Review of Game Week 29

Review of Game Week 29

GW Points: 43
Overall Points: 1687
Overall Rank: 58,383
Transfers: None used

Being out of transfers probably played into my hands in game week 29 – I’d have probably taken Sterling and Maddison out a week ago if I had transfers but as my hands were tied, I ended up picking up 13 points from each of them. I also picked up 9 points from Kane and some small returns from Rudiger and Cancelo. Considering how many of the big name players weren’t involved during the game week. I’m surprised I didn’t climb further up the leaderboard. I think at this stage in the season it’s much easier to hold onto a position than make ground up. A good example is the risk I took by bringing in Vardy, it completely backfired but it was a risk I had to take to attempt to gain ground on others. The people above who don’t have to take these risks are in a much stronger position and it highlights again how important it is to get off to a good start. Either way, I’ll continue to push on to finish as high as I can but it’s disappointing to know that I won’t match my previous performances with consecutive finishes of around 1,000th. 


13 points from Maddison and Sterling – I was considering taking both players out.

9 points for Kane.

5 points for Rudiger.

Potential issues

I still think my midfield is a problem, I could easily make a case for taking out Maddison, Sterling, Bowen and Silva. Mane hasn’t done much for me yet either, but Liverpool do have excellent fixtures during April so I’ll hold onto him and hope for a big point haul at some point. 

Tips for Game Week 30

As we’ve got a week with no point scoring fixtures, it’s difficult to plan too far ahead at this stage. We need to review who is fit and available for game week 30 a bit closer to the time. I’ll personally be keeping an eye on Bowen potentially returning for West Ham – if he does, I may well keep hold of him. More broadly, Liverpool are the team with the best fixtures for April, it may well be worth considering bringing in another Liverpool defender to double up with Robertson. I’d probably revert back to Matip at this stage as he’s a decent cheaper option. I’ll also keep hold of Salah and Mane given Liverpool’s fixtures. Despite good scores for Maddison and Sterling this week, I’m tempted to lose both of them and almost certainly Sterling. I’ll be staying away from Man Utd players with them being out of Europe, the same applies to Spurs (other than Kane). I’ll publish some more detailed thoughts on a plan for game week 30 in the comments below as we get closer to the game week kicking off.

12 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 29

  1. not sure whether to transfer TAA or not
    also have James in my team critical decisions
    this game week.
    was 80 clear of my rival do I pick virtually
    the same players he has to block him ?

    1. I made the mistake a couple of years ago of making my own selection when i was about 30 points ahead of nearest rival (instead of blocking him) and lost out in the end by about 10 points. My advice, follow the man and block.!!

      1. I’d be tempted to block off as well at this stage, as long as they are making relatively sensible moves as well.

  2. What’s everyone got planned for transfers tomorrow?

    Personally, I won’t be making any changes unless any of my players don’t start. I’d imagine it will most likely to be Sterling that needs to come out but difficult to plan too far ahead until we see those line ups.

  3. I’m looking at Ziyech and Bernardo out for Fornals and Jota. I really want to get Jota in and fornals seems the only viable option funds wise

  4. Morning all, hope you had a nice break.

    For me, I don’t think I’m making any moves as I think everyone is fit in my team so I’ll stick this week I think. Diaz may start on the bench but I’m happy to hold for now. I did take out Son for Mount before the turn of the month to take advantage of the extra fixtures.

    Team is:


    Good luck all!

    1. Wish I’d have bought Diaz in this week, I was going to do it until I saw he was benched. Typically he then scores midweek.

  5. I think transfer strategy depends on what your goals are:
    • If you want to finish as high as possible = then I would have at least 3 Liverpool defenders in your team – namely Alisson, TAA and Robertson but Matip and VvD will do. If you get more than 3, the better. However, you won’t make much movement with only two like Robertson and Matip as teams above you are likely to have more so gain more points when pool get a clean sheet.
    • If leading a mini league = most likely to have 3 or more Liverpool defenders already so in a comfortable place. Just need to concentrate on the city midfielders KDB and Mahrez or if you got them already (points in the bag and super rich) then coasting to finish line.
    • Chasing a mini league rival = probably got only two Liverpool defenders ideally TAA and Robertson/VvD who can get goals and assists. Keep them if not too far behind but if 100 points behind it might be the ideal time to take an injured TAA out or if you feel more daring to take both out. City defenders like Laporte, Walker and Chelsea defenders Mendy, James, Silva could be the alternatives. So all in on a City block or Chelsea block or a mixture of both but no Liverpool defenders.

    So transfer strategy depends on your team situation and position (in mini league or overall rank) and how want to finish your season.

    1. love your article RR I have 1 Chelsea DF 1 liv DF 1 mc DF.
      am in 2nd place but he is catching me fast.
      he has MC keeper plus 1 MC DF 1 CH DF 2 LIV DF.
      5 at the back that includes the keeper.
      so big changes for me now with 4 trans left. all in.

    2. What are your thoughts on Chelsea players now they look likely to be out of the Champions League?

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