Review of Game Week 24

Review of Game Week 24

GW Points: 97
Overall Points: 1,830
Overall Rank: 1,180
Transfers: Barnes out, Moura in
Wan-Bissaka out, Robertson in

Overall I’m happy with the performance of the team over the past game week. However, I do feel like it should have performed slightly better. Moura coming in based on fixtures wasn’t a bad move but he only picked up 3 points. Far from ideal. Even worse, was Robertson in replace of Wan-Bissaka. This move actually cost me a few points and a transfer. In an ideal world this would have been a 16 point swing in the favour of Robertson, and Liverpool ought to have kept a clean sheet against Fulham but it wasn’t to be. As I say overall I’m happy with the team, I’m closing back in on the top 1,000 which is a relief after a number of weeks declining on the leaderboard. As it’s a fairly short month, I plan to make some changes this weekend which will probably involve Salah and Robertson coming out, as the Wolves fixture is their last of the month. 


A massive week for Kane with 40 points. Not sure how anyone can justify not having him. 

8 points from Robertson is better than thing but I’d hoped for more.

7 points for Maguire.

16 points for De Bruyne was a welcome return, considering I’d made an effort to get him back in.

Another 13 points for Fernandes is almost irrelevant due to his high ownership.

Good to see positive points for Salah and Rashford rather than a complete blank.

Potential Issues:

Schmeichel needs to come out, but I’ll hold for the time being due to Leicester playing Sheff Utd this weekend.

As mentioned above, Liverpool only have one more fixture this month. Most teams have three. As a result, Salah and Robertson need to come out for me.

Moura hasn’t made a good start but I’ll give him until the end of month.

Rashford is a player I’d wanted to keep, but he appears to have picked up a small injury. Ideally he’s OK for the weekend but if he’s not I may need to consider taking him out.

Tips for Game Week 25

My main advice for game week 25 is to look at your Liverpool players. They’ve only got 1 game left before the end of the month, whereas some others have three. There’s a risk that some of them may score well against Wolves but I personally like to play the odds. If I can bring in a player that has three games rather than one then I’m inclined to do it. As a result, I’ll be taking Salah and Robertson out. I’m likely to bring in Son and someone like Foden or Mahrez. 

As always, I’d suggest studying the fixtures for the rest of the season before making and changes. The link is below:

41 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 24

  1. Nice one Paul and good luck with the moves… they make sense to me! I’m rolling the dice and going Salah to Bale to try and capitalise on him coming into form and Son not being where he should be. Son is the safer pick and faces less rotation but I have nothing to lose… well ahead on my main cash ML and 396th overall so why not! I also did Rashford to Aubamayang as well last week which put me up on points and no injury concern heading into the weekend.

    1. Thanks Brad. I did consider Bale as well. He seems to have hit some form. He’s a bit more risky than Son though. Aubameyang is also someone I looked at – had he been in his usual form but you just never know when he’s going to score next at the moment. Better option than Rashford at the moment though if he’s not playing.

  2. Great write up as usual Paul. I’ve followed your team closely this season with a few tweaks along the way. Currently leading my work dream team by 84 points and in 595th place in the main game. Team is currently
    Schmichael, Dias,Cancelo,Azpi,
    Mount,Moura,De Bruyne,Fernandes,
    Rashford,Kane and Salah.
    Havertz started in front of Mount last week which will need looked at this weekend. For me Mount has been one of the stand out players this season for Chelsea so hoping he was just resting him. Would you consider Bale for Salah? Seen of a few of the guys on here considering they move.

    1. Thanks Stewart. You’ve obviously made some better choices than I did 😂 I probably should have stuck with Mount for longer to be honest, he’s been decent all season. I did consider Bale but think he’s a bit riskier than Son.

  3. Have you considered abraham or Werner in for Salah? Chelsea have a few good games coming up

    1. I did, but I just don’t know what to expect with him. He just doesn’t seem to have got going and hasn’t done me any damage since I took him out. Tricky one though as he could come good.

  4. I’m very tempted to go for the spurs triple up. The only other striker I would probably pick is jesus or Auba? Not got a urge to go with Werner at this current time.

    1. I’m thinking of doing this same move, the three Spurs attackers. Not many other strikers on form or hitting big points. Bringing Bale is a risk, but saves money and if you’ve got a couple or more transfers worth taking IMO.

    2. If Rashford is out, I did consider Kane, Bale and Son just for two weeks as well. But not sure I’m brave enough in case they had a few poor results.

      1. The trouble with Rashford is, by the time United play and we can see the line ups, pretty much everyone else will have already played.

        Ole still hopeful of him being fit so really tricky one.

        1. Yeah I thought the same. A senisble move for me could be Rashford, Salah and Robertson out. Sterling, Son and Mahrez/Son in. It would use all my transfers though.

  5. I like them moves mate. You’d like to think you’ll be better off points wise by the end of the month.

    I moved Salah to Bale before the price changes and ended up being 0.2m down ha ha. Bad Price prediction there.

    I can see Rashford doing well against Milan next week which is also making it harder. I guess i’ll have a look at the City line up and see who’s playing. I’ve not owned Sterling all season and still doing well, perhaps this is his time?

  6. Excellent DTT, always the highlight of week for DT seeing the weekly review and everyone else’s thoughts!

    Current team is as follows and 134th overall
    Maguire, Cancelo, Dias
    Alli (gamble this week that failed miserably), Bruno, Foden, KDB
    Kane, Son, Rashford.

    Need to shift Alli and thinking of moving on Rashford because of his injury. I don’t think he’ll play at the weekend but might be available for Milan. Im thinking Mahrez in for Alli and Sterling back in again for Rashford? Its a gamble because of Pep roulette!! My other thoughts would be go for a chelsea defenders and go 4-4-2. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Nice work Joe! Alli to Mahrez sound good and Rashford could become Stirling, Jesus or Aubamayang, or Chelsea defender as you say but could face rotation plus tough game v A. Madrid.

      1. Cheers Brad. I already have Foden and KDB in midfield and just worries me having so many City players with Pep’s rotation. We’re just so limited on decent midfield options this year! Aubamayang isn’t a bad shout, always been a massive points scorer over the years!

    2. I’d agree and I’m looking at similar moves. I think Sterling makes sense for Rashford with him being potentially injured. Agree that Alli needs to come out as well – Mahrez could be a good option. Depends who is starting for City

  7. Definitely taking Salah out myself I can afford Sterling do you think he would be a better option than Aubameyang?

  8. Latest report suggests Rashford will miss weekend, but more positive about Milan game, fallen 17 pts behind leader in my cash mini league, if Foden doesn’t start against Fulham, that would be 1 start in 5, looks like Gundogan, De bruyne will start most games, Mahrez flavour of the month at moment, Arsenal & Spurs europa league games 2nd legs not dead rubbers, so should be strong lineups, need to optimise gametime this month, maybe use 2 transfers this weekend, if Foden & Rashford don’t start, hopefully get some confirmation early Sunday about Rashford, last transfer set up Azpilcueto for start of April.

    1. I’m not sure what to do with Rashford myself. I’m leaning towards using three transfers today and getting Salah, Robertson and Rashford out for Sterling, Son and Mahrez/Foden

  9. Cheers Paul 👍🏻

    You had a pretty decent eeek. 97 pts is not to be sniffed at! I used one transfer last week. I dropped Foden for Mahrez. Delighted with the return. Very tempted to bring Bale in, but if Tottenham hit a brick wall. You’re screwed. I’ve had both Kane and Son for a a while now. One week they both blanked. So it is very risky. Aubameyang always hits form in the last quarter of the season. For the last few years he has anyway. Might not be a bad shout. Sterling for Salah is a straight swap. Bargain that. That’s what I’m doing this week.

    Is everyone considering bringing Salah back in April?

    1. Yeah I’d only have Kane and Son for a short time. Probably until the end of the month. I’ll probably want Salah back in. I’m considering Rashford, Salah and Robertson out for Son, Sterling and Mahrez or Foden this weekend. Wouldn’t leave any transfers left though.

  10. Anyone who wants to free up some funds I would highlight Christensen as T. Silva got another injury to the build up to Leeds game. So could potentially get starts for both matches this gw.

      1. I brought Christensen when he was 2.2m as a replacement for Barnes as part of my last February transfer (this is what I wrote last Friday on him) :
        – He passed the eye test for me. I watched the Liverpool-Chelsea game and was very impressed with his performance. Carragher on Sky Sports said it was outstanding and I have to agree with him. He plays well in a back three as opposed to a back four. He has adapted the role well as a sweeper, getting rid of the through balls to strikers, picking up extra attackers and making goal saving tackles, blocks and interceptions. He has pace, good concentration and heading ability.
        – He has been highly rated in the past and present by his managers who have adopted the back three as their formation. Former Chelsea manager Conte in 2018 said Christensen has great maturity and he has a lot of trust in him and is captain material. Current manager Tuchel said this after the Liverpool game “He’s brave, strong in individual challenges, brave and intelligent in the build-up and plays with a lot of confidence. I am absolutely happy with his performances and how he’s stepped up. He’s been a big part of our performances.” Not a forgone conclusion now that Thiago Silva will get his spot back when he returns from injury.
        – I had a lot more confidence in the playing time of Christensen than I had with Alonso and Alderweireld plus being cheaper at 2.2m, it allowed me to more flexible in my forward strategy. It allows me to swap either Maguire or Foden for KdB this weekend, I could only do Maguire to KdB before. Christensen might not a long term pick for me but I felt he was the right piece from the chessboard as most of my funds are tied up in Salah and Sterling at the moment which will be freed soon as I swap one or both for cheaper replacements. So might be one or two million left in the bank.

        Now he looks like an essential part of the Chelsea back three so happy to keep him for the long term. Christensen might be 3.1 at the end of the week so a tidy sum made if I decide to sell.

        1. Lovely analysis RR, it also makes me feel better knowing i recognized these traits lol. He’s definitely someone on my radar, if i switch from my City block which I have held for this week, he is the top of the list with Azpilicueta, who hasn’t missed a game since Tuschel took over.

  11. Wish we could go to a 3-5-2 formation, fancy Havertz today. Could have been a potential switch from Rashford.

    1. I’ve just transferred Havertz in, he was impressive in that false 9 position last time out🤞! Rashford out for Sterling as well!

  12. Pep roulette strikes again, foden, mahrez, kdb and sterling not even in the squad!
    Champions league game heavy in mind.

  13. Look at the City lineup, who could of predicted that, think I’ll sit tight & wait on Rashford news tomorrow.

  14. I got sterling and rashford .. should i take any of these 2 out before city game?

    2 transfers remaining

  15. I’m hoping we get the news early on Rashford, if he doesn’t play I’m tempted by Aubamayang, but now looking at the 2nd leg against Olympiacos three one up at home, I think they knocked Arsenal out last season, but that’s a tall order, will he START that game.

  16. Maybe keep Salah for this week. The pool will have had a good rest come Monday. Let’s pray 🙏 Sterling don’t bang in a trick Tuesday night! Maybe we could take a punt on Bale 👀

  17. Might have to have a rethink on taking Cancelo out for Azpilcueto next week after a 15pt haul tonight, definately want a Chelsea defensive asset for April, may go Ederson to Mendy, just wish Cancelo would play every game, he may be back on the bench in mid week, that’s Man City’s first cleansheet in 5, thank goodness for that.

  18. 15 minutes until Leicester kick off, anyone fancying Rashford to Vardy? Normally always scores Vs Sheff Utd.

  19. Decision time approaching, let’s bear in mind mid week European games & next weeks fa cup quarter finals, which is the last set of fixtures before the International break, which players get the most gametime, thinking Rashford will not play today.

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