Review of Game Week 28

Review of Game Week 28

GW Points: 48
Overall Points: 1,820
Overall Rank: 76,441
Transfers: Eriksen out, Mkhitaryan in

Another positive game week with a further climb up the overall leaderboard. The transfer panned out well instantly with Mkhitaryan picking up a goal and a star man performance. It was disappointing that Bellerin missed out on another clean sheet – had he played in every game since I bought him in, he would have had two clean sheets out of three games which is really frustrating. I think the past couple of months has really emphasised how vital it is to get off to a good start. I’ve held my own with all of the teams around me and the team has climbed the leaderboard steadily over the past few months. Had I been in and around the top 1,000 – 10,000 teams early on, I believe I’d have had a strong finish. Getting off to a poor start has ultimately had a knock on effect for the rest of the season.


A clean sheet for Everton was a highlight, they’ve been close to securing a clean sheet for the past couple of games so it was good to see them finally get some points on the board.

Mkhitaryan instantly picking up points was a huge positive.

10 points for Lukaku was another positive. Although Man Utd crashing out of the Champions League was very disappointing, given his loss of games.

Potential Issues:

Kane will need to be replaced – this is obviously not good for Spurs and possibly England. However it may have a silver lining from a Dream Team perspective. I’ve got enough transfers to make this change before the end of the month (many people won’t have) and it will also free up funds to strengthen elsewhere.

Aguero is also injured but I’ll have no choice to hold fire on this until we get more transfers in April.

Tips for Game Week 29

From a quick look at the fixtures it appears that Man City and Arsenal have no fixtures this weekend. As a result I wouldn’t be looking to move for any of their players. Liverpool look like a decent option as they face Watford. Spurs, Man Utd and Chelsea are all in action in the FA Cup. As a result I’m likely to replace Kane with Firmino (or possibly Mane but this is less likely).

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 28

  1. Had i….if i…..we can all say that, DTT. At least your position has improved over recent weeks.

    1. Nothing I can do about Bellerin getting injured and missing two clean sheets so I’m not really sure what you’re getting at. My overall point was that a bad start has ultimately ruined my season – there’s no excuses just an observation. Considering where the team was back then I think it’s been a good result to claw it back to where the team is now and if I hadn’t had that bad start I think I’d be close to the top of the mini leagues I’m in.

    1. Liverpool have the better fixtures and the bonus of champions league game beginning of April (although it’s Man City but they turned them over in the league not too long ago). I went for mane due to looking at potential price rise over short term and if needed can use transfer in April. Firmino always seems to generally get high good ratings and is near the top rated come the end of a game (salah of course has stole his spotlight numerous times this season). So he’s a good shout but unless he scores or gets couple assists this weekend or end of the month then his value will decrease again. Son if plays will defo increase your team value by 0.6m come April but then plays a game less in first week of April I.e. champions league game on 4th April (can’t make transfer until Friday 6th April)
      So for me toss up between mane and firmino. I chose mane just due to having the higher recent points average therefore more chance of price rise.

        1. I’d considered him, I just slightly favoured Firmino. Had Spurs remained in the Champions League it may have been Son.

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