Review of Game Week 25

Review of Game Week 25

GW Points: 64
Overall Points: 1699
Overall Rank: 2,051
Transfers: Kepa out, Ederson in

In terms of overall position on the leaderboard game week 25 was another solid week. However for me it’s a bit of a case of what could have been. I can’t help but be slightly disappointed that Ederson and Laporte’s clean sheets were wiped out against Newport with a frustrating late goal. I was also a little annoyed that Aubameyang didn’t do more in the Europa League. These small margins could have made this a fantastic week rather than just another good week.


Clean sheets for Doherty, Robertson and Lindelof was a particular highlight. Although I don’t know what more Lindelof needs to do to get a 7+ rating.

Sane, Sterling and Aguero all picking up points was a good result. Sane in particular with 18 points as I was considering moving him on for Mane.

Potential Issues:

I can’t see any real issues with the team at the moment. The only real issue approaching is the return of Kane. With two transfers remaining for February this shouldn’t be an issue and I should be able to accommodate him whenever I like. Aubameyang would be the obvious choice to come out but given Arsenal’s fixtures for the coming week I’ll probably hold these transfers until the very end of the month.

Tips for Game Week 26

Looking at the fixtures for the coming game week, Arsenal appear to be the only team with a relatively easy week. They face Southampton and Bournemouth at home. This makes sticking with Aubameyang for the time being an easy decision for me. At the other end of the scale Chelsea might be a team to avoid as they face Man City and Spurs. Liverpool and Man Utd play each other on Sunday but then both teams have OK fixtures mid week. Liverpool are at home to Watford and Man Utd travel to Crystal Palace. Man City play Chelsea in the EFL Cup final and then host West Ham.

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139 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 25

  1. Good analysis DTT.

    I had a good GW with 71 points, moving me up to 623rd on 1,740 points. Main relief was Auba only returning 5 points after I decided to go for Jesus. Expected at least 2 goals for Jesus so was glad that Auba didn’t make me regret my decision.

    Current team:

    One transfer left and £2.5m ITB.

    Unsure of my next steps at the moment. Arsenal definitely have easier fixtures and it’s only a matter of time for Auba to bag. But then Kane is back on the radar.

    Anyone toying with the idea of swapping Salah out for Kane? Would certainly negate the need for me to raise additional funds.

    1. I’m in a similar position, however do you think Jesus will get any game time during this next game week? I don’t think he’ll start against Chelsea but could feature against West Ham?

      1. Tough call with Jesus, you can just never predict City’s team. They have the easiest fixtures until March but that doesn’t mean much if you don’t get game time.

        Looking at the fixtures ahead is also giving me a headache. Arsenal have tough fans in Spurs and Man U, but with them now drawing Rennes I’m very tempted by an out of form Auba again. They also have six games in the next 3 game weeks which is only matched by Chelsea.

        City easily have the best fixtures till the end of March but I feel I have enough of their representation, with or without Jesus.

        Spurs have some tough games and also only have one game for GW 28 and 29, compared to the 3 for City and Liverpool. May hold off on Kane until April, after their game away to Liverpool… But we all know the damage Kane can do to those who don’t own him!

    2. Yeah I think it’s going to be a tough call for everyone. The obvious move would be Jesus for Kane but that’s out of reach. I’m personally going to hold onto Salah but I’m not sure what to do about Kane yet. Definitely not going for him this week so I want to see how things go and make a decision from there.

      1. If Kane starts then might bring him for Jesus who I think is still injured. Will take two transfers but would be ahead if others as they will likely use two March transfers to bring in Kane. He is a very good differential right now and could score highly in any game so two away games this week don’t worry me too much. Otherwise another option is Aubameyang who has the fixtures in his favour rather than form. I can’t remember his last goal from open play. Not a player I have a great deal of confidence in. Only want him for this week only which makes it very short term for my liking. So needs to score 30+ points to be worth bringing in. Awaiting team lineup last now.

        1. Did you go with Kane RR or stick with Jesus in the end?

          As bad as Burnley’s start to the season was, I always felt that they’d turn it around eventually. It seems like the return of Heaton has been a big factor in their change of fortunes. A very impressive result which has probably ended any hope of a Spurs title challenge.

          1. Be interesting to know how many people went for Kane. I’d imagine most didn’t have the transfers or funds to bring him in.

            1. Did anyone manage to see how Kane played? Didn’t have chance myself. Always seems to be a player who’s flogged as long as he’s reasonably fit. If he was in the City side I’m sure he’d have been eased back into action a little more gently like KDB was.

              1. He looked sharp to be honest. I thought the same thing… often playing at 90% (and still banging in goals)… but looked as fit as ever Saturday, and got a good 90 mins in.

                1. Thanks Dean. Maybe I’m being a little hasty to look beyond him for March. Thought he might need a few games to get back into the swing again but sounds like he may have hit the ground running. 🤔

    1. For now I am but need to see how this week goes first. If he has a bad game week with easy fixtures he’s almost certainly gone.

      1. I’ll be very disappointed if Aubameyang fails get a score above 16 this GW. He is a short term choice for me anyway but I’m reliant on him scoring well for this short burst in my team.

  2. Kane is starting against burnely, but Auba is likely to start against southampton.
    Any ideas what to go for?

    1. im thinking of taking salah out for kane, then next week with Arsenal having spurs take auba out for salah again

  3. Breaking news:

    Leicester sack Puel! The Leicester faithful have been unhappy for some time it has to be said. Who’s in line for that job I wonder? 🤔

  4. Well, last weekend I dropped Salah for Jesus with the intention of bringing him back in for this weekend. When I saw that Kane was starting I decided to take the risk and use my last transfer on Jesus to Kane. Looking at my ML, I was the only one in the top 50 to do so (people lower than that have Kane however they are probably ghost teams).

    Apprently Kane hit the ground running and played really well (for a side that lost). I was happy to get 8 points out of the game nonetheless.

    Just got to hope Salah doesn’t come out all guns blazing in the games this week as I could get stung seeing as how high his ownership is.

    I was planning on hanging onto Auba for the ease of fixtures but if he blanks this week I’ll need to re-evaluate.

      1. That was an absolute joke – I know they won the game but he’s clearly one of their best players. You rarely see teams like Spurs dropping Kane for no real reason, it’s a shame they got a result. I’ll have to move him on if he’s going to get dropped randomly like that.

  5. I’m going to turn my phone alerts off and watch the MOTD and EFL Cup final highlights tonight blind. 🤞 for a good evening’s viewing. Wish me luck!

    1. Well, not many highlights from the highlights tonight. 😂 Very dull affairs all round. 😴

      Decent day for the defence though. Just need to check in the prognosis for Laporte now.

  6. Let’s play Aubamayang back in to form & start him on the bench, choosing him over Aguerro last month now cost me 54pts, combination of poor management, & current day player’s made out of fibre glass, & wrapped in cotton wool.

  7. Decided to change auba > Pogba today. No doubt will back fire but I have 3 subs so thought I’d go for a starter!

    Really looking forward to today’s games

      1. DTT, interested in who you are going to bring in for Laporte, out for weeks according to Pep, don’t have the luxury of transfers, like you have, I have so many problems to solve now,
        Keppa, likely to be dropped now, after refusing to come off the field today,
        Rashford, ankle problem, hopefully minor
        Laporte, out for weeks
        Aubamayang, has to go next Friday, can’t even consider Lacazette, as I believe he can’t play in double header against Rennes.
        I would like representation of City defence, not sure Zinchenko will get enough gametime, Stones due back midweek should get run in team, Ottemendi to expensive, trying to save funds for Kane inclusion in April, I know you have Ederson so may look elsewhere to replace Laporte.

        1. There is no real definite prognosis on Laporte yet from what I’ve seen. Some sources saying it’s not a bad one although Pep mentioned ‘a few weeks’. Wait and see I guess.

          1. Yeah I think he may have to go if we don’t hear anything by Thursday. Looking at the fixtures I’m tempted to hang onto Aubameyang for the time being but really need him to produce something.

  8. This game is infuriating at times as logic often goes unrewarded!!

    My decision to swap Alisson for Ederson last week due to the toughness of their respective fixtures, resulted in back to back sheets (and a star man) for Alisson and me being 13 points down! What a waste of a final sub!!

    Could have happily used that losing Auba for Kane this weekend too!

    I know this sort of thing happens to all of us, but lately it feels like whatever decision I make, it goes against me!

  9. After Kepa’s complete disregard for his manager’s instructions to come off (how bizarre was that by the way?), is anyone wondering if Cabellero will get a run in the side now? Could be a distinct possibility after seeing how apoplectic Sarri was on the touch line yesterday. Good way to free up funds for elsewhere and fixtures not too bad for March.

    Fair play to Sarri yesterday, he made changes to how Chelsea played and they were pretty unlucky not to score. Maybe the old dog can change learn new tricks after all?

    1. I know he’s been fined but I’d imagine he will still be first choice. Be interesting to see what they do about it.

  10. I was watching the player scores yesterday as the penalty shoot-out commenced and it seems as though:

    Keepers – Lost 0.1 off their score when the opponent scored and gained 0.5 for a penalty save.

    Shooters – Lost 0.5 for a penalty miss and gained 0.5 for a goal

    With this in mind, I don’t think that Sane would have got a 7 rating either way, because he was 6.4 and went down to 5.9 when he missed. Even if he had scored, he would have only got 6.9.

    1. Very eagle eyed of you Lee. Good work. Always good to know these little tit-bits of information when playing the game as they can really give you an edge over opponents in the long-term.

      As long as they don’t own Schlupp that is. 😉

      1. Ha ha… indeed.

        Talking of Schlupp, he was on course for another star man at the weekend!!…. right up until the death when Zaha bagged his second goal and snatched it!!

        I might have to bring him in, in place of Jota who I knew was a terrible idea, but I was hoping to get lucky with a goal or two. Instead, I have had 3 appearances, 2 bookings and -2 points!! Rubbish.

        1. Might not be a bad play mate, Palace fixtures look decent and still have that FA Cup fixture. With your rivals owning him too, that is could be your opportunity to neutralise that threat. He could be your Laporte replacement maybe?

    2. I noticed the same – although didn’t clock how much the ratings changed. I didn’t think penalty shoot outs were meant to effect ratings either but this clearly isn’t the case.

      1. DTT,

        That appears to be the rub!!… you don’t get points for the goals or saves, but all goals and saves affect the ratings!!

        Strange too that in order to earn a clean sheet, you have to keep it until the final final whistle on 120 mins, which never used to be the case.

  11. If Laporte is indeed our for a while, I’m now looking at two transfers early doors for March, not ideal I know.

    Laporte to Young
    Aubameyang to Kane

    I know this rips up my original plans but things can change so quickly in this game. I’d have liked to get Lindelof but that would leave me just short for Kane. I’m also wondering if Young could be deployed more advanced with the current injury situation at United?

    I’m also not prepared to have over £6m in a striker who appears to constantly be in need of a rest (poor thing 🙄) and with Kane looking to be in the groove again, I can’t ignore him. Thoughts and other advice appreciated as always. 👍🏻

    1. One day, I’ll get to the end of the month with the comfort of still having two transfers left!!

      Seems like all I do is use two off the bat as soon as I receive them and the 3rd shortly after. March’s subs are looking like I’ll need all 3 immediately!!

      I want to lose Auba for Kane, Jota simply has to go and if Laporte is also injured I will need to use all of them!!. :/

      1. Yeah, it’s something I need to improve on for the rest of this season and next, as more often than not I feel like I’m playing catch-up with transfers. I’ve admired the way DTT has handled his transfers for the most part this season, quite often holding them back until the end of the month. This can give his team an edge in certain situations when injuries hit. Quite a lot of DT managers just can’t resist blowing those transfers early doors so if we can learn to be a little more patient sometimes, I think we could reap the rewards.

        I guess you can also sit on your hands too much though and miss opportunities so it’s a very difficult balancing act to get right at times.

        1. I’ve had a fortunate season so far – managed to avoid any big injuries and most of the players I’ve had have been fairly consistent. Things don’t normally go this well in terms of transfers – in previous seasons I’ve rarely had any left at the end of each month.

          1. You’ve not rushed into transfers either though which I think has helped your long-term game IMO. The only one that springs to mind which you perhaps could have reacted earlier on was getting Hazard in during the earlier part of the season. Apart from that I’d say your transfer policy has been pretty flawless in terms of timings.

            1. Yeah it’s definitely made the season a lot less stressful. Could have definitely moved sooner on Hazard, that was my biggest regret this season.

    2. Just realised You g is suspended for the FA Cup game. Kinda takes the shine off his appeal now. Back to the drawing board… 🤔

      1. May well go back to my Dunk idea again. Winnable game in the FA Cup plus decent fixtures and gives me the funds for Auba to Kane.

    3. I’m looking at taking the same two players out. I’ve worked out that if I take Aubameyang out and put Kane in. This then leaves me 3.5m to replace Laporte – I must admit I’m not seeing any great options for this value.

      1. Matip is interesting at 3.3m, Getting a run at CB with VVD. We know gomez is out until the end of march, Just the question mark if and when lovern returns

      2. Schlupp!!

        Seems to be getting forward and amongst the goals/assists in much the same way as Doherty.

        41 points in his last 4 games, plus Palace are still in the cup.

        1. I think Matip or Schulpp could both be good options. Having looked at the fixtures I’m not sure taking Aubameyang out just yet is the right move. They’ve got some decent Europa League fixtures coming up.

  12. Chris, I’m having the same dilemmas wanting to bring Kane in For Auba. I was also contemplating KDB to Pogba purely to block the person behind me in my mini league, however, with Laporte being injured this will have to wait. Plus KDB did play well yesterday but can’t seem to acquire more than 3 points.

    Kolasinac got me a clean sheet yesterday which was pleasing after missing the clean sheet last Thursday. He was the one i was contemplating downgrading to free up some funds in order to afford Kane. I was looking at some cheap options and haven’t seen anyone mention the Leicester pair, Harvey Barnes and Demari Gray.

    Both under 1.5m, Leicester haven’t exactly been great but with a new manager they may get a new lease of life and they do have a good run of fixtures now. I’d slightly favour Barnes but I’d be interested in other peoples thoughts on this.

    1. I’ll be honest, I’ve not seen much of the kid but I’m hearing good things. I’m finding myself looking towards the teams left in the FA Cup for my budget options as I want to negate the lack of European fixtures that the big boys have.

      If they had better fixtures, I’d also be considering that Watford back line. A team in form and still in the cup. Tough fixtures on the horizon though.

  13. I had one transfer left ahead of the weekend and decided to remove Jesus for the starting Lacazette. Very short term move as I know he is out for the Euro games but happy with the 13 point return.

    Given zero thought to March until now. Lacazette 100% coming out due to only being able to face Spurs and Man U. Kane is the likely replacement but means I’ll only have £3.1m to replace Laporte (Schlupp/Lindelof/Shaw all options).

    That’s two transfers down at the very start of March, a position I rarely find myself in.

    Just a note on Kane – Spurs only have 4 fixtures in March (City/Liverpool/United all have 5), and three of them games are against tough opposition. Worth bearing in mind before breaking the bank for Kane

  14. We’ve got the formation change option also haven’t we? Zaha for place seems to be coming into form and that extra game ? 3.2m.

    Or could double up on Man U defenders , shaw ?

    1. Zaha has been in my thoughts too. I’m really struggling to pin down my nexts moves truth be told though so I’m looking at a lot of different avenues. Palace are certainly finding some good form lately though.

    2. Yeah could definitely change formation. I don’t really fancy Zaha and doubling up with Man Utd defenders would be a concern. What are your thoughts on Matip?

  15. New draft:

    GW27 Laporte-Lindelof

    GW29 Aubameyang – someone else

    😂 Needs work…

    Joking aside, having had time to reflect, I’m willing to give Aubameyang a little more time until GW29. I just need to prey that he now actually spends more time on the pitch and not getting splinters in his backside.

    I’m also struggling to find a way of getting Kane in right now so I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to postpone that move (and spend the next few weeks hiding behind the sofa).

  16. Morning guys,

    What are your thoughts around a Laporte (out . . . For weeks) replacement?

    I’ve got 2 transfers left for the month and id like to make the Auba – Kane switch after the midweek games

    Kane is looked sharp at the weekend and long term he’s an absolute points and star man machine

    I was also wanting the likes of Mane/Pogba for Sane . . . but Liverpool’s attacking output seems to have really dipped (10th for attacking XG). I think Firmino will be a massive miss to the dynamic of their attacking play

    Pogba is not only banned (and likely out) of Europe but appeared to be playing slightly deeper with the United injuries at DM. At 5.8 I’d also have to downgrade elsewhere

    As a straight up swap for Laporte I have 3.9 million to play with??????

    With City’s extremely favourable fixtures again and with B.Silva seemingly in their best 11 . . .Is 3.9 million a complete no brainer?
    Perhaps even more nailed with the injury to Fernandinho as there is another midfield slot avalible

    When I look at the other options Wilian/Rudiger (rotation/no form/toxic team)
    Stones/Kompany (Injury, short term, rotation)
    Kola (Arsenal defence/rotation). Maybe somehow the best of the rest just for attacking threat
    Shaw ( Don’t fancy double united defence especially with no matic)
    Spurs defence seems overpriced, rotation prone at wing backs and not even that great at present

    I can’t see anyone under the 3.9 million price tag that isn’t without more than a slight risk. I suppose with losing Laporte . . . 5 City players wouldn’t really be overkill

    At this stage of the season, I think it’s key to be using transfers on players that are looking likely to remain in Europe and domestic competitions

    I’d be really concerned about the likelihood of United/Liverpool progressing regsrdless of the other issues outlined above

    1. That price tag of around the £4m mark always seems a tough one I agree.

      With regards to Pogba, I’m hoping that his deeper position was more in relation to the strength of the opposition. He’s been so effective playing more advanced lately, I’d be surprised if Ole would now want to suppress that in the weeks ahead.

      With Fernandinho now facing a spell on the sidelines I’m now not as confident about City defensive assets. The last time he was out for a while City found clean sheets hard to come by. Maybe the Laporte injury could work out to be a blessing in disguise? I’ll probably stick with Ederson now though.

      B.Silva has done well for City this season but he’s not a big scorer in Dream Team terms (usually). If you’re happy with 3/5 points on a regular basis though he’s a solid option I guess. I’m probably too greedy. 😂

    2. Chelsea have some decent fixtures coming up so their defenders could be a good shout but who knows what’s going on behind the scenes. I wouldn’t fancy Shaw either myself. B. Silva could be a decent shout as he should get a decent amount of game time and chips in with a few points here and there. Had you considered Matip? If I could afford him Stones would be another player I’d personally be looking at as City have good fixtures coming up as well.

      1. I had considered Matip but read Lovern was back in full training with tomorrow just coming too soon. Gomez to return at some point as well and then he’s back at 4th choice.

        Pep has said Laporte will be out until around the Swansea FA cup game. Stones wasn’t seen training today so looks like today and the weekend still might be too soon for him as well. Not convinced how solid City will be missing Fern and coming back from a muscle injury I expect to see rotation with Kompany

        I think with both of these could be transfers out waiting to happen.

        Talking myself in to Rudiger/B.Silva and Kane at this stage 😂😂😂. . . . .unless . .. . . I keep save the funds from the Auba to Kane move and do something similar to Chris below with Auba/Rashford switch giving me 7 games to Kanes 4

        That way you’d have 6.8 to replace Laporte with virtually any def/mid I’m the game. However I suppose you’d be burning a transferHola month and pencilling Kane in later down the line which might take some surgery ???

  17. Having had time to look at the fixtures I’m going to try and maximise game exposure for that “3rd” striker slot from GW 27 to GW 30.

    I’m going to stick with Aubameyang for GW 27 & 28 which gives me (potentially) 4 fixtures as long as he takes part in those games. 🤞
    I’ll then switch him to Rashford (assuming he’s back by then) until after GW 30 (United have 3 fixtures for this period). This gives me 7 fixtures in total for this time period where I’ll then look at getting Kane in for the rest of the season.

    In contrast, Kane only has 4 fixtures for this time frame (presuming the Palace game is re-arranged in April and not March).

    A good strategy or too risky not having Kane, even though it’s only 4 games? Love to hear your thoughts guys. 👍🏻

    1. Really like that forward planning Chris . . . Think you’d come off fairly well points wise especially given spurs short term fixtures.

      My only worry would be the 2/3 transfers of surgery required to get Kane in. Could be fine but if injuries strike again you might be at risk of never getting him in

      1. Just trying to think outside the box a little to do something a bit different as I’d imagine many DT managers will now be jumping on Kane after that first game back, with him looking so sharp (and rightly so).

        I’m sure Kane will score pretty well in those games but I’d like to think an Aubameyang/Rashford combo with 7 games between them could potentially outscore him for this period? It also buys me time for Gomez’s return and a chance to raise funds by bringing him in and then Kane.

        As you say though, injuries can soon rip up the best laid plans but I’m up for the gamble I think. I’ll be watching through my fingers when Kane plays now though. I can take the odd goal here and there but please no hat-tricks!😂 😬

    2. Reading last night and it seems the Spurs palace rearranged game will be in the first week in april. Im like you chris and looking to get kane in for april. Only 4 fixtures for kane in march and apart from Southampton at home the others are tough on paper.

      Not sure which way to go with the Laporte replacement. Tempted by a chelsea defender, 5 fixtures in march and some nice ones but again risky going for a chelsea option.

      Lots to think about in the next few days.

      1. Do you already have Lindelof Thomas? That’s who I’m going for. Smalling has also looked excellent since his return.

        You’d get those extra fixtures too up to GW31.

        1. No lindelof chris. I did have de gea but switched to ederson two weeks ago. Dont really love the fixtures defensively for man utd next month.

          If i was bringing Kane in this week then id be looking at a cheap defender to afford kane.

          1. How cheap do they need to be Thomas? If I n kw your budget I have a quick look to see what’s out there.

  18. Logically, prolonging Kane sounds like good forward thinking, but as has been proven so often (especially with my team, this season), fixtures and extra games don’t always mean that much, especially with players who aren’t very consistent or are occasionally benched.

    I think that Auba and Rashford fall into both of the categories.

    Personally, I will looking to get Kane in. One goal usually results in 13 points and barring something spectacular from Auba midweek (not holding my breath), I’ve lost patience with his hot and cold flurries.

    1. Yep, I can fully understand your sentiments Lee and it could easily swing either way. I’ve been back and forth over it myself and I’ve only just about landed on the side I’m now decided upon. It’ll be interesting to watch how it all pans out. 🧐

      1. Guys

        Need some transfer advice. Current team

        B Silva

        0 ITB and 1 transfer

        Just seen Laporte is injured till 16 March and kepa is a worry

        1. I reckon I’d be sticking with Kepa for now (as long as he plays!). Chelsea have plenty of fixtures coming up so plenty of chances for points.

          In terms of Laporte replacements, I’d probably be looking at either Smalling, Lindelof or Shaw. Again, plenty of fixtures up until GW 31.

      2. Excellent post by Lee H. Completely agree. I will bring in Kane ASAP. One less thing to worry about later on. He is the most explosive player in the game.

        1. I’ll certainly be cowering behind the sofa when he plays! 😂

          Although none of my ML rivals have him……yet. 😬

  19. With Brendan Rogers taking over Leicester do we feel more confident to look at Leicester players as cheap options again – the likes of Pereira and maddison. It only seems like yesterday that both them were in so many teams and touted as good options, Roger’s has a reputation for playing good football so maddison could flourish

    1. I see that he popped up with an assist last night. First thing he’s done in a while, although he does occasionally get decent ratings.

      I had Maddison earlier in the season and I can’t really complain for the return he gave me (given his price). Certainly much better than Jota!!

      The one thing I will say though is he rarely seems to hit star man awards. In spite of scoring 5 goals this season, he’s only had one star man and only had one score over 8 points. That said, maybe I’m being a bit harsh given his low price tag?….

    2. As some of the English teams drop out of Europe (and the FA Cup for that matter) he could become an option again. For now though I’m trying to target as many players with the extra fixtures as I can.

      I think Rodgers is an excellent appointment for Leicester. His brand of football with satisfy both fans and players alike I reckon.

  20. Anyone thinking Otemendi is a good option to replace Laporte? He seems to be getting a lot of game time at the moment.

    I feel the Kane transfer can wait until April’s transfers, as Tottenham have limited fixtures next month and i feel Auba could match him points wise for March. Auba’s definitely due a few points after a poor few weeks.

    1. If Fernandinho was still in the side I’d be saying he’s a great option. However, as we’ve already witnessed this season, when Fernandinho doesn’t play, clean sheets can be hard to come by for City.

      I also hope you’re right on Aubameyang, he’s certainly overdue a decent scoring streak. My main rival brought Lacazette in before the weekend. He obviously got his 13 points which wasn’t great but I’m hopeful Aubameyang can outscore him over the next 4 games with Lacazette out of those European games.

  21. Any takers for Zinchenko, played last 4 games, 27pts, is he a regular now. 3.3 million a snip.

  22. Need help please.

    Predicament I have is I have 1 transfer to use before friday £2.7m in bank but unsure on who to use it on. Team is


    B Silva


    sitting on 1740 points before tonight

    Plan was swap Auba for Kane as my last transfer thursday night , however laporte being injured and possibly missing for “weeks ” means I need to react. Sitting 39 points clear at top of my ML and guy in 2nd put Kane in last week but he also has Laporte.

    Basically do you advise using last transfer in Feb on Laporte as he is injured and holding back on kane until I need to out of March allowance?

    Looking for some sane advice – thanks

    1. wow, excellent team, i have very similar except for Kepa over Ederson, Zinchenko over Laporte & Sterling instead of B Silva. if the maths works out, Sterling would definitely be an upgrade for B Silva.

  23. I can get Sterling in if need be at any time for Hazard or KDB so don’t feel that’s as pressing yet. B Silva is a good cheap way into man City midfield – I know he’s not a huge points scorer but the cost of upgrading to sterling isn’t worth it yet, so will keep. It’s wether I use last feb transfer on Kane or Laporte – and if laporte who do I swap with – don’t want to use any cash to do so – either a like for like money wise or cheaper to free up cash?

    1. Yes Indeed, Laporte is the more urgent one. I recently changed Azpilicueta to Zinchenko ( correctly predicting he would get the better points over him in the Carabao) and so far he is done well for me and also freed up much needed cash for me to get Kane in in a few days/weeks. How does Zinchenko appeal to you? Also with Mendy still not fit and now Laporte out, i think he will get a few more games and his workrate definitely merits it.

    2. I’d Definitely get Kane in as your last transfer this month then take Laporte out on Friday.
      If you competition has him. Then Kane can hurt you.

  24. I mentioned Zinchenko earlier, if you look at football scout, they are suggesting Mendy & Delph could both be close to playing, Stones may not be back till 30th March.

  25. Thinking of getting Kane in Friday and will need to raise funds. I’m thinking of getting rid of Salah or Hazard because if I downgrade other players I will probably need to do two in order to get the funds. I have 1 transfer left this month but Laporte needs moving on. What’s peoples opinion on Salah or Hazard to go?

    1. That’s a tough one Callum.

      Salah has been pretty poor of late but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him kick back into life again against some of the lesser teams on the horizon.

      Hazard can be hit and miss but I thought he was excellent in that final against City (although he did tire in the latter stages).

      I think I just about prefer Chelsea’s run of fixtures so if I had to choose I’d probably lose Salah. It’s a big gamble though Callum so good luck with whatever you decide. 🤞😬

      1. Thanks Chris, I know it’s a hard one but it’s either that or downgrading 2 from Walker Doherty Sterling Pogba KDB. The Player replacing Doherty would have to be around 1m cheaper so pretty much rules him out.

        1. Had another look at it could do
          Laporte to Lindelof
          Doherty to Yedlin/Manquillo
          Higuian to Kane
          Leaving me 1 transfer left for March and 0 ITB. Team would look like this…


  26. Sterling dropped, which is understandable. Good to see Sane start.

    But Lacazette dropped? He bagged the other day and won’t be playing in Europe, so I don’t understand this. Frustrating, hope Auba draws a blank for all you Auba owners out there 😂

  27. Evening All

    My team is

    Laporte *

    I have one transfer left this month to move Laporte on.
    Seriously considering putting a Chelsea defender in due to then having 6 games till the middle of March including 2 Europa.

    Does anyone know how long Stones is out for? And with being 50 points behind 1st. Should I double up on Chelsea defenders

    Also thinking of freeing up funds and replacing KDB with William. ( I was undecided between KDB /Pogba and definitely picked the wrong one costing me 30/40 points )

    This would help out with funding for a Kane upgrade if needed mid March.

    Any thoughts anyone?

  28. John, check out football scout, under the heading of articles, the way I have read it is, Laporte & Fernandhino due back 16th for cup tie against Swansea, Stones & Jesus might not be due back till 30th March, pleased to have transfers on Friday, but my head is in a muddle knowing what to do with them, going to watch Kane tonight check his fitness.

    1. Cheers David
      I feel like I’m gonna bring 2 Chelsea defenders in. Just for there game time and the opposition.
      Or should I put another City defender in?
      I know what you mean mate.
      Never Easy

      1. After that impressive result against Spurs tonight I’d be tempted with that Chelsea backline now, with all those fixtures.

        1. First half he was up for it looked sharp, 2nd half starved of service, spurs didn’t have one shot on target, put him back in your team early or wait, patience may win out.

    1. Heard he was excellent tonight. Need to see performances like this on a more regular occasion though for me. Could hit a purple patch though if you’re just looking for a short-term option?

  29. That VVD brace stung, however I’ve somehow managed to finish the week without losing any ground at the top, even to those with VVD. However, my position in the leaderboard has dropped back to 629.

    Anybody have an estimate as to how many games Laporte is due to miss?

      1. Thanks, I’ll be taking him out then as that’ll be a guaranteed three game miss. With Lacazette also coming out, means I need to be a little more cautious over my transfers.

        Anybody know why Hazard was subbed early? Poor game? Took a knock? Really don’t want to have to blow all 3 transfers.

  30. I saw Kepa was dropped this evening. Anyone fancy a gamble on Caballero? Could be a real bargain if he keeps his place for the remainder of the season?

  31. Hey all,

    Apologies if this has already been posted and answered, but when do transfers reset? Is it Saturday the 2nd?

    I have a few transfers left for Feb so wondering when I need to use them by.

    Thanks all

  32. Looking at the fixtures again, I’m worried about my lack of Chelsea defensive assets with the fixtures they have. Considering Azpilicueta for Laporte now instead of Lindelöf. I know rotation is a risk for those European games but those PL fixtures look good. That result tonight must have galvanised Sarri and his troops surely.

    1. Chris I am thinking azpiculeta for laporte also , frees up 200k , he scored well on who scored and gets assists , was plumping for VVD tonight for laporte as my last February transfer but thinking azpiculeta instead

      1. Another big reason for me is that my two main rivals behind me in 2nd and 3rd also own him. He’s always been one of those players that “niggles” away at you all season so by bringing him in that itch will finally be scratched.

        Even when Chelsea have conceded this season, he seems to have a useful knack of still picking up points whether that be 7+ ratings or the occasional assist. It’s my hope that now Chelsea enter the latter stages of the Europa League he’ll perhaps get the nod over Zappacosta.

  33. Got to feel for KDB owners at the moment. He can’t seem to stop scoring 3 points every week. I was sure he’d be rattling those points up by now. Surely he’s going to spark into life soon or is he being deployed too deep?

    1. Yeah I thought the same to be honest and it’s becoming a real concern for me as my main mini league rival in 2nd place has both Mane and Pogba racking up the points. He is involved in pretty much all of the play but just can’t seem to earn more than the 3 points, although the last 2 games he was close to star man.

      I am contemplating a switch to one of the latter in order to block any further damage but I’ll stay loyal to KDB until after the Schalke game and hope he can produce something.

  34. Hi All,
    I’m wondering if anyone would recommend any changes. I would like to get Hazard in but don’t really have the funds:
    Edison / Laporte / Robertson / Doherty
    Mahrez/ Fraser / Sane / Pogba
    Aguero / Salah / Aubameyang
    I feel Mahrez or Fraser could go and I see Laporte is injured. I have one transfer remaining but only 0.7 ITB. GW26 was a bit low with a score of 65

    1. I’d be tempted to keep hold of Fraser now David. Once they get that City game out of the way, Bournemouth have a really nice run of fixtures. I’m sure they’ll put a few teams to the sword in that run.

      For me, Mahrez has to go as he looks out of sorts. Laporte also needs to go as well obviously.

      With your team, plus the fact that you want Hazard, I’d be going Laporte to Lindelof then Mahrez to Hazard when the transfers reboot. Hopefully Sane can find form again and as I say, Fraser can kick on with the nice run of fixtures. Leaves you with two transfers next month to use as you see fit. Good luck mate. 👍🏻

      1. Thanks Chris, I think I will go with LaPorte Lindelof for now, but out of interest my transfer says it won’t complete until 7am tomorrow so does that mean I lose my 1 remaining transfer and that it will in fact count towards my March allocation leaving me with only 2?

  35. I’m fighting the urge not to use all 3 subs in one hit before they are even allocated!!

    Any advice on this load of rubbish guys (obviously Laporte and Jota need to go)?

    3.9M in the bank





    After last night, I’m swaying towards:

    Laporte > VVD
    Sane > Pogba
    Jota > Mane

    I realise that this would be a knee jerk reaction and VVD and Mane aren’t going to get braces every week, but Mane has certainly hit some form, whilst Salah has gone AWOL.

    I really want to avoid jumping on bandwagons if I can help it, but have now slipped to 3rd in my ML… hard times!..

    1. Whilst Salah didn’t get in the scoresheet last night, he looked bang in form again so I’d expect good returns soon enough.

      The moves you talk of look like upgrades at this moment in time so I can’t argue with them. It’s always a gamble to blow all three straight away but I guess if you’re going to do it, March isn’t a bad month due to the international break. Good luck Lee!

      PS I’ll be expecting more “Poxy Schlupp!” posts in the weeks to come. 😉

      1. Ha ha… the blow has been somewhat softened with Schlupp Chris since I subbed into my Telegraph team last week.

        2 games – 2 assists Not a bad return so far.

        Can’t promise I won’t curse him again though… 😉

      1. Cheers C&B, although I am somewhat apprehensive about using all three at once.

        As Chris points out there is an international break in March, however it’s worth noting that we don’t get our April subs until the 5th, which concerns me slightly.

        Also, like the others, I’m reconsidering a Chelsea defender given their run of fixtures. I weathered a storm previously when ownership was high, but since their 6-0 drubbing by City, ownership has dwindled making their defenders somewhat of a differential.

  36. Guys does anyone think auba will go down in value again this week even though he got 8 pts ? If so do you think it’s worth transferring him for kane tonight as to avoid the price difference??

    1. I think he may drop again unfortunately, although I don’t claim to be an expert on price fluctuations in this game (really wish I had the formula for calculating it, any mathematicians in the house?) If you scroll up you’ll see many points of view arguing the positives and negatives for Kane in March. Good luck with tour decision mate. 👍🏻

  37. Or do I swap Laporte to Azpilicueta tonight again tonight instead also as to avoid the precise changes as I have 1 transfer left??? Chris I would be interested to hear your thoughts as I think you are doing a similar move ?

    1. Yeah, if I were in your shoes I’d be going for the Azpilicueta move. As I say though, there are compelling arguments for Kane also but it’s just going to have to be personal preference I’m afraid Tom. Good luck mate. 👍🏻

  38. I’m thinking of going straight in with the 3 transfers. The Laporte injury hasn’t come at a good time for me and my team needs surgery. I’d love peoples opinions on the following transfers…?

    Laporte to VVD
    Kolasinac to Zaha
    KDB to Pogba/Mane, funds permitting after tomorrow’s price changes.

    Cheers all and GL

    1. I’d hold Kolasinac until GW 29 personally. 4 fixtures for Arsenal compared to Palace’s 2. Tough fixtures I know but more chances of points nonetheless. Arsenal then have a blank GW 29 whereas Palace play so that could be a good time switch.

      I also think the KDB move has the potential to burn you but I could be wrong. I’d stick for now and scout him for a few games to see how much of an attacking threat he is. If he’s still playing deep by the time the Schalke game is done and dusted then maybe move then? He’s such a talent though that it wouldn’t surprise me to see a few double digit hauls in the next few weeks.

      Of course you should always go with what feels right for you though mate. If you’re getting that gut feeling on something I’d always advise to go for it.

      Laporte to VVD is a sound move.

      Good luck C&B. 👍🏻

      1. Thanks for the reply Chris, you’ve really took the words out of my mouth regarding KDB. I think wanting him out is down to Pogba and Mane are performing so well at the moment, deep down I like having him in my team because we all know the damage he can do. Maybe the patience is required as you say, surely he can haul soon.

        As for Kolasinac, I hear you on that as well. The trouble with him now is Emery is tinkering between a back 4 and 5, that’s resulting in shared game time with Monreal, add to the fact that they really struggle to keep clean sheets it’s certainly not an easy decision. I can’t see him playing in all 4 games.

        Thanks again for your input.

        1. I like KDB and think soon he will fire. I’m planning on him in a few weeks time using March transfers

  39. Right games, need some advise and thoughts.

    Current team looks like this:




    2 free transfer left to use this month. I am tempted to do Sane > Mane and Laporte > Kyle Walker, Higuain or Azpillicuita

    Alternatively I hold sane for the week given they have a good 3 next fixtures and just go Laporte > Higuain, Azpillicuita or another Man City defender like Kyle Walker.

    Decisions decisions, but any feedback or suggestions would be welcome


  40. They seem to be decent moves you’re lining up Dan, I’d probably look at Azpilicueta or Walker out of your selections but Higuain could also score well. It’s never easy picking the right transfers, i’m thinking of all sorts of different things this time around..

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