Review of Game Week 26

Review of Game Week 26

GW Points: 107
Overall Points: 1,533
Overall Rank: 694
Transfers: None used

Game week 26 was again a hugely successful week for the team. Scoring 107 points and gaining an overall ranking of 694 is an incredible result considering the total number of teams within the game. I’d put this down to planning ahead by looking at teams and players who have easier fixtures and larger volumes of games. Achieving over 100 points in a game week was again helped by Kane and Ibrahimovic picking up big points. If you follow the blog both players were tipped as part of our ones to watch in game week 26 post. The only disappointment during the week was Tottenham crashing out of the Europa League. This competition could have given them a good number of extra fixtures until the end of the season which they will now be without.


Kane (30 points) and Eriksen (22 points) were the highest point scorers across the game week. It was great to see Kane once again picking up a hat trick yesterday and Eriksen supplying the assists.

Ibrahimovic (18 points) once again grabbed the headlines with the winning goal in the EFL cup final. Although Man Utd were fortunate to win the game Ibrahimovic still picked up a good amount of points and the star man award. Man Utd also progressed to the next round of the Europa League, making Ibrahimovic a must have player for March.

A clean sheet for Everton pulled in a good amount of points over the weekend with Coleman and Williams both scoring well. Despite this run of form I may look to remove one of the Everton defenders in March to spread my risk at the back.

Potential Issues:

Tottenham crashing out of the Europa League was the biggest disappointment of the week. Based on their starting lineups this looked like a competition they were taking seriously and now miss out on two additional fixtures during March. However with Kane and Eriksen in good form it will be difficult to justify taking them out despite less fixtures.

Bailly’s sending off in the Europa League will result in a suspension for the next fixture. This also cost him a few points on the night. Although clearly a negative, I won’t waste a transfer worrying about this short suspension.

Aguero grabbed a couple of goals in the Champions League giving him 19 points for the game week. Had Jesus not burst onto the scene at City I’d have had Aguero in the team for the duration of February and picked up these points. This is a problem that is easily solved as I’d imagine Aguero will be my first transfer in March.

De Bruyne is having a slight dip in form. He doesn’t appear to be picking up points as regularly as he once was. He’s now the 17th highest scoring player within the game. This is just something I will be keeping an eye on and could be a potential transfer in the future.

Tips for Game Week 27

Transfers will be available on Wednesday for March. I’d imagine many managers will be looking to replace the injured Jesus. This could tie in nicely with Man City’s FA cup replay against Huddersfield. Should Aguero be starting this game it will be a straightforward decision for me to make a like for like transfer. City also play Sunderland at the weekend and have an extra fixture against Monaco later in the month.

Man Utd face Bournemouth at the weekend, with Ibrahimovic in fantastic goal scoring form it’s hard to overlook him. They also have two additional Europa League games during March and appear to be fielding a strong lineup in this competition. As a result I’d consider strong representation for Man Utd while they are in this competition.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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