Review of Game Week 28

Review of Game Week 28

GW Points: 52
Overall Points: 1,735
Overall Rank: 4,098
Transfers: None used

Game week 28 wasn’t overly successful. The team simply sustained it’s position on the overall leaderboard. This was mainly down to Man City losing to Man Utd and then having their game against Arsenal postponed. With four City attacking options this really didn’t help my game week. Liverpool also failed to keep a clean sheet across two games. Fortunately, I managed to pick up some points from the players I’d expected a little less from so the week wasn’t a complete disaster. It was slightly frustrating not to see progression up the leaderboard continue for another week though. 


Another 5 points for Patricio. I’m glad I stuck by him as this choice is paying off now.

8 points for Lindelof with a clean sheet against Man City. A great result considering he was a budget option but a shame he didn’t play in the Europa League as well.

10 points for Bruno, I’m glad I bought him in for Traore who hasn’t done much recently.

18 points for Mane with a goal and star man award against Bournemouth.

11 points for Salah.

Potential Issues:

I’m fairly happy with the team at the moment. The players I’ve got question marks next to are obviously some of the Liverpool players as they only have the Premier League to focus on now. It will be interesting to see if they start to rest players once they’ve won it. Jesus is also on my radar as a player who may now hit a quiet patch. However, just as I’m writing this I’m seeing that all English football has been postponed until early April. As a result it will be a case of just waiting to see how the fixtures start to be rearranged before planning my next moves.

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20 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 28

  1. Lindelof was a great move DTT.

    Out of interest, bearing in mind he’s 4th highest pts scorer overall, and 2nd best striker, why the desire to offload Jesus?

    1. I just think that he’s had his good patch. Mainly when he was starting in the FA Cup against easier teams.

  2. Well it looks like we’re gonna be twiddling our thumbs for a while now with the postponement of matches until early April. Fully expected this tbh (just how many people involved in football have contracted it, to say there are only 798 UK known cases currently is quite astonishing!)

    Look after yourselves and your loved ones everyone. We live in unprecedented times.

    1. Cheers Chris. No idea what’s going to happen with the football season. I guess we just wait and see.

  3. Hi Chris I would say the difference between known cases and actual cases, or people who have had it and already recovered without knowing is a huge difference. No idea what I’m going to do until April with no football, might have to talk to the wife or go shopping 🤯

    1. There won’t be no matches played in April virus hasn’t even peaked yet. Predictions for peaking are May/June time then depends on what happens with champions league/europa league! Meeting on Tuesday regarding Europe then uk football on Thursday! I can’t see any football (if there is going to be any) till June/July earliest. Forget April!

    1. Haha assuming you’re joking? Everything is completely up in the air at the moment. I guess we just wait and see how it all pans out in terms of football but it doesn’t seem overly important at the moment.

  4. Hi all. Hope you’re all well!

    Is next week (w/c 23rd) when we have to use our March transfers up, or is it the following week (w/c 30th)?

    Much luv and positivity to you all x

    1. I think we would get new transfers on 4th April but I can’t see any football being played in April. I think they will change the rules on transfers so I personally won’t be making any.

  5. Hope everyone is well, normally transfers 1st Friday of the month, so I would say March transfers would have to be used by Thursday the 2nd.

  6. Thanks guys. Cant see any footy being played for a while but im gonna try and use my 3 march transfers to fine tune

  7. Hi DTT, hope you and your family are all well.

    Will you make any transfers pre-Friday to use up the teams March quota?

    1. I won’t be making any transfers – I’m fairly happy with my team whenever we do restart but I can’t see it being in April.

  8. Anyone else surprised we haven’t heard more about DT. I fully appreciate it’s just a game whilst some are going thru real hell but a lot of us have considerable money dependent on DT. Any guidance would be welcomed, especially with potential transfers on Friday. Stay safe everyone.

  9. Hi all, hope you’re all well.

    Fairly redundant I know, but thought I’d let ya know I used up my remaining March quota on Doherty, Maguire n Sterling. No major shocks I know, but the guy I’m chasing (who already used up his March trannys) has no man u def or wolves def coverage.

    So if ever the league restarts, he’ll likely get wolves and man u def cover and I’ll double/triple up on both.

    Much luv to one n all.

  10. Good moves Badge.

    I bought in Doherty just before the postponements as he’d hit great form both ends of the pitch we know he can do. Was also going to do Gomez to Maguire but just sitting tight now for the next few weeks to see what happens.

    P.s. I note Kane said the other day he’ll be fully fit in 2-3 weeks so keep him and Son at the back of your minds lads as differentials should it start up again in May!

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