Review of Game Week 23

Review of Game Week 23

GW Points: 53
Overall Points: 1,513 
Overall Rank: 6,361
Transfers: Sterling out, Traore in
Soyuncu out, Lindelof in (both transfers made at the end of the game week)

Game week 23 was another good week with further progress up the overall leaderboard. The team now sits just outside the top 5,000 and is in decent shape going into February. I decided to use my final January transfers to try and capitalise on people who are going to use all three of their transfers for February straight away. This has allowed me to take out injured players but with a fall back plan to get them in. I’ve taken out Sterling as he’s unlikely to play at the weekend and then City don’t have a fixture the week after – Traore has two. I’ve also gone for Lindelof who is fixture heavy with Man Utd and very cheap. He’s not really a player I wanted and I’m expecting very little from him but this leaves a huge sum in the bank which will allow me to bring back both Mane and Sterling without any problems. I’m hoping this is the bit that catches out other managers – if they don’t have a plan for getting these two back in.


Clean sheet for Patricio, given his value any points are welcome.

Clean sheet for Roberton and Alexander-Arnold.

13 points for Moura. I’ve held onto him for the time being as he’s getting a lot of game time.

18 points for Salah.

Potential Issues:

I can’t see any issues in the team at the moment. I’m obviously not overly happy with Lindelof but he’s simply an enabler for bringing Sterling and Mane back in. I’ll need to address having both Jesus and Aguero at some point but I’d mainly put my progress over the past couple of months down to having both players – as a result I’m not in a huge rush to change them at the moment. Especially given that there aren’t many other strikers worth looking at right now.

Tips for Game Week 24

Looking at this week’s fixtures – I wouldn’t be taking any Man City players out. Not even Sterling just yet. Only City play out of the teams we should be looking at so you’ve got nothing to lose by leaving them in for now. Unless of course you’re using the funds from Sterling to make another transfer. However, I’d imagine this could even wait until game week 25. I’m personally not touching my February transfers as I’m fairly heavy on City players. The problem becomes when they aren’t playing in game week 26 and many teams have a double game week. If Mane returns for Liverpool during that week, I’ll be bringing him in for Mahrez. I’m also going to face the difficult decision about holding onto Jesus or not that week. For me it will depend how Aguero and Jesus get on this weekend and who starts. I can see game week 26 being a difficult one for me but it’s risky taking out players just because of one week.

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32 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 23

  1. Great read as always DTT

    Does anyone know how long Mane is out for?
    Don’t want to move him on but need players that are gonna get game time.

    1. Jan 28: “Sadio will not be involved vs WHU and probably not Southampton. After that, he should be fine. He has a small muscle tear. We were lucky, it was not that serious.”

      Potential Return

        1. Yep, I definitely wouldn’t be (and am not) transferring Mane out now as he could be back v Norwich and even if not he’s got Champions League fixtures coming up as well… Saves two transfers that others have made getting him out and back in as well.

  2. Playing catch up in my mini league, City game cancelled, unless played Tuesday or Wednesday, another opportunity lost to close gap, annoying.

    1. I’m lead to believe the re-scheduled date will NOT fall within City’s two week winter break.

      I’ve also read that UEFA normally don’t allow teams in Europe, to reschedule a domestic league game on the same mid-week that European fixtures take place, no matter if “said team” didn’t have a European tie that week. I do think this is at Uefa’s discretion however so it could be GW 28 in theory…

      If UEFA play hard ball though it would be looking like possibly April for the re-schedule depending on how City progress in the CL.

      Whatever the decision it’s a tough break on those teams that are City heavy right now as their next game isn’t until 22nd Feb.

      From a personal point of view, it’s worked out to my advantage thankfully as I was fully prepared for double digit hauls from those teams above me in my ML. I only have Raz in my team (whom I will swap for Traore most likely before Wolves next play) so this could well be the break I need to really put the pressure on those teams above me with 3/4 City players in their teams.

      I have had quite a bit of bad luck so far this season so I’m gonna take all the good luck I can get! 🍀

    2. Maybe no need to panic after all guys… I’m hearing there’s a chance the re-arrangement could still fall within this GW…..

  3. Raheem Sterling has suffered a grade one hamstring strain, the least severe of its kind, and there is growing certainty the #MCFC forward will be fit to face Real Madrid.

    The recovery time for a grade one hamstring injury is usually up to four weeks.

  4. Cheers Chris good to have you back on board missed your insightful comments, not to mention your help for others, really needed City to play this week & acrue much needed pts, will have to take Jesus out this weekend, Salah essential now, can’t lose any more ground, had a 3 player City advantage last week – 1pt, then City home to West-ham 3 player advantage, match postponed. Lady luck not with me at present.

  5. Schmeichel
    I’ve got 3.5 in bank any advice on how and who to improve on I’m 6th in are league

    1. Think I’d definitely be going something like:


      It’s then a question of if you want to sit on Sterling whilst he’s injured or transfer him out now, only to then have to find a way to get him back later possibly. If you’re looking for a temporary replacement who stands a great chance of price rises over the next few weeks I’d suggest Traore.

      Good Luck Craig! 👍🏻

    2. Rashford & Vardy out for Salah & Aguero? You’d have to take a massive hit on another player I’d imagine to free up the budget but I’d be worried not having either of them.

  6. Looking ahead, one area of concern for my (Liverpool heavy) team is that once the PL title race is won, Klopp will begin to rotate his troops to concentrate in the other competitions. Having said that, I would also expect plenty of rotation from City also as they target the CL. Things to consider anyway…🤔

    If City do progress past Real, one player that interests me is Jesus. He could potentially play most of the “easier” PL games as opposed to the more difficult CL ties that I’d expect Aguero to be the first choice in. I know it’s a dangerous game to second guess Pep but anyone else think he’ll follow this logic?

    1. I think it’s a real possibility. I’m sticking with both Aguero and Jesus for the time being in the hope Aguero gets the CL games and Jesus gets the PL games. It makes sense from an outsiders point of view but you can never second guess Pep.

      Aguero is in my team just to prevent the two above me from reeling in points. Jesus remains in my team to close the gap. If he does start the PL games then he could be the difference in the long term.

    2. I’d put Jesus down as one of the players who has saved my season. I got lucky with his hat trick in the Champions League and I’ve been looking for an excuse to get rid of him since but he keeps picking up the points. I’m struggling to justify taking him out at the moment.

      1. Yep, he’ only going to get more and more game time moving forwards you’d think as well as Aguero’s edges closer to the Autumn of his career.

        One I’ll be looking at for next season too.

  7. After chatting with RR via Twitter a few weeks ago, he came up with an idea of challenging each other for next season to pick a team that doesn’t include players from the top teams (to make life easier let’s say those involved in Europe). I then began to think what a good idea this could be to set up a little mini-league amongst those interested using this forum (and maybe a few guys from the Twitter world?) Could even have a small entrance fee to add a bit of spice and it doesn’t negate the communal feeling that this forum creates, with us having to choose the lesser popular players for thy is particular ML?

    Anyway, as a rough draft I’d propose:

    -No players from the teams involved in Europe (for the entire season!)
    -A maximum of 2 players from one particular team.

    We could easily keep track of transfers (using FFStuff) to make sure those front runners don’t break the rules.

    Anyway, let’s gauge the interest level on here and I might put out a Tweet to see if I can drum up some interest there too.

    Would add another layer to the game imo and we can still all share our thoughts here about our main teams.

    Let me know your thoughts guys…

    1. There would of course be the stumbling block of if a player OUTSIDE of those teams involved in Europe was transferred to one of the big teams (involved in Europe) during the season. We’d have to come up with a solution/rule for that eventuality…

      1. Nice one Paul, getting some interest in the Twittersphere too. Once I think there is enough interest to warrant moving forward with it, I’ll draft out some rules/T’s & C’s and we can pick them apart and make the necessary alterations.

  8. I see Chelsea have agreed a (bargain) fee for Ziyech from Ajax. Brilliant signing by Lamps and one to look out for in next season’s Dream Team. 😎🤔

  9. Decided to go ahead with the following changes, given February is a short month and we will have access to the March transfer relatively soon:

    Switched from 3-4-3 to 4-3-3

    Sterling –> Traore
    Ali –> Lindeof
    Son –> Salah

    This brings me in line with DT’s team, allowing me to transfer Sterling back into the team for Robertson who is the lowest scoring of the three Liverpool block.

    Other reasons for my decision:
    Salah seems to have hit some good form and has important games ahead, I can see him outscoring Son in the long term. Happy to stick with him until season end unless an injury occurs.

    Ali had to be replaced, not because I can’t see him scoring points, but because he can be fairly inconsistent. Traore is cheaper and a guaranteed starter and judging by his season so far, he is on form and scoring well.

    Lindeoff was brought in purely so that I had the funds to get Sterling back in. It was a trade-off but one that makes sense since the two people above me do not have Mane but both have Sterling. My bet is they will transfer Sterling out for Mane and will be unable to bring Sterling back in. This could be a good move once he gets involved in the CL games.

    I decided to keep both Jesus and Aguero because the two people above me have Aguero but not Jesus. Jesus can be a bit of a double edged sword. He might not get game time but he’s always lurking in Pepes’ plans. My hope is that he is played more often in the remaining PL games (some against what you would consider fairly easy competition) and he’ll save Aguero for the CL games. We could even see them playing together as they did a few weeks back. I did consider Firmino but there are too many other goal scorers in the Liverpool team, especially when Mane returns.

    Overall I am fairly happy with my team. The weaknesses are clearly Lindeoff and Patricio but given Man United have grabbed a few clean sheets recently and they no longer appear to be leaking goals, I can see him getting the odd 5-7 points a game. He should be a regular starter imo. As for Patricio, he’s doing ok for the price and given most of the keepers are scoring fairly low this season, the only person I would want to replace him with is Alison but unfortunatly he is out of my price range.

    I’m 46 points behind top. I’m hoping Jesus/ Mane and eventually Sterling can close the gap.

    All the best,

    1. Anyone think I should wait with the Salah and Lindelof move? Perhaps to give Ali and Son a chance against Villa, Leipzig and Chelsea?

      Hmmmm. Decisions…

      1. I’d be wary of not owning Salah right now tbh. I have enjoyed owning both Son and Moura over recent weeks so I’ll be keeping them for now, but I’ve ditched Vardy for Salah which was a bit more of an easier choice.

    2. Looks like sound logic to me. Man Utd and Wolves also benefit from having some good early Europa League fixtures in February. Despite Patricio and Lindelof being cheap and fairly weak links if they don’t pick up a negative balance I’ll be fairly happy.

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