Review of Game Week 28

Review of Game Week 28

GW Points: 128
Overall Points: 1940
Overall Rank: 2,102
Transfers: None used

Game week 28 was a decent week with 128 points on the board and a jump of around 1,000 places on the overall leaderboard. This is a position I’d be fairly happy finishing in, I’d say anything within the top 5,000 teams is a good season. Anything above 1,000 being a very good season. My midfield in particular performed well over the week but I’ll come onto that below. The main issue I’m currently facing is Stones being injured and then benched.


Clean sheets for Ederson and Rudiger.

38 points for Sterling was a great result, including a hat trick in the premier league.

36 points for Mane, having had a quiet mid season I’m glad I opted to bring him back in when I did.

A goal and star man for Hazard gained 13 points.

Goals for Kane and Aguero.

Potential Issues:

Stones missing two fixtures hasn’t been ideal, however I noticed he made the bench against Schalke. If he starts in the cup at the weekend then I’ll hold onto him for now, if he doesn’t it will be a tough call as I’d rather not be forced into making a transfer if he comes back in shortly.

Salah appears to have had a dip in form. He’s not scored for a while and his value is dropping. With Liverpool still in the Champions League it’s not an easy decision to make. I can’t see an obvious replacement so for the time being I’ll probably stick with him.

Tips for Game Week 29

Game week 29 is a shorter week, mainly dominated by FA cup fixtures. It’s worth pointing out that neither Spurs or Arsenal have a fixture, so if you haven’t got Kane it’s not worth going for him yet. Man City and Man Utd both have FA cup fixtures against Swansea and Wolves respectively. Obviously Man City could be the team to target, however I’d expect some rotation. Liverpool could also be a team to consider as they travel to Fulham in the league. Chelsea travel to Everton.

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36 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 28

  1. DTT it has been confirmed that tomorrow will come too early for Stones and he won’t feature . . . Thoughts on a replacement?

      1. Interesting thought. From what I keep reading about Mendy he’s really struggling to regain any sort of fitness.

        The 2 week international break isn’t doing us and favours as some of those injuries will have cleared up

        Pep has been raving about Zinchenko calling him incredible this week and opening talks for a new contract. Looks a shrewd move

        1. Yeah I think he could be a good move if he gets regular game time. Almost wish I’d have put him in instead of Stones initially.

  2. Great write-up again DTT. Really feel I’ve missed out on Mane during the last few weeks, think I’d have been out of sight in my ML if I’d had him.

    With regards to Stone’s replacement, I’m presuming VVD is out of reach budget wise?

    1. Same chris. I think I’m going to bring Mane in for auba ahead of Fulham v Liverpool. Also to cover a mini league rival.

      On a separate transfer, I plan to get Doherty for the Man U game and following his double game week I plan to change him for Bernardo silva.

      Let’s hope for another good weekend.

      Good luck all 👍

    2. Yeah he’s out of reach – got 4.2 budget. Thinking Zinchenko if he starts. Frees up some funds if he’s going to be a regular. Any thoughts?

      1. Yep, can’t argue for that choice for the reasons RR gives above. 👍🏻

        Pep sometimes isn’t even mentioning Mendy in pressers at the moment. Very odd. Incredible when you think of the impact he had at the start of the season.

          1. Gomez close to a return by all accounts (possibly after international break) so I don’t think I’d go for Matip personally.

            If/when Gomez gets into the team I can see him staying there for the rest of the season so he could be a great option further down the line.

  3. Wondering if can get peoples advice. 3rd in my league (top 5 money prize) 2 transfers left. 1st transfer Lindelof to a Liverpool defender to copy blocks in league from ppl below. (Already have Robertson but few have 3 Liverpool defenders.) So Thinking about taking aubayang out (1 game left this month) for Jesus hoping he gets a few against Swansea (expecting him to start) then will probably use 1 possibly 2 of April’s transfers to remove him for Kane in early April. What’s ppls thoughts on gambling on Jesus to try climb higher. Or would ppl prefer other option of 442 Aubameyang & Lindelof out for vvd & matip/Arnold to block below? Thanks in advance.

    1. Jesus could be a great short term punt, just look at what happened against Burton. Obviously Swansea are a different outfit but he could easily get a double digit haul. GL Gaz!

      1. I agree, but Swansea are at home and as Chris says far better than burton. Personally I think the Jesus move is good if you’re chasing, but as you’re leading perhaps cover the Liverpool block as this won’t be a short term move like the Jesus one.

        What does the rest of your team look like?

        1. It’s hard to choose as want to chase 1st n 2nd place but at the risk of loosing out on top 5 prize money altogether. Team is





          1.8m itb

  4. Is VVD for Robertson an option?
    , think they are similar price ? Robertson will be banned for the first leg of the Porto tie coming up due to his stupid yellow card ?

    Or we could change stones for a midfielder ? B silva perhaps ?

    Should’ve checked on all the values etc before typing all this really … (I’ll check now)

  5. 0.2 in bank.

    VVD 5.3
    Robertson 5.0
    So can’t quite afford that change.

    Stones 4.0
    BSilva 3.8
    So can do that one which also frees up the potential for the above switch at a later date maybe. ..

    What do we think about Bsilva ? Pep seems to like him.
    Any other options you can see?

  6. Can Stones be transferred for Zinchenko before kick off but after the lunch time game ?
    I.e. As teams are announced.

  7. Yeah the Zinchenko one frees up the potential transfer above too for next month , Vvd in for Robertson.
    See who’s starting later I suppose …?

    1. Yeah VVD would definitely be an upgrade on Robinson and I can’t see much else that needs changing.

  8. Who do you think scores more points though over the rest of the season zinchenko or bsilva ??

  9. Hi guys. Just after some advice. I have 1M in the bank and my current team is:

    Robertson, Azpilicueta & Lindelof
    Hazard, Mane, Sterling & Pedro
    Salah, Aubameyang & Aguero.

    I have 2 transfers left and was thinking of doing Aubameyang to Firmino and Lindelof to Alexander-Arnold. I think I’ll stick with Pedro for a cheap midfield option with good fixtures. Aubameyang doesn’t play this game week and Arsenal drawing Napoli in the Europa League has put me off keeping him. Firmino has good fixtures, a good champions league draw and should get plenty of game time but it means I would have Salah, Firmino & Mane. Man Utd fixtures don’t look great going forward and Alexander Arnold has good fixtures and big upgrade on Lindelof. Thoughts??

  10. @DTT
    I Think Zinchenko is the obvious choice as other City defenders are out of reach or injured.This would also free up funds for example Robbo to VVD or who ever at next window.

    1. Yeah makes perfect sense to me – he’s decent value if he’s going to keep playing.

    2. What are thoughts on a choice between Jesus or Firmino?
      Jesus has chances for good points hauls as he’ll play v Swansea today and will probably play in the league v Cardiff as it only comes days before the champions league game v Spurs but rotation and game time is an issue. Or Firmino who hasn’t really been firing all season but also has favourable fixtures and will get consistent game time in all comps. Thoughts??

  11. Yeah if he keeps his place he’s probably a good option , any Man City fans know how likely that is ? probably gets the odd assist with crossing etc too.

    What are your thoughts on the future VvD for Robertson transfer? One to just keep an eye on?

    1. Looks a decent option to me considering he’s not much more expensive that Robertson but seems to score quite a few more points.

  12. Sorry just noticed your reply above to the VVD thing
    (Sometimes the order of the messages / replies gets a bit muddled on here!)

  13. Stones & Mendy out until after International Break so Zinchenko will play for the forseable i think.who know’s with Pep but it is a common sense thought only guy’s

  14. Just wondered on all your guys opinion on how essential mane is? Do you think it’s worth moving to 343 and taking a defender out for him or keep formation and take out pogba for him ( I know this depends a lot on personal circumstances) interested in everyone’s thoughts on getting him in?

    1. Ive got a feeling like Chris has that we have missed his purple patch. Im considering Firmino as he is due some points surely?

      1. Think I’m going to transfer Higuain for Jesus for my last transfer of the month. Trailing by around 80 points currently 2nd in my mini league. 1st gamble I’ve taken this season unless you count Higuain . With international breaks looming and transfers available soon got to try something 🤞🏻

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