Review of Game Week 29

Review of Game Week 29

Best Team 

GW Points: 107
Overall Points: 2,055
Overall Rank: 1,958

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 86
Overall Points: 1,994
Overall Rank: 5,293
Transfers used: Mitoma out, Mahrez in
Shaw out, Martinez in

Game week 29 was going very well with around 10 minutes left of the Man Utd game. It quickly went downhill with Man Utd conceding a couple of late goals. Overall I can’t complain with how the game week panned out though – the Mahrez transfer didn’t pay off but the team did make a decent leap on the overall leaderboard. It could have been so much better though had Man Utd held onto the 2 – 0 lead. The injuries to Martinez and Rashford are both far from ideal as well. It’s always a difficult one to take when a player only manages 1 week in your team before picking up what looks like a long term injury. It was my Man City players who delivered the bulk of the points this week with a decent return from Akanji, Ake, De Bruyne and Haaland. Akanji and Ake got off to a slow start but I’ve got no regrets about bringing them in as they’ve both been a good addition to the team over recent weeks.  

Player watchlist

As I’m likely to need to make a couple of changes over the weekend, I’ve got a number of names on my watchlist on this basis. This includes Salah, Dias, Trippier, Jesus and Grealish. 

Plan for game week 30

I’m not going to make any changes until the weekend, but I’m likely to take out Martinez and Rashford, if their injuries look longer term. I could be tempted to swap Martinez for Dias – I’m not sure I fancy any other Man Utd defenders as they may now be weaker without Martinez. If I take Rashford out, I may bring in Salah or take a punt on Jesus. Despite not being in Europe, I do like Liverpool’s fixtures for the rest of the month but their form is very hit and miss so it’s a tough call.

If you wanted to check out the remaining fixtures for the month, they can be found here:

2 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 29

  1. It’s a tough call choosing Salah or Jesus especially with the Transfers getting shorter and shorter and getting in a position where all games this month and next getting crucial for points and hopefully no injuries in between, whoever you choose and they do really well will Rashford be back in the reckoning?

    1. I decided to go for neither and it didn’t go well. Tough game week but will go again this week and hope for something better.

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