Review of Game Week 25

Review of Game Week 25

GW Points: 68
Overall Points: 1470
Overall Rank: 47,591
Transfers: None used

The team had a really slow start to game week 24, which was disappointing after building some momentum over the past few weeks. This resulted in a drop on the overall leaderboard for the week, which was a disaster at this stage of the season. I put this pretty much down to Kane scoring twice against City – obviously, I missed out on those points as I don’t have him in my team but I also have two City defenders. It was the worst possible start to the week. Thankfully, Spurs were their usual inconsistent selves and Kane failed to pick up further points during the week against Burnley. The result, however, has pretty much cemented in my mind that it’s time to move Ronaldo on for Kane. Another blank week from Ronaldo was the final straw for me but unfortunately, I’ll have to make this move in March as I’m out of transfers until then. 


I was delighted with 16 points for Matip and also happy with another 10 points for Robertson. 

28 points for Salah was a decent result considering I sacrificed De Bruyne to get him back in. 

18 points for Maddison from the Conference league fixture was a very good result and I’m surprised it didn’t boost me further up the leaderboard than it did.

Potential issues

The biggest problem in my team at the moment is a lack of points for Ronaldo. It’s gone on for too long now and I think I’ve held out for long enough. It’s time to make a chance as soon as transfers become available for March. It’s likely to be Kane to come in, however Mane could also be a good shout if he can pick up some good form until the end of the season. For anyone who read my blog last week, I did tip him as someone who might do well this week and he delivered to goods.

Tips for Game Week 26

I’m still out of transfers so there’s nothing I can do for game week 25. If you’re lucky enough to have transfers remaining, Man Utd and Leicester only have 1 fixture each this week. If I had Ronaldo and a transfer left, I’d be very tempted to bring Kane in as Spurs face Leeds and Middlesbrough. If you don’t fancy Kane, Mane is another option with Liverpool facing Chelsea and then Norwich. It’s also a double game week for Man City, Chelsea and West Ham. I think Chelsea players come back into contention with a couple of clean sheets last week and decent fixtures on the horizon. I’m not sure I’d fancy any of their strikers at the moment but any of their defenders might be a good pick and Ziyech looks to be hitting some form in midfield. As always, check out the fixtures below and would love to hear what everyone has planned in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 25

  1. Just as well Maddison produced last night, he gets to stay in the team for now, Leicester also drew Rennes in the Europa conference giving them 5 games in March, Lukaku has 2 more fixtures to produce the goods, maybe next week’s Fa cup tie against Luton, if he plays will give him a chance of a big haul, & more importantly some much needed confidence, will he play league cup final, only Tuchel knows, Returned to the top of my mini league last night, but very close between the top 5, players of interest in March, Diaz will he play in Liverpool’s best 11 when Jota is fit again, Stirling, Mount, Mane, & a Chelsea defender, if funds allow & he proves his fitness will probably go for James, has the capability to match Trent &, Cancelo, for goals, assists, & 7+ ratings, with good fixtures in March.

    1. I certainly be looking to bring in James.
      might be thinking about zyech and haverts.
      there fixtures are to good to ignore.

  2. City this, City that, greatest team since sliced bread & the invention of the wheel, bamboozling, mesmerising teams with tikki takki football, no centre forward required, false 9, beaten last week by guess what probably the best centre forward in the league, who incidentally was virtuoso again today, rather fortunate to win today, as for the champions League I would take Liverpool to beat them over 2 legs, & Bayern Munich, why, because they have the best number 9 currently in world football, where’s City’s pedigree in European football, embarrising. Liverpool 14 pts behind a few weeks ago, long long way to go, but if the Reds pull this off, & win the title, where will that rank, against the so called imperious City, Ziyech also a good shout Don.

    1. Just imagine if they had signed Kane in the summer. He would be on an incredible number of points by now

  3. I agree, brilliant game, but Diaz a display like that doesn’t even warrant a 7 rating, might be a worry moving forward, Trent was no where near his best today, caught out at the back a few times, but like Cancelo gets a 7 rating every game, fa cup games to come midweek, I’m looking at James & Mount from Chelsea to go into my best team.

  4. Was going to do a straight swap Lukaku for Mane, Liverpool have some tough fixtures in March, but they can score against anybody, up pops Vardy in midweek with a goal & assist, if he starts tomorrow in the early kick-off will be tempted to put him in, other than Arsenal away they have 5 fixtures in March, with 2 games against Rennes in the Europa conference , & 2 other winnable league games, time to ponder

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