Review of Game Week 27

Review of Game Week 27

GW Points: 43
Overall Points: 1582
Overall Rank: 55,563
Transfers: Matip out, Vardy in
Ronaldo out, Kane in
Dias out, James in

Game week 27 really didn’t go to plan, after weeks of making some progress on the leaderboard, this week resulted in a significant drop. Not only that but two out of the three players I bought in picked up injuries. From a Dream Team perspective, it doesn’t get much worse than that. Luckily, it’s a fairly short month so I’ve got the opportunity to take James and Vardy back out. Massive shame really, as I felt like James was a good pick considering his instant returns at the weekend. Vardy didn’t pan out so well but had he played this evening, who knows how the week might have finished. I’ve also got injury concerns for Bowen and Maddison, although the latter appears to have recovered as he came on in late for Leicester this evening. I could make an argument for taking Vardy out tonight in case he drops in value, but I’ve decided to leave my transfers until the weekend so I can check out some of the starting line ups before rushing into anything. It looks like James and Vardy will almost certainly need to make way though.


Instant returns from James with 15 points across the game week.

7 points for Robertson.

5 points for Silva is better than nothing at all.

Instant returns from Kane as well with 13 points. 

Potential issues

Not a concern as such but Cancelo missed out on a midweek clean sheet in the Champions League and Sterling has also gone off the boil since I bought him in.

As mentioned above James and Vardy will need to come out as they both have injuries. There is also a question mark against the fitness of Bowen, although I did read he didn’t pick up a significant injury. I will review all three of them at the weekend.

I’m reasonably happy with the rest of my team. De Gea had a poor week but Man Utd did have a tough fixture, I’ll probably have to stick with him now until the end of the season as his position is fairly low risk and transfers would be better utilised to try to get more explosive points from other players.

Tips for Game Week 28

I’m personally going to move on any injured players this weekend, and it’s looking most likely that will be James and Vardy. It would be tempting to go with my original plan of Rudiger and Mane, but Havertz should be considered after a decent game week. Although I’d still have huge question marks around if he can keep that kind of form up. If my hand is forced and I can only take James and Vardy out, this rules out bringing in any midfielders as I’ve already got four. However, if you’re not in the same position as me, then it would be hard to overlook Marhez on his current form. De Bruyne also had a good game week and will consistently bring in points. Mount is another good option for consistency. Kulusevski was also mentioned in the Facebook group for the blog and isn’t a bad shout considering the start he’s made. I’ll be having a more detailed look at who starts at the weekend and checking for any news on those injuries. It’s also worth keeping the longer term fixtures in mind when making any transfers. I’ve recently updated the list of fixtures below and it would be great to hear who everyone is bringing in at the weekend in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 27

    1. He is, but I think he’s less injuries than James and Vardy 😂 I’m going to be stuck with one of them so it makes sense to be stuck with the one who’s likely to be back soonest, which is probably Bowen.

  1. I’m stuck between Havertz or Mane, probably backfire whoever I go for, in agreement with Paul, can Havertz continue his form, he has the firepower from midfield to supply him, his movement is good, but he’s not clinical enough, somewhere down the line Lukaku has to be given more gametime, as for Mane he very rarely gets dropped ,& deserves to play every week above Firmino in my opinion, I think he’s on borrowed time at Liverpool, play Salah, Mane, & Jota, but also include Diaz in the starting 11, I have a modest 59pt lead in my mini league, so the sensible approach would be to nullify the chasing pack, & put Mane in, if he starts against Brighton tomorrow in the early kick off, I think I’ll opt for him.

    1. You’ll be hoping Havertz does very little today like me then. Disappointed with only 3 points from Mane yesterday

  2. Not just because he scored today but I think Diaz could be a good shout, he’s down as a midfielder as well. I’m thinking to swap Bernado Silva for him myself

    1. Yeah he’s definitely on the radar, could be one for me to bring in for Sterling/Bowen or Silva in April

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