Review of Game Week 25

Review of Game Week 25

GW Points: 83
Overall Points: 1,913
Overall Rank: 1,235
Transfers: Salah out, Son in

Game week 25 was a big let down. I was fortunate to stabilise on the leaderboard, however bringing in Son turned out to be a disaster as he picked up an injury after only 19 minutes. It was a big relief that Salah didn’t do much either. On the other hand, I did welcome the return of Rashford, however it appears that his ankle injury is still bothering him and he was withdrawn at half time in the Europa League. Kane also blanked, given that he started in the Europa League this was a poor return. On that note, with Spurs crashing out of the competition suddenly Moura and Son don’t look so appealing in my team and I’ll need to move them both on. All in all, I think the right moves were made for the game week ahead but it just didn’t work out this time. I’ve still got two transfers in the bag, with a busy month ahead in April, I’m hoping this will give me a slight advantage.


Big week for Maguire with 21 points.

Cancelo also did very well once again with 22 points.

Happy with a clean sheet from Schmeichel. 

Clean sheets for Dias and Roberton also returned positive points.

De Bruyne grabbed 8 points.

I was delighted to see Moura pick up 10 points given how cheap he is.

Potential Issues:

Schmeichel still needs to come out. It’s obvious that Mendy needs to come in as Chelsea have decent fixtures ahead. I just need to find the right time to do this before Mendy becomes too expensive. 

Son will need to come out and I’ll need to consider putting Salah back in at some point. The problem is Liverpool don’t play this weekend. So it’s a difficult choice with regards to what to do with Son, as I don’t really want to be drawn into a very short term transfer with a long April ahead.

Robertson has no fixture this weekend, as a result he probably needs to come out. However, again it comes down to finding a decent replacement for the long haul.

I’ll also need to monitor Rashford and Moura. Rashford due to potential injury and Moura because I can’t see him picking up too many points between now and the end of the season with Spurs now lacking additional fixtures.

Tips for Game Week 26

Game week 26 is a short game week just before an international break. My main advice would be if you’re going to be making transfers make sure they set you up going into April, as it’s a very long month. I may use a couple myself but I’ll only consider bringing in players that I wouldn’t mind keeping hold of for a while. On paper, the team with the best fixtures during April by far is Chelsea and they do appear to be in a good run of form. 

As always, I’d suggest studying the fixtures for the rest of the season before making any changes. The link is below:

19 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 25

  1. Just throwing an idea out there in terms of striker options, probably going into April to keep Kane and put Salah back in. Could we consider Iheanacho? Getting the starts and is finding then net. Other alternatives Jesus or Auba?

    1. I’d prefer someone like Jesus or Auba to be honest with those extra fixtures.

  2. The league I’m in is just a family one and I’m 200 points clear with 4 transfers left still. I’m about 1,900th on the overall leaderboard so with nothing to lose I’m going rogue against the Man City block with a Chelsea block. I’ll never get any higher with a City block as the 1,900 odd teams above me have at least 2 if not 3/4 city defensive assets. Fingers crossed Chelsea get Porto and City get Bayern 🤣. Don’t get me wrong I’d want City to beat Bayern, but think a clean sheet would be less likely! I’ll stick with Maguire for the Star man points but I’m adding another 2 to my current 2 for 4 Chelsea defensive assets. That leaves me 2 transfers to get Salah back in and a probable international break injury transfer to set me up nicely for April.

      1. Well I currently have Mendy and Alonso. Alonso isn’t the best as he is getting rotated so may look to change him also, but will be picking up Azpilicueta and Ruediger who seem to play almost every game.

        1. I think that would be a wise direction to go in Chris – the Champions League draw was favourable to Chelsea. Man Utd players could also be worth a look with their draw in the Europa League.

  3. I’m struggling to see Paul how you would get Salah back in, I know I am, Schmeichel to Mendy, will cost 0.5 Mill more, a Moura upgrade will cost funds, Son to Salah will currently cost 1.5 more, the only transfer you could maybe reign a bit in is Robbo, I would have to consider Cancelo to Azpilcueto or Rudiger or Maguire to Wan bissaka, I’m hoping Aguerro plays at the weekend & beyond, thus maybe not needing Salah, I want to try & use my remaining transfers 3, on transfers that will be long term picks, not just for this weekend to possibly pick up extra pts which may not work out.

    1. Schmeichel to Mendy I would do, Robertson to Azpilicueta (as played every game or Rudiger if funds are tight, Alonso is too much of a rotation risk), Moura to a Man City midfielder Foden or the goal hungry Mahrez (dubbed the Man City Salah whose motto is I shall not pass) and Son to Salah (great fixtures till the end and chasing that golden boot award). That would make the team very strong. I would look to replace Rashford with Aubamenyang myself as Utd and Rashford are struggling for goals and Utd have become a more defensive minded team as clean sheets are vital for wins. I prefer Arsenal’s run to the end more than Utds. Aubamenyang also on penalties and from memory he does well in the final months of the season.

      1. I’d agree with RR but I’ll sort it out in April. Only two transfers left this month. If Mendy starts tomorrow, I’ll bring him in. I’m considering Robertson out for Foden or Mahrez today. That could be my two transfers used, then I’ll consider how to get Salah in next month.

      2. All potentially good moves, but my guess is Paul will not have enough funds to do all those transfers, & retain Maguire & Cancelo, who are great assets, & a risk to remove either, but do have a combined value of 11.5 million.

  4. Not a disastrous week Paul and I doubt Rashford and Son will be long term absentees what with the International break to rest up.

    I only have one transfer left this month but have ended up with the Spurs treble up up top after some unplanned striking hokey cokey (cheers AUB!) which needs addressing!

    Thinking Son if confirmed still out to someone who starts in the FA Cup and will continue to play in April. Possibly one of: Jesus, AUB, Werner, Azpi, Rudiger, AWB or Shaw. Then Bale back to Salah or Rashford come 2nd April.

    1. I think I might have to leave Son until April, although I don’t think he will play this weekend. If Mendy starts tomorrow I’ll bring him in and then will swap Robertson for a City midfielder later today. If Mendy doesn’t start then I will need to replace Son. The problem is City will have already played. I could be tempted by a Chelsea striker for the short term (depending on who starts in the FA Cup) or Aubameyang.

  5. Hi lads currently top of my mini league by only 10 points with 4 transfers remaining and 1.9m in the bank.
    Current team
    De bruyne
    Was thinking salah and Guaita out for azpi and mendy which would leave 0.5 in the bank and 2 transfer to bring salah back in for next month. However alonso and rashford may not play this week so not sure what to do with them. Any thoughts?

    1. It’s a tricky one because really Salah should have been swapped out last week. If you do it this week then I assume you will want him back for the next GW in April? Now you still have him, is it worth switching him out for one week?

      Also if you put Azp and Mendy in, then will it even be possible to get Salah back in without getting rid of both of them again?

      I think you should be looking to set your team up for April and perhaps do something with Salah where it is one transfer one way and one back seeing as you have 4 transfers still.

      Guaita to Mendy is £2.2m, where can you get £0.3m extra to make the transfer permanent? Potentially you could put Azp in for Salah and hope Azp rises £0.3m but I’d suggest he’d need more than just a CS to do that. Salah obviously will not change in price this week.

      What about keeping Guaita (not ideal I know but he’s cheap), putting Azp in for Salah and then if Alonso isn’t playing use your £1.9m to put someone more guaranteed like maybe Rudiger in? Then it’s one transfer of either Rudiger or Azp to get Salah back in before the end of the month and one transfer to keep in case of injuries? If Alonso does play, then perhaps consider Mendy but you’d have to take him out again if you wanted Salah back.

      Beyond that, you are looking at removing a City player to free up funds but I think all of the ones you have are doing too well at the moment to consider that.

      1. I’d agree with everything Chris has said. The only thing I’d add is that if you’ve got 4 transfers and you’re only 10 points ahead keep in mind that you don’t want to do anything too different to those below you as you could risk them over taking.

        1. Paul I’m top of mine with Mendy
          De bruyne

          Where as second place has
          De bruyne

          If you were me would you take someone out for a Chelsea player?

          1. As you’re on top Sam, moura to azpi/a Chelsea defender? To offset his double Chelsea defence. Plus spurs now out of Europe.

          2. If you were looking to make some changes you could take out Moura and Son. Depending on how far second place is behind you, you could block him off by putting Werner in. Not sure about Havertz though.

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