Review of Game Week 27

Review of Game Week 27

GW Points: 57
Overall Points: 1,772
Overall Rank: 86,360
Transfers: Pieters out, Bellerin in

Game week 27 can be seen as a slight success with a further climb in the overall leaderboard. However this wasn’t a significant jump. The biggest frustration during the game week was Bellerin being rested (or maybe dropped) against Brighton and then missing out on a clean sheet against Milan through injury. I’m hoping this is short term – if Arsenal progress in the Europa League I think it has been a decent transfer. With regards to the rest of the team I’m fairly happy with it as it’s been consistently picking up points for the last few weeks/months.


A goal for Kane and Lukaku was good to see. Slightly annoying that Spurs went out of the Champions League but I’m happy to stick with Kane.

Salah continues to consistently pick up points. I’m glad that I put him back in when I did.

Potential Issues:

I can’t see the point in doubling up on Spurs attacking players with them exiting the Champions League. As a result Eriksen may be the player to go. There’s a few decent alternatives within budget – Pogba, B. Silva, Ozil, D. Silva, Ramsey.

Tips for Game Week 28

Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal are all in action in Europe this week. I’d favour Man Utd and Arsenal as Chelsea are likely to go out against Barcelona. Given their inconsistent form it’s difficult to justify an Arsenal player however they do have a good run of fixtures and are probably now favourites to go through in the Europa League.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 27

  1. I’d agree with your assessment of Eriksen. Be interesting to see what happens with Sane/B. Silva, as Sterling is rumoured to be back this week. Silva has arguably been better than Sane since he came into the side, and although Seterling’s form dipped a little prior to his injury, he has been #1 choice for the wide front man role for City this season…. One to watch!

    Ramsey could be the player to make a difference on the leader board though. He is a very streaky player who always had a spell in the season where he is unstoppable! Arsenal are not the side of recent seasons, but this is also the time that they tend to step up to another gear. Is it the time to take the gamble? His selection % is only 1.8% and with games against Watford, Milan, Leicester, Stoke, Southampton, Newcastle, West Ham… Looks like a good time to be looking at Arsenal players

    1. Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking. Do we wait and see how Arsenal get on this week before making the move though? Knowing them they could completely flop again this week and lose to Milan. Any thoughts?

      1. Perosnally I would take the gamble before tomorrows games. Arsenal have 2 games this week vs. Spurs 1. I also think that going down to Bournemouth, and the hangover of Champions League elimination could mean a tough afternoon for Spurs tomorrow (watch them win 5-0 now! ha ha)

        1. Yeah it’s probably worth taking a punt. Ozil, Ramsey or Mkhitaryan?

          I’d personally favour Ozil or Mkhitaryan over Ramsey.

  2. It’s a tough one. Ramsey is selected by 1.8% of other managers vs. 5% (Ozil) and 17.2% Mikhi. However the other thing to way up is the cost. At £3.5m Mikhi seems a bargain, while at £5.2m Ramsey is probably over priced and you are relying on him going on one of his runs, which is a big gamble. Which makes Ozil at £4.6m the safe bet making a £1.1m profit on the transfer to use elsewhere.

    Being brave and going with Ramsey could return the biggest reward in terms of the overall leaderboard, but is a costly gamble. I don’t like Mikhi’s selection stats unless it enables us to bring in a top top defender

    1. On the assumption that we replace Eirksen and Keane:

      Ozil and Kolasinac/Christensen
      Mkhitaryan and Robertson/Koscielny/Stones/Sanchez/Azpilicueta

      Can’t say I’m keen on any of the options. I’d ideally want a Man Utd defender. Not keen on doubling up with Liverpool or Arsenal defenders but at the same time don’t want a defender who’s not in Europe.

    1. Just going to do a very late post. Having looked at points scored to date and games played, etc. I’m going Mkhitaryan as it gives us more budget to play with. However I’m holding the final transfer with Bellerin injured and the chance Milan will knock Arsenal out.

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