Review of Game Week 27

Review of Game Week 27

GW Points: 28
Overall Points: 1,683 
Overall Rank: 4,165
Transfers: Moura out, Sterling in
Traore out, Fernandes in

Game week 27 was a bit of a flat week for most of us I’d imagine. I only managed to score 28 points but this still resulted in an improvement on the overall leaderboard. Hopefully this momentum continues as I’d like to break into the top 2,000 teams before the end of the season. It was good to see more points on the board for Lindelof – a player who I had little expectation of and some decent early points from Fernandes. Game week 28 could be an interesting week for many of us – it will be interesting to see what people do with their Liverpool players if they were to drop out of the Champions League.


Lindelof managed 4 points for the game week. A decent return for a cheap option at the back.

Fernandes picked up 13 points with a goal and star man award. When I saw that he was starting against Derby I’d hoped he might pick up some more in this game but it wasn’t to be.

Aguero picked up two goals and 16 points over the week. 

Potential Issues:

I wouldn’t say I’ve got any real issues with my team at the moment. It’s been steadily progressing for quite some time now and is in a decent position on the leaderboard. However, given that we’ve got three new transfers available it makes sense to take another look at certain players. My main concern is Jesus, he’s obviously sharing some game time and didn’t make the most of his opportunity when he started in the FA Cup. Another player who I believe may have a slight injury is De Bruyne. He’s not someone I’d normally want to take out but given that Man City only have one fixture this week, it does create a difficult situation. Having said that, I’m not normally a fan of rushing too many transfers at the start of the month. As a result, I’ll probably stick with who I’ve got until after Man City play Madrid.

Tips for Game Week 28

Liverpool, Man Utd, Spurs and Wolves all have additional European fixtures this week. This could be a good opportunity to get a small advantage. If I was making transfers I’d be mostly interested in Man Utd and Wolves players, as both teams have a double game week next week as well. Whereas, Liverpool and Spurs don’t. The opposition in the Europa League tend to be easier as well. I’m personally not sure I’ll make any changes just yet as my usual approach this season has been to not rush into transfers.

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22 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 27

  1. There is talk that De Bruyne is injured – something about his back – any risk DTT in keeping him do you think?

  2. I know it’s been asked before….What’s the website which shows other teams transfers? It might help me in my final push!

  3. Hi guys I’m up to 2 nd in my league
    He has

    I Have

    I’ve got 2.2 itb and 14 points behind
    Any ideas ?

  4. No Robertson today anyone know why ?
    Only 3 game weeks this month as well so don’t be to scared to use a couple straight away

  5. Can anyone explain why Dele Alli only got 0.7 added to his rating for scoring? Last season Kane got 1.4 added to his rating for scoring (admittedly a late winner which will prob make a difference but I remember it specifically cos I didn’t have him and it made him star man). It seems so random how much a player gets added to their rating for scoring

  6. It looks like the Liverpool block has perhaps ran its course, I’m sure we are all thinking how many Liverpool defender’s are we going to retain, I think I’ll keep TAA, Leaving me two places in defence up for grabs,
    Interested in people’s thoughts on this, as most of us will have this puzzle to solve, feel like I would be wasting a transfer on changing Ederson, I can basically afford any player I want, so don’t need to go Patricio for extra funds, it’s all about getting the right personnel in defence, any thoughts.

    1. After their next match against spurs mate man utd have an amazing run in for the rest of the season. Plus theyre in various cups still. Wolves’ run in is also very good. Im looking at maguire and wan b, plus doherty or boly (already have patricio)

  7. Dont fancy a Jesus to Martial swap for the remainder of March? Jesus benches and Utd have the extra fixture this week.when for Martial seems like the number one choice for Utd…

    1. This is a move I’m going to have to make. As much as Martial irritates me with how many “niggly” injuries he gets, I need a differential choice to have any chance of catching my rivals.

      Bobby to Martial will be the move for me.

      1. Hasn’t he picked up another one of these as well? If he was cheaper I’d have been tempted but I prefer Jimenez as an option. Agreed Jesus may have ran his course though.

        1. I posted this just before the Manchester derby as a short term gain for March, after seeing the lineups and in lieu of the extra fixture midweek for Martial. It was too late for Jiminez as Wolves had already played. Injury meant he didnt play anyway!

  8. DTT! Any help would be great I’m 60 points behind 2nd in my mini league I have the same team as you. Top spot has only 4 players different to me

    What would you do?

    1. Tough one because I’m looking to get as many points on the board as possible. I think Patricio is a better option or as good as Kepa. With regards to the others, it really depends who is missing from his team, as in who has he not got from our team to make room for the players he has got?

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