Review of Game Week 27

Review of Game Week 27

Best Team 

GW Points: 87
Overall Points: 1,888
Overall Rank: 3,307

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 94
Overall Points: 1,849
Overall Rank: 6,243
Transfers used: Salh out, Kane in

I’ll keep this week’s review fairly short as the game week seems a long time ago due to the International break. Overall I was very happy with how the week went, the team climbed over 1,000 places on the leaderboard, which is a fairly significant jump at this stage of the season. The stand out performers were Saka, Fernandes and Haaland. It was a shame that Foden and De Bruyne didn’t pick up more points considering the scoreline in that fixture but it wasn’t to be. Kane gave instant returns with 8 points, which wasn’t huge but it was better than a blank.  

Player watchlist

With Foden out injured and one transfer remaining for the month, I’m going to be forced into a change this weekend. I’m a little stumped as to who to go for at this stage. I haven’t got much of a watchlist as my team has performed well since the World Cup. Had I got off to a good start, I’m fairly sure I’d be well within the top 1,000 teams. I may look at a Man Utd defender such as Martinez but there are very few options considering how the fixtures fall for the next game week. 

Plan for game week 28

As mentioned above in my watchlist. No players are really jumping out for me at the moment, other than the ones I already own. If Man City had two easy fixtures this week, I’d probably bring in Mahrez but they don’t – they have one tough fixture against Liverpool and some other teams have a double game week (Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd and Newcastle). The next team I’d look at is Man Utd as they are still involved in Europe and the FA cup so have fixture volume on their side. I’m already fairly heavy on their players so I’m finding it different to spot a good option to bring in. I could go for another defender but they’ve not been as consistent defensively recently and I’m not sure I really fancy any of their midfielders other than Fernandes. I definitely don’t want to go down the route of a midfielder or defender from Liverpool or Chelsea so this only really leaves Newcastle. Trippier could be a good option but they don’t have additional fixtures in April so it’s a very short term punt. I’ll ponder more until we get closer to the weekend and will publish my transfer in advance as usual.

2 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 27

  1. Not really much going on, definitely taking foden out for this last week is a must, a few fancy Maddison as a good change especially his ave is about 4.3 per game, so maybe an idea. Thanks

    1. It’s a very difficult one without any stand out options. It could be a defender as well. Not sure I’m keen on Maddison as Leicester haven’t been in great form.

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