Review of Game Week 3

Review of Game Week 3

Best Team 

GW Points: 63
Overall Points: 150 
Overall Rank: 79,397

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 45
Overall Points: 104
Overall Rank: 364,465
Transfers used: Sancho out, Mbeumo in
Mahrez out, Diaz in

Overall the game week was more positive than the first two game weeks. The team jumped up the leaderboard by a significant number of places. It’s still no where near where I’d want it to be but after a poor start at least it’s moved in the right direction during game week 3. My transfers relied on Man Utd crumbling against Liverpool, that wasn’t how it panned out and typically Sancho got the opening goal. Diaz then blanked in the game, but at least Mahrez didn’t feature for City. The biggest highlight was another good performance for Arsenal, with a goal and a clean sheet for Saliba. It was also good to see Haaland back on the scoresheet.  

Here are my thoughts on each player currently in my team:

Ramsdale: 5 points. 2 clean sheets from 3 games, he stays in my team.

Alexander-Arnold: -2 points. Another poor performance but we’ve got to hope he comes good, Liverpool can’t be this bad for the duration of the season so I’m sure things will turn around.  

Saliba: 13 points. Fantastic return for a player that started at 2.5m. He stays in my team.

Ake: -2 points and injured. Disaster for Ake this week, going off injured and Man City concede 3 goals. Can’t be replaced with another Man City player but needs to go.

Diaz: 0 points. I had high hopes for Diaz after a good return last week but it wasn’t to be. 0 points after a bad result against Man Utd. 

Saka: 3 points. 3 points is better than another blank but I’d like to see him picking up a goal or assist before long. Stays for now.

Coutinho: 0 points. Another horrorshow from Coutinho in terms of points this week and he even got a start in the EFL Cup game. If Ake wasn’t injured, I’d be taking him out as my final transfer of the month.

Mbeumo: 3 points. Given his value I’m relatively happy with 3 points. 

Salah: 13 points. Not sure he deserved the star man award but I’ll take the 13 points. Can’t see me taking him out all season unless he gets injured.

Haaland: 8 points. Glad to see Haaland back on the scoresheet and he will remain in my team.

Jesus: 4 points. Not a great return but after last week I’m obviously going to keep Jesus. 

Player watchlist

Following on from the theme of last week, here are the players that caught my eye for the watchlist:

Trippier – I expected Man City to beat Newcastle comfortably but Trippier had another good week. I’ve bought him in for Ake before he rises too much in value.

Zinchenko – Zinchenko is another player that interests me but I didn’t fancy the risky Arsenal triple up despite their good fixtures.

Cucurella – I was tempted to put Cucurella in for Coutinho at the weekend but I’m glad I didn’t with Chelsea losing 3-0 to Leeds. Surely they improve though and he still looks good value for a Chelsea defender.

Pope – if Ramsdale wasn’t performing so well, Pope would be a goalkeeper that I’d be interested in. Good value and brilliant performances so far.

De Bruyne – looks like he will be the only consistent point scorer in that Man City midfield. I’m going to need him to have some quiet weeks if I’m ever going to be able to afford him though.

Elliot – started again for Liverpool and is dirt cheap, didn’t perform against Man Utd though. One to monitor.

Alisson – I can’t bring him in right now but I’m monitoring how far he might drop.

Plan for game week 4

With Ake being injured, I’ve swapped him for Trippier. That’s my final transfer of the month used so I’m stuck with the team I’ve got until September now. Ideally, I’d have liked to take out Coutinho but I didn’t want to risk Ake not playing at the weekend. I was tempted by Zinchenko or Cucurella but Trippier edged it for me with a good performance this week. 

If you’ve still got transfers remaining, it’s a double game week coming up in the Premier League. Always worth studying the fixtures below:

My other teams

Following a new trend for this season, I’m just going to briefly touch on my other teams. 

My highest scoring team is a top heavy team featuring Kane, Salah and Haaland up front. I think the team has mainly done well because of a back four that includes Pope, Trippier and Saliba.

Scamacca is a player who has done well for me again this week. I took a punt on him in three teams and he returned another 13 points.I also put Toney and Zaha into two separate teams last week – both scored at the weekend.

I wouldn’t say any of my teams have got off to an absolutely flying start but they are all in OK positions given how far we are into the season.

The full breakdown of my teams can be seen below for complete transparency. Typically my blog team is close to the bottom but I’ll do everything I can to turn that around.

38 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 3

  1. DTT I missed doing your transfer for tripier so missed price increase and drop with ake what do you advise to do?

    1. It’s probably still on price wise but it might be worth taking a punt on someone else like Cucurella as you’ll be paying more for Trippier now.

        1. Would have to be Gomez out of those two. Reguilon is out if favour at Spurs so can’t see him playing.

  2. Trippier

    That’s you top 17 players within the game right now. Just goes to show the start to this season has thrown up some very unexpected circumstances. There is probably only one player in there whom you would have guessed would be there come GW4.

    1. Completely agree Chris, it’s been very difficult to get off to a good start. Even my best team out of 10 is 70,000 off the top spot.

  3. How can a player worth £1.4m in the game (Struijk) only rise £0.1m when he’s averaged 5.67 per game over 3 games in the last two gameweeks? I just don’t get it?

    1. It’s a mad one but they would be marking him down for the blank midweek in the EFL cup rather than the game week as a whole. But agreed it doesn’t make sense.

      1. Yeah it appears that a blank sub appearance from their most recent game has quite a significant impact on those value swings. I still would have bet my mortgage he would have risen more than 0.1 though.

  4. Really hoping for a big performance from Liverpool today. Feels like a good fixture to hopefully get back on track. 🤞

    Here’s how my main (and worst 😂) team goes into the GW:

    Ward 🤮

    Good luck everyone with your GW’s.

  5. How bizarre is it to see Liverpool win 9-0 and Salah not get a single goal or assist. These are strange times indeed…

      1. I need to get Diaz in somehow. Not prepared to downgrade KDB for him but Saka and a defender may need to be sacrificed. He looks a season keeper to me,

        1. I’m glad I bought him in for Mahrez, wish I’d started with Diaz from the off to be honest. I’d be happy to lose Saka from my team, would prefer Sterling I think but slim chance of getting him in given the budget. I think KDB will be out of reach for me personally.

  6. Just to let everyone know, I’m away from Tue-Sat this week so the game week blog will be slightly delayed. I’ll still post any transfers I make in advance but the write it will follow at some point on Saturday or Sunday.

  7. What do we think of the ratings this season. I think they’ve been shocking. Bournemouths keeper got a 7.5 rating and 2 defenders got 7’s. They got beat 9-0 ffs … Madness !!!

    1. It does seem rather strange to say the least. I’m also frustrated with some of the value swings as some don’t quite seem right somehow.

  8. Who would of thought it, can we really think about turning out attentions back to Sancho & Dalot, europa league coming up for Utd, so maybe rotation, shorter month, 5 games at the most if in european competition, so going to go gung ho initially, probably 3 transfers straight off. Players of interest, Odegarde, Stirling, Zinchenko, a way into Newcastle’s backline cheaper than Trippier if possible, & maybe the 2 Man-utd players.

    1. I am certainly contemplating Dalot (2.3m) as I have Jonny for wolves who are not in Europe and he is only 2.2m, the only problem is I want to make 3 or 4 changes and each option leaves me 0.1m short (why is it always the way?).
      Just be aware there will actually be upto 7 games per team in September as the next transfers won’t be until Friday 07th October so the games after the international break from Friday 30th September will be included this month.

  9. Pretty happy with the GW haul of 121 points (at last) and I’ve managed to drag myself away from the bottom of the DTT mini-league a little more. Gonna take Ward out of my team as he really is stinking it out and thinking of Mbeumo to Elliott. Which keeper would you guys go for out of Ramsdale, Lloris and De Gea? All players then have the potential of European games.

    I already have Saliba so I’m leaning towards Lloris currently.

  10. What’s everyone doing with their transfers? Difficult one to call for me.

    Either give it a week to see who is going to start in the Europa League for Arsenal and make some changes based on building team value on Thursday evening.

    Or be quite aggressive and use three transfers this week.

    For me personally, I’m desperate to get rid of Coutinho. May move on Trippier now as well.

    Players for consideration has changed slightly given the Champions League draw. My top targets would now include:

    A good value Spurs defender (enabler)
    Cucurella (enabler)
    Fofana (enabler)

    Kane has started well and Spurs have a favourable CL draw. It would mean losing Jesus but I’m not sure he will play in the Europa League. I like the idea of having Kulusevski and Sterling with Diaz in Midfield as well and the Chelsea defenders would allow this to happen. My biggest worry would be using 4 transfers early on in a long month though. Food for thought.

  11. When is Ake back, the money they payed for Forfana, he has to play doesn’t he, the defenders they have at their disposal, clean sheets must be coming soon, liking B. silva aswel, might hold off for now & hope De bruyne drops, he could be out of reach soon.

    1. Late fitness test for Odegaard (and Ramsdale) so keep an eye out for those starting line-ups mate.

    1. There should have been a link in the email you had back when you signed up. If you haven’t got it, let me know.

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