Review of Game Week 29

Review of Game Week 29

GW Points: 59
Overall Points: 1,879
Overall Rank: 73,101
Transfers: Kane out, Firmino in

Game week 29 was a little flat considering quite a few players weren’t in action. I was fortunate enough to be able to take Kane out given his recent injury, so it was good to see Firmino get on the score sheet straight away. Despite most managers having Salah, it was still good to see him grab 4 goals and 35 points. When I removed him earlier in the season there was a lot of debate around whether to risk it and leave him out. His form since I put him back in suggests putting him back in was absolutely the right move – no other midfielder would have outscored him so leaving him out for a differential would have cost me points.


8 points for Van Dijk, Lukaku and Firmino was a big positive.

35 points for Salah contributed the majority of my points for the game week. Although with his high ownership this made little difference other than stopping us falling behind.

Potential Issues:

Aguero being an injury concern is a problem. I’m not sure if he featured for Argentina in their friendlies (I’m assuming not) but ideally he will be back for City as soon as possible.

Other than Aguero being injured, I see no other issues. I’ve got loads in the bank for transfers for April. As a result I’ll be looking at upgrading Keane.

Tips for Game Week 30

If I had any transfers remaining I’d personally be looking at Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal players this week who all have an additional game in Europe. Arsenal in particular also have a fairly straightforward league game at home to Stoke over the weekend.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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15 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 29

  1. DTT, ur overall score has improved dramatically over the last couple of months, like others I questioned some of ur transfers earlier in the season, my own team had a lead on you, but now you have surpassed my score, my own outlook on season to date, I have made to many errors, poor judgement & impulsive decision making on transfers, an element of bad luck I guess, looking ahead to April, a Keane upgrade probably, a possibility of bringing back Kane, & even after present slight injury to Aguerro, rotation looking imminent once title is in the bag, where should we be looking for replacements for him.

    1. I’d love to be in for a shout of winning my mini leagues at this point in the season but unfortunately I’m not. I think you’re right with some of the earlier decisions costing me and it’s been virtually impossible to recover. Even with some very good weeks and a lot of average weeks, I’ve not managed to climb enough to be in with a chance of winning anything purely down to a bad patch at the very start. I need to have a closer look at options for April based on what I’ve got in the bank. I’m fairly happy with my team as it is at the moment but will look to tweak a couple of things.

  2. It has been an absolute pleasure watching your team this season and after a slightly rocky start you have made some very good choices to pull yourself back up.

    Looking forward to seeing your next season.

    Not sure how other feel but I used to really enjoy your articles looking at fixtures for the month ahead and possible good buys, would love to see that make a regular return.

    1. Those articles were the most useful part for me – I’ve just been struggling to find the time to put them together in time with other projects going on. If I’m being honest, I’m not sure if the blog will be back next season. I’ve enjoyed doing it, but it’s very time consuming. If I had more time I’d definitely keep it going but it’s something I’ll consider over the summer.

  3. Unfortunately there excuse for not giving it to sane is that they use ratings till 15 mins after the game, cut off point if points change after that it’s not counted a very strange system. As usual with the sun dt many flaws and problems!

  4. Any thoughts on transfers for this coming Friday.

    My current team

    VD Walker hegazi Sanches
    Hazard KDB Erikson Mane
    Aguero Lukaku

    Assuming city win the league at the weekend and start to rotate I was thinking of following moves

    Out Hegazi In Azpillicuta
    Out Aguero in Kane
    Out KDB in Salah

    Any thoughts

    1. I think those transfers look good – depending on salah injury might be worth looking at Mane for KDB instead depending on diagnosis of Salah

      Good luck

      Ps any thoughts on my post below please

  5. Looking at April, Lukaku/Moratta, who will score the most pts during the month, looks like Moratta has found a bit of form, & has a better fa cup semi final draw, quite a discrepancy in price, so need to make the right decision, any advice appreciated.

  6. Hi

    Can anyone help – I got 2 transfers left to use if I want to tonight before it resets tomorrow – I am 172 points clear at the top of my league and pretty confident on winning. The questions I have are;

    Is it likely Firminio will go up by 0.3k does anyone think?
    Also I am using my last 2 transfers to put Kane back in for Aguero and Swap Christensen with Azpiculeta as I still think Chelsea will get back to defending better in the run in with a semi final to come and a good run in – that will leave team as

    De Gea



    Then April I will see what transfers the 2nd place guy makes and hold mine to see how month guys with a watching brief on Salah injury

    All thoughts gratefully received.


    1. Do you think Aguero will play next week? I can see him saving the day with a hatrick in the champions league game

  7. DTT you’ve gone quiet ?? We need your insight with regards to fixture ease etc…. is Aguero fit ? Worth taking him out as him and Jesus will be rotation??

    1. Apologises – I’m struggling to find the time with other projects going on. I’m considering losing Aguero but it’s a tough call. I’ll probably wait until tomorrow to see if there’s any news on his injury.

  8. Evening all,

    I’m looking for some advice. I’m chasing in my mini league and have 10.6 mill in the bank.

    Current team is:


    Any suggestions or advice here on transfers? Am thinking Butland to DDG next week.

    Any other thoughts are welcome


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