Review of Game Week 25

Review of Game Week 25

GW Points: 62
Overall Points: 1,575 
Overall Rank: 5,887
Transfers: Mahrez out, Mane in

Game week 25 was another positive step in the right direction – albeit only a small one with a slight increase in position on the leaderboard. At the same time it was a bit disappointing as the week could have been much better. Lindelof really should have picked up probably 8 points against Chelsea as he missed the fixture only through illness. He then played in the Europa League, where Man Utd conceded a needless goal. That felt like 8 missed points to me. I also thought Mane was unfortunate not to get 8 points when he came on at the weekend and scored the winner. He was set to achieve this until a late yellow card dropped him down to 4 points. It was also disappointing to see Jesus and Aguero start but neither of them got on the score sheet against West Ham. All in all I can’t complain about rising on the leaderboard but I’d hoped for a bit more out of the game week.


Patricio was my highest scoring player of the week with 16 points. I don’t really understand why his value is so low as he’s picked up a decent amount of points compared to most keepers this season.

De Bruyne grabbed 15 points.

Robertson and Alexander-Arnold got 8 points each with a clean sheet in the Premier League.

Potential Issues:

Moura is becoming a problem for me. Fortunately I’ve got the funds to bring Sterling back in but Moura has been really disappointing. He’s a player who was capable of scoring a hat trick against Ajax in the Champions League last season and has had plenty of game time since I put him in but has failed to deliver enough.

It was frustrating to see Traore benched at the weekend and then withdrawn after around 60 minutes in the Europa League. It looked to me like he was on for star man had he stayed on the pitch and may have even grabbed a goal himself. I’m hoping this isn’t a trend that is going to continue but for the time being I’ll stick with him.

Aguero and Jesus only picked up 6 points between them but I’m fairly happy to hold onto them for the time being. Especially with an FA Cup tie against Sheffield Wednesday coming up before the end of February.

Tips for Game Week 26

For me, game week 26 is a case of monitoring if Sterling is likely to be back from injury. Man City have two fixtures and Spurs only have one so I’ll be looking to move Moura on if Sterling looks likely to make a return. Other than that, I can’t see me making any transfers as I’m fairly happy with my team. With Son picking up an injury I’d imagine some people will be looking to replace him – the only strikers I’d be looking at (other than the ones I currently own) would be Jimenez or Martial. They’ve both got a double game week coming up and I think the Europa League could be a good source of points during the early knockout rounds. My only concern with Jimenez would be that he might get rested given Wolves have such a big lead going into the second leg.

On a side note – is there anyone still reading who is in the running for winning the mini league set up as part of this blog? It would be great to hear from some of those who are still chasing the top spot.

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30 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 25

  1. Nice one DTT, I too was disappointed with Jesus especially who could have scored 3 but at least we didn’t own Son right so swings and roundabouts! Also I’m happy holding both Aguero and Jesus noting their upcoming fixtures and seeing them start together more is nice! Pickford back to Patricio paid off for me straight away and freed up £0.4m in the process! Pep has confirmed Stirling will play no part tomorrow so coming straight back in away to Real is also a big ask for a haul so I’d stick with Moura mate as whilst he hasn’t really delivered yet, I think he’ll play a bit further forward with Son now out and could assist our progress.

    1. Yeah I hadn’t realised Sterling wasn’t going to feature at all over the weekend. If he doesn’t even make the bench I can’t see me bringing him in.

  2. Hey Dtt great post,
    I forgot to do the mane mahrez sub last weekend and was wondwring whether you think i should keep mahrez for the double fixture this week or just change anyway? Thanks

  3. It’s a risk – could go either way. You can guarantee whichever you do, the other player will score more points. It’s impossible to call really – Mahrez could have two fixtures but Mane might score more in one fixture.

  4. Hi DTT I have firminho at the mo do you think stick or transfer for himanez /aubangy/jesus/martial or vardy ?I’m in cup match tomorrow he has vardy

      1. Abraham could be a good choice when he comes back into contention as it should coincide fairly equally with the returns of Pulisic, CHO and RLC. Some good quality there to provide the ammo for him.

        Wolves also look good so you can’t discount Jimenez. He doesn’t seem to be a WhoScored favourite though. He’s only had one Star Man so far this season believe it or not! Traore seems to attract them simply for breathing. 😂

  5. Hi guys need some help
    Need to transfer R james out but unsure who to
    My team
    R james

    2.5 itb

    1. I guess a lot depends on your future plans Steve, do you want funds to be able to get Sterling back for instance?

      If you do want a cheap defender in Europe, I’d be tempted with one of the Wolves cheapies. Coady or Jonny?

        1. Yeah, I don’t think you can go far wrong with another Liverpool defender right now mate. I decided on packing out my defence with Liverpool players a while back in a last roll of the dice to get myself back into contention in my ML’s. Thankfully the gamble paid off and now I at least have a realistic shot at catching those leaders, although there is still plenty of work to do. I’m probably going to stick with the block now.

          Just really hope they can get past Athletico or that could be a serious problem for me. 🤞they have enough to do it.

  6. Fernandes doing the business, Jota & Aubamayang on my radar, can Jota match Jimenez in the coming weeks, that’s 5 goals in 2 games, his place is surely cemented in team now, virtually guaranteed last 16 europa league, & great league fixtures March onwards, currently a snip at 2.7 million, Firmino’s place in my team is in jeopardy, he plays every game, but just doesn’t acrue enough pts, hasn’t scored a league goal at anfield this season, maybe tomorrow night, title for Liverpool probably won sometime at the back end of March, Gomez probably benched at some pt, with Matip & Lovren waiting in the wings, so will have to find funds to keep my Liverpool block of 3, & get Van dijk in, hence possibly Firmino out Jota in, saving funds, hope everyone had good weekends, 44pts off the pace in my mini league, so still in the hunt.

  7. most of us have got at least 3 or 4 Liverpool players
    in our team just a thought if in a few weeks liv
    rap up tittle we may find there could be changes in the team.just a thought.

  8. So Aubamayang’s 26 points in two PL matches has annoyingly knocked me off top stop in my ML and he looks pretty potent and consistent at present! Also Traore seems to have come off the boil slightly since I put him in and is now also a rotation risk (cheers Jota!) which is frustrating. I doubt Jesus will play much or do anything away at Real Madrid this week for me either… and as for Lucas Moura…

  9. City deserving winners tonight against a lacklustre Madrid side who look a shadow of the team they once were. City now hot favourites to progress. Sterling looked very lively when he came on. 👀

    KDB on pens now it seems too. Does that make you Aguero owners question whether he’s worth the money now? Jesus game time increasing all the time, KDB on pens now it seems. Time to sell and get Sterling in?

  10. Not been here for months. Season not going too badly. 2nd in DTT mini league. In with a chance to win it.

    1. Going very nicely there my friend, as is DTT! 👊👏

      Anyone else who posts here in that top 10?

      Anyway, who’s planning on targeting teams from the Europa League with their transfers for March? Two Europa games compared to just the one for CL teams.

      1. Thanks Chris. Yeah, DTT is doing great this season and should finish in the top 1k or higher. It’s been somewhat of a rollercoaster season for me: decent start, bad January (was done to 40th and 100 points behind the leader in DTT mini league and about to throw in the towel) and now strangely enough in 2nd position.

        I don’t see any others in the top 10 post here (apart from DTT of course and myself although I have quiet this year as I post my team elsewhere) or I missed anyone which really is a shame as it could be nice what strategies are working and also what is not working. It also would have taken this blog to another level as the more thoughts you have from all people, the better your game play becomes. As for myself, I think I am happy with my contribution; talked about my strategies – pretty much exhausted what I have to say (probably a good thing as I can be a bit critical) and also find Liverpool and Man City players boring to even write about in detail – a lot over the last two years and even wrote a guest article. Likewise, Chris your contribution has been great and one of the reasons why I read this blog. Finally, my pet hates is not interacting with mini league rivals as can’t share some good natured banter or play Fergie type mind games.

        1. I’d agree with you there RR. In fact I’ll try and build it into some of my posts as we approach the end of the season to see if anyone in the top 10 is still reading the blog. I’d like to hope they are. From looking at the statistics associated with the website, there are a lot of readers but only a handful of regular contributors. It would be good to hear from more people and even more so when we are approaching the end of the season so we can have some banter about who is going to win it. I must admit when I saw you up in second place – I almost had a Kevin Keegan moment. As much as it’s great to see people who get involved with the blog but “I’ll tell you, honestly, I will love it if we beat them [you]. Love it.” but isn’t that what it should be all about?

          1. 😂 Nothing wrong with a bit of friendly rivalry DTT. It’s good to see some passion from people who play the game. Remember who it worked out for Kev though DTT 😂😉😬…

            With regards to drumming up more people for the website, I reckon if all of us who use Twitter do a little promotion before the start of next season, that could get a few more regular contributors involved. The people who use Twitter usually have plenty to say as you’d imagine!

            1. 😂 as a Man Utd fan I remember very well how it panned out for Newcastle. I’m sure RR won’t mind me saying that we have a slightly different approach to the game so we will always want to beat each other – but it’s all good fun from my point of view. Drumming up more interest for the blog would be great. I think I’ve shot myself in the foot slightly as I set up a Facebook group a season or two ago – there’s almost 1,000 people in there and conversation is flowing daily. However, not many of them comments as often in here. I wouldn’t want to take the group down but I do wonder if it would help push more people back onto here. Traffic to the site is still at an all time high so I think there’s a lot of people reading but not commenting.

              1. Yeah, I agree myself and DTT have different approaches but can’t honestly say which the right way (as football fans we always want to believe we know our stuff – and we both are competent fantasy football players as our histories suggest) but I believe (or hope) both will reach a similiar rank – I expect not much points difference between our teams at the end of the season.

                As a Newcastle fan, my fantasy football style has a Kevin Keegan kind of approach – I like to be aggressive with my transfers and incorporate a few risks (but after doing my research). I would say my area of expertise in the game is looking at the differentials (swords) – most players outside Liverpool and Man City are differentials nowadays as many teams have 8-9 players from these sides in their teams – so I can climb up the rankings as evidenced from my team’s progress from 33k in January to 1.7k right now. High ownership of players I find boring as they are shields (rank maintainers) but do realise their importance and will need to factor them in the future. But I don’t think I can change my approach and will always try to be a maverick rather than a dullard.

                My previous strength in the game was to unearth bargain players and then sell them for profit when the game adopted big weekly player changes (0.6 and 0.3). Those are my best days I could a big team value and then afford every player in the game – Real Madrid style.

                This season I feel I have been hit hard by injuries than usual but I also have made some bad choices. One positive has been the timing of my player selection. I have managed to time some players in before they go on a good run – eg Abraham, Rashford, Son, Maguire and Aubameyang come to mind.

                Finally, I would love to win DTT mini league: it would be a very good topic for a guest article here on DTT blog.

                1. I think it’s good that we’ve got such a different approach. I must admit I probably admire your approach more than my own. I can’t claim to be a football expert – in fact I hardly ever find the time to watch any so I have to rely on the statistics more than any gut feeling I get about players. This makes it very difficult to spot players who may go on a good run as I never get to see them play. Only 20 points between us now as well so it’s starting to hot up as we get to the business end of the season.

  11. Hi I am top of the dtt mini league at the minute i do not comment much as not very good at spelling but love reading all the comments and it’s really helped me so thanks everyone
    What I think helped me this season is getting off to a good start everyone has the same 6/7 players so it’s the other 4/5 players That make the difference I had James from Man U paid £1m his price was going up and up for about 10/12 weeks transferred him at the right time think he was about £2.1m so not bad profit And I got Jesus and traore in at the right time before everyone started putting them in.
    I was 857 overall rank 2 days ago
    My team value is £59.7m which I think is great as I can now afford most players but still a long way to go this time last year one of my mates was about 200 points in front and ended up 3rd anyway good luck everyone

    1. Well played Dave, that’s a great achievement this season. Looks like you have got your transfers spot on timing wise. 👏

      Don’t worry about getting the odd spelling wrong though mate. I do it all the time. I also think that your spelling isn’t half as bad as you might think after reading your last post. Keep the posts coming Dave! 👊

      1. Thanks Chris my next transfer was going to be Aguero or Jesus out for aubameyang but with Arsenal going out of Europe not to keen on that now Same with Chelsea players as looks very likely to be out as well so going to keep an eye on Man U new boy Fernandes this week

    2. Good to hear from you Dave – I wouldn’t worry about spelling. Mine isn’t the best and I rarely check the posts that I make for grammar or spelling. It’s reassuring to know that people are still reading the blog who don’t regularly post as well. I’m sure everyone would welcome more comments so don’t be shy about chipping in whenever you’ve got something to say.

      1. Good to hear from the leader. It is always nice to interact with very good fantasy football players.

        As others have said don’t worry about spelling – we only judge fantasy football performance here and you are doing pretty well there.

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