Review of Game Week 28

Review of Game Week 28

GW Points: 62
Overall Points: 1644
Overall Rank: 61,458
Transfers: Vardy out, Mane in
James out, Rudiger in

Game week 28 was another massively frustrating week. 62 points on the board but another slight drop on the leaderboard. Not what I was hoping for given that the team showed signs of improvement through February but my luck has certainly ran out in March. I was forced into making two transfers – due to injuries. Ironically, both players only lasted 1 game week in my team before getting injured. I also only gained 7 points from bringing Mane and Rudiger in this week, which was a little disappointing. This means I’ve been forced to hold onto the injured Bowen and the out of form Sterling and Maddison – both have been facing a lot of time on the bench recently. In an ideal world, I’d have had enough transfers to move these players on during this game week but it wasn’t to be. I’m just hoping for a bit of luck this weekend with team selection when it comes to the FA Cup fixtures. 


Robertson and Cancelo both hit double figure scores this week. Very happy in particular with 23 points for Robertson.

Another 13 points for Kane and 8 for Salah.

Potential issues

My entire midfield blanked this week, a huge concern when I’ve got 4 midfielders at the moment. I could easily make a case for taking all 4 of them out, but the prioritises in April for me would be Sterling, Bowen (depending on his injury) and then Maddison.

De Gea is also an issue but at this stage in the season, I’ve got to focus my transfers on positions that could potentially return the most points. The goalkeeper position is fairly low risk. 

Tips for Game Week 29

I’d imagine most people are in the same position as me – out of transfers. If you’re not, I’d certainly recommend using them this weekend as we have another round of FA Cup fixtures on the horizon. Man Utd don’t play, so I’d be moving any of their players on. If you don’t fancy targeting short term gains you could check out the fixtures below for April and make some proactive changes to set yourself up for the month ahead. If I were going to target a team in April it would be Liverpool, they have by far the best fixtures with a nice draw in the Champions League. I’d be avoiding Man Utd and Spurs players – other than Kane, as both clubs are now out of Europe. For me, it’s a wait and see, as I’m out of transfers so I’m hoping for a bit of luck over the weekend in the FA Cup. As always, it would be great to hear everyone else’s plans in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 28

  1. in the same boat Paul.
    Madison sterling and James
    no returns at all will have to do three transfers
    straight away.
    might not have to get rid of James.

  2. Maddison stays in the team, again as already stated if no more injuries, out goes TAA, & Rudiger, in comes Robbo & James, when TAA comes back from injury, may look at taking B, Silva out for him.

    1. Will you keep hold of Maddison now? I’m still unsure about moving him on or not

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