Review of Game Week 28

Review of Game Week 28

Best Team 

GW Points: 60
Overall Points: 1,948
Overall Rank: 3,295

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 59
Overall Points: 1,908
Overall Rank: 6,302
Transfers used: Foden out, Mitoma in

Game week 28 was a bit of a frustrating game week. With an instant 18 point return from Mitoma I expected to rise on the leaderboard considering his ownership is fairly low. I’d also assumed most people would be stuck with the likes of Foden and Haaland with very few transfers left at the end of the month. Strangely, the extra points from Mitoma didn’t result in a leap on the leaderboard – the team pretty much stayed where it was. My position probably wasn’t helped by the highly owned Tripper picking up 18 points across the week but at least we are back into European fixtures in April. It was good to see Rashford back in double figures for a game week after a fairly quiet spell and De Bruyne also scored well. Ake and Akanji blanked but City will be back with plenty of fixtures in April. 

Player watchlist

With new transfers available for April it will be important to make some proactive changes to improve the teams overall position on the leaderboard. Shaw may need to come out depending on how serious his injury is and despite only just putting Mitoma in, he may not last long in my team with no European fixtures for Brighton. Players I’m considering for early April are Mahrez, Martinez, Casemiro and Trippier (not sure he needs European football to score well). I won’t be rushing into making changes as I’m fairly happy with my team given the fixtures for the month but there may be an opportunity to make some slight improvements.

Plan for game week 29

I don’t really want to be forced into an early transfer for the sake of an injury in April but if Shaw isn’t fit to play Everton it may be that I do a straight swap for Martinez. Man Utd have decent fixtures and should play a strong team in the Europa League as well. I’m also tempted to cash in on Mitoma and bring in Mahrez for the additional Champions League games. Brighton also have three tough games in a row now so Mitoma may have a quiet patch. Of course this could go the other way and he may continue to score well but it’s a risk I may take. I haven’t fully decided what to do yet but I’ll confirm my decision at the weekend. If you’re interested in the fixtures for April, they can be found here:

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    1. There’s been a bit of improvement again on the leaderboard this week, still the Man Utd game to play tonight though.

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