal as solid defensively as they were a little while back. If I had to ‘pick n stick’ a GK for March looking at the fixtures it would be Ederson, Lloris or Leno (in that order). There is also a cheeky option to go for Alisson for 1 GW v Fulham and Leipzig both at home, and then switch to one of the other keepers for the following weekend when Liverpool then only have 1 fixture remaining in March and the others have 3! That would require two transfers though on a GK which is very hard to justify unless you have any Feb transfers remaining that is…!?

      1. …..ooh, that`s a slippery slope………..and hoping Liverpool dont concede…… Liverpool not exactly in the best defensive form and have conceded against lesser teams. Also Fulham improving!!!
        Me thinks 2 wasted transgfers.

  21. DTT!! Who are we transferring Barnes out for? I have one transfer left so want to do it tonight before new transfers coming. Stones and go 4-3-3??

  22. Thinking about the next transfers, I only own AWB and man u fixtures get a bit harder the next few games so maybe one to look at changing, to who I currently dont know?

    Also thinking how I will get kdb in my team I may have to change my goalkeeper to perhaps Mendy from Ederson.

    Also striker wise do we think rashford is still a good option going into the trickier fixtures?

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