Review of Game Week 24

Review of Game Week 24

GW Points: 41
Overall Points: 1,321
Overall Rank: 2,542
Transfers: Coutinho Out, Pogba In

Game week 24 was another average week for my team. I gained some good points in areas discussed below but also didn’t pick up enough points to impact on my overall rank. I thought it was the right time to make a transfer, so I removed Coutinho and bought in Pogba with fingers crossed that Pogba will feature in the additional upcoming Europa League games. Liverpool also had what I thought was a difficult fixture against Tottenham, luckily Mane grabbed the goals and star man award.


Clean sheet for Everton resulted in 13 points split between Coleman and Williams. This was a great result as I try not to double up on defenders in the same team – I prefer to spread my risk. I’ve also noticed Coleman’s value has now risen to 5.4m. This could potentially allow me to transfer him out for a Chelsea defender such as Azpilicueta who is only 5.7m. This is a change I’d like to make however I’m not sure when I’ll have enough transfers to justify it.

Sanchez scoring twice and picking up star man bagged 17 points. However Arsenal only have a tough fixture at Bayern and an FA cup tie for the rest of February so despite Sanchez’s fantastic form I may still transfer him out temporarily.

I didn’t want to rush into a transfer until I’d seen the Europa League starting line ups for Man Utd and Tottenham. However I couldn’t see Coutinho picking up any points against Tottenham and I could see Pogba picking up points against Watford. As a result I made the transfer early and it paid off with Pogba picking up 8 points.

With Chelsea playing earlier today it was a concern they could get a result at Burnley. If they kept a clean sheet or Hazard or Costa scored I could have potentially slipped further down the overall rankings. Although Hazard got star man luckily they didn’t keep a clean sheet.

Potential Issues:

Once again Shaw didn’t feature for Man Utd. My other transfer target is Bailly – who picked up 8 points. Unfortunately I didn’t make this transfer so lost out. However with 2 Europa League fixtures and an FA cup tie coming up for Man Utd I’m hoping Shaw will start all 3. If he’s not starting on Thursday and Bailly is, I’m likely to make the transfer then.

Tottenham seemed to be in poor form when it comes to picking up points for my team. They failed to get on the score sheet against Liverpool and it seems like a few weeks since either Kane or Eriksen picked up 10+ points in a game week. I’ve stuck with them due to the Europa League games coming up – however I’ve got a feeling they may not feature.

Tips for Game Week 25

I’m hoping the next couple of game weeks is where my team selection will pay off. Both Man Utd and Tottenham have 4 games each until the end of February. To gain an advantage it’s vital to look at upcoming fixtures for the next few weeks.

Man Utd (4 games)
Tottenham (4 games)
Man City (3 games)
Arsenal (2 games)
Chelsea (2 games)
Liverpool (1 game)

Focusing on Man Utd, Tottenham and Man City players seems like the obvious move. However with a mixture of European, FA cup and Premier League fixtures for all teams, squad rotation could be a huge issue. My plan is to check starting line ups in this week’s Europa League games. I’ll also be keeping a close eye on who starts up front for Man City tomorrow night. If Jesus starts – it could be a tempting move to bring him in to replace Sanchez. However I’d question if he will also start in the Champions League and FA cup fixture. It’s also worth noting that Liverpool do not have any fixtures over the next 2 game weeks.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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