Review of Game Week 24

Review of Game Week 24

GW Points: 69
Overall Points: 1635
Overall Rank: 2,962
Transfers: None used

After a really positive game week last time around, this week didn’t really live up to expectations. Fortunately I’ve only dropped slightly on the overall leaderboard and still remain in a respectable position. However I was hoping for a little more than respectable from the season. I know there’s split opinions on luck and I’ve not mentioned it much this season, however I felt a little unfortunate this week. One player that can really make a difference for me is Aubameyang and I’d targeted him for having a decent game week. Unfortunately he was ill at the weekend and was then benched last night. I’d expected him to be benched for the Europa League but considering he missed the Huddersfield fixture I thought there was a chance he might start in the Europa League. Also Lindelof appeared to be rested for the clean sheet against Fulham and then played for minus points against PSG. I felt both events were slightly unfortunate.


Another hat trick from Aguero.

A couple of goals and a star man award for Sterling.

A goal and star man for Salah.

Clean sheets for Laporte and Robertson.

Potential Issues:

Chelsea’s form is a big concern. Kepa getting -5 across the week was a big blow. I’d expect much more from a premium keeper. A clean sheet in the Europa League would have helped massively but I’m now considering swapping him for Ederson. This is still a tough decision considering Kepa appears to be first choice for the Europa League fixtures and City haven’t really been fantastic from a clean sheet point of view.

Sane being benched again is another potential issue. Given Mane’s recent form and the price difference, I may just switch back to him when Liverpool’s fixtures kick back in.

Tips for Game Week 25

Looking ahead to game week 25, firstly I’d avoid bringing in any Spurs players for the time being as they don’t play during the game week. The main teams I’d be looking at are Man City and Chelsea, who both have a double game week with FA cup fixtures at the weekend and then European ties midweek. Liverpool have no fixture at the weekend and then a tough game against Bayern in the Champions League, whereas Man Utd face Chelsea in the FA Cup. Arsenal have no fixture at the weekend and then a must win game against BATE in the Europa League. The obvious players to look out for are the regulars in City’s team who start against Newport, who then might face Schalke in the week, however I can’t see many of these playing.

From my own personal point of view, if Ederson starts against Newport then I’ll be bringing him in. If he doesn’t I’m tempted to hold onto Kepa for now – he should almost certainly get two games this week. I think it would be equally as likely that either one of them will pick up a clean sheet if Kepa gets two games and Ederson only gets one so I won’t be making the change if Ederson isn’t playing against Newport. With regards to Sane, I really hope he starts against Newport – if he doesn’t I’m not sure I see him starting against Schalke either so it will be a bit of a dilemma. Mane is the player I’d ideally want to transfer in but with Liverpool only playing Bayern this week, I don’t think it’s the right time to make this change. I’m hoping in the short term that Sane gets enough game time this week to justify keeping him for now but I’ll be keeping a close eye on the City line up.

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34 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 24

  1. When talking about City’s line up for Saturday, wont the transfer have to be done tonight as Watford play.

  2. Nice work DTT.

    I’m with you on Sane. I’ve been a bit frustrated with him being benched the last couple of weeks.

    My main issue at the moment is still Pogba. He is owned by 6 chasers and although Utd’s fixtures are now tough, if he scores a pen, WhoScored will give him star man!!..

    Interesting to see that your overall position is 2962!! I am only 15 points behind you and my position is 4350!!

    Personally, I’m amazed that I’m having a pretty crap season, some 290 points off the overall leader and yet, still winning my ML!??!…. At least I’m not the only one having a poor season!!. 🙂

    1. I literally have know idea what’s classed as a good standing and what isn’t. I’ve set the goal of top 1000 this season so I’ll be happy if I can achieve that. How many teams are there even in the thing? I’d imagine there are a few ‘ghost’ teams by now.

      1. I believe there’s over a million teams – as you say loads no longer being updated. However if you look at it statistically – being in the top 1% of teams would mean a top 10,000 finish. Being in the top 1,000 is within the top 0.1% of teams. Being within the top 100 is the top 0.01%. I guess the point I’m making is anything above 10,000 isn’t bad however there’s probably going to be a few people who do better in your mini league. For me anything within the top 2,000-3,000 is a good season. Anything within the top 1,000 would be an unbelievable season (which I’ve only achieved once – out of only 3 attempts I’d add).

    2. It’s interesting to see how tightly packed the teams are. One slip and I could be right down the leaderboard by the sounds of it. What would you class as a good season?

  3. Great review as always DTT.

    Although Kepa had a mare, the trade off for you was that it was to the benefit of Aguero and Sterling so ultimately was a decent result for your team as a whole. I agree though about being wary of the fixtures ahead for him, although they do come thick and fast so plenty of game time I’d suspect? Maybe they can tighten up a little? If only they’d play Kante where he should play then it would be a whole different ball game.

    As for Sane, surely he’ll start against Newport so I’d certainly be holding if so.

    I’d also be a little concerned about Lindelöf. I can see clean sheets being difficult to come by over the next few weeks with very tough fixtures. United still concede quite a few chances and against stiffer opposition I can see them becoming unstuck. The injuries to Lindgard and Martial could heap extra pressure on that back line as Sanchez certainly doesn’t look up to it at present as a Martial replacement. It also wouldn’t surprise me to see Rashford move wide to accommodate Lukaku. This was one of the reasons for me moving him on for Aubameyang. It’s certainly a test for OGS now that the honeymoon period is over. Ive been impressed with his tactical nouse recently though so maybe he can negotiate this difficult run? Good luck with your decisions mate! 👍🏻

    1. Yeah it’s a tough one all around. I’m fairly happy with Lindelof given his value as I think it would be hard to replace him. Really hope Sane gets game time today and if Ederson starts it makes my decision easy – he comes in.

  4. I am in 1480th place lol. I did the Kepa to Ederson last night to capatilise on the extra 300k , I have had enough of the chelsea defending fiasco , even with the 2 games this week. Leaves me £2.7 mill and 1 transfer left – undecided on last transfer , all depends on Kane and how quickly he returns but feel I have enough of a spread over this week to cover most teams;



    B Silva


    Keeping close eye on Pogba and lindelof as martial and lingard missing could have impact on both ends for Man Utd so either of those could go before the end of feb for Sterling or VVD (if he continues to fall in value)

    Great review as always and some interesting points of view as always – keep it up

    1. I should have really made the same transfer but wasn’t sure Ederson would play today. Your team looks solid, can’t imagine you’ll want to use that last transfer this weekend? I don’t think I’d change much.

  5. Hi guys love reading all your opinions
    I’ve got 1 transfer left and 1.2 million to play with
    Dav sanc

    Any ideas guys I’m up to fourth in my league now

    1. I’d probably leave it as it is until after the League Cup final and then switch Mahrez out. I can see him getting some minutes over the next couple of weeks but maybe not so much beyond that. I guess you’re priced out of Hazard so I’d probably be looking at Sane if his playing time increases again. Mane is another good option currently especially if Liverpool look likely to progress in the CL. Pogba’s fixtures are getting tough, but by the time the LC final is over maybe Martial and Lindgard will be close to returning so Pogba could be a good option again. GL mate.

  6. Dtt so just to summarise the plan for us still following you (one of my teams that’s winning my mini league (just) is :
    See line up for Man City v burton , if Ederson starting he’s in. If he’s not keep Kepa.

    And that’s the only change ? (Unless you have a brain wave this afternoon)

  7. Good analysis as always DTT

    My current team:
    Rashford **

    Two transfers left and about £3.3m ITB from top of my head.

    Almost certain I’ll swap Rashford for Auba, although a tiny bit of me is tempted to swap him for Jesus instead, depending on the lineup today.

    Most likely will swap with Auba but would be interested in people’s thoughts.

    No plans for my third transfer yet, may be used to free funds for Kane for March, or replace Sane if his game time is still reduced.

    1. What will you do if Sane doesn’t start today? I’m in the same situation, I’d hope that he might start against Schalke with a point to prove if he’s not playing today.

      1. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t start today and really don’t want to use all my transfers, so may leave on with hope that he stays against Schalke.

        In terms of replacing him, KDB and Mane would be my targets but neither would free up much cash for Kane.

  8. Hi all,

    If anyone has 3 transfers left, are you tempted by a short term move to being Jesus in for the Newport game if he’s starting?

    With regards to Sane, it’s a tough one. I own and want to get rid soon, think it will be after this week if he starts vs Newport. If he doesn’t and KDB starts I will make that the move.

    Have a good weekend all

    1. I think if you have 2/3 transfers left he could be worth the punt. I didn’t have that luxury though so had to go for Auba with my last transfer. Decent opportunity for Jesus to score some big points today along with the likes of Sane and Mahrez I’d imagine. I can’t see too much gametime for Jesus beyond this weekend though as we get into the business end of the season.

  9. Still have 3 transfer for the month and current have the same team as DTT.

    If Ederson starts, I’m going to make the swap from Kepa.

    Hoping Sane starts so I will keep him.

    Then thinking of taking a punt on Jesus, just for this week, but who for, Salah or Auba? On paper Liverpool have the tougher fixture in the week…


    1. I was just thinking the same but then realised both Salah and Aubameyang could potentially play during the week – so I’ve decided not to bother.

    2. I’m in a similar boat. Dropping Rashford from my team for Auba, but now half tempted to opt for Jesus just for Newport.

      Half an hour to decide whether I think Jesus will outscore Auba, the stress! 😂

      1. Gone for it. Rashford out, Jesus in. Apologies for everybody else who has transferred him in, it’ll be my fault for his inevitable blank now 😂

  10. Used my last sub swapping Alisson for Edison.

    City had Newport and the extra fixture and Liverpool have two tough fixtures.

    Needless to say I was over the moon with that late Newport goal!! 😂😂

    1. And you know Liverpool will now pick up two clean sheets don’t you? 😂😉

      Would have picked up a bonus 5 points for Laporte coming on too! Hopefully City won’t get into that habit of winning games but letting that odd goal in again as they were earlier on in the season.

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