Review of Game Week 23

Review of Game Week 23

GW Points: 107
Overall Points: 1402
Overall Rank: 42,743
Transfers: De Bruyne out, Sterling in (after the game week had finished)
Jota out, Salah In (after the game week had finished)

Overall, I’m very happy with how the game week went. 107 points for the team resulted in a decent jump on the leaderboard. Obviously, in any normal season, I wouldn’t be happy being sat at 42,000th, however, given the position I was in a few months ago the team definitely appears to be going in the right direction. It will almost certainly be too late to match my record of finishing around the 1,000th mark for the past two seasons but I’m hoping to finish as high as possible. I’ll cover the individual player performances below but I think B. Silva is worth a special mention – many were moving him on after a period of very few points but it just shows that having patience does sometimes pay off. I also felt forced into using my final two transfers last night, Jota appears to be injured and was due to drop in value so it made sense to take him out. The past game week felt very uncomfortable without Salah so I had to get him in as a priority. The only way to do this was to make a sideways move from De Bruyne to Sterling (who was also certain to rise in value). I’m riding my luck here slightly, as we’ve got plenty of fixtures before the end of the month but I need to be fairly proactive with my transfers to try and gain further ground on the leaderboard. 


Delighted with 17 points for Dias and 20 points for Robertson. Also happy with 8 for Matip and 8 for Cancelo. The backline double up with City and Liverpool players has worked well so far. 

De Gea picked up 8 points, can’t ask for too much more than that given Man Utd’s form.

B. Silva contributed 18 points after a few flat weeks. Delighted with that as many probably took him out.

Another 15 points for Bowen, he’s been a great pick since putting him in.

8 points were better than nothing from Ronaldo but not enough given his value

Potential issues

I can only see two problems in my team currently. Maddison hasn’t contributed many points recently and is an injury concern. Ronaldo is also a high ticket price player who isn’t scoring enough points at the moment. Either way, I’m out of transfers so I’ve got two weeks to monitor this situation. 

Tips for Game Week 24

I’m personally out of transfers, but as you’ve read above, I decided to bring in Salah and Sterling for the week ahead. My team is now a fairly strong split of Liverpool and Man City players. This has worked well for me over the past few weeks. If you’re looking for short terms gains, I’d favour looking at Liverpool players this week as they face Norwich and Leeds – whereas Man City only play once against Spurs. If you can’t afford Salah, Mane stands out as an underpriced player at Liverpool. Having said that, it’s probably because he’s yet to hit 100 points this season and that would need to drastically improve for me to consider him. Chelsea players also need to be considered again, as they are back in action with two decent fixtures for the week ahead. Spurs, Leicester and Man Utd also have a double game week so the likes of Kane could be considered again. As always, check out the fixtures for yourself below:

6 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 23

  1. That’s why I wanted Mendy in, clean sheet straight away, will have to wait till March transfer allocation, had to replace Jota with last transfer, went for Lukaku as he scored twice at the world club mini tournament, made 7 touches of the ball against palace in the whole game, what an embarrassment, you don’t get much for 97 million quid these days, favourable champions League game midweek, but I’m not hopeful, great fixtures in March so not wasting another transfer, he’ll get dropped by tuchel again, if he doesn’t step up, well done Chris if you put Sancho in smart move, if Diaz proves he’s a regular for Liverpool, he’ll be transferred in for Maddison, losing patience with him, has a good fixture midweek if he plays.

    1. Lukaku certainly hasn’t lived up to his early promise this season. Not sure what’s going on there tbh.

      I did put Sancho in but I’m not gonna pretend like it was some master stroke, genius idea. It was a punt, it’s paid off, happy days. Rising up the rankings quite nicely now and just sitting outside the top 5k. Just wish I could get off to a good start one season for once. I seem to start crap and then find my feet with a few gambles that pay off.

      Antonio has to come out for me next, not sure who for if I’m being honest though. Could go 4-4-2 and bring a defender in maybe? Annoyingly just £0.1 off being able to afford the likes of Matip though.

      1. to be honest criss I think other players
        are deliberately ignoring him when he is in a good position
        it looks so obvious.
        said this weeks ago they have not forgiven him.

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