Review of Game Week 26

Review of Game Week 26

GW Points: 80
Overall Points: 1,655 
Overall Rank: 4,778
Transfers: None used

Game week 26 was another positive week. At this stage of the season a jump of over 1,000 points on the leaderboard is always a good result. I must admit it still did come with some frustration. Before the Europa League fixtures last night – the team was close to breaking into the top 4,000. Man Utd’s result didn’t do me any favours. Lindelof missed out on another clean sheet after being benched and Fernandes was on the score sheet again. Aubameyang scoring also didn’t help. Aguero missing a penalty wasn’t ideal either. Aside from that, all in all it was a good week but I just felt like it could have been a bit better.


Patricio picked up 6 points. From a budget keeper I can’t ask for much more than this.

Lindelof picked up 8 points with a clean sheet in the Premier League. Again, given his value this is a good result but could have easily been 16 had he played in the Europa League.

Robertson and Alexander-Arnold both picked up points despite Liverpool not keeping a clean sheet.

Mane grabbed 8 points.

De Bruyne got a goal and star man award.

Jesus managed a goal in both games resulting in 16 points.

Salah picked up 13 points.

Potential Issues:

Moura drew another blank. For me, he might have to go this week and Sterling probably needs to come back in.

Traore is becoming a frustration. He keeps getting benched and Wolves now only have three fixtures compared to four for Spurs. This tempts me to move him on for Sterling then bring him back in for Moura after this run of fixtures. It would be interesting to hear what other people think about this situation.

Aguero picked up -3 points but I don’t see this as a long term problem.

Tips for Game Week 27

For me the main decision for game week 27 is around Sterling. I think he simply has to come back into the team with Man City having a cup final and an FA Cup fixture. Other than that I doubt I’d be making too many changes as most of the expected players are performing well so changing anything at this stage would be change for change sake.

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24 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 26

  1. Hi DTT,
    Wolves have six games next window compared to Spurs five;
    Wolves – Brighton, Olympiakos, West Ham, Olympiakos, Bournemouth, Aston Villa
    Spurs – Burnley, RB Leipzig, Man Utd, West Ham, Sheffield United.

    I think you drafted this post before the Europa draw had taken place.

    Man U also now have six games this month; Man City, LASK, Spurs, LASK, Sheffield United, Brighton

    1. If you’re looking to maximize this GW. You could look at;
      Moura to Sterling
      Traore to Bruno – just for this GW, its 1 game v 2
      This could be a good back up if Traore doesn’t start for some reason at the weekend

      Food for though

      1. Moura —> Bruno
        Lindelof —-> Maguire

        I feel both moves strengthen the team & if ive calculated budgets right that still leaves us just enough funds for Traore to Sterling if & when required.

        I’ve lost patience with Moura completely, he has to go & i think i need some convincing to how vital it is to get Sterling back in immediately. Can always bring him in with a March transfer.

        DTT (or anyone), thoughts on these transfers going forward?

        1. For me I’d want Sterling back in as a priority. I know he was a bit quiet before his injury but I’d not be surprised if he came back stronger. I’m more tempted to move on Moura and Traore with the final two transfers.

          1. I would normally bring Sterling back in right away but I’m gonna have to wait for that first GW in March to pass I think before I make any moves. I need to see if Liverpool progress in the CL because if they don’t then I’m probably going to have to cull some of my Liverpool assets as my team is VERY Liverpool heavy.


            With the current prices as they stand I can JUST afford these moves which appeal to me:


            Those moves would leave £0.1m ITB at the time of writing. I need to really watch the price swings now though as one week could wipe out my capability of making those moves in the blink of an eye. Could really do with points from Moura and Traore to maintain there price rises and maybe a Bobby brace to halt his slide #wishfulthinking 😂.

            Sterling’s price should continue to slide short-term though given how many blanks he amassed before his injury. He looked very lively when he came on the other night though tbh…😍

            1. Have you used your transfers for February? The transfers look like they make sense to me but Jota can be very hit and miss. Not looking at any City strikers? Jesus has been good for me.

              1. Yeah, I’m having to look at the next set of transfers now unfortunately.

                It’s been a frustrating old season this one. Having a foot in both FPL AND Dream Team ultimately took my full focus away from both games and it probably took me too long to realise I simply didn’t have the time and dedication needed to be successful in both games. You live and learn though and I’ll do my best to repair what I can with my Dream Team.

                It will be full focus on Dream Team only next season though as I have certainly let my standards slip this season compared to last. All a learning curve though and this is only my second season playing FF too so I’m still a relative newbie compared to many of you.

                I’ve always liked the mantra; “You either succeed or you learn.”……… I’ve certainly been at school this season! 😂

                1. I’ve placed the FPL one once before. What makes you prefer Dream Team? I mainly started playing it because that’s what everyone I knew was doing.

      2. You’re spot on – I had forgot about the Europa League draw. This makes Traore more appealing to keep hold of. Any idea why he keeps getting dropped to the bench for the Premier League fixtures? I do like the idea of having Bruno for the week though with Man Utd playing twice. I hadn’t anticipated that he might be on penalties which has helped a lot.

        1. Nailed on pen taker now I think. He’s currently on 10/10 or 11/11 for career penalties now I think.

          1. I should have put him in really but I don’t ever tend to go for new players to the league. It’s certainly tempting.

      3. So jealous of people with transfers left… 😂

        Well played though DTT, it’s certainly something I (STILL) to work on with using my transfers too early. Being more patient with them has certainly worked very well for you this season. 👏👊👍🏻

        1. Yeah it’s worked this season but it’s also cost me in the past because I’ve got a tendency for being too risk adverse. I must admit I’ve struggled to use most of my transfers this season but I’ve had a huge amount of luck with avoiding too many injuries.

  2. Maybe go Traore -> Bruno, Moura -> Sterling this game week and see? As you have two games for Man U versus one for Wolves you don’t risk much and then if you think Traore is the way to go switch him back in the following week?

    Spurs looks toothless at the moment and while they are playing Norwich I think in the FA Cup I would put more money on Bruno / Sterling getting more points than Moura 🙂

    1. I am tempted by that to be honest. I think for me it will depend on if Traore starts tomorrow or not. If he doesn’t I simply might have to take him out.

  3. Hi DTT, I have the same team as yours apart from mount.

    I’m top of my min league by 55 points. Second, third and fourth all have Liverpool defence.

    Do you think I should swap mount for Bruno and patricio for Allison?

    Bruno looks like a must and has transferred Man U into a decent team all of a sudden.

    Allison block Shuts the door on potential Liverpool clean sheets.

    This does mean I can’t do the sterling transfer, unsure weather blocking at this stage is wise, as following your strategy has paid off so far.

    Anyone else with any thoughts would be grateful?

    1. Bruno is going to be a very popular pick imo, might be dangerous not to have him on current form, at the cheap price he’s at too.

      On Sterling it wouldn’t surprise me to see him explode back into life after his much needed rest, albeit through injury. Its worth bearing in mind though that his price should fall for a while yet though. It’s just a case of if you’re brave enough to wait a while…

      I’d also stick with Patricio for now too mate. He’ll have more fixtures than Allison for March and Wolves’s fixtures are pretty nice.

      1. Thanks chris,

        I have decided to go mount>Bruno and maybe Traore>sterling tomorrow.

        Hopefully Traore doesn’t start tomorrow, which will force my hand

    2. I don’t think I’d swap Patricio – he’s returning decent points based on his value. Bruno looks like a good improvement on Mount though. I guess it depends how many Liverpool defenders your rivals have? Is it a full block of 5?

      1. My rivals in my mini league have 3 liverpool defenders and the goalie.

        That’s the Main reason they are where they are. On the flip side if they concede it does me a massive favour.

        I think your right on Patricio. I will wait and see what happens in the champions league.

        I have decided to go mount>Bruno and maybe Traore>sterling tomorrow, hopefully he doesn’t start and then it’s a no brainer.

        1. Worked out well for you this weekend with Liverpool letting in 3 I’d imagine.

  4. I’ve had Bruno since his 1st game, still has another 2 games before March transfers, current dilemma will be Jota or Jimenez in March. like Chris keeping a hold of Firmino to see if they get past Madrid 1st, got the funds for Jimenez, but the guy I’m chasing has him, can Jota match him pt for pt for the remainder of season, leaving me funds to strengthening other areas of team, I think that’s the reason DTT for Traore’s lack of gametime recently, when Jota plays, they change formation, & Traore doesn’t always play.

    1. It’s a tough call. I could be tempted by Bruno and Sterling over Moura and Traore but based on how good Traore has been it wouldn’t surprise me to see him go on a run of point scoring as soon as I take him out.

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