Review of Game Week 28

Review of Game Week 28

GW Points: 25
Overall Points: 2,090
Overall Rank: 1,190
Transfers: None used

After a few weeks of progressing up the table, it was a disappointment to drop slightly this week. I’d imagine it was a fairly low scoring week for most but only 25 points was a shocking result. The transfers that I made in advance of the game week didn’t make or lose me any points, which isn’t a bad position to be in but I’d have liked to have seen them earn me additional points. Liverpool also crashed out of the Champions League, which given the result of the first leg was to be expected but I’d have liked to have seen more from Salah. If you play the number of fixtures game, some may be considering taking him out. But with Leeds and Newcastle on the horizon I’m not sure I’m brave enough to make that move myself. At the same time, though Chelsea and Man City do have 6 fixtures compared to only 3 for Liverpool. Something I’ll be pondering until the weekend. 


I can’t really pull any positives out from the game week as no one scored over 8 points for me. But as I didn’t drop much on the leaderboard, the positive is that it would have been the same for most people.

Potential Issues:

I don’t really see any major problems for the upcoming game week. Moura is a player I’d like to remove but as Spurs have a double game week and he’s been scoring OK, I’ll probably leave him in. The other question mark is against Salah with Liverpool having a reduced number of fixtures until the end of the month. The problem is, when you look at their league fixtures in May it would be difficult to make a case for not having him.

Tips for Game Week 29

It’s been a relatively long month and there’s still three game weeks to go. I’ve personally got two transfers in the bank and I’m not sure I’ll do anything with them for game week 29. I’m hoping others will blow their transfers and I’ll get an advantage going into the end of the season where I can make the most of the transfers I’ve got left. If you’ve still got plenty of transfers to burn, the fixtures are listed below. City, Chelsea, Leicester and Spurs have a double game week.

17 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 28

  1. Moved up to 240 on the overall leader board, had fruitful week, after taking Maguire out for Wan bissaka 13pts, keeping Foden 13pts, & a 36pt haul for Laccazette, could of been another 13pts if Chelsea hadn’t conceded in the last minute, I was seething after that result, have a 65pt lead in my mini league, by no means a winning margin, but want to try & apply pressure to the guy in 2nd place, a 1 week punt on either Son or Ieanacho, followed by next week Rashford, is a big possibility have to be wary though about using up transfers & picking up injuries.

  2. Good read m8.
    I’m taking Salah out this week for Iheanacho. 2 games against Southampton and West Brom.
    Might only be for a week and then maybe Rashford or Carvani till May.

    Current team
    2184 points


    Stones brought in for Chillwell 15-4-21


    Iheanacho 15-4-21

    2 transfers left.
    2.5 itb.

    Might change Gundogan for Mount sometime.

      1. Hi mate, I had a lead of over 100 points but now it is 54. And I am anticipating another clean sheet VS Brighton tomorrow, although they maybe some rotation.

        My team is:



        Salah – Just transferred in for Jesus.

        City’s recent rotation and always conceding a goal seams to be costing me. I have 2 transfers left for this month, my rival has 1. A potential KDB injury to deal with as well.

        Rivals team:

        Reece James



      2. I would appreciate your thoughts RR and the tactics you may employ to remain on top.

        If anyone else can spot something as well I’d appreciate your input.

        Disappointed to see Salah benched tonight. Was hoping for a few goals tonight after putting him in.

        1. The obvious threat to your team is the Chelsea defence, it needs to be nullified if you want to maintain your lead. In my team, my April strategy was to replace my City defenders Dias and Cancelo with Azpilicueta (offers security of starts, equivalent of Dias) and James (offers attacking threat, similar to Cancelo). Chelsea defence more solid than City right now and have slightly easier champions league tie against Madrid than PSG. So I would look to bring in two Chelsea defenders, one to replace KDB if needed and possibly Dias.

          1. Yes it makes sense to play it that way. Too much rotation in that City defense, that prevents the solid consistency. I did gamble on the fact that i thought City would score in the semi-final and then i could re assess this week.

            Moving forward I will look at the KDB injury and swap him to Azpilicueta if he will miss 2 weeks. Do you not think it maybe better to switch Cancelo instead of Dias? He seems to start much more games.

  3. Unless Salah is carrying a niggling injury that we don’t know about, how arrogant of Klopp to leave your top scorer on the bench, they haven’t played since last Wednesday, playing a Leeds team who play with intensity until the last kick of the game, you would think needing to win almost every game to finish top 4, yes I have Salah in my team, shame on you Klopp, looking at the bigger picture, football as we know it, is in utter turmoil.

    1. I too have Salah but even with only one game next week I don’t think I could bring myself to switching him out before a plum home tie v Newcastle after being rested…

  4. Need some help with my team as I appear to be stagnating.

    Mendy. Shaw, Diaz, Cancelo, KDB, Gundo, Fernadez, Mount. Kane, Salah, Rashy.

    No money in the bank but 5 transfers available.

    Thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. Not much wrong with that side on paper Matt but just a few observations in case it helps at all…

      Mendy – Kepa played last two games but suspect Mendy will now return…
      Shaw – Fine / good value
      Diaz – Rested v Leeds and they lost! Suspect he mostly plays especially with Stones suspended
      Cancelo – Annoyingly missed 3 of last 4 but suspect rested for the Cup final and CL ties
      KDB – Monitor that injury closely but City do have 2x 2 DGW’s…
      Gundo – Fair value but points dropping off a bit lately…
      Fernandez – Ultimate shield.
      Mount – Fine / good value
      Salah – 2 x single GW’s coming up but includes a home tie v Newcastle and he’s rested!!
      Rashy – Fine / good value
      Kane – Monitor that injury. If he’s set to miss the final you could switch to a DGW player.

      You have enough transfers so could switch out and back even for a single week. Players to consider to try and steal a few short term points IMO – Pulisic, Mahrez, Bilva, Cavani, James, Pepe.

    1. Absolutely – I’ve not missed one yet but late getting to it this week. Just going to start writing it. Will definitely be up by the end of the day.

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