Review of Game Week 3

Review of Game Week 3

GW Points: 70
Overall Points: 202
Overall Rank: 25,719
Transfers: Doherty out, Castagne in (all end of game week 3)

Game week 3 was a bit of a flat one for me. Although the team remained stable on the leaderboard, I can’t help but think that I’ve missed out on a lot of points and the potential to secure a higher position. One particular event over the game week caused the most frustration. Going with Doherty and Davies from the off was clearly a mistake but I wanted to see it through until the end of the month as I was convinced they would pick up at least a clean sheet against Newcastle. They looked set to do this and deserved the clean sheet – in my view this was wrongly taken away from them with a poor decision resulting in Newcastle getting a late penalty. Both Doherty and Davies were on 16 points which was completely wiped out. If Newcastle had created a lot of opportunities during the game and scored in open play, I wouldn’t have much to complain about but I’m fairly sure the penalty was there only shot on target in the game. Another frustration was Podence not playing due to a knock. It’s always irritating when a player you bring in gets injured before he even has chance to play – fortunately Wolves were poor against West Ham so I don’t think I lost out on much over this one. Coming back to Spurs, they failed to keep a clean sheet in the Europa League playoff game – as a result I made the decision to cut my losses with Doherty and took him out for Castagne with my final transfer of the month. They will probably now go on to pick up a few clean sheets in October but I didn’t want to run the risk of holding onto him for too long with his price continuing to drop quickly. Castagne has been impressive throughout September so he was the player to come in. We could talk about the likes of DCL and Vardy also scoring hat tricks but my view is that this was too hard to predict. We’ve also got a wealth of options for those three striker positions so neither of them were high enough up my list to be considered. When you’re only focusing on one team these aren’t the players most of us consider beyond the usual big names who score the most points across the season. We simply can’t have them all in one team at the same time so it’s currently a bit of a lottery and luck comes into play a lot – unless of course you’re playing the game differently with 10 teams and you include all of the strikers across different teams.  


30 points from Kane pretty much got me out of jail this week. I was facing a massive drop on the leaderboard without these points.

I was pleased with a goal for Werner after he blanked against West Brom. Although I would have hoped for a little more over the game week but we will see how it goes. 

Liverpool had a tough fixture so I’ll take 4 points from TAA, with hopefully more to come in the next few weeks. 

Man Utd weren’t overly convincing and I felt very fortunate to get 9 points from Fernandes. 

Anything from Davies was a positive, so I was happy that he picked up 4 points last night as this meant he didn’t drop in value. 

Potential Issues:

A small return from Salah and De Bruyne this week was far from ideal. Although they are proven point scorers so I’ll hold to them. Salah is more of a concern as there are other players who can take this slot who are performing well. Sterling in particular is uncomfortable not to own. 

Given the lack of clean sheets for most teams, I’m starting to question if funds being tied up with Alisson are worthwhile but I’ll monitor for another week. 

I’ll hold Werner and Havertz for the time being but I’d want to see a little more from them in terms of points ideally – aside from Havertz getting a hat trick in the EFL Cup of course. 

Davies probably needs to come out before the weekend with Spurs playing Man Utd.

Wolves have good fixtures but I worry that Podence isn’t going to come straight back into the team after his knock. He could be another that I’ll replace at the weekend if he’s benched.

Tips for Game Week 4

My main advice for game week 4 would be to be cautious with your transfers. I probably held some of mine for slightly too long during September but it has put me in a position where I don’t need to race through any in October. I’m seeing a lot of people making 5 changes off the bat in October, which is far from ideal in my view. A lot are changes that I’d already made in September – which makes me wonder what they did with their first 5 transfers. In my experience rushing transfers rarely pays off as you end up using your next allowance to make the changes you wish you could have made a few weeks earlier. My plan is to tweak my team – which will probably involve a couple of early transfers but I’ll be holding the rest of them until after the international break. It’s also worth remembering the European competitions are due to start later in the month as well. In terms of fixtures for the month – Wolves could be a team to consider as they’ve got a really good run through October. However, after seeing them get thrashed by West Ham this doesn’t necessarily mean they will have a good month.

Finally, I’ve also updated the graph that maps my progress against last season. As you can see, I’m still well ahead.

191 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 3

  1. Nice write up Paul. So likely to be Davies and Podence out before their respective games on the weekend for cheap alternatives…

    1. Yeah I’d imagine so but undecided at the moment. Don’t want to do anything too radical but want to at least maintain position for another week.

  2. Great GW review as always Paul 👌🏼 Sorry i wasn’t around much this week to chat and discuss in the blog. Started a new job. A bit of driving involved.

    The goal situation. Has made me think. Henderson could be worth a shout. He has picked up more for just playing cup games thank anyone overall.

    Werner and Havertz survive the chop. Any way we you could look at bringing in Sterling? He must be due a hatrick!! 😁

    1. No problem Mick – hope the new job is going well. Not sure about Henderson because I think the EFL Cup fixtures are over for a while now and De Gea should play in the Champions League. I’ve just been looking at how to get Sterling in. Werner/Havertz to Sterling/Barnes is possible but I’m not sure it strengthens the team in the future. Doesn’t leave much in the bank at all for upgrading Davies and Podence which could be a real problem.

      1. New job is pants! Hey ho…

        I didn’t realise the league cup was finished until Dec. I’m top of both my mini leagues. So its a very positive start and for once not in bottom feeders. Not much in difference. But I’m top. I get what you say on transfers. I was having a play around. This would take 4 transfers.

        Shaw /Davies
        Barnes/ Podence
        Havertz/ F. Torres

        You’ve got 0.2M left in the bank.

        Just a suggestion.

        Set up for Europe.

        I’m really worried about not having sterling tbh.

        What does everyone think?

        Is Podence back this week?

        1. I’m trying to not be too radical with my changes and sit tight until after the international break. I’m tempted by a Wolves defender for Davies and Traore for Podence (if Podence doesn’t start) and that might be it for this week for me.

  3. Orite Guys

    Need some advice my team is



    De bruyne


    I’ve got 2.2 mill in the bank. I’m in a mini league and it’s killing me not having sterling and kane any ideas what you would do please? I was looking at freeing alisson for lloris? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!

    1. I would probably be prepared to sit out on Kane for this week if I didn’t own him yet with him facing United. If you wanted to bring in Sterling, as you say downgrading Alisson would probably be the road I’d travel too to help fund it, although I’d like to see Robbo in that defence too if it was my team.

        1. It’s a difficult one picking a keeper at the moment – none of them seem to be scoring well other than some that we wouldn’t normally go for, which may not last. I’m personally sticking with Alisson for the time being.

        2. I think Southampton could settle into the groove again soon and see an improvement in results. McCarthy was positioning himself further up the pitch against Burnley so that enables the high press to work effectively with McCarthy able to mop up anything coming through. It was only Burnley though tbf. He’s cheap and no other keepers are really pulling up any trees at present. Schmeichel will get loads of gametime so he could be a good option too once Europa kicks in.

  4. Anyone got any news on Son’s injury? Have him in one of my teams, willing to stick with him if it’s one game he misses but can’t afford to drop behind if he is due to miss more than that.


    1. Son definitely back after the break with an outside chance of being involved this weekend.

  5. I can see Salah and Werner blanking this week and Sterling Jiminez Vardy going bat shit crazy!!! I hope I am wrong…

    1. I hope you’re wrong as well 😂 I’ll probably hold both and see what happens. For me this week is just about getting through to the international break without dropping too far on the leaderboard.

    1. It’s tempting but I don’t want too many cheaper players. Having Davies, Barnes and Podence would make them very difficult to replace. Despite Leicester scoring 5, he didn’t pick up anything against Man City (I think) so I might see how he does at the weekend.

      1. With the bigger price swings though do we have more to potentially gain and less to lose with the cheapies? A few good gameweeks could see those cheapies rise rapidly over a relatively short period of time? Conversely if it doesn’t pay off, because they are cheap to start with, they shouldn’t lose too much value.

        1. It’s a weird one because Davies went up 0.1m this week after scoring 4 points across two games – he did nothing the week before. Podence has only gone up 0.1m since the start of the season despite being cheaper and scoring a lot more points. I get that he didn’t change because he didn’t play last week but I don’t fully trust the price swings so I’m trying not to look into them too much.

      2. I was thinking Podence out for Barnes and then Davies out for someone (can’t decide) because now reguilon is fit I can’t see Davies starting premier league games

  6. I currently have DDG and shaw in one of my teams. With United’s poor start to the season, and no sign of them improving or keeping a CS. Who would we look at changing the keeper for? I know none of the keepers are shining or getting many points. Thinking more of a value for money decision, Patricio?
    Ps. Swapping Shaw for Castagne.

    1. Patricio is a good shout but having both full-backs being new arrivals may be a bit unsettling to begin with? Great fixtures though so I could pay off.

      I fancy Soton to pick up a bit now so McCarthy could be a decent cheapie too. If they find the form of the second half of last season then they should climb the league nicely.

      1. After Wolves got thrashed by West Ham I’m finding it difficult to want to back them defensively.

        1. I resisted dropping McArthy in FPL after they were thrashed by Spurs and it paid off with an immediate clean sheet v Burnley. Now I’m not saying West Ham are anywhere near Spurs but this season just seems to be throwing up some unusual results occasionally (City v Leicester as well). I don’t expect Wolves to loose heavily regularly and think there could be some value in their defence if they respond well. I also hope so as well as I have Semado!

          1. I agree, I’d hope they would keep a clean sheet against Fulham and could well bring in one of their defenders tomorrow.

  7. Just seen Wolves on verge of signing new full back from The french side angers. Vinagre is going the other way. His only 19 but meant to be very good and could free up Marcel to play cb.

  8. Great review as ever Paul. 👍🏻

    So my initial plan for this week isn’t actually doable due to the value changes so I’m contemplating taking a calculated risk. I really want to get Sterling in this week so I’m considering two moves to do this.

    Keane – Podence
    Werner – Sterling

    Now I know Podence is yellow flagged but he’s been involved in some training and I think Nuno will be keen to get him back in given the result last weekend. Even if he is benched as just gets 25-30 mins, it’s a tired Fulham defence he’d be up against so I’d still fancy a return. The next four fixtures for Wolves look so good and I want a piece of it. This could be the springboard for Podence to light the blue-touch paper with a bit of luck. He’s also been called up to the Portugal team so he’s going to be absolutely buzzing.

    Thoughts welcome as ever.

    Apologies for not having been able to comment on the other posts. Getting a spare moment today has been tricky.

    I’m willing to leave the other two Everton boys this week in the faint hope they can muster a CS against Brighton. I’m not holding my breath though as Brighton do look good attacking wise. I live in hope rather than expectation now…😂

    1. Thanks Chris – it’s a tough one. I’m battling with deciding what to do myself. I could take out Havertz and Werner for Barnes and Sterling but it won’t leave me much at all for upgrading Podence and Davies – should I want to. Holding Barnes, Podence and Davies is a worry if I’d spent the rest of my budget as it would be too many cheap players. I honestly can’t decide what to do. Had Werner hit the ground running I’d be happier just settling with him.

      1. I don’t think I would like a midfield with both Barnes and Podence myself – one of them would be fine but difficult to take rotate and improve other areas unless you got a big budget to play with (I don’t) right now Podence is a worry with shoulder injury (remember it impacted Traore point scoring when he was suffering from it and was being subbed or being benched at the time). Once you get the cheap players your pool of player selection gets really small and you could having players you don’t really want. Price changes are brutal this season, both Barnes and podence stand out from their value has only slightly increased .3 for Barnes and 0.1 for podence. Question is will they remain cheap?

        1. I was thinking the same to be honest – don’t want too many of those cheap players in my team. Especially not three with a defender as well.

        2. Yeah fair points RR. I just really like that front-line of Salah, Kane & Sterling for this week and beyond so something’s got to give.

          I kind of like the idea of having a core group of the big guns in the team and then just tweaking those cheaper/riskier picks now and again.

      2. Thats my problem as well Paul, is it worth having all those cheaper players to accommodate him? The trouble is he could be 7.8m by the next game week, however, Jesus and Aguero will be closer to a return so they could offer better value.

        Im going to make 2 changes which are Pickford out for Patricio. Im pretty sure Nuno will tighten up after last weeks shit show, and they have a good run.

        Digne to Castagne, purely to save some cash and the latter has European football coming up.

        1. I’m personally going to hold off making a decision on this until after the international break. Sterling is the 5th most popular striker in the mini league I look at so the risk isn’t as big for one week.

    2. I’d be happy with those moves Chris. I would love to get Sterling in myself but it would mean dissecting my balanced team to accommodate him by making 3/4 transfers straight away which i dont want to do. Its a day behind the settee for me 😂 i think he could be this weeks top scorer.

      1. I’d happily take that mate. 👌🏼😁

        Knowing how gung-ho Leeds can play, I’m predicting Sterling will be able to find those pockets of space in the channels to really cause havoc to that Leeds back-line. This game could be another 7 goal thriller imo.

  9. 3 transfers tomorrow, Martial, Shaw, Willian out, in come Jimenez, Castagne, Barnes, next set of league fixtures after this week-end, not till the 17th, but will be a double game-week for teams in Europe, champions league starts 20th, & europa league starting 22nd, worth taking that into account, when making transfers this week-end.

    1. Some kind looking fixtures for those Europa teams too. You always tend to get more rotation though which can sometimes be frustrating. Target the “staple” players for those Europa ties.

      1. I’m trying to hold off on transfers until after the International break but I’ll end up using a couple this weekend I’d imagine. Can’t decide what to do at the moment.

        1. Arsenal likely to play a similar team in Europa that played vs Liverpool in EPL cup. So expect Eddie to score a hat trick in that competition.

          1. Could certainly do well and rise quite nicely. Big risk occupying one of those precious three striker positions though if the big guns also do well.

    1. My logic is I know very little about either so if they are both certain to start I’d go for the cheaper one, which is Marcel. I know he’s been injured though.

      1. I’m thinking semedo Marcel Dias chilwell tomori (think he’ll play) just dunno which to go for

        1. You’re a braver man than me Sam considering a Chelsea defender.😳

          I do like Reece James though from an attacking perspective.

          1. Problem might be with Reece James he might be too attacking. I expect his attacking potential will be diluted when Ziyech is back. Possible rotation with azpilicuta (is he simply called Dave?).

        2. I might being in a Wolves defender for Davies but I’m going to have a look and see who starts tomorrow first.

    1. Just read this. Time to step up again this week Mo! 💪

      There was a rumour circulating earlier that Trent had it too but hopefully he’s ok then.

      1. Not too much panic though. He may only miss one game (this weekend) as it is the international break after that. That’s if he’s not I’ll and he only isolates for 10 days. I’m sticking with him for the time being.

  10. Exactly same team as dtt but with Harvey Barnes and traore instead of havertz and podence. 1.5m in bank just tryna work out who to replace Davies with..

    1. I’m personally going to look at the Wolves defence before they kick off tomorrow. Hopefully bring in one of their cheaper options.

  11. Hi Paul.

    I missed Doherty out, Castagne in transfer as i was away. Would you recommend using new transfer for this ? I am 1st in my league with same team that you have.


    1. Would you want to keep double Spurs defence away to Man Utd and with Davies getting closer to losing his place to Regulion… I only have Davies and am very tempted to bite the bullet and use a transfer to go Castange.

    2. I’d probably do it anyway – or have a look for a decent replacement for Doherty for this week. Castagne is a longer term choice for me.

    1. Tempting, but then again Mane is definitely out this weekend with Covid do I wouldn’t want to swap directly. Side by side, yes please!

  12. Dangerous move taking out Salah as he is on pens and being such a selfish player he will have the most shots for Liverpool. No Salah means no Liverpool attacking players, not good when their fixtures are now better.

    1. Yeah that was my thoughts as well. Would love Sterling but need at least 1 Liverpool attacker. Hopefully KDB amd Foden can do the business for me 🤞🏻

  13. I have yerry mina

    Would people take him out before today’s game?

    Looks like they’re signing Ben Godfrey and Everton play Digne at centre half in the cups which has been annoying..

    Any advice would be great..

  14. Another good evaluation on the week.
    Any subs before the Chelsea kick off? Following your team exact with one and on my own with another, your winning!

    1. 😂 hopefully it stays that way. Can’t see me making any changes today. Maybe a couple tomorrow. This is what I’ve just posted in the Facebook group:

      Getting a few questions about what transfers I might make for the game week. I doubt I’ll make any today and my personal opinion is to not doing anything too drastic with the international break coming up. 5 transfers off the bat is very risky in my opinion but I am overly cautious at times.
      I may end up making two changes but this is only to set me up for the month rather than short term gain.
      Davies probably needs to go. So I’ll look at who’s starting at the back for Wolves and might bring in one of their defenders as they’ve got good fixtures coming up.
      The other one I’m looking at is Podence, if he doesn’t start, I may switch back to Traore with Wolves playing Fulham.
      Other than that, I’ll probably sit tight until after the break – hoping to at least maintain position for this game week and review again once we are back.

  15. Current team is:

    TAA, Semedo, Castagne
    Havertz, Kdb, Bruno, Traore
    Salah, Kane, Werner

    Only 0 1m in the bank. Considering taking out Havertz for Foden. Would love sterling for Werner. but that would require at least 3 subs. Any advice on what changes I should make would be appreciated. Hope everyone has a strong weekend! 💪

    1. Spurs fixtures look very good this month. That spreadsheet certainly helps easily see who plays who. Great idea

    1. I’d agree – just got to see who else performs now and make a decision after the break

    1. I understand that and would love to see him play in his position but top players find a way to perform. Everything about his performance today was not good, the runs, touches & inability to drift into spaces he was just of it.

  16. I’m struggling to see how Werner got so many goals & assists last season, we all know Bayern Munich were practically unbeatable last season, but the rest of the league, you got a 50 million pound player, playing wide & drifting in, he should be playing down the middle, neat & tidy not going to cut it, guaranteed to go down in price aswell, running out of patience with him, hang your head in shame lampard, 2 penalties, a striker short on confidence, give them both to a midfielder, makes no sense.

    1. I can’t see it either – I watched that game for once and he didn’t look like scoring.

    2. Better manager who played to his strengths because he was the main man. That was the reason, and Leipzig normally played on the counter attack which suited Werners style down to a tee playing on the shoulder. Add to that the players behind him could pick out his runs, something the Chelsea players have struggled with so far. He has been poor so far though as I’ve said above. Need to see more.

    1. Nicely done Don. 👏

      Working today so unable to see any of the footy. How did Chelsea look both attacking and defensively?

      1. They looked poor going forward despite scoring 4 times. Weren’t troubled at the back at all be Palace didn’t exactly push to score.

          1. Yeah you’re probably right – I guess I meant the attacking players such as Werner, Abraham and Havertz didn’t look like scoring. The goals came from set pieces and soft penalties

    1. The wheels are well and truly falling off this weekend already. Cue a big haul from Sterling later and I’m going to be massively pissed off going into the international break.

      1. You looking at bringing in Traore for Willian tomorrow, I’m seriously thinking about it? Wolves have got some great fixtures coming up.

      1. Not that simple for me – only 8 points and they won’t benefit from additional European fixtures when we return.

    2. Playing on the left is no good for Werner. Lampard said in the week he knows where he wants to play certain players, but injuries are preventing this. No way will he stick with Werner out on the left, but while he’s out there he had to go.

  17. Glad I got rid of Pickford thats for sure. He’s the one costing Everton clean sheets.

    Like everyone else, pissed off I didn’t take Werner out for DCL/Jimenez but after next week surely we need a Sticker to replace him who will be in Europe? Vardy or Jesus?

    1. Not this week. The only player I’d be interested in taking out for him is Werner and that ship has sailed

        1. Agreed – it’s all getting very complicated this season. It seems like more of a lottery than ever.

  18. Does James come into the fray now, especially as a midfield you can grab the odd goal and provide an assist. As far as midfield options go there isn’t a huge variety. He obviously not in Europe, and will Everton maintain the pace?

    Anyone’s thoughts?

    1. It’s hard to overlook him but it’s difficult this season with Everton starting so well. They surely can’t keep it up

  19. Yep might of paid to change kane tosterling for this week then Werner for kane again after inters…if buts maybes

    1. Could have been worse but I’m sure it should have only been 8 given the scoreline.

  20. 14 points better off from moving out Werner & Keane for Sterling & Podence. Happy with that as anything Podence brings now (if he gets on) is a bonus really. Team looks better moving forwards too.

    That Liverpool Everton game should be a belter after the break. Maybe Merseyside will rule the Premier League this season as City are struggling to put teams to the sword. Those teams with Everton attacking assets are really flying.

    Pickford had his obligatory cock up once again and I can’t see Ancelotti putting up with it for much longer as it’s going to cost them points sooner or later. I wonder if he’s tempted to bring someone in before the deadline. Martinez would have been a great fit.

    1. My game week isn’t going well – but I don’t even know what I could be doing differently. I hope Podence starts – having seen the fixtures for the rest of the month I really don’t want to swap him for Traore now. De Bruyne is starting to become a concern for me as well. It was a choice between Sterling or De Bruyne – I went for De Bruyne but he’s not done much since I put him in.

  21. is anyone thinking like me that city wont
    win the league this season.
    they look lost at the moment maybe just a blip.👋

    1. I think the sooner they’ve got a recognised centre forward back in there the better. With Jesus back after the break I’d expect them to improve. I still expect them to give the odd team a thumping but they need to get into the groove quickly before they lose too much ground.

      I also think that the constant chopping and changing of the defence has a negative impact on their ability to keep CS’s. They simply don’t get to spend enough time together in the same team before it’s all change again. Pretty much in stark contrast to Liverpool’s settled back four.

    2. Losing some ground already, it’s hard to see them turning it around completely.

        1. I’m thinking about just making no transfers – write this week off and target the European fixtures when we return.

  22. Maybe best to hold off with transfers completely until the 17th. Jorginho might be worth having in the team considering all the easy pens giving out these days!

    1. Yeah I’m thinking about holding off. Not sure about Jorginho – I think he will only score points from penalties.

  23. As stated above by myself & others, Werner’s form worrying to say the least, he will not be dropped & from the 17th onwards, Chelsea have 6 games till November transfers, currently own Traore, who from the same period onwards have 3 fixtures, granted on paper they are good but who could of foreseen the hammers stuffing them 4 zip, so on the 17th Traore will come out for Pulisic, they have held back on him, & he got some minutes, not many in his legs yesterday add to that maybe some international duty gametime, & he should be raring to go, slightly injury prone but a player who can haul in big pts, a risk I will be taking.

    1. Bringing him in has been a nightmare. But having slept on it, I’m a bit undecided about what to do. Given he value, we shouldn’t be expecting the points return that the likes of Salah, Kane and Sterling get – not that he’s even close to that anyway. But, with Pulisic coming back, might he potentially play through the middle again? And Champions League fixtures start. I’d imagine most will move him on, so it could be an opportunity to grab some points where others miss out. Or he could well just carry on as he is.

        1. I’m tempted to stick to be honest – just write off the game week then have 5 transfers going into the break. I’ll have to consider Podence if he’s not starting though.

  24. moaners corner😭
    haven’t got him but 6.7 for Ederson was an absolute joke
    he made so many saves the score he got is an insult.
    shows how out of touch this scoring system is.
    how many keepers make no saves at all and get a seven.😈

    1. Almost certainly not. I’m half tempted to make no transfers given that Wolves don’t have all those extra fixtures.

    1. Not sure I fully see the value in taking him out – even if he doesn’t start. Generally only going to make 8 points from the move – might be worth just sitting tight and getting in a player who will feature in Europe rather than a Wolves defender such as Zouma

    1. Bloody West Ham – I don’t know how Leicester can go from beating Man City to this.

      1. I’m going to leave him even if he’s dropped – review for the European fixtures

  25. Probably the same as most people but I’m having dreadful luck and poor decision making this season.

    Maximised value by dropping TAA and Robertson for Digne and Keane only for Everton to ship goals all over the gaffe.

    Delayed my Havetz transfer then took him out only for him to bag a hatty the following week.

    Dithered so much transferring Chillwell in for Keane yesterday and ended up opting against it. Should’ve gone with my gut, Chillwell has a stormer and Everton concede another two.

    And finally thought I’d go with my gut today and swapped Tierney out for Castagne. Welcome 3 goals for West Ham

    If I don’t laugh I’ll cry 😂 long way to go yet!

    1. I’d been happy with my start but this week has massively thrown a spanner in the works.

    1. Didn’t see the point. Will be setting the team up for European fixtures after the break.

  26. Disappointing to see Alisson out injured but Kane saves the game week again. It comes to something when you want points more than the team you support to win. Need something from Salah and TAA tonight to go into the International break fairly happy – mainly due to having 5 transfers still in the bag.

  27. I have come to the conclusion that this seasons premiership title
    is anyone’s. lesser teams are walking all around the big boys.
    I thing the reason being there are no crowds to egg there team on
    I no its early days but the signs are there for all to see.

  28. Adrian is a sub standard keeper & that’s being polite, he’s the sole reason they got knocked out of champions league against Athletico madrid, at present I wouldn’t double up on any defence, for Liverpool TAA or Robbo should suffice, Defender’s of possible interest.
    Chilwell, Zouma only 2.2, could be open to rotation though, Man city will improve, Walker regular starter 3.3, but could go down in price, & Dias to partner Laporte, 3.5, but could also come down in value, Regullon, Aurier at Spurs, who also have 6 fixtures from the 17th onwards until November transfers, but their europa league ties could be heavy rotation.

    1. Think I’ll take the opportunity to downgrade Alisson – free up some funds for Sterling potentially.

  29. Nice minus 12 point for my Liverpool defenders 😂😂 nice one lads.

    Got to laugh at this season, absolute madness.

    So many price drops incoming next week I may be forced into making changes before Friday morning 😳

    1. That’s the problem – knowing when to make changes. I’ll personally probably wait until after the break regardless of price changes.

  30. So has anyone got Watkins? 🤣

    Glad Alisson was injured now and that I only have one Liverpool defender, what a crazy weekend of football ⚽️ 👍love it!!

  31. Just seen Allison out for 6 week is now confirmed! Theres something to be said for holding those transfers

    1. I’m glad I’ve still got all 5 to use when we come back from the break that’s for sure.

  32. Surprised I’ve even managed to stay in the top 90,000 Overall after this weekend😂
    Awful weekend for my team, can only get better I guess.

    1. I think most of us have probably had a bad week – dropped a reasonable amount on the leaderboard but could have been a lot worse.

  33. Genuinely can’t remember seeing a season start like this during my time on this planet. Absolutely crazy!

    I think Don might be right about the impact of no crowd being present being a factor. It’s going to make this season incredibly difficult to predict and as such will make this game increasingly difficult to succeed in if this pattern continues. Incredible entertainment though!

    I’ve not seen any of it but It’ll be interesting to see if Adrian can pick himself up after a result like this.

    1. there is no way that Liverpool would have lost 7=2
      if there where a full crowd, I am sure about that.
      teams go out now with no fear, its like a training session.
      no booing no comments, players make a mistake no barracking.
      the top six will be a lot different this season IMO. 😎

    2. It seems like a complete lottery this season – going to make it very difficult when just running one main team.

  34. Hello All

    Been a sickening GW4 for all of us I imagine, everytime a notification popped up on me mobile I hoped for a Leicester / ManU / Lpool ‘comeback’ goal, didn’t happen and now we have Everton up top followed by Grealish and Co.

    Mr Paul, I thought I’d be clever and ‘override’ your decision to hold off on taking B Davies out, so I took him out for Luke Shaw; Oh boy, returned mbe a lovely -6 after United’s capitulation by Tottenham. Then, TAA added to the misery.

    So my query is, where do I go from here:



    De Bruyne


    4/5 Transfers Remaining, 2.6M in the bank.

    After the international break, do I just hope for the best and keep Shaw, or get rid – ultimately having wasted 2 transfers on him.

    Would be grateful for all yas help !

    1. problem with holding your transfers until after the break
      this Friday Shaw will possibly loose 03ml
      plus other players.
      we need every dollar this season now.

      1. That’s absolutely correct!

        So would you advise I get rid of Shaw straight away despite idiotically bringing him in, now with Telles on the way?

        Means I’ve used 2 transfers on 1 player, but at least I can bring in someone who will play, maybe even revert to a Tottenham defender, Reguilon?

        1. this is only my opinion
          shaw will drop up to 03ml Friday
          the best defender at a good price is Castagne Leicester.
          there is a new full back coming in to Everton from Norwich cost 20ml
          supposed to be the bees knees, he might be in there
          player list before Friday might be a good price to.

    2. I’m glad I held Davies in way – potential Europa League fixtures and very cheap. I might hold onto him for a bit longer as defenders appear to be low risk at the moment. I’d probably just keep him for the time being now, not many other teams keeping clean sheets anyway.

      1. Thank you for your response Paul!

        I think reverting back to Davies before the price changes on Friday may be me best option, cut my loses before Shaw loses 0.3, whereas Davies may increase by 0.1 or stay the same. Waste of 2 out of 5 transfers but it is what it is.

        Do you reckon Davies will start over Reguilon?

        Does the new Everton defender Godfrey, or Coleman seem a good option?

        Do I bring in Justin and double up with Castagne?

        Reckon Telles is going to help the United defence start picking up some clean sheets?

        Thank you boys!

        1. I think Davies is more likely to play in the Europa League than Premier League but that might not be a bad thing with those fixtures. I won’t personally be going for Everton players at the moment with no European football for them. I considered the Leicester double up myself.

    3. I say play your own game and stop following DTT and what he does, you’ll have a lot more fun trust me.

  35. Not sure if this sounds crazy or I’m just being bias cos I’m a spurs fan but has anyone thought about putting Kane and son both in? Their returns so far this season have been amazing and spurs have good premier league fixtures and Europa league this month where mourinho always plays his strongest team, thoughts?

    1. I’d say that’s a good suggestion if you need a cheapish striker (although Son will go up £0.3m again on Friday so will then be £5.6m).

      Personally, I can’t see me veering too far from Kane, Salah and Sterling. I decided to go down that route after City’s first game against Wolves (where thankfully he got hardly no returns and dropped £0.3m) and they’ve kept me afloat since! I got 43 points this week, and those 3 scored 41 of those points!

      Not knowing your team I’d say Werner to Son could work well, but even that requires an extra £1.2m as it stands, but after Friday will probably be £1.6m-£1.8m.

      Talking of price changes, it’s hard not to use them before Friday knowing certain players will go down. I think internationals always throw up quite a few injuries though so probably best to hold off. What do you think?

      1. only one problem holding of Chris is if moneys tight one two or three players that you want to out
        go up big time it can wipe out your tank.
        don’t no how many time over the years I have needed 01ml
        to get in what I want .
        afraid its a game of chance.only the strong survive.💪

      2. Yeah my current front 3 is Salah Kane Werner so it would be for Werner , I like the idea of it if I’m being conservative I’ll probably wait until after the break to see what sort of injuries happen, knowing my luck I’ll probably get 3 players injured

    2. I did that in another team but took Son out when he got injured – nightmare that he came back so soon.

  36. Just found out if anyone’s looking to put Son in, he’s not gone on international duty so likely won’t get injured so it would make sense to put him in before his price goes up

  37. Paul, as you are no doubt deliberating who to change Davies for, whether it be on Thursday or after, I am looking to off load Digne, I will have 3.3 before Friday as I’m doing a double transfer & bringing Pulisic In aswell, looking at suitability, fixtures, form, I’ve narrowed it down to 3, as I don’t want to double up on any defence, clean sheets hard to come-by,
    Regullon, 6 fixtures before November transfers, & as mentioned Mourinho plays strong teams in europa league.
    Chilwell, price to rise, after his baptism of fire Thiago settling the defence, & a new acquisition in goal to replace Kepa, 6 games again before November transfers, assists & goal potential.
    Walker, with the arrival of Dias to accompany Laporte, that defence has to improve, slight rotation, 6 games again, what do you see as the best option & would any of these players come into your thinking.

    1. I’m not too bothered about Davies at the moment – if he plays in those Europa League fixtures then I’d be happy. Zouma could be a defender to consider but I’m not sure who’s first choice for Chelsea or Castagne if you’ve not got him. I’m also looking at Mendy in goal for Chelsea – he’s the cheapest goalkeeper who might play in the league and Europe.

  38. Is Aurier woth a punt after his performance at the wknd? Is he back in the fold now and will he play? Coz he always seems to score well… Very tempted by Chilwell too he was impressive but Spurs fixtures are just to die for.

    1. I can’t see Aurier playing other than in the Europa League. Not even sure why he started at the weekend. I was tempted by Chilwell a couple of weeks ago but he’s just that bit too expensive for me to consider at the moment. With a lack of clean sheets around I don’t want to risk too much on defenders.

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