Review of Game Week 25

Review of Game Week 25

Best Team 

GW Points: 46
Overall Points: 1,671
Overall Rank: 4,356

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 39
Overall Points: 1,635
Overall Rank: 7,846
Transfers used: Mahrez out, Odegaard in

Game week 25 was a really difficult game week. Mainly due to Man Utd suffering a massive defeat to Liverpool at the weekend. This didn’t help me from the point of view of having a number of Man Utd players but also from the point of view of Salah scoring well again. Remarkably despite a very poor game week, the team remained pretty much stable on the overall leaderboard. Hopefully holding onto the Man City defenders will play into my hands this week with City having two fixtures. The punt on Odegaard didn’t pan out as I’d hoped with him missing the Europa League fixture but at least he has another double game week ahead next week. I’m partly wondering whether to bring in someone like Foden though given his improved recent form. I’m also considering swapping Kane for Salah now that Spurs are out of Europe. That’s a transfer that really hasn’t paid off for me over recent weeks – as soon as I took Salah out for Kane, Kane’s goals have dried up and Salah appears to have hit some form. Typical really but that’s how this game goes at times. 

Player watchlist

I’ve still got 4 transfers left for March and I’d like to make the most of these. There aren’t too many players that I’m currently considering that I haven’t already got. For the week ahead I’m only really considering Foden, Mahrez or Kane.

Plan for game week 26

I’m glad I held onto my transfers last week despite the temptation to make 4-5 changes. This leaves my team in a strong position going into game week 26 as I favour Man City’s fixtures over most other teams. I’m unsure whether to keep Odegaard and may end up swapping him for a City midfielder but it will depend on who starts for City at the weekend. I’m also very tempted to get Salah back in for Kane, the only thing putting me off is that I think Liverpool will be out of the Champions League as well after this game week. I’m going to ponder further until the weekend. The only other team I’d consider looking at players from is Arsenal and Man Utd, both could have a good run in the Europa League and fixture volume will be high against lesser opposition while they both remain in the competition.

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  1. Yep I agree to get foden in and Salah but not sure who’s got easier games this month especially Salah with Real Madrid but he’s a provider also for the others, ?

    1. I don’t think there’s much between them in terms of fixture ease, the only thing Salah has in his favour is form and the extra game against Madrid.

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