Review of Game Week 26

Review of Game Week 26

GW Points: 37
Overall Points: 1,950
Overall Rank: 1,121
Transfers: Robertson out, Foden in
Son out, Aubameyang in

Game week 26 went OK, the team made a small improvement by moving up around 100 places on the leaderboard but the transfers I made didn’t really pay off. After making the transfers (taking out two players who weren’t playing) I ended up only 3 points better off. This is far from ideal and I can’t seem to catch a break in terms of my strikers. Firstly Son picked up an injury, and Spurs crash out of the Europa League and then Aubameyang blanks in a game where Arsenal score three times. Despite the lack of fixtures, I’d have probably been better off sticking with Salah as I’m now in a tough position going into April, more on that below. Having said that, I can’t complain in terms of my overall position for the season to date. Floating around the top 1,000 teams with a couple of months to go isn’t a bad position to be in and I’m hoping for a strong finish. 


I’d have rather seen Schmeichel pick up 8 points with a clean sheet but 3 points is better than nothing. 

Another 8 points for Dias.

De Bruyne and Kane grabbed 8 points each. 

I was once again delighted to see Moura pick up 10 points. Ironically, I’ve seen him as my weakest player over the past couple of weeks but he’s actually been the one who’s made the difference in terms of my position on the leaderboard given his low ownership. If only Spurs were still in the Europa League. I’d have no doubts about holding onto him.

Potential Issues:

I planned to take Schmeichel out for Mendy, this is still my plan but at the same time I need to be cautious with my transfers as April is a long month. The problem is, I can’t keep delaying it, as Mendy will eventually be out of reach.

I need to consider what I do with Moura. He’s scored 20 points in the past two weeks and is great value on that basis. However, Spurs now don’t have additional Europa League fixtures so I do need to question if I keep him or not. If he can keep up picking up points in the Premier League, this doesn’t really matter but I can’t see his point scoring form lasting too long.

My main problem is that I probably need to get Salah back in. The issue is who to bring out. Both Rashord and Aubameyang have decent fixtures at the start of the month with easier Europa League games. It’s hard to make a case for taking Kane out given how consistent he is in terms of scoring. I’d also need to take someone else out to get Salah in so I could be three transfers down very quickly in a long month. 

Tips for Game Week 27

Game week 27 seems a long way off. As a result, I’ve not really got any tips for the game week yet. My main advice would be to monitor who picks up any injuries over the international break and then study the fixtures (link below) when making any initial changes. As always with the start of a new month, I’d suggest being cautious with your changes and don’t use all five off the bat. It’s a very long month ahead.

17 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 26

    1. Roll on this season I say. The run is exciting. Now is the time where I look at my rival teams and look closely at player ownership (before I just do my own thing, ignore ownership and play my own game – otherwise what is the point? You got to trust your methods and experiences). Now if leading the good old blocker comes into play or behind then the differential route is the way to go (the further behind you are the more differentials you may need). The end of the season becomes a sprint rather than a marathon so I might look to do some upside chasing.

      My top three teams involved in mini leagues are in 24th, 212th (blog team) and 757th (DTT team) position overall. My main aim is to finish in the top 💯 giving me back to back top ton finishes so I would be delighted with that.

      Still have 1 March transfer left and my number one priority is to bring in a proven upside chaser Mo Salah. The sooner I bring him in, the better for my mental health (hate it where I have to hide behind the 🛋 when he plays and I don’t him in my team). The team behind me in my mini league has just brought him so a easy choice to make. Even the away games vs Arsenal and Real Madrid don’t really put me off as their defences are not great and Liverpool’s run in till the end is great so Salah is an April must have.

      Some info from FPL website:

      ‘Salah has been Liverpool’s away-day specialist this season, scoring 10 times on the road. That tally represents a 38.4 per cent share of all the goals the Reds have struck away from Anfield.
      No Premier League player has scored more often away from home, and Salah will hope that success continues when he visits Arsenal in Matchweek 30. While six of Salah’s strikes have been from the penalty spot, the Egyptian has still been Liverpool’s most consistent goal threat throughout a difficult campaign. He has more touches inside the opposition box than any other PL player, and his left foot is the deadliest in the competition.’

        1. Spurs v Southampton has been re-arranged for 21/4/21. Spurs now have 6 games this month.

      1. Love your inputs as always RR

        Personally I’m somehow 500 PTS clear in my ml so I’m going for maverick moves

  1. I’ve got Jota marked down as a differential, 2 goals for Portugal last night, & regardless if Firmino is fit or not, he needs to stay in team till end of season, they are capable of beating Madrid over 2 legs, guaranteeing another 2 games in champions league, at best Firmino coming off bench with 20 mins to go, hopefully Klopp sees it that way.

  2. What striker is a better option, Jota or Iheanacho? Thinking especially with their prices it will free up some funds.

  3. Would love to put Jota in but is he rotation risk now Firminio is back? Jota obviously has the form right now.

  4. I’m doing my first April transfer today… Bale to Salah. Not much explanation needed. I did consider a switch to 4-4-2 and bringing in a Chelsea defender as I haven’t got any but think Salah prevails!

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